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Recap: Sell Your Haunted House (Episode 6)

Recap: Sell Your Haunted House (Episode 6)

In the last episode of Sell Your Haunted House, Ji-ah and In-bum successfully exorcise a ghost that played too many video games. However, there was another ghost, a bigger ghost with a deep seated grudge in the basement sauna area.

Ji-ah went to investigate and was immediately pulled into the water by the ghost and haunted. She couldn’t move. Thankfully, In-bum was there to save her and pulled her from the water and into his embrace. We pick up from that point with Episode 6!


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In episode 6 In-bum rescues Ji-ah from the water and makes sure that she is wrapped in towels and feeling alright. She is freezing so he holds her hand to warm her up, which she allows. later on, they sit by the river and have a chat about the exorcist life.

He asks what happened to her. She matter of factly tells him that she was bewitched because she did not visit the site before hand. But it won’t happen again. He asks if she ever thought about doing something else. She doesn’t answer.

When she goes home she tells her mom that she won’t make that mistake of not visiting an exorcisms site beforehand again. Her mom looks worried about her in her ghost-like way. Ji-ah thinks about telling her mother about the boy she saw while she was bewitched, but decides against it.

She does tell this to her manager though and they find out that the child must have been the mans nephew. She decides to get the to the bottom of this because it involves her mother’s death.

The manager does some digging and finds out that the child is Oh In-bum! She is shocked and decides not to tell Ji-ah for the time being. Instead, she asks Ji-ah to break the contract with Oh In-bum. Ji-ah decides to let the contract ride for now since it is almost over anyway.

The ghost case in this episode involves the missing baker. Her partner-friend has been looking for her ever since she disappeared from their business landlords building. To make a long story short, they exorcise the baker and we see the friends story. The friends started this baking business on the rooftop of a building on a run down street. It was a smashing success.

The missing woman also started helping the other businesses on their street because a thriving street will also help their business. But the landlord swindled them and said they were going to renovate the building so they wouldn’t be able to work for a couple weeks. However, the landlord took over the baking business!

The two friends were completely shocked that this could happen. The missing friend continuously visited her old business to yell at the owners for doing this to them. One day she went to the wifes sauna downstairs to yell at her for what they did to them.

The wife goes completely crazy and murders the missing girl. She does not tell her husband that she did this and, instead, puts the body in an old storage area in the basement and hires a person to close off that wall. The problem is that Ji-ah and In-bum know that the body is in the wall, but they can’t get the police to investigate.

So In-bum uses his hack exorcism skills to trick the husband into thinking the arcade gameer ghost wants a wedding ring that is behind the wall. He accidentally dropped the ring when he died and it rolled there (at leas that is the story that they made up).

He even uses his fake photographs to show tha the ghost is pointing to the wall.

So the husband says they can tear it down, its fine. But the wife comes running up and says that they cannot tear it down! However Ji-ah tears the entire thing down with a huge sledge hammer that probably weighs more than she does. The wife starts to freak out because she sees a vision of the dead girl in the room and they also find the girls body there.

The case is closed and the clueless cops are brought in to deal with everything. Though the cops do harass Ji-ah a bit to ask how she knew the body was there. Ji-ah does not give anything up and is allowed to leave.

But that is not the end of their troubles because CEO Do Hak-sun kidnapped Ji-ah and In-bum. He takes them to an abandoned warehouse where he plans on beating In-bum until Ji-ah agrees to sign the contract for her house. Ji-ah is as calm as always and will not sigh, so In-bum gets the crapola beaten out of him.

However, while the thugs are beating In-bum, his necklace comes off. This allows the uncle ghost (who is always around CEO Do) to take over In-bums body! And goodness, he must have ghost super strength or something because he rips himself/In-bum out of his rope ties and flings all the men several feet away from him!

Then he comes directly for CEO Do and is about to kill him. Ji-ah has to stop this from happening. She sees a knife, but she is tied up as well and the knife is out of her reach.


This show really knows how to end on a high point. It is getting a bit repetitive knowing that something new and big will happen at the end of every episode to get us to tune in to the next episode, but I’m okay with that. I still love this world we are in and I especially love that we see a new power or insight into this world with each episode.

For instance, I did not know that ghosts can have super duper strength when they take over someone’s body. That is pretty darn cool and makes me wonder if it is almost like having a super power? Will In-bum be amazingly tired when the ghost leaves his body because all his energy reserves have been spent. I kind of feel like he should feel like he just finished running a marathon or maybe even two or three marathons all at once. Will he want to sleep for a full day? I’m interested to see!

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  1. WPB
    April 30, 2021 / 3:06 pm

    Thanks for the recap and comment. There are 3 shows on air right now that I really like – SYHH, Mouse and Taxi Driver. SYHH is my favorite and Taxi Driver is a close 2nd.
    I think in Ep. 4 they said something like the most regret/unfinish business the ghost has, the more viscous they will be (flying knives in ep. 4 and hitting people with superpower). The uncle ghost must have a lot of unfinished business with the CEO (hopefully we will find out soon).
    I kind of like the predictability of this show – it’s always a cliffhanger at the end, and they shows the details and sometimes in different prospective at the following episode so the cliffhanger is self-answered.
    I should have (could have) watched Jang Na-ra’s other shows before but I haven’t. I will make a note to myself and do that in the near future. Her acting carries the show.

    • V
      April 30, 2021 / 3:57 pm

      Oh thanks you for that insight! I must have missed that in the opening episodes. You definitely have to watch some of jang Nara’s other shows. She is excellent. I likes VIP and The Last Empress a lot!

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