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Live Recap: True Beauty Episode 11

The day has finally arrived for us to find out if Suho will live! Just kidding, we know he will. What we really want to know is what is going to happen in that hospital? I know we will have some laughs, because this is a romantic comedy. But we should have some serious scenes as well. I mean, did you see when he exploded on his father in the preview? Jeez!

Episode 12 Preview

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How We Do This: This recap is in one part. We watch and recap at the same time which means their will be typos though I try and clean it up as best and quick as possible. We will post the preview on a separate post!



The sister yells at the CEO just like at the end of the last episode. She is upset that he stole the song and released that information. He asks if she is threatening him with this? She says whatever you think. I am fine to be fired. She leaves and we see that Suho heard the entire thing. Joo-hun is sad to see this and stands, startled.

Suho runs off and that is when the accident happens.

Then we flashback to the three friends from the past all getting the same bracelet. it looks like it was Sae-hyun’s idea. They tell each other to never take it off.

But then we cut to the accident and Suho flies up super high into the air.

Cut back to the flashback of the three friends. They are celebrating Sae-hyun’s debut with cake. They all go to suho’s place and sit in Suho’s music room and talking about the song hey wrote. Seo-joon tells them that when he debuts they should give him that song. They make up the name Leo for him. 

Sae-hyun tells Seo-joon that he is not giving it to him, they will do it together. Seo-joon chuckles. They start to have their own joke audition and play the song in the room. Suho plays the song and Seo-joon sings along. Sae-hyun plays the guitar. Happier times between the three friends.

Cut to the present where Suho and Seo-joon are rushed into the hospital from the emergency room. Suho is unconscious, Seo-joon is partially conscious.

Flashback to Sae-hyun knocking on Suho’s door to let him in. He is screaming his name and knocking and telling him to open the door please. But Suho is not opening the door. Then two people on the street see him and whisper that that must be that guy will school violence. So Sae-hyun quickly runs away.

Suho is walking home. he sees his father’s manager talking on the phone outside on the street about how the CEO is not dating. He is not sponsoring anyone, he is too busy for that. It is all a rumor.

Suho goes inside and thinks about that. Sae-hyun calls him but he doesn’t pick up the phone. He ends up walking off.

Outside, Sae-hyun looks at all the messages that say he is a school bully. He cries and says that is not true, it’s not him.

Suho comes back inside to the living room and picks up his phone. then he runs off to where Sae-hyun jumped off the roof. There are a ton of people around now. Police tape is up and everyone talks about how this was Sae-hyun the idol. Suho sees his bracelet that they share and starts to cry.


Ju-kyung waits at the bus stop at night time. She thinks about calling Suho and does call him. But he doesn’t answer. She stands up and starts to walk away. She goes to Soo-jin’s place to tell her something.

KSJ – Tell me something?

JK – I should not delay this further. Actually, Soo-jin, I am dating Suho. I like Suho a lot. I did not want to hide it. I wanted to tell you first. You told me you liked Suho so I couldn’t say it. I was afraid that it would ruin our relationship if I told you. I didn’t want to lose you but I couldn’t lie to you anymore. I am really sorry.

KSJ – Okay, I am lying if I say I am okay. It hurts me, but, I had this kind of feeling for Suho before and it went away quickly. You know, long term friends sometimes become a bit swayed by feelings. That’s it so don’t be too sorry to me.

JK – Soo-jin…

KSJ – Hey, it seems like I am giving you a hard time. Don’t cry, you are not a sinner.

JK – I am really sorry.

KSJ – Suho’s heart is to you, what can I do? When I wrap up my heart, you me and Lee Suho, nothing will change.

Ju-kyung hugs her. Soo-jin pats her on the back, though she still looks a bit evil.


At home, Ju-kyung washes her face and looks in the mirror. She thinks she looks uglier with puffy eyes. She calls Suho and waits but he doesn’t pick up. So she wonders if he is still angry at her.

