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Recap: True Beauty Episode 10

Recap: True Beauty Episode 10

Today we find out exactly where that break up “dream?” sequence went in the last episode. Did they push it to today’s episode? Spoiler Alert, yes they did.

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How We Do This: This recap is in one part. We watch and recap at the same time which means their will be typos though I try and clean it up as best and quick as possible. We will post the preview on a separate post!



The father sneaks out of the back room and puts the alcohol back away. He tries to sneak out but has to turn around and hide under the table. Suho and Ju-kyung decide to watch a scary movie. Ju-kyung teases him because he reads scary comics but doesn’t watch scary movies.

The father thinks, oh no, he is on a date, I shouldn’t be here.

They start to eat and watch the scary movie. A scary scene happens so Suho jumps and grabs Ju-kyung’s hand. The father thinks, haha, suho is a man.

Ju-kyung tells him that there are no ghosts in these kids of scenes. Then a ghost shows up so he practically hops on her laps and tells her, you said no ghosts!

But they are so close now. Their hearts beat. he leans in for a kiss. She closes her eyes and leans back. The father peeks out and sees Ju-kyung. He reaches over and grabs Suho.

They both jump and hop back. The father is about to strangle Suho but Ju-kyung clocks him on the head with a pot so he passes out.

Cut to them both walking home. The father hits her on the shouldn’t and asks how dare she go to a single man’s house? I told you I am the only one you can trust! She says she is so embarrassed, how can I see him again!

He tells her not to tell her mother that he was in Suho’s house. She tells him not to tell her that they are dating. They pinky promise and joke that they are just alike. Then walk home arm in arm.

They sneak into the house when they get home and quietly open the door. They think she is sleeping, but she is actually standing right at the door. Her arms are crossed. She asks him if he caught Columbus Park? He shakes his head. She yells, THEN HOW DARE YOU COME HOME! and starts to chase him around the house.

Ju-kyung goes to her room and talks to Suho who calls to ask if ajusshi gave her a hard time? She said no. They both joke a bit and then say goodnight. But neither one is hanging up. He asks why she isn’t hanging up. She says he can hang up. He says he misses her so he doesn’t want to hang up. They think they will spend all  night like this and curl up happily in bed.


The next day at school, Suho is about to wave to Ju-kyung but doesn’t since she doesn’t want to get caught. Ju-kyung thinks that she should hurry up and tell all the kids so he can be open about dating her.

She goes to her teacher and gives him her paperwork on what she wants to do in life which is makeup school. She is about to leave when the other teacher accuses her teacher of having a girlfriend. He has to shove bread in her mouth to make her not say the name in front of Ju-kyung.

Later on, JU-kyung sits outside with Soo-jin. They are sitting on a bench. Ju-kyung says that she has something she wants to tell her before she tells the other kids. She is about to tell Soo-jin but then Soo-jin says that she has something to tell her as well.

You said that you couldn’t take off your mask in front of kids, well I have a similar situation. My father hits me. I try to be okay about it. I thought I hid it well, but Suho knows about it. I don’t want to pretend anymore because Suho broke my mask about pretending. I don’t want to pretend anymore. I like Suho. You are my best friend, that is why I am telling you. Why are you so surprised? Lets go.

She puts out her hand for them to walk off together.

While walking up the ailse Ju-kyung says, Soo-jin, actually, I am dating Suho. I think I have to tell you that. Soo-jin asks, what? You are dating Suho! Am I the only one that doesn’t know! You are having some with him? Ju-kyung asks her to understand her. Soo-jin throws her drink in her face and says that they are not friends anymore.

The bullies show up and says, you are dating Suho? Then pull her to the rooftop.

In the classroom, Soo-jin is crying and all the kdis are comforting her. She says it is her fault that she did not confess first. Suho comes in with melo music playing. He asks, what are you saying that you like me? She says that she couldn’t tell him then, you are with Ju-kyung now. He looks at Ju-kyung and tells her, lets break up! Then walks off with Soo-jin.

Jukyung yells NOOOOOOOOO!

But she was dreaming. She actually yells in the classroom in the middle of a class. All the kids look at her. The teacher says, okay, if Ju-kyung is so against it then we don’t have to do it.


