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Radio Romance Live Recap Episode 8

Live recap for the Korean Drama Radio Romance, episode 8
Episode 8 of Radio Romance will air right after episode 7 finishes. This is the same schedule as last week, which is due to the Winter Olympics. But I think they will be back to the regular Monday/Tuesday schedule starting next week. In addition, you might have problems watching it live on KBS2, due to Olympics as well.

We have had a few requests for back ground music from Radio Romance so we are going to try and put a music list together for this drama. We’ll try to post it this week sometime.

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How we do this: We update the post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos, but we try to fix all those once the episode finishes airing. Also, there might be updates galore at the bottom (time permitting), so check back in!

Shorthand (a work in progress)
Song Gu-rae – GR | Ji Su-ho – SH | Jin Tae-ri – TR | Lee Kang – LK or K | Ra Ra-hee – RH | Lee Sung-su – SS | Moon Sung-woo – SW | Choi Ae-ran

Airing Time: Feb. 20th, 23:00 Seoul
Countdown: KKEUT
How To Watch Live: KBS website

JSH walks GR to a quiet spot. He tells her that he has wanted to tell her one thing ever since he met her. He will tell her what he wasn’t able to tell her before. He likes her. I like you.

GR is caught off guard but asks JSH why he likes her when his girlfriend is there. JSH doesn’t know what she is talking about. GR tells him that she wants them to stay as a DJ and writer. But JSH tells her that he doesn’t want that. He wants to date her with 100% of his heart and he will do it until she recognizes him. If he behaves like before then he will let her go. But he tells her that he knows her, they knew each other for a long long time.

TR is angry, and everyone starts to leave. The company man says bye to everyone and then TR slaps him. TR thinks that the president just played her. She storms out and sees JSH and GR together. She marches up to them and starts laying into JSH. Doesn’t he remember that they were supposed to make their relationship public now? She tells GR that she can leave.

But JSH tells TR that they were in the middle of talking. GR is uncomfortable thought and says that she will leave. She leaves, JSH tries to follow her, but TR grabs him. Meanwhile, Boss Mom gets a message that the party didn’t work out as it should have.

They are both sitting and talking at a cafe. TR tells him that she just needs a few pictures. It won’t be a huge issue in his life, they used to be friends, right? Doesn’t she look pitiful to him? But JSH just asks her if she thinks he is happy? He storms off and TR tries not to cry.

GR goes home and thinks back to what JSH said. She really can’t remember him? He likes her, and he knows her, they knew each other for a very long time. GR opens her phone and only has a few people in her contact list. She is about to call JSH but doesn’t call him. She puts her phone away and goes into her home.

Once inside she immediately calls for her mom and goes to her moms’ room. But her mother is not there. She is not anywhere. GR calls her phone, but the phone is ringing inside the house. GR goes to it and sees that her mother passed out in the bathroom. At that same time, JSH pulls up to her home.

Inside, GR calls 911, she doesn’t know when she became unconscious. Then she calls the PD, but he isn’t picking up. But JSH calls and GR picks up, she tells him that she doesn’t know what to do, her Mom…

JSH races with GR to the hospital and goes inside. The mom lays in the bed and a voiceover says that the mother might have been working too hard and got a little dizzy and passed out. GR thinks that she has been working too hard lately, she should be with her mother more. JSH watches GR care for her mother, but then he leaves. He calls someone, he needs to ask Doctor Yoon a favor.

Cut to GR’s mom in a VIP room. GR wants to know why her mother was moved here and the nurse tells her that everything has been paid for, if she needs anything then she can contact them. GR calls JSH and tells him that he did it. He has done enough favors for them. But JSH says that he did it because she made him feel sorry, but he did the same to her. GR tells him not to joke and JSH says that he isn’t joking. She should just sleep, she had a hard day because of her mother. GR wants to know what JSH was saying earlier, but he tells her that she won’t remember anyway, and she should sleep.

They are planning their machinations about TR being JSH’s partner in a large company meeting.

The radio director yells at Kang about the news about JSH’s new drama. He wants to know if Kang new about this? Kang says he didn’t, but he will take care of it.

