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Recap: Sell Your Haunted House (Episode 5)

We recapped the first two episodes of Sell Your Haunted House over on KOCOWA and talked about episodes 3 and 4 on our What We’re Watching this week. So check those two out if you want to know how those episodes went!


As far as episode 5 is concerned, we left off on episode 4 with In-bum’s uncle standing next to CEO Kim Hak-sung. The thugs and CEO Kim are giving the restaurant lady a hard time. Though they are giving everyone in this neighborhood a hard time because they want them all to move out so they can build whatever it is they want to build here.

The Uncle is a ghost and does not realize he is a ghost. He has stationed himself near han-sun, not to work for him, but to possibly kill him. That is all figured out in this episode. The Uncle wants to kill Han-sun because Hak-sun kicked him and his neighborhood people out of their homes so that he could build something.

In a fit of rage the Uncle burned everything down which killed seven people. He committed suicide over the guilt. But the mystery continues because Ji-ah also wants to know why the Uncle showed up at her mother’s place for help.

Ji-ahh is able to get CEO Kim and his thugs to leave using her usual nonchalant nature. They then go forth in solving the ghost case this episode which involves a woman who is haunting an apartment. This woman bought this apartment for her daughter, though she was swindled by the seller and kicked out of the apartment along with everyone else who purchased. They claimed that they did not have the right to occupy the space.

Ji-ah uses In-bum to exorcise the ajumma ghost, but In-bum gets all the memories and wants to right this case. They are able to fix this case easily by exposing the corrupt businessmen which also involved CEO Kim. He is pissed of course. In the end, they were also able to get the daughter of the women into the building.

This leads to another case in a different building. In this case a YouTube ghost hunter catches the ghost in the building so Ji-ah and In-bumgo there to exorcise the ghost. They exorcise this ghost quickly, but another ghost is found! This ghost in in the sauna on the bottom floor.

The ghost pulls Ji-ah into the sauna and haunts Ji-ah so that she cannot get back into her body and wake up. While haunted, Ji-ah remembers the memory of In-bum’s uncle carrying something in to her mothers place. She thought this something was a bag initially, but in this new memory she sees that it is a boy without a face.

Though we all know that boy must be In-bum, right? I mean, that is where my guess is going!

In-bum finds Ji-ah in the sauna and pulls her out, saving her. She grips onto him tightly, warming her body. And that is how the episode ends.


The mystery of In-bum’s past is really building! I love how they are interweaving the powers of ghosts into this show. It appears that the ghost is more powerful if they have a big grudge. The mother in the apartment had a huge grudge which is why she could throw knives around!

it appears that this sauna ghost also has a huge grudge too which is how she could pull Ji-ah into the water and haunt her to keep her there. It’s all so intriguing!

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