Afterwards, Suho walks with Ju-kyung. They are on their way to study together. But then Soo-jin joins them and says they can go study. Ju-kyung tells them that she is actually not feeling well and walks off coughing. He looks at her and wonders if she is okay.

At home, Ju-kyung asks her online friends what she should do about dating a person that her best friend likes. They all tell her that she might lose both of them. But someone says love is love and friend ship is friendship, that is separate.

She gets another text from Suho calling her out to the comic store and says that Go-woon is not there.

She goes to the comic store where Suho bought a lot of different medicine and things for a cold. He says he does not know how cold she is so eat juk first. She tells him she is really thankful for it. He says she has a part time job and is working hard so he wants to take care of her. She asks why he is so nice. You have a handsome face and are so smart. You used to be mean which was okay since you are so handsome but now you are so nice! You will not like you!

The boss comes in ad asks, WHO! Then he sees Suho and is like, yep. Then backs out of the room.

Ju-kyung says that good looking men are worth their face value so women will have a hard time. She starts to eat the food. He smiles and tells her to blow on it and eat it slowly.


Outside, her sister tracks down the teacher and asks if he is still mad at her. They have a conversation about how she shouldn’t have burst into that room. She asks what she can tell her boyfriend. Should she cry?

He holds her hands and tells her that they can share their difficulties together. She happily tells him that she really wants to kiss him now. But he is in front of the school so he says she would be crazy to do that. She holds his hands and says she will tell him everything from now on.


Ju-kyung works in her room. Her brother comes in and asks if she has another comic to return? She says no. So he grumbles and whines about that. She asks why he wants to go to the comic shop now? He tells her no he doesn’t want to go to the comic shop at all! He storms out.

Soo-jin calls Ju-kyung just then.

But we cut to the comic store where her brother showed up to “rent a comic”. He picks up a comic that is actually a sexy comic and gives it to Go-woon. She tells him he has to wait 3 years to rent this comic. He tells her that he picked the wrong one! Even though I am handsome, I am actually innocent.

She does not care. He says he is perfect, you should not refuse a handsome guy like me. She says she hates him. He asks why, why do you hate me! Tell me why! She starts reciting all the reasons she hates him and gets to 7 before he tells her to stop.

Seo-joon comes in right then so he thinks Seo-joon is her boyfriend. That must be why she is refusing me! He laughs like the Joker all the way out the comic store.


Ju-kyung goes to meet Soo-jin. Soo-jin is standing outside. Ju-kyung hears a lot of other girls walking by and saying that she is pretty. Ju-kyung thinks that she is pretty. 

Ju-kyung goes up to Soo-jin and they both go into a clothing store. Soo-jin says that she is buying a hat. Ju-kyung thinks it is for her but Soo-ji says it is for Suho. Soo-jin then explains what happened at the dinner with their families and how Suho pulled her out. She wonders if he will like it and if she should confess to him?

Ju-kyung asks, what?

Soo-jin wonders if he will be surprised? He won’t dump me right away will he? We have known each other for 10 years. You will support me right?

Suho calls Ju-kyung right at that moment. Ju-kyung texts that she is helping her appa right then and can’t pick up the phone. He thinks that she will think that good looking men give her a hard time.

So he starts to write in a forum and says that his girlfriend’s father saw them about to kiss. The forum people respond that he should never even touch his girlfriends hand! He will kill you!

Suho imagines Ju-kyung’s father saying I WILL KILL YOU with fire shooting out of his eyes.

Meanwhile, Soo-jin and Ju-kyung walk away. She shows Ju-kyung a scrunchy that she bought for Ju-kyung. She bought a similar one for herself as well and thanks her for being her friend. Ju-kyung nods and walks away. Soo-jin’s face turns super evil and blank when she looks at her leaving.


Ju-kyung is pretty sad but gets a surprise when she sees Seo-joon working at the coffee shop. She says that the boss asked him to help out. She says that is cool and starts to tie her hair up. He is mesmerized by her tying her hair up and tells her that she shouldn’t do that in front of friend! She is confused and says that she has to tie her hair up to work. He tells her, oh, ah, okay.

They get to work. She is actually pretty good working now. Seo-joon says he can help her do some things but she says that she can do it. He watches her working hard helping customers and cleaning the floor. he finally stops her from cleaning a spotless window and asks what she is thinking cleaning a clean window. Did you have an argument with Suho?