Her sister is in the courtyard and thinks that they might have had an accident based on what she said. Ju-kyung asks why she is there. She says she needs fresh air. Ju-kyung thinks she does too. Her sister asks what happened.

Ju-kyung tells her that whenever something happens she is always scared and by herself and hides and that messes things up and hurts innocent people. I should be honest from the beginning. 

Her sister tells her that sometimes her problem is that she is too spontaneous. Your problem is that you are too scared. Look at appa, when he had that conman thing he should have told us but he kept losing money and we had to move!

Appa hears them inside and tells them sorry, daughters. They wonder how he can be so quiet. The sister then asks if she knows their CEO’s son SUho? He had a car accident in front of the company.

Ju-kyung takes off running.




Suho is unconscious in the hospital. His father is sitting with him. He remembers back to Suho standing at the door and then taking off running. He looks at Suho in the hospital bed and lets out a deep sigh. Then he stands and leaves the room.

Suho opens his eyes, so he was pretending to sleep or perhaps woke up right then? He tries to sit up but it is too painful so he stays laying in the bed.

Meanwhile, Seo-joon is up and walking around with his sister and mother. he has a broken arm and tells them that he is perfectly fine. You can go home. They tell him to be careful, we are worried about you, call if anything happens. He wishes them goodbye and they get on the elevator.

That is when he sees Suho’s father walking past.

Suho’s father goes to a private sitting room. His manager comes in so Suho asks him what happened. The manager says that to cover his dating rumor he…

Cut to a flashback where the father tells the manager that he was not dating that girl, he just took her home. Just cover up this story whatever it takes.

In the hospital, the father asks why he sacrificed their own kid to cover it up? The manager says that he thought Sae-hyun was a bully, but actually I didn’t know…he was already dead when I found out that he was not a bully.

The father grips his collar and tells him, because of what you did, he killed himself! And you took his song also! He pushes him away.


Ju-kyung runs into the room and starts crying over a person in bed. Though the person is completely covered up. She blubbers and says that she shouldn’t have been so angry. Then Suho comes rolling in and looks at her. Seo-joon comes from under the covers and asks, who are you?

(She is not wearing her makeup)



Ju-kyung does not know what to do. Suho yells, Noona! Ju-kyung yells, Suho! Then runs to him and buries her face in his lap. Seo-joon wonders, you have a noona?

Suho holds her head and looks at Seo-joon. Seo-joon asks, you have a noona? he says it is his cousin. Seo-joon asks, when did you come noona? She mutters, um, its just…

Cut to Suho in his bed and Ju-kyung sitting facing him (and facing away from Seo-joon). She also covers her head with a towel like she is a nun or back in the Joseon dynasty.

He whispers that she doesn’t have to cry, he isn’t injured badly. he rubs her thigh a bit. She tells him that she is relieved. I called you over and over again. I thought you had a big injury. he says he lost his phone when he had an accident. She says okay.

Seo-joon says, you have a good relationship with your cousin. Suho tells him yes, we have a good relationship. Ju-kyung is nervous and tells Suho to rest. Suho holds her arm and asks if she is already leaving?

Seo-joon also tells her to stay a bit since she came all the way here. she says no, no, no, I am fine. Then runs out. Seo-joon asks, noona? Sarcastically. Suho ignores him.

In the hallway, Ju-kyung thinks, how can he share a room with Seo-joon? Another guy bumps into her which makes her fall. Suho catches her in his lap in his wheelchair. She is startled and is about to stand up, but he tells her to wait a moment and hugs her from behind.

SH – I really miss you.

JK – You are sick

She is about to stand. bU the pulls her closer and says he is fine.

SH – i am not sick at all after seeing you.

SH – I am really fine.

Seo-joon comes out looking for Suho and sees him hugging his “cousin” Then mutters, I don’t care if you get your injection or not or if you are sick or not and walks off.

Ju-kyung looks at Suho.

SH – i am sorry I was angry at you.

JK – i am also sorry.

