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Recap: River Where the Moon Rises Episode 2 & 3

Recap: River Where the Moon Rises  Episode 2 and 3

We are back with River Where the Moon Rises, and we are all caught up to boot! Episode 2 and 3 are summarized below. We plan on posting the preview translations starting with episode 4 tomorrow!


Character Chart: River Where the Moon Rises


For a quick recap of episode 2, Yeon Ga-jin beats up the woodland thieves to save On Dal, even though he didn’t really need any help. She is about to leave, but he tells her that they have to treat their wounds otherwise they will bleed to death. So he gets some herbs and she reluctantly mushes them and puts them on the thieves.

He tells her goodbye and says to not get hurt. We find out that On Dal lives with his nanny who is now known as his mother. She burned her eyes to keep him from wanting to get revenge on his father’s death. So now that she is blind, he is taking care of her.

Ga-jin sneaks into the palace as a maid in order to kill the King. She goes to her old room as she pretends to be a maid and starts to remember the past. Her old nanny recognizes her and follows her, but Ga-jin manages to elude her.

She tries to kill the King at the memorial ceremony for the princess, but does not succeed in it and is followed by the palace guards. She gets injured as she escapes, but is rescued by On Dal who beats up all the soldiers.

He takes Ga-in to his house and treats her wounds. While treating them, he sees that she is an assassin.

The nanny is upset that he brought her to their home since they are in hiding. When Ga-jin wakes up, she spends the day with On Dal and his mom, but he tells the mom that she is a maid in the palace, not an assassin.

Her assassin friends find her and ask how everything went. They try to convince her to come back to the assassin coven but also ask who the guy is that she is with. She wonders if she should kill him or not. Her friend Tara Jin says she could kill him or seduce him. So she spends some time wondering if she should do this. But while wondering this, she falls into one of On Dal’s animal traps and is rescued by On Dal again.

She spends another night at On Dal’s house, but the next day her friend comes and tells her that her father said she needs to find her real parents. Ga-jin doesn’t know what this means. So her friend tells her that her father said she was adopted.

On Dol shows up right then and happily starts to chat with Ga-jin and her friend.


He gives Gajin something he carved for her which is a soldier on his horse. Ga-jin says she doesn’t have anything for her so her friend playfully says she does have something and pushes Ga-jin so that she falls on top of On Dal suggestively.

They both hop back up quickly.

But they say their goodbyes and Ga-jin runs off with her friend to see about her father. On Dal goes home. 

However, the little girl from the village overhears Ga-jin’s conversation about Ga-jin’s having to rescue her father, which makes On Dal run off to help her.

He finds out where the assassin’s village is and runs there. He runs into Ga-jin’s friends and ends up helping Ga-jin escape from jail. So Ga-jin goes off with On Dal headed to the palace. Her goal is to find the nanny who knew who she was. Ga-jin’s friend also got her necklace that shows her identity and gave it to her.

On Dal has a plan to use mountain herbal plants to make a deal with Hae Mo-yong in order to find the nanny. But they need to put on a show in order to get her attention.

So they put on a big herbal show that attracts the attention of a lot of people in town. It also tracks the attention of Hae Mo-yong who has them arrested and brought in front of her. He is taken away and hung upside down in a jail. Ga-jin goes to talk to Hae Mo-yong.

Ga-jin tells Hae Mo-yong that she wants to talk to this nanny. So Hae Mo-yong tells her where the nanny is. But she is keeping On Dal as hostage.

The nanny had actually been taken into custody, so Ga-jin breaks into the area she is held. The nanny tells her that she is the long lost princess of this country. However, Go Gun sees her and starts to fight with her. Ga-jin is able to escape.

It kind of seems as if Go Gun knew where Ga-jin was hiding but decided to go the other way.

Back with the nanny, Go Won-pyo interrogates the nanny and asks her if she saw any new palace maids recently. The nanny says that she hasn’t seen anyone. He asks her if she wants to die now or if she would like to be his spy. So she tells him she will be his spy.

Meanwhile, Ga-jin sneaks into her bedroom in the place and finds a secret passage that she used to always use that goes to the palace library (or the King’s room?).

Her father goes to this room too and sees her. She tries to hide, but he tells her to come out. She comes out and says she is Pyong-gang. Why did you do that? Why did you abandon me?

She looks like a straight up ghost so he is terrified.


I’m still enjoying this show and love seeing the GoGuryeo period come to life. I also like how On Dal has fallen for Ga-jin already and Ga-jin is completely confused about him. Oh the cuteness of it all.

As soon as we catch up with everything we are doing, we plan on posting a 1-4 first impressions of this show on our YouTube (along with Sisyphus and Vincenzo), so be sure to look for that in the coming days!


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  1. J
    February 22, 2021 / 6:37 pm

    I love this drama so far.
    The part where they were doing the herbal show was hilarious.

    • V
      February 22, 2021 / 7:59 pm

      Yes, I loved that part! 😂

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