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Recap: Sisyphus (Episode 2)

RECAP: Sisyphus (Episode 2)

Okay, there are some things that are going wrong on a basic level with this show. I will talk more about it in the comments, though there is one very huge issue that happened in one scene that, well, kind of made this drama even more fun to watch in its ridiculousness.


We open in the empty grass field. Tae-sool opens the case and sees several items including his brother’s camera and a very old 2G phone. There are also school year books, papers, and some other tools. There is a key as well.

He charges the phone and someone calls him right away. This person is CEO Park. Though CEO Park discovers pretty quickly that Tae-sool isn’t his brother. CEO Park asks about the key and tells Tae-sool that he wants it.

Tae-sool gets home and finds out there was a burglar inside his home, the burglar left a note on the wall to tell him not to look for his brother, otherwise he will die. Of course, this makes him want to find things out more, so he tries to find out where this key might fit inside his house. It doesn’t fit anywhere.

In the meantime, he develops the film that is in his brothers old film camera. But the strange thing is some of the film that is developed is from the future (ie things that have not happened yet in Tae-sool’s life). One photo is from his wedding day. He is married to Kang Seo-hae. 

We see her memory of that day and discover that she was shot during the wedding. She wakes up in a bedroom of Choi Jae-sun, the young man that works in a Chinese restaurant. Choi Jae-sun fed her last night in the restaurant and kept her around because she knew the winning lottery numbers. (That happened in the last episode).

After waking up, she goes to the octapang rooftop (terrace area) and enjoys the clean air and fresh vegetables which they do not have in the future.

Sun comes to the rooftop and says he wants her to give him the next lotto numbers. She starts to glitch which makes him know that she ain’t from around here, yo. She says she will give him the numbers if he helps her get to Busan.

Then comes a scene where she changes into his clothing, but HIS PANTS FIT HER PERFECTLY. Honestly, his six foot pants fit her five foot six frame perfectly down to the waist, leg length, and everything. (How much do these pants cost and where can I get pair?)

The immigration services shows up right then, so she has to fight them off (which is actually pretty cool) and her and Sun jump rooftop to rooftop to get away. She might have super powers because she is pretty strong, so perhaps the radiation of time travel did something to her body.

Meanwhile, Tae-sool finds from his brothers DNA from his memorial ashes that the person’s ashes inside the urn are not actually his brother’s.

He also remembers what the key is for. It unlocks something in his old dilapidated first lab that his brother made for him. However, when he gets to the lab, he does not find the thing he is looking for. Inside the lab, he sees newspaper articles from the future, and he also sees a vision of his brother in the room who tells him to pick up his phone.

The person on the phone tells him that he has the safe so bring him the key. he also tells him to look outside. The immigration team are outside. They are coming to grab him because they want to know where Seo-hae is. After Tae-sool blows up his lab with some MacGyver stuff, the immigration people still manage to catch him and take him away. They take him to a special futuristic looking science building where they interrogate him about Seo-hae.

He wakes up in his house again and decides to go to Busan to attend a conference.

Seo-hae is also going to Busan. At the train station, Sun buys her a ticket and she secretly gives him the rest of the lotto numbers. She hides these numbers in his jacket and leaves without telling him.

Her ticket is for the slow train to Busan.  

Meanwhile, Tae-sool stands inside the train station holding a photo that his brother took. He wonders how his brother took this future photo and what that means.

Tae-sool gets the fast ticket to Busand which leaves at the same time as Soo-hae’s train. He and Seo-hae both walk on he platform to catch their trains and see each other on the platform. But a train passes by in the middle.

When it leaves, Tae-sool has already gotten onto his train.


Okay, I am willing to overlook a lot of things when it comes to time travel dramas, but the one thing I absolutely cannot overlook in any drama are Sun’s 6’1 pants magically fitting Seo-hae’s 5’6 body as if tailor made from scratch for her. Is this a superhero drama? Can she magically shrink clothing like this is Harry Potter? Because, y’all, I will go with it if she can.

She already has some kind of super human strength to fling Sun around the rooftop like she did, so I am okay with going with the clothing fitting her perfectly because: reasons. Just make it make sense. Though the hilarity of the situation does kind of make this drama more worth watching to see what else they might miss (if the pants thing was a production accident).

The pants and flinging Sun around the rooftop was the biggest glaring issue of this episode which might be explained later. The other issue are these bumbling immigration officers who don’t seem to be worth their paycheck in catching someone. But they already made them seem inept in the opening of the first episode, so they are at least keeping that consistent. I really like the idea of time travel immigration officers, so hopefully they can make it work and make them appear more competent than they are right now.

There are some other things that I had questions about, but this is a time travel drama, so there are bound to be tons of questions. I’m sure these questions will be resolved later or perhaps remain vague. Time travel is tricky, so I’m okay with things being vague or even not making sense because time travel does not make sense. Just make it make sense in the storyline and we’re good.

The storyline seems interesting, so I kind of want to watch episode 3 and 4 to see if this show finds is time travel-saving-the-world footing. It might end up being a huh?/wtf? watch like Vagabond was, which I am all for because Vagabond was amazing fun. Though, hilariously, Vagabond made perfect sense in the scope of that drama, it just had hilarious scenes to make it make sense.

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