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Recap: Sisyphus (Episode 4)

My lord, Sisyphus defies comparison. I don’t think I have laughed this much while watching a serious drama. At least I haven’t for a long time. I didn’t even laugh this much for Mr. Queen, and that show was hilarious. For that, I thank Sisyphus. Alright, let me try and pull it together so that I can actually recap this drama and try and make some sense out of what I watched.

Warning: lots of sarcasm ahead.



We open with Seo-hae browsing around the future with her breathing mask on. She sees a photo of BTS and thinks she hit the jackpot in this store. So she takes off her mask as if everything is fine now, and starts walking around Seoul.

Seoul has plants everywhere even though they made it seem like nothing can grow in the future. She sees a car that has a melted man inside it. This the only place with a melted person, otherwise there are no people around whatsoever. So sucks to be that guy who didn’t get the memo to leave the city.

She takes his wallet, makes it rain with the cash, and keeps the coins. 

After that, she pulls out a tourist map and starts to mark things around the city. She tries to work a toy machine that should run on electricity so of course it doesn’t work. She shoots out the window and takes the toys then she tells her father on a walkie talkie that she is about to meet up with him. 

But then a hummer shows up with two soldiers. She hides from them and luckily escapes. The soldiers leave a post that says “UPLOADER: If you can take your time back, what would you do?”


We cut back to the warehouse that the uploader downloaded to. Tae-sool can’t believe it and throws up. A lot of things happen, but what is important is that Tae-sool rescues the uploader so that the Asia Market people won’t sedate him and take him with them. They run off when the Immigration people show up.

I just have to mention that the shot gun kid points his shotgun everywhere but at the person it should be at.

The immigration people give chase to Tae-sool, Seo-hae, and the downloader. 

Seo-hae fights them off because they don’t use their guns for some reason. Meanwhile, Tae-sool tries to start a car using his cell phone. He MacGyvers it by making an app.

He succeeds and tells Seo-hae, lets go! But Seo-hae is still fighting the men. The men hit her in her backpack, which somehow causes tremendous pain for Seo-hae so she yells to Tae-sool to RUN RUN GO GO! He takes off and starts driving. The immigration people mask Seo-hae and take her away in their car.

She wakes up (or maybe was never passed out?) in the car and is, for some reason, handcuffed with a scarf. The immigration guy pulls out his gun and threatens her with it but Tae-sool T-bones their van with his hijacked car. The scarf handcuffs fly off Seo-hae and Tae-sool opens the door in slow motion.

Seo-hae and Tae-sool decide to argue about the situation and then they go off hand in the destroyed car that just rammed into the van.

We cut to another scene where we see the uploader in the present. He is a cop. We also see Seo-hae’s father who is also a cop. They work together and go to a case where a naked man was seen.

The young cop finds the naked man who is missing an arm. He handcuffs him to a post. But the naked man’s arm grows back so he strangles the cop with it. The cop is about to be strangled to death, but the immigration officers show up and save the day. They take them both away.

Cut to another scene with Eddie Kim, the immigration officer, and the Board of Directors president. Eddie said he got a text from Tae-sool with his location. The immigration guy asks if he really talked to him? really? Check your messages. So Eddie checks his messages and all his messages are gone. There are none. Literally. Not from his mama or girlfriend or anyone. But he goes along with it.

The immigration officer walks off, problem solved. 

Meanwhile, Tae-sool, Seo-hae, and the downloaded guy go to the downloaded guys house. All this guy wants to do is feed his mother ramen. He was really strict with her and didn’t let her eat what she wanted because she had diabetes. So now he wants her to eat what she wants. That is his regret. If they let him feed his mother ramen then he will give Tae-sool the address to where his brother is.

So the man feeds his mom ramen and it looks like she dies right afterwards? Tae-sool and Seo-hae are sitting in the living room waiting for him to come back out. The guy comes back out and gives him the address, but he tells him not to go to the second floor or the library. He also tells Seo-hae not to go outside the car because you have a sniper. He apologizes for what he did and says he worked for immigration services and gave her a hard time.

The address is to the Board of Director’s house

Outside, the immigration services have shown up. But we all know they are completely inept. They use a bomb to break the lock on the weakest door ever and come inside. Seo-hae rolls her mist bomb so the guys just start shooting everywhere. Literally everywhere. They are shooting each other! But none of them dies or even gets shot.

She appears as a ghost and knows where they are in the mist. She starts to take them out one by one. Even though these guys have lots of high tech items, they use a good old fashioned 1980s fan to blow all the smoke away.

But Tae-sool has MacGyvered a cola bomb, which would be fine, but this is the house of a diabetic whose son would not even let her eat ramen. Anywho, they have coke bottles. He makes a flying coke bottle and lets it fly to hit the men. His aim is perfect. The coke bottle knock out the men who are in full protective gear. It is ridiculous and fabulous.