She says no. He teases her that she did. You should just break up! Break up!

She starts to cry. He asks if they really broke up. She stops crying immediately and shows him a perfectly fine face and says, I told you that’s not it. Now get back to work. She walks off happily.


Meanwhile, Suho went to Ju-kyung’s house to see if she is there. The father is putting something outside. He has a gift for the father and says that it is for him. He hands it over. it looks like it is a huge bottle of whisky or bourbon or something like that. The father was upset at Suho, but smiles.


Seo-joon and Ju-kyung ride the bus home. She asks him if he ever liked the same girl as his best friend. he asks, what? Did Suho do that? What happened? She asks why he is so animated about it? Did it happen to you? Do you like someone?

he tells her nooo, not like that. Two women like me at the same time. I am so popular you know. Ju-kyung grumbles that he is bragging right now. He asks why she is asking him that. She says, this is my friends story. My friends friends friends has a boyfriend and my friends friends friends boyfriend likes my friends friends and my friends friend is having a hard time telling her friends friends that she likes the friends friends friends boyfriend.

He asks what she is talking about.

She tells him, in easy terms. Me and Suho are dating. But you and Suho are friends and you also like Lee Suho.

He asks if she is joking.

She says this example is a bit strange.

He says, okay, so you and Suho are dating and Soo-jin likes Lee Suho. But she does not know that you two are dating. Like that right?

She says yes.

He asks which she will choose love or friendship? Is it like that?

Ju-kyung says she doesn’t know it is just that her friends friends is having a problem. He tells her to choose friendship. Love does not last forever. Make your friendship strong.

She asks how they can break up and love each other.

he thinks being in a relationship is more problematic. Just be in a relationship with a guy with a messy female relationship.

She says its not like that

He says not to worry, Suho won’t make you worry.

She tells him, it is not about me!

He says whatever.

The two of them walk back home together. He gets a message from his sister to buy ramen when he comes back. Ju-kyung notices that Seo-joon’s shoes are untied. She tells him to tie it before he trips and busts his face. he says he is doing it to be cool. She tells him not to be such a baby and ties it for him.

He is definitely happy to get his shoelaces tied by her. She tells him it is all done and walks off. he tells her, hey, it is loose again! tie it again! She tells him to do it himself. He says he wants her to do it and runs up to catch up. She says no.


They both go to the comic store to get his sister but she isn’t there. They think she went home already (though he knows that his sister went home already because she texted him to buy ramen and bring it home). Then Ju-kyung’s mother showed up and starts to happily chat with Seo-joon. She asks if he and Ju-kyung are good friends now?

he says yes, he takes care of her outside of school. She asks if he ate? Why don’t we eat together. You can take some food for your mother also! Ju-kyung says he should just go home! But he puts his arm around Ju-kyungs mom and says no, lets go to your house for mandu!

Ju-kyung runs after then all upset.

Seo-joon goes into their house happily but then sees Suho folding mandu. They stare at each other. The mother is happy that all Ju-kyung’s friends are in the house. Ju-kyung asks, why are you here? the father says he met Suho outside the house.

Suho asks why they are together. Ju-kyung says they have a part-time job but Seo-joon covers her mouth and says not to tell people, it is a secret! Then Seo-joon asks why Suho is checking on Ju-kyung even though they are dating…

Ju-kyung immediately shushes him and says that her family doesn’t know that they are dating! But her brother heard it secretly.

The mother and father come back in with the mandu ingredients. Ju-kung is all like, you haven’t even started yet! Her mother tells her fresh is best. The little brother is staring daggers at Seo-joon because he thinks Seo-joon is his crushes boyfriend so he calls him his love enemy and looks like he would love to punch him.


They all start to make mandu together. Seo-joon jokes that he has to make mandu well to have a pretty daughter later. His mother taught him. They think he makes it really good and the mother says that his mother taught him well and he should be popular. Suho’s aren’t so great. But they think he is handsome and has strong arms.

The little brother asks Seo-joon why he is hanging out with his sister and leaving his girlfriend alone. Seo-joon says he doesn’t have a girlfriend. The brother mutters that he is a bad guy. He grabs the water and “accidentally” pours it on Seo-joon. 

