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Recap: Sell Your Haunted House (Episode 8)

Recap: Sell Your Haunted House (Episode 8)

Episode 8 of Sell Your Haunted House opened in a way that made me lose my appetite – literally. Faces were all fleshy and missing…I was eating while watching it and decided that I would either stop watching it or stop eating. So I stopped watching it *sly smile* and came back the next day. But, I am happy I came back because this episode had a lot of revelations!

After we get past a description of the faceless ghost that was seen in the Joseon era and that sometimes comes up before a disaster strikes. For instance, if this faceless ghost is seen possessing someone then plagues soon follow. This ghost cannot be exorcised by sticking the exorcism needle into it.

Now that Ji-ah has her memories back, she knows that this faceless ghost was possessing the little boy that came into their home that day with his uncle. But since the boy was possessed by this particular ghost, the needle was useless. However, her mother, knowing it was useless, still used it. Ji-ah wants to find out why.

She searches her files of her ancestors who have driven out ghosts, but only the 1979 file is missing. We know that Manager Ju has it, but Ji-ah does not, she thinks In-bum stole it after catching him rifling through her things one day.

Of course she confronts him about it right away and he denies it (because he doesn’t actually have it) but Ji-ah doesn’t believe him. He keeps denying it and they end up having a conversation about why Ji-ah is not going to continue the family business. She is going to let the family business die with her. She doesn’t want to hand something down to a child that will cause them pain and suffering from having to know the pain of other people’s emotions, hatred, and selfishness. In-bum couldn’t really argue with that.

This is very important because in the case today we discover that you can send a ghost to the other realm without stabbing it and taking its emotions with you. The case involved a child who died in an apartment complex. The parents think a driver hit the kid, but the driver says he didn’t , the kid was already on the ground.

Through a series of events we discover that this apartment complex is all messed up with social issues. The rich people in the complex are upset that they have to share it with poor renters, so they put up a fence to separate them from the poor people. The child died trying to climb the fence to play with her friend. But she fell and hit her head.

We know this because, during the exorcism, the mother was allowed to be there to send her daughter to the after life. She was supposed to stay inside a salt circle. But the mother, after hearing her child’s voice, stepped out of the circle and entered the spirit realm where she got to see her daughter again and the daughter told her what happened.

After the daughter told her this, the spirit happily went off on its own. The mother is distraught because she is one of the rich families that decided to put up the wall. Ji-ah is quietly surprised that the ghost went off on its own without the use of her needle. This tells me that this could be a way for her to continue the family business without having to be burdened by the pain, memories, mannerisms of the ghosts she exorcised.

The biggest revelation that came this episode was in Ji-ah finding out that In-bum is the kid from the past! She found this out by doing a little bit of research and discovering where In-bum’s grandmother lived. When she got to the house the grandmother was not in a good state (because thugs had harrassed her to find out where In-bum is) so she took the grandmother to the hospital for an IV treatment and then went back to the grandmothers house for dinner.

Over dinner, the grandmother asked if she was here to see her son In-bum too? Ji-ah asks, Oh In-bum? She searches through the mother’s room (and hopefully cleaned up everything once she was done because she made a mess) and finds In-bum’s high school photo. Yep, it is definitely In-bum.

When she gets back to her house she immediately confronts In-bum about being the little boy and blames him as the reason her mother died. Tears are all around.


We are halfway through so it is time for some big revelations, though I didn’t think the In-bum revelation would come out here! That is something that I would have suspected would come out in episode 10 or 12 as we start to roll into the final episodes.

I do like that it came out now because that tells me that they are both going to work together to find out just what happened that night. I also wonder if this drama is going to become a show were they listen to the ghosts and try to resolve their pain in order to send them happily into the afterworld.

It appears that that is something that In-bum really wants to do. Ji-ah also really wanted to do something like that but ended up getting deadened by an inability to not do anything so she cut of her emotions from the world and starts punching the mess out of punching bags (and thugs, haha).

But methinks, she will be back on track with helping send ghosts to the afterlife in a more beneficial way for all three of them (Ji-ah, In-bum, and the ghosts)

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  1. WPB
    May 9, 2021 / 3:56 pm

    1. Faceless ghost – The special effect on the “regular” ghosts has been pretty good (the trace of dark smoke, the overlap with the mediums they got into, etc. However, the masks of those faceless ghost doesn’t scare me but rather, a little annoying. I think it has this “cheap plastics” feel.
    2. I don’t why In-bum would accept the gangster guy in the same roof so easily. From the beginning of the show, In-bum and his buddy have been trying hiding from him and got bitten up by those gangs a couple times. Even though he told his story that he got kicked out and lost everything, I think In-bum would be too smart to buy that. We are for sure see some issues soon enough.
    3. I am curious about Ji-Chul’s mystery girlfriend. She has been mentioned in their conversations multiple times. At first, I thought the person doesn’t exist and he made it up to make In-bum jealous. However, now she sent him “birthday gift” LOL, I wonder if she would show up and of if she will play a role in the storyline later one.

    • V
      May 9, 2021 / 5:24 pm

      Right! I am so surprised that they fell for the gangsters story so easily. Hopefully they know that he is probably still bad and are just keeping him close to keep a close watch on him? I don’t know.

      I love the girlfriend story. At first I thought the girlfriend might just be there to give them a bit of PPL comedy relief, but maybe she will have more to play in the story 😂

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