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Recap: True Beauty Episode 9

Recap: True Beauty Episode 8

We are trying to find a happy balance in Live Recap and normal recaps that allows for a good amount of detail while also getting the recap up quicker. Let us know if today’s style is cool for you! There is a bit more detail than last week’s recap.

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How We Do This: This recap is in one part. We watch and recap at the same time which means their will be typos though I try and clean it up as best and quick as possible. We will post the preview on a separate post!



Suho kisses Ju-kyung, she looks like she enjoys the kiss but then pushes him back and runs away quickly. He runs after her and asks her why she is running away. She stops and they talk near the well. She thinks this is like a dream. Is it really me? You must be joking, is this a hidden camera? He says its none of them. I like you.

She wonders what she can do, her heart is pumping so hard. She is so nervous right now. He says his heart is pumping hard to. He takes out the necklace and tells her that he wanted to give it to her when he told her that he likes her. He gives it to her afterwards and says the order is all messed up of his confession now. The necklace is of a swan. He asks her what about her. (as in does she like him too?)

She asks, what? Well, what do you think? My heart pumps…

He asks what that means. She blurts out that she dreams about him and thinks about him when she wakes up and all those things. But she covers her mouth embarrassed and runs off yelling, that is my answer!

He smirks and mutters, Im Ju-kyung.

She walks back looking at the necklace happily and can’t believe this is her life. She sees Soo-jin and happily runs to her. Soo-jin asks, who are you? Ju-kyung realizes that she isn’t wearing makeup. Her knees go weak.

They sit and talk about why she tries to hide her skin so much. She tells Soo-jin about the bullies and how they said she was ugly and made fun of her. But now people talk to her and want to be her friend. So she thought she would never take off her mask.

Soojin tells her that she should have had a hard time that kids will figure it out. She says she is afraid of that. Soojin tells her that guys that make her think that way are losers. Don’t even think about that. But, you don’t want to get caught so how can we go back?

She tells her to stand up then opens her jacket to hide her in it and says, lets go! They go back together like that.

That night, both Suho and Ju-kyung are happy. He texts her goodnight and sends a skull. Then he says he sent the wrong one and sends a happy face. She texts back, you too. He sees it and goes to sleep happily thinking about their kiss.

She looks at it and smiles happily. A song plays with the lyrics “Is this love…come closer to me…I want to lean on your chest…”


The next day at school, Suho smiles as he walks to class. The other girls can’t believe that he is smiling. He sets a strawberry juice on Ju-kyung’s desk. She yells, throw it away! We are not in a relationship like this! All the kids look at them. She runs away. Hoon asks Suho if he didn’t confess yet? Suho is super confused.

In the cafeteria, Soo-ah asks Ju-kyung and Soo-jin if they want to go to a jimjilbang? Soo-jin helps out Ju-kyung and says she doesn’t want to do hot things. They both smile at each other. Suho sits next to her which makes everyone look at them so Ju-kyung yells, I LOST MY APPETITE! She leaves.

Hoon asks Suho what is going on? Did you confess yet? 

Suho looks at his text which is from Ju-kyung. 

JK: Actually I really hate you

JK – Seriously you are a douchebag

JK: I am not joking, it is true

But the first word of each text is “trash burning place.” He smiles and they meet at the trash burning place on campus.

He asks her if they have to do that. She says of course. Didn’t you hear the rumor that school bullies will drag whoever you like in school and beat them up. What if they hear that you like me.

She imagines the bullies calling her a fox and coming to her and beating her up on the school field. He tells her that is nonsense. Do we have to live like this? She tells him that she will tell Soojin and Soo-ah.

He says I am your boyfriend. She tells him that is strange. Seo-jin overhears this and throws a coke can which makes Ju-kyung run away.

In school, she gets a form and paperwork on future schools and jobs.


Later on, They both go to a restaurant to eat. Ju-kyung asks if the other school kids are around. He shakes his head no and they go to their seat in a quiet spot in the back. He orders a couple set.

She asks what he saved her name as. H says Im Ju-kyung. She saved his name as boyfriend and mutters, ah, I have a good name…mm.