The last man keeps shooting at Tae-sool and Seo-hae, but the refrigerator is bullet proof so they are fine. He lets the last coke fly which hits the man in the head and knocks him out. The download guy comes out from his mothers room, super shot up and gives them the keys to his car. He asks for forgiveness no matter what he dies. He dies. They jump through the window and run away.

The fifty other men outside are still waiting outside. They have the road blocked, but Tae-sool and Seo-hae are able to easily drive away because their road isn’t blocked. los, the look out people are looking the other way and don’t even notice them driving a bright red car by them.

But from the CCTV, the headquarters team is able to spot Seo-hae and Tae-wool running away. They identify Seo-hae as a person from the future and send three drones after them.

What follows is the most gloriously ridiculous drone chase scene in the history of cinema. You just have to watch it. The drone headquarters guys have joysticks and serious expressions and fly the drone all around. The little drones have guns on them and shoot at the car through the neighborhood. Forget not wanting the people to know you have guns.

The drone flying through windows, through houses, even though they can just fly a bit higher in the air to find the car from a birds eye view. Lots of bullets are shot. I mean lots.

But, the drones are not much smarter than the immigration officers. One of them runs itself into a pole. The other hits the car door and breaks easily (even though it could literally break through house windows. And finally, the last drone is face to face with our duo, but does not shoot because it is very important for Seo-hae to tell the drone “Get Lost” and pull out her gun to shoot it.

The immigration people call the cops to barricade a bridge.

But the cops barricade the wrong side of the bridge so Tae-sool and Seo-hae just drive on. The police are like, what’s going on here?

The bridge ends on the Han river. Tae-sool and Seo-hae have to get out of the car and try and escape. So Tae-sool calculates their weight and angle of jump and clothing and says that from this height, they will fall 60 meters inside the Han river. People of Earth, the Han river is only 15 meters deep at its deepest location.

Anywho, they jump off the bridge. From Tae-sool’s calculations, they must maintain holding hands so that they don’t drop that deep into the water and get swept away by the current. But, when they jump, Seo-hae gets shot in the arm so she lets go of Tae-sool. They fall, the way they fall is hilarious, and hit the water.

Seo-hae sinks deeply into the river. So deep, Like Mr. Queen lake deep. her diary falls out of her backpack and starts to sink as well.

We hear a voiceover of her diary entry which is a birthday entry she wrote to herself. She told herself, to go to the past and save Tae-sool’s life to stop the war. You can do it!

Seo-hae keeps sinking. When she opens her eyes, she see Tae-sool swimming like a hundred feet to come get her.


This show is the messiest mess of all messes to have ever messed, and it is hilarious to watch. I am so happy! How in the world can they make a show as hilarious as this show? I mean, the basics are all wrong on top of everything else!

Though I am having a fun time watching it because I am laughing so hard at how ridiculous it is. There are so many inconsistencies and just poor decision in this show that it makes me wonder if it is done on purpose? Everyone, I am looking forward to next week’s episode. I have never had so much fun laughing with a drama ever.

Everything wrong with this particular episode of Sisyphus compiled by a person on DC Inside (we added a few as well, feel free to add your own in the comments):

  1. She wanders around in the dangerous future with her bluetooth headphones and listening to music like this is a picnic. She also takes off her mask and walks around like the air is amazing to breath. Similarly, the air looks fine to breath.
  2. Plants are growing everywhere in this uninhabitable future.
  3. The military men can’t see her hiding
  4. The future man has a lot of ramen in his case when there is no food in the future????
  5. In the first episode, the immigration service storms into Sun’s house with guns and shoot everywhere, but this time they don’t use guns when they fight in the street because “people are watching”
  6. Han Tae-sool can’t stop explaining things even in life and death situations. “I will log in to the homepage and make an app to start this car…”
  7. The refrigerator is bullet proof
  8. Seo-hae’s backpack is magical and has everything they need inside it even though it looks empty all the time. However, despite all those things inside it, she can feel tremendous pain whenever it is hit.
  9. The electrical car Tae-sool steals starts with a VROOOM
  10. There are no other immigration cars following Seo-hae and the Immigration guy even though he is carrying Seo-hae who is supposedly this really important person. But they had tons of cars at that house. Where did all those cars and officers go?
  11. The car is totaled but no blood is shed from anyone
  12. Did the airbag even go off?
  13. Her handcuffs are a scarf that fell off
  14. Tae-sool and Seo-hae have dumb bickering conversations in serious moments where they need to hurry and leave. Like when they crashed into a government car and were held at gunpoint. “You left me!” “You told me to leave!” “That doesn’t mean you should!” “You also left!” “Okay, we are the same, forget it!”
  15. The car that Tae-sool stole is an expensive Kia K9, which turns into an old generation K7 when it is crashed, and then back into a K9 when they drive off. Also, the car is not as damaged as it was when they first crashed it.
  16. All the text messages are erased in Eddies phone. Every one of them. He only cares about Tae-sool’s messages.
  17. The policemen who checked the naked man case, only sent the partner to check, they are both supposed to go check together.
  18. The smoke bomb slowly rolls to them, everyone watches it instead of trying to throw it away.
  19. After the smoke bomb goes off, the men do not know where anyone is and shoot everywhere. They stop shooting then start firing again. Only after that, the boss tells them to stop because they want them alive. But then, after that, they shoot them up in the car with the drones.
  20. Also, why is so much coke in that diabetic woman’s house?
  21. They wasted so much time making a cola missile. It would be better to throw it. Also, he had to explain everything about how he is making it. Plus, the the police are in full protective gear, but get knocked out with the cola
  22. The immigration service people wait until the first team all die, then the next team goes in.
  23. Tae-sool drives in reverse and looks to the front
  24. Tae-sool shakes the steering wheel handle even though are in a straightaway
  25. A lot of people are watching yet they use a drone and shoot everywhere in the town. After they shoot everywhere in the neighborhood the boss yells, “Are you going to shoot up everywhere!” But the boss is the one that told them to shoot up everywhere.
  26. They block the opposite side of the bridge.
  27. Tae-sool calculates they will fall 60 meters into the water. The Han river is only 15 meters deep at its deepest location

