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Recap: True Beauty Episode 7

Recap: True Beauty Episode 7

We are working on getting our recaps up quicker (and all on one post) by playing around with quick recaps that are still relatively detailed. Let us know in the comments if you like this version better or if you prefer our part 1 part 2 version better or if you have no preference you just appreciate the quick recap!

Episode 7 of True beauty starts with a baseball player seeing a beautiful person in the stands and not being able to throw. Then we cut to the teachers office where several kids are being punished by doing squats for the karaoke fight.

They all have to write apology letters so they all gather to do that. However, Soo-ho is noticeably tired. He actually falls asleep on Seo-joon’s shoulder accidentally while talking to him in the bathroom.

After school Ju-kyung sees Soo-ho at the bus stop. She remembers him holding her hand to comfort her on the taxi ride back home (after the karaoke fight) which makes her go all giddy. But he is playing the tsundere guy and grabs a taxi quickly to leave. But he does tell her that he will see her at the study group.

Ju-kyung’s heart is all aflutter with Soo-ho. She still has his hat so she thinks of him wearing it while studying which hilariously turns into her mother telling her to study.

At the study group, Ju-kyung gets there early and sees Soo-ho sleeping. She sits next to him and puts her head on the desk to watch him sleep. He softly opens his eyes to look at her which makes her eyes go wide. They are both there with their eyes wide and their heads on the table as if sleeping. Neither one is moving. Ju-yung starts to hiccup.

But the rest of the study group busts in at that moment which makes Soo-ho stand quickly and aggressively quiz Ju-kyung on their study subject. The other kids think Ju-kyung’s is hiccuping because Soo-ho is being too cruel to her.

They finish up their studying. When they leave the bad guy who kidnapped Ju-kyung stops her outside the study group building. She quickly sprays him with pepper spray, as she should, but he says that he is only there to apologize! He shuffles off all blinded (though in real life he would be blinded, screaming, and gasping for air) and turns the corner to run into Soo-ho. 

Soo-ho orchestrated this apology and we find out that the reason Soo-ho has been so tired is because he has been following this guy around to force him to apologize. He got the school to yell at him to apologize, he took over a computer cafe computer to tell him to apologize, and he even went to his fathers butcher stand to get him to apologize. it all worked, now Soo-ho can sleep.

While walking home, Soo-jin and Ju-kyung have a nice moment where they confide secrets to each other.This happens after they try and buy beer but are turned down by the convenience store place. So they buy coke instead and sit outside. Ju-kyung asks Soo-jin why her hands look all dry and injured. Soo-jin tells her that when she is feeling inadequate due to her grades she wants to wash her hands. She doesn’t know why.

She also says Ju-kyung is the first person she has told this to so don’t tell anyone. Ju-kyung tells her that she was ostracized at her last school. it is a nice  moment between friends though it makes me feel that this might come back to bite Ju-kyung. However, I hope that Soo-jin stays the awesome person I love and doesn’t go that route.

All during this episode we see different ways that Seo-joon and Soo-ho show that they like Ju-kyung. Seo-joon plays the annoying guy who makes fun of her. Soo-ho plays the quiet standoffish guy that pines from a distance and follows her around.

One way he follows her around is by following Yoo Tae-hoon, Soo-ah’s boyfriend, around since Hoon hangs out with Soo-ah a lot and Soo-ah hangs out with Ju-kyung a lot. After they all take their exam, Soo-ah and Ju-kyung secretly go to the big high school baseball tournament. Hoon and Soo-ho go there as well to bust them for not telling them they were going.

Soo-ho enjoys quietly sitting next to Ju-kyung and even happily cheers when the team scores. However, he holds Ju-kyungs hand to cheer with her which makes the situation pretty awkward. After the game, they wait for the hot star pitcher to show up so Su-ah can see him.

When the pitcher shows up he makes a bee line directly for Ju-kyung and asks for her number. Ju-kyung is kind of peer pressured in giving him her number by all the people in the area telling her to, even the baseball teammate. Soo-ho is pissed about this and yells at Ju-kyung (in his measured way) for giving her number to a stranger who could be a psychopath. 

Ju-kyung does end up going on a mini blind date with this baseball guy. Though it is more of a surprised mini date set up by Soo-ah.