Their food comes. They both notice that they only have one fork and realize that means they have to feed each other. They are both so awkward about feeding each other. But then the waitress comes out and apologizes for not giving them their other fork set. So they both feel awkward about it.

But then, several other kids walk up. Hyun-gyu notices Ju-kyung and asks, Wah, Im Ju-kyung? So Suho hides quickly under the table. They did not see him. She asks why they are there. They ask why she is here alone? Why did you order a couple set? 

But they see the booty and feet of someone hiding under the table so they hit it and tell him that it is nice to see you Im Ju-kyung’s boyfriend. Next time, lets see each others face and talk. They walk away. Suho comes out looking so bothered, lol.

They walk off and go to a makeup session that Suho wanted Ju-kyung to see. She is nervous about it but she is so happy to see it. The MC asks a quiz to the audience. Ju-kyung knows the answer and gets a present. She is so happy.

Later on, she sees the beauty MC in the bathroom and asks for her signature. She basically tells her that she really loves her and learned everything about makeup from her. But the makeup person tells her that she looks like a beggar, how can you choose your lip color like this? Did you learn that from me? She wipes off her lipstick and applies new lipstick then asks her how she likes it.

he tells her, if you do not do it properly then do not tell anyone you learned it from me. But you are better than the first time I put on makeup so fighting, work hard. Ju-kyung is super happy.


Later on, Suho tries to hold Ju-kyung’s hand but she grips her bag tighter. Suho tells her that she seems better than that lady. Ju-kyung says she is not even close to her skill level. Suho asks if she likes to see her more than see me on our first date? Ju-kyung asks, huh? Suho smiles.

Ju-kyung gets to her mothers shop and happily says that she met Selena the beauty person. Her mother complains about how they need money. Her father gets a message saying Columbus showed up. This text looks like it bothers him a lot.

At home, Ju-kyung uses the gift she got which is a beauty scrub. After removing her makeup she checks the colleges that she could go to and all those things. he doesn’t think her grades are good enough. She also looks at makeup programs but those are very expensive.

Her sister comes in right then, super drunk and passes out on the floor. Ju-kyung answers her sisters phone which is er teacher who has to disguise that he is the teacher so he says he is from the military, does a salute and hangs up.

Cut to her father looking through a dark house. I’m not sure what he is looking for.


Ju-kyung and the rest of the family wakes up and looks for their father and husband. But he isn’t around. The mother sees a note he left about how he is going to Jeju island to catch Columbus Park. He will not come back until he gets his money back! The mother is super upset about it.

Later on, Ju-kyung sits at the bus stop but she is sleeping. Seo-joon sees her and sits next to her to chat, but he doesn’t realize that she is sleeping until her head falls on his shoulder. He is startled but kicks his shoulder up to wake her up and they have their playful banter back and forth.

She asks if he isn’t driving his bike anymore because she told him not to? Flashback to Seo-joon wanting to ride his bike and then deciding not to since Ju-kyung told him she was on his mother’s side about him not riding his bike.

He tells her that he is a good son, his mother told him not to ride it which is why he is not riding it. He gets up to run to school instead of ride the bus. She wonders what is up with him. He takes off high stepping to school.


The teacher that likes teacher Han Jun-woo asks him out on a date that he is kind of roped into. He also got a text from Im Hee-kyung saying she could not meet with him.

In class, everyone found out that Ju-kyung has a boyfriend because Ahn Hyun-gyu told everyone. So they know she has a boyfriend, they just don’t know who. Hoon is upset and tells Suho that he should have confessed! Suho is secretly happy about it. Seo-joon yells at everyone to go to their seats.

Suho and Ju-kyung start to text back and forth. He asks for their picture from the boat. She sends it to him btu then realizes that she sent it to Ahn Hyun-gyu on accident! So she run out looking for him. He hasn’t read it yet so she tries to run and grab his cell phone from his back pocket.

She is able to do it without him noticing since he is playing with his friends. But she doesn’t know his password. Class starts so they all come back inside. She thinks she has to remove this before he notices that she has his phone. How can she get his finger print?

