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Recap: Vincenzo (Episode 11)

Recap: Vincenzo (Episode 11)

We got a super late start today with this recap, but we will be back to normal recapping time bright and early tomorrow!

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We open at the bridge scene where Cha-young ran to Vincenzo and gave him a huge hug. (Their love story is blossoming now so expect a few more scenes of skinship in future episodes.) At the end of the last episode we were left to think that Vincenzo knew that Jang Joon-woo was the boss of Babel. But he did not know he was the boss, he only knew the bosses name which is Jang Han-seok (which is very similar to Jang Han-seo, his little brother, so color me confused for half the episode).

Vincenzo has Jang Han-seok’s phone number so he calls it and Joon-woo’s phone rings. But Joon-woo plays it off by saying that is not his phone (its on vibrate) and pulls out a completely different phone.

We find out that the two people VIncenzo and team did not kill, are not working for him. They collect all the guys that tried to kill VIncenzo under the bridge and put them all in a car to kill them with carbon dioxide if they do not tell them everything they want to know. Vincenzo and Cha-young are there as well questioning the men.

These men are the ones that have been killing everyone, including the family members. They tell Vincenzo and Cha-young everything they know, but they do not know who the real boss is which suketh for VIncenzo and team. Cha-young ends up killing them with the gas (though she might think she just made them pass out) and Vincenzo really make sure they die by sinking their car in a lake, with them in it. THough he tells Cha-young that he had mercy on them.

Meanwhile, Babel has found out that Vincenzo is part of the mafia so they decide to change their tactic and have him arrested for crimes he commited in Italy. It appears that the goal is to have him deported.

The police arrest Vincenzo on these crimes. He is about to go to jail for at least three days. Though it also appears they will just deport him quickly. However, this is when Ahn Ki-suk, the NIS agent has his big moment. He gets permission from his boss to take Vincenzo under their custody and has a big police station reveal of being an NIS agent and not an Italian cooking intern. He takes Vincenzo back from the police and also joins their team (albeit still undercover as an Italian sou chef).

Vincenzo, NIS agent, and the rest of the team brainstorm and think that the cop couldn’t have gotten all that information about him without going to Italy. So Vincenzo calls his mafia peeps and finds out who gave up the information on him. It appears that a Korean person visited Italy from Korea in order to get that info. So they find this guy and torture him by playing Russian roulette with him.

Yes, Vincenzo literally plays Russian roulette with him. I was thinking, Vincenzo, no, this could end badly for you. Just let him play Russian roulette all by his lonesome. The man relents due to the fear of not knowing when the bullet might come and tells Vincenzo who the real boss of Babel is.

The real boss is Jang Joon-woo, so Vincenzo goes to Jang Joon-woo’s penthouse and holds a gun to Joon-woo’s head. But Joon-woo is a crazy somebody so he pulls VIncenzo’s gun even closer to his head and is basically like, okay, do it.

The episode ends with the gun sounding.


There were a lot of scenes I did not mention in this episode dealing with the tenants, babel, and the love story. The biggest one is that the tenants find out that Vincenzo is part of the mafia and tell Vincenzo that there is gold in the building somewhere. Vincenzo is shocked that they know. They tell him that if he helps them find it, he can get a cut. Vincenzo is all like, are these people for real right now?

Another plot point in this episode was with Jang Han-seo. He is practicing shooting his gun at his country house with lawyer Han Seong-huk. He is terrible at it though. han Seong-huk starts to butter him up about running Babel himself. Jang Han-seo is terrified about that because he brought it up to his big brother and his brother basically terrified him and told him, “I will kill you if ou bring that up again.” But, the lawyer is very convincing so Jang han-seo thinks, perhaps they could make a plan.

The love story got going a bit more this episode they had a hugging scene that some people might really like. It was actually a pretty nice hugging scene, though the lead up to it was pretty whomp whomp in my opinion. It was one of those “Hey I think my heart beat faster when I hugged you under the bridge and I don’t know what that means so let me hug you for ten seconds right now while were drunk and at your place.”

There was actually a lot of hugging this episode? The NIS agent got a good hug in with VIncenzo and so did the tenants. Or perhaps the tenants wanted a big hug and Vincenzo was like, um, no.

We also find out what happened to the landlord sending that message about the monks in this episode. He wrote a negative comment about the monks at the main monk website (like writing a complaint to the Vatican about a priest or something similar like that) so the head monks went to the temple and reprimanded the monks. They might have take them away as well. Vincenzo found out that told the tenant guy not to do that again. Though he also apologized to him for taking so long with getting the gold.

Okay, that is everything that happened in this episode in one long jibber jabber from me. We will be back in the morning for episode 12!

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  1. Vini
    March 27, 2021 / 10:34 pm

    As the drama has changed its tone to a crime drama,I want the suspense or twist level standards to be raised. Last court scene was a dissappointment, now this original villain finding also lacks an essence of thrill mode, they just make the story flow that too in a soap opera style covering 1 m taking two three episodes , I can’t find anything excellent here.

    • V
      March 28, 2021 / 8:59 am

      Oh, I hadn’t thought about that. I was wondering what was off. Its like the tone changed to a crime drama but the tone of a hiest drama was still there as well and we have the comedy thrown in (which I can get behind) but its not all meshing well. Not that they can’t mesh well, its just not working somehow.

      The big reveal scenes aren’t landing for me and I don’t really know why. Possibly the scenes aren’t built up to the reveal? I don’t know.

      • Vini
        March 28, 2021 / 9:17 am

        This landing problem, I am having this problem for a few episodes.The writer made the antagonist side charcters too weak.This is more like a beginner level korean drama. I felt most of the scenes are simple or , not making us think or atleast making us laugh.Reveals will have their impact only if a good buildup especially in finding the evidence, person precedes it. Writer makes those finding part so easy for protagonists .The level of emotional involvement is less.
        I am watching this drama just for romance now.

        • V
          March 28, 2021 / 9:19 am

          Yep, the clues are very convenient to find. Which is fine if there was something else to grab the interest, but no. They find the clues and then sit in a room and talk about hugging for 10 seconds 😆

  2. Hilda J. Morris
    March 24, 2023 / 3:48 am

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