Ju-kyung asks, what the F is wrong with him? They tell him to be careful. The mother is happy that Ju-kyung has these handsome friends. You can pick one of them when you go to college. She says eh isnt’ picking any. 

The father says he gives one vote to Suho and winks at him. Suho smiles. The brother also has one vote for Suho and sends him heart fingers.

The mother says she likes Seo-joon. She already picked him as Ju-kyung’s future boyfriend. Suho tells her that if she needs Lee Joo-hun concert tickets, just tell me (his father, lol). She asks, whaaaaaaa, really?

Seo-joon whispers, you don’t even talk to your father.

The mother wonders who she should pick. This is so hard. 

Ju-kyung asks why seh is making a choice, just make mandu. The mother tells her this is fun. I know, I will give my vote to whoever makes the best mandu!

Suho and Seo-joon stare at each other and then starts to mandu battle.

The mandu montage battle goes on and on. The family watches them.

They finally finish their mandu battle with a huge stack of mandu in front of them. Then they make even more ridiculous mandu creations. Suho makes a huge dragon and Seo-joon makes a huge crane.

The parents are amazed, it is dragon versus tiger. No, it is dragon vs crane!

The father touches Suho’s dragon which makes a mandu fall so the mother says that Seo-joon won! Athletic winning music plays.


Ju-kyung goes to her room wondering what was the big deal about the mandu? Suho knocks on her door and asks to come in as well. So he comes in and looks around. She tells him they can leave now. He asks what she is doing with Seo-joon.

JK – He introduced me to my part time job and worked for one day. My parents don’t know.

SH – Why didn’t you tell me you were at work. Why did you like to me?

JK – Oh…

SH – *pats her head* don’t do it next time okay?

JK – Okay, sorry.

he smiles and says that usually when the boyfriend comes yp are supposed to show an album or something. She says she will never show her albums.

he tells her that eh sees it over here. The camera scrolls to her childhood pictures. She says it is not her. He says it is. This is you in kindergarten. He looks at her photo and looks surprised. She asks, are you so surprised because I was so ugly.

SH – You…no, nothing. Can I have one of them

JK – Why are you taking it!

SH – Let me hae it!

JK – Give it to me!

They have a back and forth of saying that with him holding up the picture and backing away. Then he falls on the bed and she falls on top of him.

But then her father knocks and comes in and sees them in this position. They both quickly hop up. He hits her and asks, how dare you! Your parents are here! She says they just fell. He says that he knows they fell, Suho, you remember what I told you!

Suho says to play nicely and innocently. The father tells him to remember that!

He pulls Ju-kyung back downstairs. Seo-joon comes up looking for the table. Suho says its up there so Seo-joon asks if this is his house and starts to grab is. Suho helps him.

Seo-joon asks why they are fighting already when they first started dating. Seuho says they did not fight and also don’t matter inour business. SJ tells him to take are of her better so that she won’t have to talk to him about her worries.

SH grabs him by the jacket and says something heated to him. They end up having an argument and sliding down the steps on the table. It lands on the ground floor with them fighting. The entire family looks at them.

Cut to the mother giving them their mandu outside with Ju-kyung by her side. She tells them not to fight, just talk about what the problem is. Ju-kyung pushes her back inside and says that was so embarrassing.

Cut back to the mother making both boys cut each others toenails and tell each other I love you.

Outside, they both kick their feet angrily and run off.



The sister talks to the teacher on the phone. But the other teacher catches him and looks like a horror story ghost when he approaches him and yells, You have no girlfriend? Then she storms off.

The sister hears some people talking about a new song and recognizes it. It looks like they took this song and want to use it for another boy group. The sister is upset about it and asks if they got permission from Leo?


At the comic store, Suho remembers that Ju-kyung was that kid from the comic shop when he was a kid. He actually waited for her to show up but pretended like he wasn’t waiting for her. She wanted to read the book he had so she looks over his shoulder to read it. They accidentally rip the page so she tells him that is a secret and attaches it back.

In the present, Suho looks at Ju-kyungs photo and thinks, so she was Im Ju-kyung back then. He remembers the moments they spent in the comic store and all the moments they shared together. It is a montage of basically ever moment.

He takes out a marker and writes something on the wall. We don’t know what yet.


the next day at school, all the kids ask Ju-kyung how long she has been dating! But they think that seh is dating Han Seo Joon. They posted photos all over the room of their model shoot and the comic thugs even made t-shirts about it.