Ah, maybe if he goes to sleep! She starts to think, yes, go to sleep, go to sleep! She looks at him and tries to mesmerize him to go to sleep. He looks at her and wonders what is going on. She mutters, you are going to sleep, you are going to sleep. Red sun…

Which actually works, lol. He passes out asleep.

When the lesson is over, she runs over and unlocks his phone then deletes the message. But she can’t delete it in time because Seo-joon grabs it and sees the photo. But she grabs it back and erases the photo them gives the phone back to Hyun-gyu.

However, Seo-joon knows now and stares at Suho.

That night, Suho and Ju-kyung walk home together. She thinks that it is good that he didn’t find out otherwise everyone in the school will find out. She thinks people will be mean if they find out and will say mean things like how she doesn’t deserve to date him. 

He holds her hand and tells her not to say things like that anymore. They walk to the comic place happily and tell each other that this is “their place” that no one else knows about. But when they go inside, they see Seo-joon’s sister at the desk so they run back out. Ju-kyung goes back in to great her and texts Ju-kyung to tell him that they can’t date at their comic place either, call you later.

He heads home.


Meanwhile, the sister sees that Han Jun-woo is at a shop with the other teacher so she breaks this thing right up and asks who this lady is. Why are you putting a necktie on him also? The woman teacher asks what her relationship is. Hee-kyung tells her that she is his girlfriend. We are dating! 

The teacher pretends like she does not hear it so Hee-kyung yells WE ARE DATING. The other head teacher shows up with three drinks and asks what is going on? So it is embarrassing all around. Han Jun-woo heads out embarrassed.

That night, Ju-kyung writes in her paper what she wants to do in the future.

The next day at school Ju-kyung sleeps at her desk. Soo-jin sees her and wonders why she is so tired? Soo-ah says she was working all night. Soo-jin is about to wake her up but then sees the necklace. She remembers that necklace from the night in the Senior trip. She immediately goes to the bathroom and starts to wash her hands frantically. 

She also connects the dots to what happened at the senior trip with Suho looking for Ju-kyung and Ju-kyung holding Suho’s jacket. She hangs her head.


Ju-kyung goes to a convenience store to apply for a job. But she is turned down do to not having experience. She goes to another place and is turned down so she thinks it isn’t easy getting a part time job. She calls Suho but he doesn’t pick up so she thinks he might be busy.

She goes into the bathroom and sees Seo-joon in there so she hits him with a purse and asks why he is changing in the girls room! He did not know that he was in the girls room so he runs out.

She goes out and asks if he is really in a photoshoot right now? She says it as a joke but he says yes and walks to the photo shoot which is right across the way.


Soo-jin and her family waits at an expensive restaurant for Suho’s family to show up. The parents talk bad about the money he donated but then smile politely when Suho and his father arrive.

At the photo shoot, the director asks if Im Joo-kyung is Seo-joon’s girlfriend. He says no and basically wants Ju-kyung to leave. But the director says the other model did not show up so she could be the model and get paid. Soo-jin does not look all that happy about it.

At the restaurant, the parents talk about Suho and how he is living at home and if he should be an entertainer. His father says he is too smart for that. He can do what he wants to do. The doctor father starts to say his daughter will hit the bottom if she is not pushed and doesn’t have greed as a boy and is always behind Suho. This makes Soo-jin stressed and uncomfortable and go into her shell so Suho stands and tells Soo-jin that they should leave.

He tells her to come out so she follows him. The parents look at them.

Back at the photo shoot, Seo-joo and Ju-kyung take photos together. Ju-kyung is super bad. The director tells Seo-joon to help out Ju-kyung more because he was just as bad as her when he started. So let’s keep going. Help her out Seo-joon.

The director thinks Seo-joon is cranky so he will get him something to eat. He runs off.

Seo-joon sits angrily in the couch on set and Ju-kyung starts to think she is so hot and moves her dress around a lot then starts to blot her makeup and tells Seo-joon that she can blot his face too.

But he holds her hand and stops her. Then he asks if this is easy for her. She asks what? He leans forward which pushes her against the back. He tells her that he is a man also. She smiles and says, of course you are a man.

