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Recap: River Where the Moon Rises (Episode 4)

Recap: River Where the Moon Rises  (Episode 4)

In episode 3 of River Where the Moon Rises, Pyung-gang found out that she was adopted and went to the palace to find out who she was. her memory came back a bit as well so she confronted her father in the study. The story picks up right there!


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Pyung-gang’s father is shocked to see her in the palace room. He runs away screaming and brings the guards in, but she is gone. So of course everyone thinks the King is just too far gone.

But Pyung-gong goes to the secret passage here she sees her nanny who gives her a big hug and tells her that she is the princess. She takes her to another room and dresses her as a maid so that she can sneak out.

On her way out, Go Gun stops her and actually recognizes her because they talk about things that only they know between them. He tells her to stay there. She calls him Master Gu (which was her nickname for him) and asks to just leave, so he lets her sneak out.

Meanwhile, On Dal saves himself from hanging upside down and tells Hae Mo-yong that he will stay and work for her until Pyung-gang comes back. He is sure that Pyung-gang will come back for him.

Pyung-gan goes to see the monk on the top of the mountain. There, she finds out all about her past which makes her amazingly depressed. Now she knows that she is the reason that On Dal and his people where all killed.

Back at the Palace, Go Gun’s father, Go Won-pyo knows that the princess is alive and tells him to find her and kill her.

But, on the other side, Hae Mo-yong and her father (chief Hae Ji-wol) want to find Pyung-gang and bring her to the king, in order to lessen Go Won-pyo’s power. She will use On Dal to get the princess.

On Dal does not know this and happily works with Hae Mo-yong as a hired hand. But his friend Sa Poong-gae comes to get him and bring him back to their village. However, On Dal tells him that he is going to wait for Pyung-gang.

Pyung-gang finally comes back, though she is very tired. He tells Mo-yong that he is going to take her back to their town and leaves. Mo-yong does not want him to leave, but he doesn’t listen to her. He was really only staying there to wait for Pyung-gang to return.

Back at the village, On Dal keeps Pyung-gang with him and his mother. She does not like it though she also thinks he must be extra pretty for him to do all these things for him.

While in the village, Pyung-gang thinks about what the monk told her. he basically said that her father thinks she is not his child and will most likely not listen to reason since he already killed her mother. Her father has never come to see him so that means he does not believe it himself even though he cannot accept that he was tricked.

Back at the palace, Hae Mo-yong visits Go Gun and tells him where the princess is. So he heads there with soldiers.

In the village, Go Gun finds a house for Pyung-gang to live in It is a dilapidated house so he and the towns people help her fix it up. 

While they are fixing the house, we find out that it is On-hyeob’s memorial day which is On Dal’s father. Here is when Pyung-gang actually remembers On Dal and his father when they were both kids. All the memories flood into her mind at that time.

She decides to leave and runs away at night.

But Wol-yi saw her running away so she runs and tells On Dal. The entire town goes out searching for her. That is when they run into the soldiers. Go Gun stops the little girl and asks who they are looking for. She says they are looking for an animal. On Dal comes up right then and asks what Go Gun wants. He tells him that no one but ghosts lives here and lures Go Gun into one of his traps. Go Gun tells him that Pyung-gang is the princess.

On Dal runs off in search for Pyung-gan and finds her about to jump off a cliff. He pulls her back and they have a heated argument about everything that happened in the past. He tells her that her life does not belong to her, it belongs to his people who saved her life so she can’t die without their permission.

In the woods, the towns people try and scare away the soldiers with ghost lights. But it doesn’t work. 

Pyung-gang says she can save them and runs to where Go Gun was trapped. She gives him the jade necklace and says to tell the palace that she died. He wants to take her back. She tells him that she will kill them all since they saw her in this town.

On Dal stops her and asks if she is still going to be an assassin? Go Gun says they will not harm her. But Pyung-gang does not trust Go Gun’s tribe. To show she can trust him, Go Gun decides to leave with his soldiers which saves the towns people.

On Dal and Pyung-gang go back to the town. Pyung-gang says she is a dangerous person which is why they are looking for her. they tell her that they are all wanted people so its fine.  She is about to tell them that she is different because she is the princess, but On Dal stops her and says she is an assassin that tried to kill the king.

The towns people are cool with that since they don’t like the King anyway. They think, so long as you are not an assassin anymore then you can live with us and they all go back to their nighttime routines.

Back at the palace, Go Gun meets with the King privately and tells the King that the princess is alive, he saw her in person. He shows the King the princess medallion.

The King stands up in alarm and grips the medallion necklace. Now he knows he wasn’t crazy. Go Gun tells him he will find a way to bring her back safely, he just needs the order.


Okay I busted out laughing when the monk was telling Pyung-gang something serious about her past and the soundtrack did not reflect that at all. The soundtrack kicked in and sounded like some Oompa Loompa’s were about to come out and sing 😂. That was a fail. Though the song made sense when the scene changed to On Dal so perhaps it was just started ten seconds too soon.

It looks like everyone is looking for the princess and will use that as a power play in the palace. The So-no tribe want the princess in order to weaken Go Won-pyo of the Gye-ru tribe. The Gye-ru tribe want to find the princess to kill her. And the King wants to find the princess to, hopefully, keep her safe.

On Dal just wants to protect Pyung-gang. For a tiny history spoiler, in the history books, Pyong-gang educates On Dal (who was just a kind generous boy next door) and makes him into a powerful general. So perhaps they are kind of going to go that route in this storyline.


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