Hoon pulls Suho to the side and tells him that Ju-kyung is dating someone! He shows him the model photos and they both go to the classroom.

The kids are all in chaos in the classroom with Ju-kyung and Seo-joon at the front. They all have balloons and posters and photos and streamers all around. Ju-kyung tries to tell them that they are not dating. Seo-joon says he will kill them all if they keep talking about it.

Suho looks really upset in his stoic way.

The three friends go outside and sit on a bench to talk. Ju-kyung wonders why she always has these rumors with Seo-joon. They are just friends.

Sj – Well, friends can be couples.

SA – Hey, Soo-jin, why don’t you date Suho? You two can go from friends to dating. Ah, it could be good!

SJ – Should I?

SA – Are you sure? I will investigate. Do you have time after work? The three of us should get together.

KSJ – No, I have an appointment with Suho today

JK – What, you two?

KSJ – I will tell you later

SA – Are you really doing something

Suho texts Ju-kyung and says they will see her at the rooftop.


Ju-kyung goes up there to the rooftop.

SH – Don’t you have something to tell me?

Jk – What?

SH – What is with that picture?

JK – You sound angry

SH – I am angry

JK – it was a coincidence

SH – You said the cafe was a coincidence, Seo-joon was a replacement and now this is a coincident. Why do you hide so much from me.

JK – I was about to tell you but you hung up on me. DO you tell me everything!

SH – I don’t want you to be involved with Seo-joon and I don’t like these kind of rumors.

JK – We are just friends!

SH – There are no friends between men and women

JK – What about you, Soo-jin is your long term friend

SH – Why are you talking about her now?

Ju-kyung doesn’t say anything else and walks away.



Meanwhile, the brother is still bothering Go-woon. She is carrying something so he says that she should not carry heavy things in front of him. he takes it all, she tells him it is heavy. he thinks he can do it. So he takes it and it looks super heavy. He also passes gas while holding it so he is super embarrassed. She tells him its okay, if you hold it then you will get sick. She smiles at him and takes the heavy things back. Though she carries it like a feather.


Ju-kyung is pretty depressed in class. She leaves quietly when class is over. Both guys look at her.

Seo-joon follows but is stopped by Ju-kyung’s little brother. The brother tells him something about Go-woon and then runs away.

Seo-joon gets a call from Ju-kyung’s sister who asks if he ever saw someone from their company? He says no, never and hangs up.

So she goes to a production person and talks to him about the song that they are reusing. She says it is plagiarized. he thinks it is not copyright protected. No one will believe that is Leo’s song. If you want to keep your job then keep quiet. he walks off.

She calls a reporter and asks questions about Sae-hyun’s death.


At home, Ju-kyung thinks about what Soo-jin said about seeing Suho. She is thinking about it so much that she uses her face wash as her toothpaste.

Cut to Suho, Soo-jin comes into his house even though he does not know why she is there. She says that her mother wanted her to give him a lot of side dishes. he says he is okay, he doesn’t eat a lot. She tells him to throw it away if he doesn’t want it. 

he tells her to go home but she says that he should give her some water at least. She takes a photo of a painting on the wall and says, ah, you still have that painting. His phone is on the bed and starts to ring. She sees that it is Suho’s girlfriend so she picks up.

Ju-kyung hangs up. Suho gives her a water and tells her to drink and leave. She says she is not leaving and gives him a present. He asks why she is giving him this present. She says they are friends so she is giving him a present.

he opens the hat and says that they never gave each other presents for being thankful. She says she didn’t come for this. I think about you recently. He says he doesn’t like this gift, you wear it. Also, I have a girlfriend.

She asks, so what? People will think I am confessing to you. Who is your girlfriend? He says he will tell her later, its late, you should go home.

Meanwhile, the sister finds out that Lee Joo-hyun has a secret girlfriend.

Cut back to Ju-kyung who sees the latest photo that Soo-jin uploaded. it is of the picture on Suho’s wall. Then Suho calls her. She answers.

SH – Its me. Did you sleep?

JK – no. What did you do?

SH – I was at home….at school

JK – I am tired. talk to you tomorrow, bye.

She hangs up and curls up in bed. He looks at her photo on his phone and says goodnight.