SH – I will not do it anymore can you forgive me

JK – Can you also forgive me? What happened with that accident?

SH – What should I do? Sae-hyun…

She holds his hand rightly and he holds her hand as well. They sit quietly.

Cut to the brother at home boxing a punching bag. Ju-kyung gets home. He asks where she went so late. She sighs and goes inside all the way to her room where she collapses on her bed.

She pulls out her cell phone and texts Suho but she realizes that he lost his phone so she curls up sadly.

In the hospital, Suho looks out the window. Seo-joon asks why he doesn’t just close the window. Suho stands to close the window. Seo-joon grumbles about it.

SH – Why did you jump into the street? You are also injured.

SJ – it was not about you. Your father thinks I am Leo! What is he doing He said he would release the memorial album, but what is going on now? What did you tell your dad when you bought all those musical instruments? If you told him in advance then it would not have happened. Don’t you feel angry about it?

Suho thinks about what Ju-kyung’s sister said. To cover up one picture of an actress, you broke the news that Sae-hyun used to be a bully and now you are taking the song also?

Suho tries to hold back his tears and looks out the window.


The next day at school, Soo-jin happily talks to Ju-kyung. Ju-kyung is still awkward in front of her. Soo-jin tells her not to be awkward in front of her. They are both wearing their friendship scrunchies.

Soo-jin says she has her tutor tomorrow. Ju-kyung tells her that Suho had an accident when he was with Seo-joon. She asks why he is telling her that now?! Is he really hurt? Where was he hurt?

But then she thinks it is okay, I will ask him. You go first. I will submit the homework to the teacher’s room. Ju-kyung walks right past the bully. The bully doesn’t recognize her.


Suho’s father shows up at the room. He says he brought his change of clothing and underwear. How do you feel?

Suho turns his head away from him. Seo-joon is also sleeping.

JH – I can send you a caregiver if you are uncomfortable.

SJ – I don’t need it. And don’t come.

JH – Suho, what you heard yesterday was…

But he stops because Seo-joon’s mother comes in. So Joo-hun tells Suho he will talk to him tomorrow. he leaves. A single tear falls from Suho.


The bully moves to the new school and talks to the teachers in the teachers offices. Soo-jin notices her. The strict teacher mentions that teacher Han also has a school from that high school. Soo-jin quickly walks off. The strict teacher says he heard a rumor that that school has some bad students.

Soo-jin looks at the girl walking off in the hallway. 


Seo-joon’s mother feeds him some food. He complains that he does not want to eat that food. She tells him to eat what she tells him to eat and says all sorts of cute things to him. Suho eats his food alone.

The mother tells Suho that when her son was young he peed on his bed a lot so his nickname was tinkle. Suho asks, really? Seo-joon asks, why did you say that mom? She tells him he peed on his bed in 5th grade a couple times. Seo-joon tells his mom to just stop.

The mother says you guys don’t need to be embarrassed. You were best friends that took baths together. So what happened? Why did you have an accident together? It looks like you do not hang out together anymore and had a fight. Suho, you told me that after my surgery you came by and said not to tell Seo-joon. I felt a little strange about that.

Suho asks how she feels. She says she feels good, that is why she is there now. Seo-joon mentions that she said she has to leave. She tells him, fine, I will leave. Are you done eating? Then she also asks Suho if he is done eating. Suho says he is fine, you can take care of Tinkle.

Seo-joon yells, ya! Hey, at least I have my legs.

But later we see that Seo-joon is having a hard time getting to the bathroom to pee since he broke his arms. Suho rolls back in and asks what the deal is. They playfully argue for a moment. Suho tells him to call the nurse to help him. He also tells the nurse that he wants to move rooms.

But he ends up helping Seo-joon take off his pants so he can pee.


In school, Soo-ah tells Hoon that Seo-hoon and Suho didn’t have a car accident, they just fought and got injured. It is strange that they are in the hospital together. Who do you think won?

