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Recap: True Beauty Episode 6

Okay, y’all, I have started reading the webcomic! There are so many things that are different. I love some things done in the drama more and I love some things in the webcomic more. But it doesn’t take away my enjoyment of the drama at all just in case people were waiting to read the webcomic until after the show finishes.

Doing something different today which is to try and put the entire recap in one post that we post right away after recapping instead of making a super detailed recap in two posts. This saves us a bit of time!

Check out our episode 5 video review of True Beauty!


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We open on the rooftop with Ju-kyung running to find Soo-ho. She doesn’t see him there but she hears someone crying close by. So she turns around the corner and sees Suho on the ground holding his knees to his chest and crying. She goes up to him and kneels in front of him. But she doesn’t know what to say to him.

He looks up at her with teary eyes and tries to say something to her about his friend. But she ells him that its okay, I already know everything and hugs him so he can just cry and get it all out.

After he is all cried out, they sit quietly on the rooftop together. She gives him his jacket back. he asks her if she is okay. She thinks that she should be he one asking him that. he says he is fine. But she thinks to herself that he is not fine.

She asks why he didn’t tell her that he was the ajusshi from the rooftop. He also wonders why he didn’t tell her. She tells him that she wasn’t going to kill herself when he showed up so he doesn’t have to pity her anymore. he realizes that she is mentioning what he said to her at the festival. He starts to say, no its not because of that–

But a fire alarm is suddenly pulled and several people run onto the rooftop interrupting their nice moment and his chance to clear the air between them with what he said that broke her heart into teeny tiny pieces.

Dozens of people come onto the rooftop (Including a live streamer, lol) and they are all evacuated down the steps due to a kitchen fire that appears to not be a super big fire, but big enough to clear the building. While they are walking down the steps, Soo-ho protects Ju-kyung from all the jostling of people passing them all the away down the steps. She tries not to look too much into this.

They wait at a bus stop together. Soo-ho is still thinking about what Seo-joon said to him so he is kind of dazed. Ju-kyung sits quietly next to him. But when he bus comes she tells him that she heard once that crying was cleansing the heart so if he ever feels the need to cry, he should let it all out.

He looks at her while she is talking, but she doesn’t look at him when she says it because it is awkward moment, but she does say it sincerely then she gets on her bus.

Meanwhile, Seo-joon walks home thinking about the conversation he overheard at the festival of Seo-joon telling Ju-kyung all those mean things and Ju-kyung telling him off and leaving.


When he gets home, Soo-ho is basically ambushed by his father and his fathers team outside his place. His father tells him that he will go to his school for the parent teacher meeting but Seo-joon does not want him to come to his school at all.

When Seo-joon gets home he shares some ramen with his sister. His sister tells him that Ju-kyung was really nice to her because there were some girls who were giving her a hard time at school. Seo-joon asks which girls so he can give them a talking to. His sister tells hi that Ju-kyung took care of it and she is a really nice eunnie.


At school, Ju-kyung avoids Soo-ho while she is walking inside. This causes her to run into Seo-joon. Seo-joon kind of wants to apologize for giving her a hard time but his friends run up preventing him from being able to do it. So Ju-kyung basically tells him to leave her alone unless he wants to get it and waves her little fist at him.

Inside the classroom, all the students get their grades. Ju-kyung’s grades are really bad. She is basically 24/45 in the class. Soo-jin’s grades are excellent, she is 2/25 but she looks very pissed about it, crumples her results up and puts them in her bag. (We find out later that she is upset because her father is very strict and harsh with her and even slaps her if she doesn’t get the highest score in the class).

Ju-kyung’s mother comes to the school for her parent-teacher conference. There is a really funny moment between her and the teacher where she uses a handheld fan to keep herself from being so upset at how bad Ju-kyung’s grades are. But that causes her to accidentally blow the teachers hair up which reveals that he has practically no eyebrows. She is sorry about that and tells him that she has a salon that he can come to if he would like her to treat his eyebrows. She slides over her card.

Soo-ho’s father also comes to the school which basically makes everyone go crazy. It also outs Sooho as the son of Lee Joo-hun. Soo storms to his father at the car outside and lays into him about coming to the school. Ju-kyung sees this because she is standing at her mothers car. She is shocked that Lee Joo-hun is Soo-ho’s father. But she is embarrassed because her mother runs over to Lee Joo-hun during this father-son fight and asks for his autograph and a photo.

Ju-kyung tries to pull her away, but her mother is persistent so Soo-ho excuses himself.

Soo-jin and Seo-joon already know that Lee Joo-hun is Soo-ho’s father. Seo-joon looks particularly pissed that Lee Joo-hun came to the school. He is pissed because Lee Joo-hun fired their friend from his company due to some scandal the friend was in. Lee Joo-hun basically tells Seo-joon that it wasn’t personal, it was just business. He followed the company protocol in these situations.

At school the next day, Ju-kyung continues to avoid Soo-ho due to what he said to her at the festival. There is this really funny moment in chemistry class where they are the two left cleaning up the class. They are not talking to each other. Then Ju-kyung leaves but her jacket is pulled back. She thinks Soo-ho is pulling back her jacket so she tells him to stop and she has nothing to say to him. But her jacket actually got caught on the door. He was like twenty feet away from her, lol.


Later on, Ju-kyung hangs out with Go-woon. Go-woon tells her that she decided not to wear makeup everyday which some of the other kids at school do not understand. But she likes herself and doesn’t care what they think. She does want to wear makeup during special musical events so she asks Ju-kyung if she can come to her house to teach her how to put it on.