The director comes back and thinks this is great so he starts to click photos right away. He picks her up and tells her to cooperate so he can finish this quickly. So he leans in closely to her and poses for the camera and leans her back against the couch sensually as the director takes photos.

Meanwhile, Suho and Soo-jin are hanging out at a cafe. She asks if he really is not living with his father? He says no. She wonders why they are like that with their fathers. He asks if he hit her again. he says no, not until she gets her grades. She mutters that he is more human now (Suho is more human now)

He pulls out his phone and mutters that she did not pick up.

Ju-kyung is out with Seo-joon at a cafe and buys something for him to eat in a thank you for helping her make money. She also tells him that she needs money to get to makeup school. She is happy to go there because she liked helping his sister with her makeup.

She asks him if he ever had a girlfriend and if he put a special name for his girlfriend. he says yes, he will put a big special cutie pie name for his girlfriend. She also says she has something to tell him. He tells her not to tell him. BUt she blurts out that she is dating Suho. He says he told her not to tell him.

Then he also asks if Suho doesn’t want to show off that he is dating her. He would like to show it off. She thinks about Suho not wanting to hide so he probably wants to a well.

Elsewhere, Soo-jin and Suho walk home together. He saves her from a motorcyclist zooming by and tells her to have a nice walk home. Then he leaves.

Ju-kyung also leaves the restaurant that Seo-joon and her ate at.

Suho and Ju-kyung start to walk home and talk to each other. But Suho sees Ju-kyung’s father and asks, abogi? The father runs to him and tells him not to tell Ju-kyung!

Then they hang up and the father has to tells Suho that another conman took all the money he was going to use to go to Jeju island to get that other conman. I told my family I wasn’t going back home until I catch him. So don’t tell Ju-kyung.

Suho thinks they will worry. the father says not to tell them and says a lot of reasons why. Suho tells him okay and gets up to leave. The father asks him what his name is, Suho right? Suho, protect me!

(Note: Suho means protect)

So the father goes home with Suho. He takes a shower and Suho even lets him sleep in his bedroom. 

That evening Ju-kyung’s family realizes just how much the father does at home because the place is pretty messy. He is the one keeping it all straight. Right now Ju-kyung is cleaning the floor. She starts singing the same song that Go-woon sang which makes her brother think she is Go-woon. He yells for her not to sing it and runs off.

Back at Suho’s house, they both watch the soccer game together that night. Jae-pil ( the father) makes some ramen for the both of them and tells Suho to eat it. He doesn’t want to at first, but does and up eating it. Then they start to watch soccer happily.

They both cheer and jump up and down and everything. They even sleep on the couch together. Suho wakes up with the sun shining on his face. He looks over at Ju-kyung’s father sleeping and puts his blanket over him. Then he heads out to get ready for school.

When he leaves Jae-pil runs after him to take this drink and drink it since he didn’t eat much breakfast. He waves him off.

Suho also waves at Jae-pil which makes him remember another father and mother sending their kid off (when he was a kid).


Ju-kyung’s little brother tells Go-woon that he likes her so lets date. She is not interested at all, yawns, and walks away.

Elsewhere on the courtyard, Ju-kyung sits with Seo-joon shooting the breeze. But Suho sees them and pulls Ju-kyung away.


Ju-kyung gets a job at a coffee shop and starts to work. She has to wash all the cups and plates and basically work hard all day washing dishes. She also accidentally burns herself.

Meanwhile, Seo-joon looks at the photos that his hyung photographer took and sent to him. He wonders why he sent them to him and starts to erase them, but doesn’t erase them all. His former boss calls him and thanks him for introducing Ju-kyung to her. He is happy to see that she works there now. But then she asks, oh no, are you hurt Ju-kyung?

Seo-joon takes off running to see her. But he realizes that she is not there and wonders why he ran all the way there. He leaves but accidentally bumps into the girl bullies and drops his chain. The bullies pick it up and think that guy must be Han Seo-joon.