Ju-kyung tells her it was an accident because it happened in front of her sisters company. She saw it. Soo-ah thinks, ah, so it is not like they fought in front of your eunnie? She says no. They think they should all go see Suho and Seo-joon together.

But Ju-kyung has to run off right then and go to her part time job. They yell her name which makes the bully girl look at her.

Outside, the other bullies are also there. They ask some of the guys if they know Han Seo-joon? They guys are all like, Han Seo-joon? He didn’t come to school.

But then they see the sad bully and stop her. So it seems like they did not know that she was moving. The sad bully told the teacher that they were bullying her and left so these bullies start to bother her again and tell her that they got punished because of her. So tell us the truth. If you do what we tell you to then I won’t bully you anymore. Can you do that?

The sad bully says yes. The bully tells her that there is a girl called Im Ju-kyung here. Can you find out if she is really dating Seo-joon? The sad bully sadly says yes.


Soo-jin goes to visit Suho at the hospital and sees him in his room. She brings him aloe vera plant an says it is to help clean the air. You don’t have to water it too often. You said you don’t need a caregiver so your father asked me to bring some things you might need.

She sits and tells him that she brought his laptop as well. She tells Seo-joon thank you for rescuing Suho. Seo-joon asks why she is thanking him, you are not his girlfriend. She takes her word back and asks Suho if he has to have his cast for a long time.

he starts to grab something. She tries to help, he says its fine. So she sits back down. She asks if he wants her to move his hospital room? I can ask my father. Suho says no. Then he gives her a drink and says today is her hogwan day.

She tells him she has to go later, don’t send me off so quickly.

Seo-joon asks why Soo-jin is alone. I thought you and Ju-kyung were best friends, right? Soo-jin says Ju-kyung has a part time job. Are you waiting for her?

He asks why she is asking him that? Ask Suho. She asks why she should ask Suho? I thought you were dating Ju-kyung. All the kids know that. He asks, what? She drinks her drink looking evil. Then she starts to wash her hands vigorously in the bathroom.



The sister and the brother are out at a restaurant. He asks why she didn’t go to work? She says that she took the day off since she challenged her CEO. The teachers sees Ju-kung working behind the register and quickly plops his head on the cake and runs out.

She follows and helps him clean off the cake. She asks if it really bothers him? He says he won’t be able to only be her teacher if she knows. If I give her a higher grade or good behavior then people will think that I favor her.

The sister wonders why Ju-kyung is working there? The teacher tells her that Ju-kyung actually wants to be a makeup artist. Didn’t you know that?


Back at home, the brother is practicing boxing and asks his mom to try and hit him. She hits him easily and tells him to go to the hospital to deliver some clothing and food. She wants him to take it to Suho since he doesn’t have a mom and his father is busy.

The brother doesn’t want to do it and wants his appa to do it. But she says the appa is at the cultural class. Cut to the appa talking to a lot of halmonies. He gives them cards to their shop. When he is about to leave a random guy bumps into him. 

This guy is Columbus Park! The father starts to chase him. But Columbus Park gets in a taxi and takes off. The father gets into a taxi and follows.


Ju-kyung gets to the hospital with makeup this time and thinks that Seo-joon should be with Suho. She checks her makeup and chides herself on not coming to the hospital with makeup last night.

When she gets to the room, she sees Suho and Seo-joon on top of each other. Suho says he was helping change Seo-joon’s clothing. Seo-joon yells for him to just put it on!

It is awkward for a moment as the threesome sits together. Seo-joon finally stands to leave. Ju-kyung asks if he is going to the bathroom? Suho asks if he needs help? Seo-joon tells him he is just going for a walk! He heads out awkwardly.

Ju-kyung then tells Suho that she brought him some scary comics. They drop on the floor so Ju-kyugn tries to get it and her hair gets caught on his button. Her brother comes in right then and jokes with them about their cuddle kissing time. They try to tell him that her hair is caught, but he is thoroughly convinced that they are doing couple things and giggles his way out of the room.

