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Radio Romance Live Recap Episode 9

Live Recap for the Kdrama Radio Romance, episode 9
The secret is out! But it doesn’t reveal everything. JSH is still very curious about Gu-rim and, let’s be honest, we are all super curious about Ji Su-ho. There are a lot of machinations going on behind the scenes to keep our OTP apart but so far they have all failed miserably. However, I don’t think JSH’s mother is the type of person who will stop easily.

We are so far behind on our editing of Radio Romance (and Waikiki) from last week. Our work just caught up with us. But I think I will have a bit more free time today so I’ll try to fix all (most?) of the grammar errors from last week after going through today’s episode!

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Shorthand (a work in progress)
Song Gu-rae – GR | Ji Su-ho – SH | Jin Tae-ri – TR | Lee Kang – LK or K | Ra Ra-hee – RH | Lee Sung-su – SS | Moon Sung-woo – SW | Choi Ae-ran

Airing Time: Feb. 26th, 22:00 Seoul
Countdown: KKEUT
How To Watch Live: Our on air watch on KBS2 isn’t working anymore. *sad face* Hopefully this method starts to work again, now that the Olympics are over.


JSH and Kang are arguing in the hospital. Kang says that he likes GR, what will JSH say if he says that? Does he think GR is supposed to do everything he asks her? But JSH tells Kang that he just puts his hand on GR shoulder and says banmal to her, but Kang says that he does that to everyone. Kang says that he likes GR but he also likes JSH, of course, he should like the writer and the DJ since he is the PD. Kang leaves.

Cut to JSH looking at GR sleeping. He smiles as he looks at her and then tries to cover her some more. But then GR jumps awake startled! JSH plays it off and they start to talk playfully. GR tells JSH that he needs to remember that he is JSH, so stop following her around everywhere. Then GR wonders what this blanket is. JSH throws Kang’s blanket on the floor and gives her his blanket gift.

But GR gets a sudden phone call. The little girl from the hospital is crying. They go to meet her and she is crying hysterically. She says that she isn’t going to do the broadcast tomorrow, someone didn’t answer her text messages! GR wants to know, who didn’t answer? The girl cries, My First Love!!!!

GR and JSH walk away in the hall and talk about the situation. GR tells JSH that this girl is his biggest fan so JSH should convince her to be on the radio. JSH wants to know what GR will do for him if he convinces her?

Cut to the little girl and JSH talking. The girl wants to be a DJ for her first love. She texts him and called him but he says that he is very busy. She wants to tell him that she is on the radio but he won’t respond to her. JSH says that he knows exactly what she feels (because that is how GR treats him) so they have an instant bond. They grow more comfortable with each other and we cut to the little girl talking about all of JSH’s problems. So he likes the writer eunnie?

JSH tells her that this writer only likes the radio and the script. The girl wants him to continue, and so? But GR comes up and sits at the cafe with them at that moment. The little girl nicely tells GR that she and JSH have to talk right now, so she can go write her script if she wants. JSH tells GR that as well. GR is confused at this situation, but does what they say and hesitantly leaves. As she turns back she sees JSH and the little girl having a fun time talking and GR smiles. She calls Kang and tells him that they don’t have to worry about the broadcast, JSH is taking care of it. Kang tells her to be careful of the cold and wear the blanket.

Then JSH calls GR, he wants his wish. He will decide on his wish so GR should just sleep with his blanket. GR is annoyed, JSH does everything his way, the script is his way and the kiss is his way! But she tells herself that she should forget about it and goes into her mom’s room. She sees the two blankets in there and tsks.

Jason talks to JSH about all the progress he has made. JSH doesn’t need his sleeping medicine for the last 4 days so Jason thinks that JSH is changing a lot. It looks like Jason thinks that this is a good thing.

Cut to JSH, his mother, and his father walking through the company. The mom wants JSH to do dramas otherwise he will start to lose his commercials, so stop the radio. But JSH says that he will continue with the radio. The mother tells him that she put his stamp on the contract, so he has to do it or take the responsibility himself. JSH wants to know if he would be responsible? The mother tells him that she is not his mother and yet she is responsible for him. Then the appa and mom start to talk. Appa tells her that JSH is old enough to take care of himself. Then he says that he wants to put his mistress in one of JSH’s dramas. The mom starts hitting the appa! How can he do this to her!