Ju-kyung goes to her house and is witness to Seo-joon dancing naked in the living room. She sees his leopard underwear which makes her chuckle later when he is walking her home. He tells her thank you for helping his sister. She can’t believe that he actually told her thank you.


At the same time, Soo-ho goes to the comic book store to look for Ju-kyung but she isn’t there. Ju-kyung’s mother shows up at the same time looking for her, but forgets about all that when she sees Soo-ho and recognizes him as Lee Joo-hun’s son. So of course she has to invite him over.

This gives Ju-kyung the surprise of her life when she gets home and sees Soo-ho sitting on her couch with her brother and father sitting around the coffee table. The mother is pleased as punch to have Soo-ho there. The father looks at Soo-ho in a distinguished way and also like he wants to find his shotgun. The brother glares at him.

During dinner everyone kind of wonders how Ju-kyung and Soo-ho know each other at school. Ju-kyung says they aren’t friends. But Soo-ho tells her little brother that he knows her well since he knows that he gives her a hard time. The brother ends up liking Soo-ho a lot because Soo-ho says he can have his expensive jacket (its a Thom Brown jacket or something like that. It’s worth thousands of dollars).

But the big sister comes home drunk and accidentally trips over a chord which short circuits the lights inside the entire house. Everyone fumbles around and ends up dog piled over Soo-ho which makes Ju-kyung think its the worst night ever. She ends up walking him out and basically reiterates that he doesn’t have to pity her.


That weekend, Ju-kyung goes to the sauna with her sister. Unfortunately Seo-joon and one of his friends goes there as well so Ju-kyung ends up trapped inside the stove like sauna room for much longer than normal. This makes her super sweaty. 

She is finally able to sneak out without revealing her bare-face to Seo-joon and pulls her sister away to grab chicken somewhere else.

Double unfortunately, the bullies that used to relentlessly bother Ju-kyung are at the new chicken place they go to and pickup bullying her again. This time they are bullying her because there is a rumor at Ju-kyung’s old school that Ju-kyung left because these bullies were giving her a hard time. 

They trip Ju-kyung so she falls on the floor in the chicken place. But she picks herself back up quickly and runs off. However, she leaves her wallet back there. Soo-ho sees all this because he had just gotten off the bus (while riding the bus home, he had another incident where a phone rang and he remembered not answering the phone when his friend called so he leaves the bus gasping for air).

he sees the entire incident unfold and sees the bullies pick up Hu-kyung’s wallet. They are about to leaf through it, but Soo-ho stops them and takes it from them. 

he runs around the corner to where Ju-kyung is crying and gives her her wallet back. She tells him not to keep doing these kind of things for her since he just pities her. She doesn’t want to be pitied by him. But he just asks if those were the same girls that gave her a hard time at her old school and says it must have been scary to see them again.

She is about to leave, but he pulls her away to the stairwell because he sees Seo-joon and Cho-rong walking by. He even hides her face from them with his jacket. She asks if they left, and they have, but he tells her they aren’t gone just yet, just so he could hold her closer to him.

When he gets home, he goes into the room that is locked in his house which is his keepsake room for all his memories of his friend.


The next day Soo-ho stays home sick which makes Ju-kyung kind of worried about him. She accidentally sends him a picture of her sticking her tongue out at him that she actually meant to send to her brother. Soo-ho gets it and it makes him smile.

Meanwhile, the bad thugs that beat Seo-joon up whenever they get a chance, decide that the best way to get back at Seo-joon is to kidnap his girlfriend who they think is Ju-kyung. So they snatch up Ju-kyung on her way to a study group and take her to karaoke. The thugs call Seo-joon to come to the karaoke place.

Seo-joon is talking with Soo-ho because Soo-ho helped the best surgeon in the country operate on his mother. He is still upset at Soo-ho though and basically told him not to do him any favors. So-ho told him that he didn’t want to just let his mother die since they were friends.

Seo-joon gets the call from the bullies right then so they both quickly head out to the karaoke place.

At the karaoke palce Ju-kyung is able to use one of the thugs phones to video call her friends so they will see where she is. The friends know the place and head to the karaoke place.

Soo-hoo busts into the room first and starts to pound on the head bully (he is seriously whaling on him). Seo-joon pops in next and starts to beat them up as well. Then all the friends show up and start to beat them all up too. It is a high school street fight at the karaoke bar and I love it.

The episode ends with Su-ho jujitsu flying the head guy into the air and slamming him on the table with super anger in his eyes.

Fade Out


Loved this episode. I like how Soo-ho has repercusions for the mean things he said to Ju-kyung and that she did not automatically forgive him just because he has this previous pain. No, you do not get to be an a-hole to people just because of reasons no matter what the reason are.

So Soo-ho has to deal with Ju-kyung avoiding him this entire episode because of that. But I also love how Soo-ho tries his best to get in with Ju-kyung quietly by going to her house when he was invited and helping out with her walet and the bullies (also sneaking in some more alone time in the alley). It was all really cute.

He definitely wiled out on that one thug at the end, homeboy might have a couple broken bones and a concussion. But, that’s what happens when you kidnap innocent people for your own fun, thems the breaks (literally).

We’ll try and get up another video recap sometime today (UPDATE: we got it up)! Happy Christmas Eve everyone!



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  1. Jay
    December 24, 2020 / 10:54 am

    This drama should have been released in one go. It has marathon quality. Loving it

    • V
      December 24, 2020 / 2:25 pm

      Yes! I can totally marathon this show!

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