Ju-kyung and Seo-joon work at the coffee place together. She is not in the mood to play around but he keeps playing around with her. But he keeps playing around with her. She chuckles.

That is right when Suho comes in. She turns around and sees him and asks why he is there? He asks why shouldn’t he be there and asks Seo-joon why he is there again? 

SJ says sarcastically that JK’s boyfriend is scary. SH asks to talk to Ju-kyung. She says seh is working. SJ tells him he is obsessed. SH tells him this is between them, so go away.

JK- I will call you when I am done

SH – Do I bother you

SK – No

SH – Okay I will wait outside, call me when you are done.

He leaves Seo-joon tells her that she can leave. He says there are not that many customers today. You can go fight or whatever, don’t make me uncomfortable. She apologizes and leaves.

The bad guy bullies come in right then and see Ju-kyung leaving. They go up to Seo-joon and say hi. He asks, so are you that guys girlfriend? She tells him that they broke up, she is here to give this chain back to him.

He says he thought he lost it and asks why she has it. She says she found it for him. But, isn’t that Im Ju-kyung that just left? He asks, what? She says she is just asking. Does she work with you? He ignores them and takes their order.


Outside, Suho tells Ju-kyung that they should tell everyone that they are dating, he does not want to hide it anymore. He asks if she doesn’t like it? You don’t want to have a rumor with me but its okay to have a rumor with SJ? Why don’t you stop your part time job? She asks why should I? He says he does not like it with them being together and looking at each other.

SH – You know we have a bad relationship so why are you hanging out with him all the time

JK – Can’t I meet my friends at my part time job even if you hate them? Can you not do things I say I hate? You will throw away your friends or anything?

SH – What if I say yes?

JK – That is easy for you. I will have a hard time. If I say that I don’t want to reveal we aren’t dating and I don’t want to quit my part time job, does that mean you don’t want to date anymore?

SH – What are you saying?

She walks away. he calls after her but she keeps walking.

he goes home upset.

She walks home upset. 

He broods at home upset.

She gets home upset.

He lays back in bed upset.

She cries in her room.

He closes his eyes.


Suho waits at the bus stop and hears this song that he wrote with Sae-hyun and Seo-joon. He looks at the TV outside and runs off.

He calls someone and gets in a taxi.

At work, the sister is really upset about the song.

Seo-joon is modeling and hears the song playing over the radio. He yells WHAT IS GOING ON? Then takes off running.

The sister stomps to the CEOs office and interrupts him in a meeting to ask if he really has to do this? Do you not want people to talk about Sae-hyun again? But you also took his song? The CEO asks what is going on. The executive person says it is nothing. Then he whispers to the sister that he doesn’t know these things.

Hee-kyung tells Joo-hun that to cover one picture with a young actress, you revealed Sae-hyun’s bully problem. You should not have done that if you have the smallest conscious. The CEO asks, how dare you say that.

She keeps yelling that Sae-hyun was just 18. You ahve a son too. If you are a little sorry then you should solve this. That would be better than me whistleblowing. He asks if she is threatening him. She tells him whatever and storms out.

But she runs right into Suho. The CEO stands and says, Suho? So now it looks like Suho heard everything about the secret person dating and all that. He runs out.

Seo-joon runs to the building. Suho runs away. Seo-joon stops him and asks if he heard it. Suho pushes him away and starts to cross the street. Seo-joon stops him from crossing which makes them both get hit by a car.

Seo-joon falls on the ground but looks alright.

Suho somehow gets hit really high into the air in a back bend. He closes his eye and a tear falls.

Fade Out


Soo-jin, nooooooo, why do you have to become evil! Ugh. I was hoping that they would subvert that trope but it looks like they are holding hands with it and frolicing into the street.

Speaking of running into the street. Did anyone else think that if Seo-joon just let Suho cross the street that neither one of them would have been hit by that car? It really looked like Seo-joon pulled Suho back which is why they got hit by the car. But Suho appears to have taken the full force of it. Also, though I feel for Suho, the way Suho was propelled into the air was hilarious to me. I had to laugh at this Matrix like back bend.

Spoilers, this was in the webcomic so it looks like Suho is going to go to the hospital and, if they follow the webcomic, Suho and Seo-joon will become friends again while Suho is in the hospital.



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