They try to get her hair unattached again and that is when they hear a lot of kids coming up the hall.

Thy decide that they should hide Ju-kyung under the blanket. She hurries up and hides under and he tries to pretend to be relaxed. 

All the kids get to the room and Hoon immediately want to touch all over Suho but he tells him DONT’ TOUCH! Really! It hurts! But Hoon doesn’t really seem to be minding that at all. Ju-kyung is about to get caught.



Outside in the hallway, Ju-kyung’s brother runs into Go-woon and immediately wants to chat with her. Seo-joon comes up and asks, how dare you hit on my sister! He makes him duck walk around a few times. But then the brother playfully says, I like Go-woon! And runs away.

Seo-joon asks, does Ju-kyung know that her brother likes you? This is a surprise to Go-woon. He is Ju-kyung’s brother?!

Back in the hospital room. Seo-joon gets back and all the comical thugs want to talk to him and tells him that they are worried about him. Hoon and Hyun-gyu are at Suho’s bed. Ju-kyung is still under the covers.

Hoon is so worried about Suho and wants to wipe his sweat off of him. They also want to wipe his feet so they pull the blankets back and see pink feet!

Seo-joon immediately realizes what is going on. Suho tells them not to mess with his feet! And throws the covers back over them. Seo-joon looks like he is having a mental debate on whether to help out or not and decides to help out. He tells his friends that they should leave so he can rest.

Suho also tells his two friends Hoon and Hyun-gyu that they should leave as well. The friends do  not want to leave, but they are able to convince them to leave and mention that a person names Yeo Hwa Jin is filming downstairs. It appears that this person is super famous so they all leave.

Suho pulls the covers back and Ju-kyung’s head pops up. They both have a moment of their heart beating hard and she runs out. (She yanks her hair out and runs out).

Seo-joon is also outside so he asks Ju-kyung why she hides their relationship so much. The button is actually still stuck in her hair so he asks, what did you do in the bed for the button to come off! She jokes with him about tit and then writes on his cast. He tells her not to write anything dumb. She finishes and runs off.

She wrote: The energy of a tiger comes out ROAR!

Then he turns to look at her and she does the ROAR again. He tries to shake that feeling away.


Meanwhile, the sister is visiting with her mother at her shop. The teacher is with her. Another woman comes up so they introduce the teacher as Ju-kyung’s teacher and not as the sisters boyfriend.

So the woman wants to introduce him to her daughter. It is a bit of an awkward moment. He nods and kind of bows himself away. The two mothers then starts to talk about what good man the friend might have for her daughter. The friend asks what style she likes.

She says everything about the teacher. Like a man with no eyebrows and is cat like…the mom hits her and says there is no man like that! The daughter says there is! Then runs after the teacher.

She stops him in the alley and puts up her arm like she always does. He asks, what if Ju-kyung sees us She says Ju-kyung will not see them. She also tells him not to smile at everyone. Everyone wants to have you as a son in law because you smile at them.

She leans in and kisses him. That is when her little brother spots them so the teacher has to run away again. Of course the little brother jokes with her about it. He wonders why all his siblings are like that. I caught both of you dating in front of me.



Inside the house, the mother gets a text that her husband used 100 for a taxi. Her husband comes in right then and tells her that he found Columbus Park and chased him down! But he got away! But at least I know he is in Seoul!

The mother is super angry for spending $100 on that and chases him around her place with a broom.


The next morning, Ju-kyung’s sister drops her off and asks if she is going to go to makeup school? Is that why you have a part time job? Ju-kyung asks how she knows and tells her that she has a good six sense like a ghost. Don’t tell mom, Ii will tell her after I increase my grades.

Her sister tells her that she will pay for her hogwan. But Ju-kyung says that she can try to do it herself. They have a happy goodbye. But the other woman teacher sees this and realizes that the teachers girlfriend is Ju-kyung’s sister?!


