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RECAP: Sisyphus (Episode 1)

RECAP: Sisyphus (Episode 1)

Sisyphus has dropped and it is…something? We will need to watch a few more episodes to see just how things work out and if this drama finds its footing. Time travel can be really tricky to do though it is fun to see people try! Sisyphus is JTBC’s ten year anniversary drama, so it is a big prospect. A lot of money went into this show, so expect a lot of special effects.


In the beginning, Kang Seo-hae, our heroine, gets approved for time travel to the past. It looks like the world might be ending or some kind of dystopian life is going on because she is dirty and tired and so is everyone around her. Her father is the one sending her to the past. He has a list of things she should not do and #1 on the list is that she should never contact Han Tae-sool. He just wants her to have a wonderful life and eat real fruits and vegetables. He does not go to the past with her.

She wakes up in the past, steals some clothes, and starts walking with a suitcase along a train track. She gets to a train yard which is when a lot of people in suits and glowing eyewear start to chase her. She somehow miraculously gets away despite being obviously right in front of them and relaxing on top of a train.

Then we cut to an airplane in the 21st century. We get introduced to Han Tae-sool who is like an Elon Musk level genius and millionaire. He is riding first class and has to actually save the airplane he is riding in from going down after it is hit by a mysterious rock. We later find out that the mysterious rock was actually two things that hit the plane. The first was a suitcase and the second was his brother. Yes his brother flew through the air somehow and crashed into the airplane. We find that out later; though I thought I would tell you know to maintain the intrigue of why that happened.

Tae-sool has to electrocute himself in order to get the electricity back online on the airplane which leads him to being in a coma for about a month. When he wakes up, he goes about his normal CEO life, though he sees the pilot of the airplane again outside his home. The pilot looks like a mess and gives him a usb.

Tae-sool looks through this usb and that is when we find out that his brother is the thing that hit the airplane along with a suitcase. Tae-sool and his brother had a falling out which they show in flashbacks throughout the episode. They once had a good relationship that turned sour for some reason. Part of that reason could be because his brother is an alcoholic and kept telling him about people with suitcases that are showing up.

So now Tae-sool is interested in this suitcase and where it landed in Seoul. He is able to triangulate a possible field it landed in and finds the suitcase. 

However, we learn from Kang Seo-hae’s point of view that Tae-sool should never ever open the suitcase. She tries to call him and leaves a message telling his office that he should never open the suitcase.

The episode ends with him figuring out his brother’s password, which is Tae-sool’s birthday, and opening the suitcase.


Okay, I am not sure if this show will be for me. The story is definitely intriguing, but the way it is laid out is frustrating. For instance, the first episode had a lot of things happening but nothing told you what was going on. There was also that train scene in the opening which was so annoying in how obvious it was to spot Kang Seo-hae, and yet 40 people with some kind of detectors, a drone, and perhaps night vision had no clue where she was when she was literally right in front of them. People, my eyes rolled all the way to Canada.

The story is intriguing though, and I like both lead actors, so I’m willing to give it a shot. 

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  1. Titil0la
    February 20, 2021 / 8:15 am

    I thought I was the only one, for professionals using high tech gadgets to find their target m, they must be really stupid not to look up except she’s invisible or something

    • V
      February 20, 2021 / 10:08 am

      Right! I was seriously like, they want me to just overlook this? 😂

  2. Michelle H
    February 22, 2021 / 7:20 am

    Yes to that opening scene, and not sure if you also spotted it, the password to his first Quantum and Time office is different from the suitcase password – when both are supposed to be Tae-sul’s birthday?

    • WPB
      February 24, 2021 / 4:29 pm

      I saw that, too.

      I doubt if they will ever go back to the scene where they were surrounding Seo-hae at the train. It’s highly unlikely they would get her lose. I was hoping it’s a flashback scene but it appears not to be the case. I see the show has a tendency to give semi-superpower to Seo-hae (she can fall from height that once could die from yet she is fine in 10 sec; all that chase her is physically and intellectually inferior to her, etc.)

      Guess we have to accept those are the “Rules”. LOL

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