Afterwards, the appa tells JSH to do the drama. But JSH tells him to just stop, he shouldn’t treat Mom like this, and he is fine.

Lee PD talks to Kang about the broadcast. He likes GR right? And he is doing this for her? But Kang says that he isn’t doing the show offsite for GR, he is doing it for radio. Kang leaves and finds GR. He gives GR some food and she smiles. Then we see the little girl. She is with JSH and all her friends in her room. The friends are fangirling over JSH and we also see that JSH and the girl are planning on how to make the people they like jealous.

GR tells Kang that JSH told the girl that he will give all her friends autographs if she decides to be on the radio. It is a happy scene, but JSH touches his head, perhaps he is not feeling too well.

They have the broadcast in an auditorium of the hospital. JSH and the girl are on stage and GR notices JSH touching his head a lot. She asks him if he is okay and he says that he is fine so GR goes back to her spot and they go on-air.

The girl starts talking and says that she is today’s DJ with Su-ho Oppa. She says that she spent half of her life in a confined space, some people hate it and some people cry as soon as they come in, but I didn’t cry too much because if I cry then someone else will cry more.

JSH – Can you tell me who that person is?

Girl – Someone who is supposed to come, I am doing this DJing and waiting for that person. But he will listen to it somewhere, that is why I am here. It is my first love and the person who doesn’t come to the hospital…Appa, are you listening to me? Umma is taking care of me and appa is making money for our hospital bills so we see each other once a month. So when I saw JSH’s family I was so envious because the three of you are together all the time and smiling all the time.

Text: React naturally

Girl – My appa is a delivery man so he puts a headphone in one of his ears and delivers things. Appa, can you hear me well? I am a little mad that you didn’t come, but you are my first love so I forgive you. Su-ho DJ, what do you talk to your parents about?

JSH thinks about all the conversations that his family has. They aren’t good. We also see that the parents are listening to the radio. Everyone waits for JSH to talk and GR texts him to have a proper reaction.

JSH – Well…today we talked about something, I don’t remember it too well, maybe it wasn’t a conversation…

He stops talking and we cut to JSH’s mom and dad listening to the radio. GR texts him to introduce the song as it is written in the script

But JSH isn’t talking. A voice over says that life is precious and your life is not yours, you shouldn’t do things your way.

JSH finally says that they will listen to a song.

Appa tells Umma, they should let him do the radio but she tells him to shut up.

Then we see that the little girls appa showed up at the hospital broadcast! They go on air again and the little girl gives her last word. She tells appa that she is sorry that she took his first love and that she doesn’t cry, but he took all of her tears and she wants him to stop crying because of her…and I want to see-

Stops because at that moment she looks up and sees her appa sitting in the stands and smiling at her. She says that he finally came and smiles. Jason is also in the stands and smiles at that as well. It is a smile fest as everyone in the audience is smiling.

Cut to the end of the show. GR tells JSH that her father died in a car accident. He died so quickly so she didn’t have a chance to talk to him or anything, so when he said that he didn’t remember his conversations, it moved her a lot.

Kang comes up at that moment and tells them good job and they all leave together.

Boss mom and TR argue. They both want JSH to quit and be in the drama. TR is very upset about it and hangs up on the boss mom. She storms off.

Then we see TR meeting with RH and Lee PD. Their DJ is gone so TR needs to be the replacement DJ. TR doesn’t want to do it, but RH and Lee PD try to talk her into it, she is the best, she is the best in Korea. Stroking TR’s ego worked, so TR says that maybe she will do it, she will make time tomorrow. Also, by the way, JSH’s show is super popular now, but how are we doing? We don’t have any replies at all.

But we flashback to RH stressed because they only have bad replies due to TR. GR tells her that they should do a one-on-one with the bad replies.

RH tells TR that they should do a bad reply battle. TR asks Lee PD about GR, how is she?

Cut to a cafe where GR’s team and Jason are all drinking. But JSH doesn’t know any of the drinking games. But JSH wants to prove himself. They all decide that they should play a lot of drinking games then! But JSH is so very bad at all the drinking games, he has to drink a lot.

They keep playing the drinking games and JSH continues to be clueless about all of them. We see him drinking shot after shot until he passes out on the table.

RH and Lee PD talk about GR. Lee PD says that GR is a good girl, but RH says that she doesn’t write well. But Lee PD tells her that RH never taught her anything, so how does she know that she isn’t a good writer? She is a genius in winning peoples hearts and writers should be good at that. TR wonders how GR got JSH. They talk about Kang being appa and JSH being oppa, Lee PD says he should be the uncle and laughs, but RH just hits him away.