Back at the company, the father yells at the mother about TR, she is crazy, what if she spreads all his photos around? But the boss mom is calmer. The mom tells JSH to quit the radio and the father agrees. Radio isn’t classy enough for them. But JSH tells them that he wants to do the radio. It is the first time that he wants to do something in his life. But the Mom doesn’t want him to do it. She tells him that they will have a donation party at a hospital, so he should attend that.

GR’s mom wakes up! GR tells her that she shouldn’t sleep 12 hours and be on the floor when she gets home and takes some new drug. Mom apologizes, she says it is because her daughter is so busy. But GR says her mother is more important to her than anything. They keep talking about how much they love each other and how scary it was. Then GR tells her that this is the hospital where she had her eye surgery. The mom wonders…is that so?

Kang approaches the Boss Mom at the company. The mom tells him that she is sorry about all this business stuff. Kang tells her that the radio isn’t business, it is a relationship. The mother shouldn’t play with relationships like this. Kang tells the mom that JSH honors his promises and the mother is very different from him. This is not JSH’s will. He leaves but then he comes back and tells her that the painting shouldn’t be there, it has no warmth and it isn’t enough to show the painters feeling. He leaves, and the mother looks at him, pissed.

Kang goes to the writer’s room and the music man, Ko Hun-jung is there. But GR isn’t there.

Cut to JSH and TR at a commercial. JSH keeps calling GR but she isn’t answering. It distracts him from the commercial. But it looks like JSH is updating his own Instagram now? He calls GR again and wonders what she is doing.

Meanwhile, GR is at the hospital. She meets with a little kid there who overhead her cell phone conversation with the radio station. This little girl is the biggest fan of Radio Romance, she wanted to meet with GR. She wonders why GR didn’t pick up her story? We cut to GR pushing her mother around the station. She tells her mom that she met a fan who had listened to the radio program from the first episode. It reminds her of old times. We see a flashback of young GR as GR and her mother walk around the hospital. We see all the spots that young GR hangs out at in the hospital. We even see her and young JSH.

Finally, Mom tells GR that she remembers GR’s first love. She went on a date with him every day right here. She didn’t know his face though and she wonders how she can love someone whose face she doesn’t know. Takes keep walking.

RH has gone crazy and is laughing like a maniac in the studio. Sung-su PD says that when she gets nervous, she starts to go crazy.

Meanwhile, JSH tells TR that he is focusing on the radio, he won’t do a couple award or whatever. TR wants to know if he likes radio that much? Does he like the writer so much? Does he have to do the program with her?


TR just sinks back in a fit of rage. But she can’t do anything to JSH.

Kang visits GR’s mom in the hospital. He wants to know why GR only called him once. She tells him that she called JSH and then JSH shows up. Both of them brought food and it is a standoff. But then the little girl sees JSH and yells from the door. Soon, a crowd forms. But G is angry, she thinks they should leave so her mom can get better. Kang thinks that is a great idea, JSH should leave. But GR tells Kang to leave also. Cut to them both leaving with a trail of people following them for signatures.

Kang and JSH go to talk in an empty cafe. JSH is wearing sunglasses and Kang tells him to take them off, no one is here. JSH takes them off, annoyed, and then they get to talking. Kang tells him that they should find a new writer, but JSH doesn’t want to find a new writer. Kang gets up and tells him that he likes him so much right now.

Cut to GR, Kang, and JSH sitting outside. They will broadcast with GR’s script now. They can even broadcast in the hospital, which is the best area? GR tells them that she knows hospital life, a lot of people aren’t happy in the hospital, so she wants to have a broadcast there so everyone can be happy. GR doesn’t’ want everyone to have a hard time though, JSH’s writers can write it.

JSH tells her that they should do the broadcast in the hospital. He isn’t doing it for her (he looks at Kang).

Cut to JSH wearing a hospital gown. They wonder why he is wearing it and he says it is because he is overworked. Kang tells GR that JSH is so weak, he worried about his health a lot. They all continue talking about doing the program in the hospital and GR tells them to stop joking around. But do they have any other ideas?