The next, the students find out how they did on the exam. Soo-ho is #1 as always. Soo-jin is #4. She asks what happened and we find out that she got all the answers right, but she made a mistake on the scantron which marked a couple problems wrong. This gives her all kinds of hell at home.

Ju-kyung improves by 20 students, and also gets a surprised when the baseball guys shows up at her school and gives her his baseball. He wants her to go to his final game. All the students ooh and ahh. But Ju-kyung has bigger issues.Her mother wanted her to improve by 30 students, not 20, so she throws all Ju-kyung’s make up away. This causes a huge argument which makes Ju-kyung leave the house in tears.

Meanwhile, to relieve his anger with the baseball guy showing up at school, Soo-ho goes to hit baseballs in a public batting cage. Hoon is with him and basically tells him that he knows Soo-ho likes Ju-kyung but he is going about it all wrong. You can’t be the tsundere guy to her. No one likes that anymore. You have to be nice and go to her house and tell her that you have been thinking of her. Appear to almost cry and put your hand on the wall next to her.

Soo-ho asks if that will work and what the hand on the wall means? But Hoon leaves without telling him that. Soo-ho decides to try this out tonight.

However, he gets to Ju-kyung’s house exactly when she bursts out in tears and searches for her makeup in the trash. When he sees that she is crying he abandons everything and takes her to the comic cafe for ramen. They have a nice moment there where Ju-kyung tells him that she didn’t improve enough for her mothers taste. He rubs her on her hair and says she did a good job though. Her heart goes all aflutter.

He walks her home and tries out the hand on wall thing. But things just go wrong. She steps on a worm so he cleans it off her shoe and tells her to take a seat so she sits on his shoulder. It is just awkward all around (and pretty funny). Finally, he tries the hand on wall technique, leans in, and slips a hair clip into her hair so that she can study better.

Her heart has probably never soared higher. However, the next day when they go to the hogwan study group Ju-kyung sees Soo-ho comforting a girl in the stairwell. This girl is Soo-jin. The reason Soo-ho is comforting Soo-jin is basically because Soo-jin went off on Soo-ho for always being perfect.

But it was jut a momentary thing. Once her stress with her family situation went away, she was her normal Soo-jin self. But Ju-kyung does not know any of this stuff and only sees that Soo-ho gave Soo-jin his hat. He did that so Soo-jin could hide her teary eyes, not for any other reason. But Ju-kyung does not know that. Instead of sitting at a desk Soo-ho saved for her in the study group, she decides to sit in the back of the class and leaves right away, after class.

Soo-ho doesn’t understand why she is acting this way when all he has really done for the last several days is try and get her to notice him. He goes to the comic cafe the next day and waits for Ju-kyung there, she doesn’t come. So he tests her to see where she is. She messages backk that she is at the mall with Seo-jin.

Ju-kyung’s at the mall with Seo-jin because she is helping him buy his sister some makeup. Of course, Soo-ho shows up and tries to pull Ju-kyung away from Seo-jin in the elevator. This ends up breaking the elevator so they all have to be rescued. Ju-kyung runs away becuase she has to pee and is super embarrassed about it. However, she runs right into the baseball guy.

The two boys do not see her again so they both go to the baseball tournament a couple days later. Ju-kyung does not show up there. She doesn’t show up because she told the baseball guy that she actually likes someone. That person she likes is Soo-ho. The baseball guy understands and says that two people liking each other is like playing the perfect game of baseball.

In a hilarious move, Soo-ho and Seo-jin end up sitting next to each other at the baseball game and cheering for the baseball guy to get a perfect game because then he will go to America to play. The baseball guy gets a perfect game so Soo-ho picks up Seo-jin happily. That moment is pretty funny.

But afterwards, they have a stare off when Seo-jin tells Soo-ho that he likes Ju-kyung.


This show is just so fluffy and cute. I am a bit worried that it will be all fluff now that the other storyline has ended with the best friend. Though I’m not sad that that depressing storyline is over.

I did read the webcomic so the show does have a good amount of story to pull from in order to get us to episode 16. And perhaps they will bring back Soo-ho’s trauma of a ringing cell phone? Because I feel like that wasn’t really settled.

Though, honestly, I watch this show for all the cuteness. It made me squeal several times today and that for me is a win!

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      You’re welcome! Our 2021 resolutions are to try and get these up faster ☺️

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