Everyone left except for GR, Kang, and JSH. JSH is still passed out on the table so GR and Kang talk about him. GR thinks that they need to protect JSH and Kang thinks that a lot of people can protect JSH. GR wants to know what that means, but she doesn’t press it, she just tries to wake JSH up instead.

Meanwhile, Jason meets with boss mom. Boss mom’s group supported Jason for medical school. Jason wants to know if the mother wants to win everything over JSH, including Jason? The mom just smiles and looks at Jason, where is JSH?

Back at the cafe, JSH kind of wakes up. He tells GR that whenever he sees GR, he is happy. That is when he realized that a pretty heart is better than a pretty look. He picked all the good-looking things and got there, but they are all not good. It is okay to not be pretty, he wants to have a good heart (or he wants the person to have a good heart?). But he kind of passes out again. GR tells him that he talks about himself better without a microphone.

Kang comes in at that moment and thinks, JSH is still drunk? But then JSH starts to talk again. GR wanted to stick to him when he told her to go away, but when he told her that he liked her, she disappeared. GR embarrassingly looks at Kang and says that JSH is s little crazy, maybe he is practicing his script. But Kang isn’t fooled.

They drag JSH outside and put him on a bench. Kang wants to know if they should abandon him, but GR says they can’t abandon this top star. They start to talk. GR wants to know if Kang remembers the first love she talked about? Kang says it is the hospital guy whose face she doesn’t know, right? GR smiles and points to JSH, it’s him.

JSH wakes up at Kang’s place. At first, he wonders what is going on, but then he realizes where he is. Kang tells JSH that he isn’t professional enough, he can’t drink well. But JSH just rolls his eyes and rolls out of bed. Kang wants to know if he likes GR and JSH says that he does. He likes her as she is, and from now on, don’t put your hand on GR’s shoulder and speak banmal to her, you can do it to anyone else, just not GR.

Kang tells him that he will listen to what he says when GR starts to like him as well. JSH storms out and thinks that Kang and GR live together, what is this? Then he goes to a realtor (while hiding his face) and says that he wants to buy a building that is over there. Cut to the owner coming in….it’s Kang! Kang wants to know why JSH wants to buy the building and JSH said he heard a foreigner owned this building.

But we don’t get any more of their conversation because we cut to JSH going to his home. Jason is there and tells JSH that GR’s mom gets out of the hospital today. JSH runs off!

We then cut to the hospital where GR is helping her mother pack. The mother asks GR if she is dating anyone now. They playfully talk about that and then JSH comes in. He can take them home! Mom thinks it must be this guy…GR shakes her head. But then Kang comes in at that moment. GR’s mom thinks, maybe it’s this guy…GR shakes her head again. The two fellas battle over who can take them home, but GR and her Mom just say that they will take the bus.

But the men aren’t deterred and we cut right to their two cars. They both open their doors for GR and her mother. They also talk about all the benefits of their car…my car is clean…my car is optimized for patients…cleanliness is better….are you saying my car is dirty?

The little girl comes out at that moment and tells them to never come back with a smile. Then she gives JSH a kiss on his cheek. She was super happy yesterday because of Oppa. She tells Kang ajusshi bye as well then runs off. Kang yells after her, hey, how come I am ajusshi but JSH is Oppa?

GR and her mom end up taking JSH’s car home. The mom tells JSH that he is a warm person. Hmm, maybe the moment with the little girl won them over.

TR is about to go on air with all the bad reply commenters. She tells them to call in, she is ready! She gets the first caller who says that she is everywhere but she is nothing now. TR replies in banmal but RH tells her not to use banmal! But TR is cursing to the listeners. Someone downloaded TR’s bikini album for free and TR yells at them, they need to pay the price if they enjoyed it, I remember your number, I will report you to the police! Someone says that she is not a match to JSH and TR starts laughing crazily, she says that she will kill them! The comments keep coming in and TR keeps replying, she says that she was a better actor than JSH when she was little! She is not meat! She is not pork! TR basically rages at the radio show, she is getting all her anger out at the callers and RH and Lee PD just throw their hands up. This is a disaster.