The other bully is in the school, the sad bully. She follows Ju-kyung around but doesn’t talk to her. The teacher says hi to Ju-kyung and gives her a little snack which makes the other teacher come up and reveal that she knows that Ju-kyung is his girlfriends sister, so you must be giving her preferential treatment.

His hand starts to shake so much that he shakes his coke out of the cup.


While in the classroom, Ju-kyung looks at Suho’s empty seat and hopes he is okay. Then she thinks of resting her head on his chest and tries to remind herself not to think of that.


Back in the hospital, Seo-joon and Suho have to work together because Seo-joon broke his arms and Suho broke his legs. So Suho feeds Seo-joon and Seo-joon begins the wheelchair around for Suho. They have to work together like that as a team.


Back in school, Soo-ah takes selfies with a lot of the classmates looking on. Though she uses a reflector to take it and says that all her photos have to look good. They also tell Ju-kyung to do the same. 

The sad bully takes secret photos of this. Soo-jin catches her and asks why she is taking photos of Jukyung? The sad bully runs away. Soo-jin looks at Ju-kyung and still looks a bit evil, though it is nice that she stopped the bully.


Suho is in his room alone when his father shows up. Suho tells him that he told him not to come.

Outside the room, Seo-joon got one of his casts removed so now he has a soft cast and can use his hand. Ju-kyung shows up so he asks if she is here again? Ju-kyung says that he doesn’t pick up the phone and I worry about him so of course I will come.

She mentions his arm being out of the cast now. He says ye just took another x-ray and the doctor said he can remove it. Ju-kyung is happy since that means Suho should be healed soon too. Seo-joon asks if she knew that Suho had a cousin? She says yes! Of course! And then walks off in a hurry.


Back in the room, Suho breaks a glass and asks, why did you do that? Sae-hyun was my friend!

Ju-kyung and Seo-joon show up right then.

Appa  I didn’t know what happened to Sae-hyun. I let the director take care of everything. I did not know he would take care of it that way.

SH – So you blamed him for everything. I heard it was all to cover your scandal. But you say you don’t know, that’s it. You think you aren’t guilty at all, that’s it? I didn’t pick up his last call. So I feel like that’s why he made that choice. DO you know how much of a hard time I had. But it all started from you. Were you really that worried that a scandal would break. out THAT IS NOTHING.

Appa – I did it because you were disappointed at me. We already had a bad relationship. if that news broke I thought you would go further away from me. That is why I did it.

SH – I didn’t even have any expectation from you so there was nothing to disappoint. I saw everything a long time ago. What you did when mom died.

Flashback to the father sleeping with a girl when he was a little guy, like 8 years old. He ran away.

The father asks, what? You saw that? Suho, back then… but Suho is clutching his chest now and turns away.

Suho tells him to leave and has a hard time breathing. His father yells at him to wake up. But Suho is having a hard time breathing and is about to pass out.

Later on, the doctor tells the appa that it is mental issue. Suho doesn’t have any problem with his heart. He should consult the psychology department. 

Seo-joon sees this too and sits next to Joo-hun.

SJ – I knew he was s stuffy guy but I did not know that he had that problem. Leo is Suho.

Appa – What?

SH – Are you really his father? If you went home then you would know. You will never know how happy he was when he made songs with Sae-hyun.

In the room, Suho is sleeping and Ju-kyung is sitting next to him. Seo-joon walks back and looks in through that window. He sees Ju-kyung holding Suho’s hand and decides to stay outside. he goes to the waiting area and sits and waits. he looks at what Ju-kyung wrote on his cast and remembers giving her a flower bracelet and all the cute Roars she does in front of him and all their moments together.

He also remembers her telling him that she likes Lee Suho.

At home, Suho’s father goes into Suho’s secret room. He sees the photo of the three friends at happier times with their matching bracelets. He thinks of Seo-joon telling him that Suho is Leo. he was so happy making songs with Sae-hyun.

tehre i also a photo of little Suho with his mother. He thinks of Suho telling him, he saw what he did when umma died.