Later that night, Ju-kyung gets into an argument with her mother about letting him go to math tutoring school and not giving her money, so she goes to a playground and calls Suho. He is at Judo class. He asks how her first day at work is. She says it was difficult. He notices that she sounds depressed so would you like to come to Judo?

Cut to her at Judo with Suho. He teaches her Judo in a montage. It’s pretty cute. He says he will do anything for her if she successfully throws him.

She tries really hard but isn’t able to. He finally has to protect her head from hitting the ground and is almost falling on her. They hearts beat for a moment. Then she pushes him back and thinks that counts as a throw. He asks what her wish is.

He tells her that she can ask to sign up for the makeup school, but she tells him that is too expensive. She tells him she does have a wish but she is a little shy about it. She crawls over to him and whispers it into his ear but says to forget about it she will go change. She runs off.

Elsewhere, Soo-jin studies at home. She calls Suho but he does not pick up.

Suho is still with Ju-kyung. He sends her a screenshot of his cell phone which says “Girlfriend” instead of Ju-kyung. That was what she whispered to him, that she changed his name to Boyfriend in her phone.

They both look at each other and smile. They also notice that it rained so they think they are lucky that they did not get wet. But then a bus comes riding up and splashes water on both of them. Suho tries to protect Ju-kyung from the water so they both get really wet.

Soo-jin sees this from across the street.

Ju-kyung goes to Suho’s place to change. She changes into his clothes. They both say things at the same time about eating or watching TV. They finally decide to order some pizza and watch TV. Suho orders it and Ju-kyung looks around.

She sees his secret room and asks what that room is, did you hide something? Do you have a dead body inside? he asks if she is curious? So he opens it for her to see it. Inside is a music room. She asks if he plays music. He says he wanted to but after Sae-hyun died he can’t play anymore because Sae-hyun taught him how to write songs.

He doesn’t come in to this room that often because it gives him hard memories. She apologizes for making him come inside. He says it is okay with her. He is okay with her somehow. She asks if he would like to tell kids they are dating? He asks, what if they drag you to the rooftop. She says whatever, they can drag her. He says whatever she wants is fine, you are my girlfriend anyway.

She asks if he wrote the song. He says yes, he wrote the instrumental and Sae-hyun wrote the lyrics. Do you want to hear it? She nods so he starts to play it on the piano.

They listen for a moment, then her belly growls. She mutters that it must be the outside window sound. He smiles and keeps playing. her stomach keeps growling so she says it must be thundering outside. Her stomach growls again so she starts to bang on the piano. 

The doorbell rings so Suho says he will get the pizza and tells Ju-kyung’s belly to wait a moment.

But, the father is still there! He is in the laundry room or something. We see that he accidentally drank an entire bottle of alcohol that was in Suho’s house and woke up to Suho and Ju-kyung. The father tries to hide to not be seen, but ends up hiding under the couch. He does not know the girl is Ju-kyung.

Suho and Ju-kyung comeback in and sit on the couch to watch a scary movie. They turn out the lights and eat the pizza.

Suho is startled by the movie and holds Ju-kyung’s hand in fright. the father smirks and thinks he is a man. Ju-kyung asks if he really doesn’t watch scary movies? She chuckles. He sees another ghost and cuddles even closer to her. But then they are super close so their hearts beat and he leans in to kiss her.

But the father sees this and grabs Suho’s leg. They all freak out as they should. The father hops up angrily and they both hop away. Ju-kyung runs to get a pot and hits him over the head. The father falls over knocked out.

Fade Out


Alright, some of our theories happened and some of them were not that far off! But what I want to know is what happened to that scene with Suho breaking up with Ju-kyung in front of everyone? Is that saved for tomorrows episode?

Does anyone else think that Soo-jin is turning to the dark side? I really hope the writer subverts that trope because I love Soo-jin the way she is. I also kind of love Ju-kyung’s father messing up Ju-kyung and Suho’s date at his house. That was hilarious to me. Though I can understand it annoying some people since he messed up their nice moment. But I always want to remember that they are in high school and should not have prolonged alone time at someones house so I loved it!

*UPDATE: Our episode 10 spoilers are up!

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