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  1. Anonymous
    February 25, 2021 / 2:38 pm

    Lol this is hilarious. I noticed none of these inconsistencies so the drama was fine logically till you guys pointed it out. Man there was a lot! Why did it make it so shoddily?

    I think it’s possible that plants grow but nothing can be grown to eat. It’s like any Nuclear disaster area, everything is too radioactive. Though technically all gold, even processed food, has to come from something live, so how are they able to eat anything anyway, are they somehow processing the poison away?
    I spent all night thinking about what we learned to night cuz the implication is fascinating.

    It’s a time loop and hence Sisyphus because she makes a choice to come back to save him, they fall in love, she dies, he can’t live without her, so even though he knows how it ends, he goes ahead and makes his device to transport people? Even though one way for her to save the world is to just let Sigma (which could just be headed by him in the future ala Alice) kill him?

    • V
      February 25, 2021 / 3:52 pm

      Ah, the radioactivity could be a good reason why things grow but basically can’t be consumed. I wonder about what they actually eat. Also, how far in the future are they? I thought it was 50 or so years in the future, but the ramen guy from today’s episode makes it seem like its just 5 years? It can’t be that long since he looks identical to his past self.

      Love your theory on how this all shakes out! I wonder if it does happen that way where they get married after having saved the world, then she dies so he feels regret and makes the machine and it all starts over again?

  2. Anonymous
    February 25, 2021 / 2:41 pm

    Oops. So forgot to mention

    Since she knows that “she will not die today” this could explain away the crappy fight scenes. She can of course slide down the window of a building and defy gravity logic since she knows Time won’t let her die so easily. No. She will survive till her death date (which is her bday years later?)

    • V
      February 25, 2021 / 3:54 pm

      That sliding down the window scene was just so hilarious to me. I loved it in its lunacy. If that is the reason she can do all these crazy things then I am absolutely all for it!

    • Anonymous
      February 26, 2021 / 6:13 am

      Unfortunately I don’t think that your theory about the crappy action scenes can work. If your theory was true then people will not die during the download process since originally they suppose to be alive in the future. It’s sad but I think that it’s just bad writing from the producing team

      • Smurfette
        February 27, 2021 / 9:21 am

        Eh? I don’t get the logic there. Why can’t they die. They can die. But time repeats all over again and their old self grows up in the future and while attempting to time jump dies again in the future. Hence the loop.

        I meant that she knows that she’s not dying this early in the game because her notebook already told her she’s dying sometime in the future while attempting to save him. And it can’t be so early in the process. Since history repeats she must know around when she will die. She can’t change the future.

        • V
          February 27, 2021 / 11:24 am

          Yep, it’s a loop. It goes with the title of Sisyphus of the man continuously pushing the ball up a hill. So it seems to save the world, they might have to not follow what happens in the loop similar to how the Matrix 3 played out, perhaps?

          I heard one theory of the people in the future possibly being able to copy themselves and sending the copy to the past to try and change things. Then if that doesn’t work then they can send another copy.

  3. WPB
    February 26, 2021 / 11:17 pm

    I wish it was the immigration office boss who swam towards SH. That would have made this a truly hilarious show.

    I think I finally realize this show is supposed to be funny like MIB. I preder the more serious productions like those on tvN and OCN.

    • V
      February 27, 2021 / 11:25 am

      This is so hilarious! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. Fangirl Sy
    February 28, 2021 / 12:29 pm

    Am I the only one who shouted hyungnimm when she was floatig/drowning in the river? Ahh I wanted this show to be epic but what we’re getting is half hearted and somehow so needlessly complicated! Still sticking with it though because im a completeist like that. 🙈

    • V
      February 28, 2021 / 3:31 pm

      This show makes me deliriously happy in its inconsistencies, I can’t even explain why 😂

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