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Recap: River Where the Moon Rises (Episode 5)

Recap: River Where the Moon Rises  (Episode 5)

In the last episode, On Dal and Pyung-gang found out about their shared tragic past which put a damper on their budding relationship.


Character Chart: River Where the Moon Rises

The first 45 minutes of this episode are spent with Pyung-gang/Ga-jin and On Dal and their life in the village. At first, On Dal and  Ga-jin do not feel comfortable with each other because of their shared past. But then they agree to just enjoy each others company and live happily. On Dal is given a task to dig a well so On Dal and Ga-jin do that the entire episode.

In the palace, Go Gun conspires with Hae Mo-yong to trick Go Gun’s father, Go Won-pyo, into thinking that Princess Pyung-gang/Ga-jin is dead. To do this, they bring in a body that was put in the river to deform how the body looks a bit. But the father ain’t no punk and brings in the princesses old maid, Gong-son, to identify the body. She says it is not the princess.

So now Go Gun is in trouble with his father. The father tells him that he will no longer be the head of the national guard.

At the end of the episode, the assassin twins are given a taste to kill Go Won-pyo. They make it to Go Won-pyo’s room, but Go Gun manages to wake his father in time and they both fight off the twin assassins. They end up defeating the assassins and possibly putting them in jail.

At the end of the episode, On Dal and Ga-jin finally find water in the well. But at that same moment, the head assassin come in to speak with Ga-jin.


This episode was pretty slow and kind of putting me to sleep a bit. Nothing to do with the acting, mostly just how slow the storyline was today. It was literally just On Dal and Pyung-gang in the village for the majority of it. Though, normally I would be fine with that so I’m not sure what the hiccup is. Perhaps the music? Not sure. Hopefully it picks up a bit in the next episode.

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