Afterwards, Lee PD says that she cursed 64 times. They will get in a lot of trouble with censorship. TR wonders whose idea this was and RH says that it was GR’s. TR leaves sadly, she walks out and hears someone talking about her. He is tired of her talking about her past glory when she was little, maybe she will be fired soon. But we see that it is her manager! TR doesn’t say anything, she just gets into the car. She sits sadly and calls the company man. But he doesn’t pick up.

JSH drops everyone off at GR’s home safely. Kang arrives as well and walks GR and mom inside. JSH is left looking at them….but then he says, “Song GR.” Cut to JSH and GR in the car, she asks JSH what his wish is.

Meanwhile, JSH’s dad is on a date with the mistress. They are eating, but then the mother shows up. The idol is angry at the mom as she stares at her. They all sit together and the idol wants to know if the mother knows that she asked her to eat. But the mom just has a sharp reply about the idol kneeling to her. But the idol just gives the mother some pictures of her and the dad together, she tells the mother that she will kneel to her as well. The mom sees the photos and starts laughing.

Cut to appa running into JSH and GR. He tells JSH to solve the problem and he is leaving. JSH goes upstairs and sees his mother slapping the idol. He holds her hands and tells her to stop. GR sees this and thinks back to the radio program, what does JSH talk to his parents about? She remembers JSH saying that he can’t remember and maybe it wasn’t a proper conversation.

JSH takes all the photos on the table and leaves. But they still go eat somewhere. JSH is happier and tells her that this is the only place he thought to eat at, does she like it? She can eat and they can go somewhere else for dessert. But GR says that she isn’t in the mood to eat, let’s leave. She feels the same as him.

They leave and go somewhere where they can look over Seoul. JSH says he still has one more wish. GR tells him that she is sorry and she asks him why he is laughing even though it isn’t’ funny. She is sorry that she meddled in his life without knowing anything, she is sorry. She says she was 14 when her father died and 15 when her mom became blind, so she is not talking about who is more unlucky. She just thinks that when she says things, she feels better. Your words and your heart are very close to each other, so sometimes, when you say something, you feel better.

She looks at JSH and sighs.

Then they start walking off and JSH tells GR that he calls his mother CEO because she is not his real mom, she told him at his 9th birthday party. Appa wasn’t at home, he went somewhere with his girlfriend, this is the real face of their family.

GR tells him that she figured out how JSH talks, he says something without saying it. He tries to say things in his own way.

GR – When you say, la la la, I used to think, what is this guy? Is he just ignoring me again? But you were telling me something. Like, go away, or it’s okay, or help me, or hug me, or I want to cry, something like that.

JSH starts to tear as she tells JSH that silence is the way that he talks so when he looks at her like this without telling her anything, like right now, when he looks at her like this, she wants to hug him.

JSH has a tear that falls as GR looks at him. GR pulls him into a big hug and JSH sinks his head into her, but he doesn’t hug her back. He just lets her hug him.

Fade Out.

Does anyone have the preview? It’s not up on YouTube yet.

OST 5 Music Video (thank you for posting this Yongzura!)

Hard subbed MV’s can be found here at MelodicFeverSubs

Scene #1: JSH tells the girl that he likes GR

Scene #2: JSH and his mother argue over the radio DJ work. Boss Mom finally explodes at her husband because he asked her to put DS (his girlfriend) in JSH’s TV drama

Scene #3: The girl DJ asked JSH what his conversations with his family is like, but JSH is quite for a while, he finally says that he doesn’t remember and it wasn’t much of a conversation.

Scene #4: JSH is speechless when he thinks about his family. The girl says what she wanted to say her dad and sees him sitting next to her mom.

Scene #5: JH and TR are angry at each other about JSH and the radio program. The other radio team will have a corner for TR for a bad reply battle. TR is wondering about GR.

Scene #6: JSH and GR make a dea, she will listen to 2 of JSH’s wishes if the girl agrees to be the DJ again.

Scene #7: JSH doesn’t know how to play game and it hearts his pride. GR told SH he can’t drink well and SH drinks all night and passes out. The other radio team is talking about GR

Scene #8: Boss Mom and Jason talk about JSH. JSH is still passed out and he confesses his feelings to GR.

Scene #9: GR tells PD that JSH is her first love. JSH wakes up in PD’s bed and he tells PD that he likes GR and to stop doing what he is doing. JSH tries to purchase the building and PD is the owner the building.

Scene #10:

Scene #11:

Scene #12:

Scene #13:

Scene #14:

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