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Recap: Sell Your Haunted House (Episode 7)

Recap: Sell Your Haunted House (Episode 7)

In-bum was caught swinging, literally, in a dangerous situation in the last episode of Sell Your Haunted House. Ji-ah did not seem particularly concerned that he was getting beaten possibly to death and was about to be stabbed. She was more concerned with this ghost that always stuck by CEO Do Hak-sun’s side and was there with him that night.

When a gangster tried to stab In-bum (because Ji-ah would not sign her building away to CEO Do) he accidentally pulled off In-bum’s necklace which allowed the ghost of In-bum’s uncle to be sucked right into his body.

Now In-bum is uncle-ghost, In-bum, made particularly poignant because the uncle has been raging at CEO Do for the last twenty years and finally has his chance to enact revenge.

The uncle-ghost breaks free of the ropes with incredible ease, throws a few gangsters willy nilly unto the rafters, and charges CEO Do. CEO Do is able to stop uncle-ghost, In-bum by holding him back by the next. But, the uncle-ghost just tells CEO Do that he was supposed to give him the apartment and starts to choke CEO Do!

Ji-ah manages to free herself with the help of a knife not too far away, and puts In-bum’s necklace back on him. This sends the ghost away.

We later find out that Ji-ah was not actually kidnapped and dragged to this warehouse. In a PPL scene that I love, and is kind of reminiscent of Kill Bill to me, Ji-ah was about to be kidnapped by two thugs, but she puts her take out dinner on the ground and proceeds to beating up the thugs.

But we do not see her beating them up, the camera scrolls in on the PPL dinner and we only hear the thugs getting beaten up. Then she walks back and picks up her dinner once again and is about to head on her way.

The thugs, beaten and bruised, tell her that In-bum has been kidnapped and show her an image in the warehouse, so Ji-ah decides to go in with them. I thought that entire sequence was hilarious y’all, I loved it.

We also find out that In-bum’s uncle, did not set that fire to harm people. CEO Do told him to set the fire and then coerced him to sign paperwork saying that it was the uncles idea alone. If he did that, then he would give him the apartment. So the uncle did it and CEO Do killed the uncle by putting something in his energy drink.

However, there is something else going on wit this fire. It is almost alluded to that In-bum might have been possessed and set the fire, perhaps? or at least he was possessed and did something that put him and his uncle in the hospital together. We will have to keep watching to find that out.

The theme of this episode is that somethings you do not want to find out or somethings are worse knowing. We visit this theme in the case of the day which has to do with an older woman who does not want to sell her home because it is the home her father made and took care of while he was alive. He even planted trees around the house when his kids were born.

However, her father died under mysterious circumstances. She think he did because her brother killed him. The TLDR is that the father had dementia and felt responsible for causing his kids and especially his daughter so much trouble, so he killed himself. It was a hard truth for the daughter to hear, but it was also a good truth to hear because she no longer thought her brother was a murderer.

Her brother and her have a nice reunion at the end of the episode, and the woman decides not to sell the home but to continue living in it because her father cared for it so much. On a side note, this house was super duper adorable. I want to live in it too!

that was the end of the case, however, there is a mystery going on that was introduced this episode involving Manager Ju. Manager Ju is trying to hide a case that happened in 1979 that might involve a murder case. It looks spooky and makes Manager Ju look a bit spooky, but we will have to see what it is about in the next episode!


This show is still trucking. It is not a show that I am dying to watch each week, but I do love watching it. I wish the exorcisms weren’t so easy to perform, it would be fun if they required just a bit more thought, but it looks like the writers are enjoying telling the story of what happens after the exorcism, so they show more of the family storylines.

I have to be honest, that is not my favorite part of the show, in fact, I might have fast forwarded some scene of today’s episode involving the family. But I watched all the other parts! Jang Nara is still fabulous as always and I do think the love part of this drama is starting to blossom since she volunteered to go to the warehouse to rescue In-bum. Or at least to see what was happening with him. That says a lot right? 😁

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  1. WPB
    May 6, 2021 / 5:07 pm

    It feels like ep 7 & 8 are what I called set up episodes. There doesn’t seem to have a lot going on and the ghost cases are not so unique – ghost is not scary, the exorcism was uneventful, etc. However, we connected to the past with pieces here and there that raised more questions. The missing files from 1979 was a puzzling one. That’s way before Ji-ah and In-bum were born. I wonder if Ji-ah’s mom even started doing exorcism herself that time? What kind of cases was it? Even Manager Ju would have been very young in 1979. Was it involved something from the previous generations?
    I can’t believe we are already at the halfway point of the series.

    • V
      May 6, 2021 / 6:32 pm

      Ooh, these questions are delicious! I am intrigued by Manager Ju and what could possibly be happening there. Is she involved with that murder case that was mentioned?

      I can’t believe we are halfway already too! Where did the time go?

      • WPB
        May 7, 2021 / 8:42 am

        There will be more reveals (and more questions) in ep. 8. I will wait for your post and comment later.

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