Suho is still sleeping when Seo-joon is back in his bed. He thinks about what Suho said about not answering Sae-hyun’s last phone call and how hard it was for him. He thinks about all the mean things he said to Suho about how it was his fault and how he doesn’t deserve to smile.

Seo-joon walks to Suho’s side and thinks that he sleeps like a dead guy. He pokes him on the nose and asks if he is breathing. Then Suho opens his eyes so Seo-joon runs back to his bed and pretends to sleep.

SH – Hey, I saw everything.

SJ – Ahem, what?

SH – I want to get some fresh air. I don’t have my wheelchair.

SJ – Just go to bed, its late.

But he ends up piggy backing him around. Though he complains and says he has a small face so why is he so heavy?

The nurse sees them and asks what they are doing? If you called me then I would have brought a wheelchair! She runs off to get it. Seo-joon yells, why didn’t you call her! Suho says he didn’t think about it, why didn’t you call her! Seo-joon says Suho is the one that at the top of the class! He air kicks in frustration.

Cut to Seo-joon wheeling Suho to a quiet spot. They sit together.

SJ – Back then, why didn’t you tell me that you can’t see Sae-hyun? I blamed you for what happened because you didn’t believe him. You should have told me.

SH – If I told you, it wouldn’t bring him back. I thought he was dead because of me. If I picked up the phone call, then I could have stopped him.

SJ – You lived like that all the time? You dummy.

They sit quietly.


At Ju-kyung’s home, he brother and sister are eating and wonder where Ju-kyung is. The sister says part time job but then changes her words to None of my business.

They are all watching TV. The news mentions that Lee Joo-hun has revealed that the new song that the new group released was plagiarized. He has decided to quit his job as CEO and retire. The mother flips out like a fan girl. The sister runs off.

At her home, Soo-jin works hard studying with her tutor. She gets a text about Lee Joo-hun retiring and apologizing for Jun Sae-hyun’s death. She gasps and runs off. She runs all the way to the hospital.

Suho is on the stairs looking out the window. Ju-kyung sees him there and joins him. It looks like she heard the news too. He turns and says, ah, it is Im Ju-kyung again. He looks pretty sad.

She holds his arm and says it is her again. He has teary eyes and says that he wanted to see her and she came. She tells him, I am here to hug you.

She hugs him warmly and they both cry.

Soo-jin runs p and sees them hugging. 

They stop hugging and look at each other. Ju-kyung leans into her tippy toes and kisses Suho. Soo-jin looks at them kissing and then turns her back to them and leaves.

Fade Out


I am happy that Suho was not in a coma for the entire episode! It looks like he was just knocked out for a couple hours, possibly put to sleep while in surgery to set his broken leg, and then woke up afterwards. Though I would not really expect him to be so mobile after getting hit by a car. I mean, he got hit by a car, thrown into the air, probably hit the ground hard and rolled on the ground a bit, and that same night he is rolling himself in a wheelchair? Um, no. But I will go with it because Kdramaland hospitals and injuries are like that.

It was a nice reversal to have Suho be Leo and not Seo-joon. That opens up an entirely new set of dynamics with Suho and his father. I really loved that because it shows that the father really does not know anything going on with his son and yet wants to know more about him, which is why the father ended up quitting his job as CEO and retiring. I think he did all that for Suho and to try and form a bond with him. It was nice of the father to look in Suho’s musical room as well. I am sure that he noticed that there was not a photo of him in the room.

The timeline is a bit strange because I assume Suho and Seo-joon were in the hospital for at least a couple weeks. Though it felt more like three days? Once again, something I am not that concerned with since this show is not reliant on a set date of things to happen and doesn’t hold on that strongly to reality.

One thing I was really hopeful for was Ju-kyung to step away from the dark path and come back to the friendship path with Ju-kyung. I thought it might happen when she stopped that bully from taking photos of Ju-kyung. But it looks like witnessing that kiss in the hospital sent her back to those dastardly lands of the second lead female forest never to be found again.



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