Cut to the little sick girl looking so happy to talk to them. GR takes the girl to the side and GR tells her that she lied about wanting to become a DJ so that she could see JSH right? She is JSH’s biggest fan. The girl is putting on lipstick and tells GR that she is going to die in 6 months anyway, so from today, her dream is to be a radio DJ. Make that happen GR, please? In the other room, Kang fills in JSH about this little girl.

GR talks to her mother about what is going on. Then she goes outside and texts JSH, can she meet with him? She has a personal question about what they were talking about. But Jason is sneak peeking her and then surprised her. He wants to have a drink with her. Is that okay? Cut to them drinking in the hospital.

Jason thinks that GR and JSH are close, but GR asks him how he knows JSH. Jason tells her that he is JSH’s doctor for insomnia and stress. He knows JSH because they went to college together. He has a lot of questions about her as well. He got his cell phone because of her and is going radio because of her.

The mom goes into JSH’s hospital room. They have a standoff and she wonders if he is going somewhere. GR’s mom is there, is he going there? He says that he is. Mom tells JSH that GR will become miserable, is that okay with him? They will do the charity fundraiser there. She lays some paper on the bed and leaves.

JSH sits on the same couch from before and thinks back to when he and GR were younger. GR wants to remove her blindfold so that she can see his face. But he stops her, he just wants her to remember him like this. GR tells him that she will remember him like this, even when they are older, she will remember him.

At the same time, GR is walking. She asks Jason if JSH was hospitalized there too? She wants to know, was his old name Woo Ji-woo? Jason says, how did she know that? GR thinks back to what JSH told her, does she really not remember him? They knew each other for a long time.

While walking, GR runs into JSH sitting in the hallway. She tells him, let me ask you one question. We, together, here, we sat here together before? And you met Son Gu-rim who wore an eye cover?

Flashback of JSH looking through a window at GR with the eye cover. He followed her out and when she was about to fall, he grabbed her wrist. They talked a lot and sat all around the hospital together. He watches her playing with kids and she saw his face.

In the present, she says that it was JSH. That is why he did that to her. She tells him sorry, was he sad that she didn’t recognize him? JSH didn’t grow at all and she tells him that it is great to see him and extends her hand. He shakes it and she smiles at him. But he isn’t smiling, he is just thinking back to all there moments of her comforting him and their kiss in the church and him telling her to remember him like this.

GR wonders if JSH slept well since then, he didn’t sleep so well before, did he sleep well. JSH tells her that he didn’t sleep well.

They walk down the hallway and GR wants to know why he just didn’t tell her that from the beginning. And why did he trip her? GR tells her that he tripped her because a man was…..GR thinks that he is a twisted man (or that twisted man?). Then they talk about what happened when she was drunk. She kept waking up and then threw up all over his clothes. But she just says, “whatever” and calls him a pervert. JSH smiles and she wants to know how he can smile, he tortured her. She fell in the water for him! But how did he know where she lived? He said that he followed her 12 years ago (flashback to young JSH following her home).

GR calls him a stalker, he followed her? But then she apologized and says that whenever she opens her mouth, she exaggerates. But JSH says that it isn’t exaggerating, it is true. GR tells him that even though he says that he liked her 12 years ago, does he think that she is that kind of woman? But JSH just pulls her close to him and out of view.

He tells her that a reporter was in the hallway. GR wonders what they should do, but he tells her that they can keep talking about what she was talking about. He repeats what she said, and she is kind of embarrassed, did she really sound that much of a B? He tells her kind of, but he wants her to finish what she was saying.

But then TR calls at that moment and JSH doesn’t’ pick up the phone. They hear her talking, why isn’t he picking up the phone? We cut to TR looking around everywhere for JSH and we also see JSH and GR hiding in the closet. They are very close together.

GR wants to know what this is, he said it was a reporter, but it was TR. Was there really a reporter? JSH tells GR to not mistake TR. GR just wonders why he is telling her that.

Cut to GR back in her mom’s room. Her and JSH are separate, but they are awake. Then we see JSH with a big smile in his bed.

Kang treats everyone to a yoga class at the hospital. He actually has a large class of patients. GR and JSH look at him from the window and Kang yells at them to join. But they just think he is crazy.

GR wants to interview the patients and their relative and grandkids. But one of the patients gets upset and yells. Kang fixes the situation by showing them that he has persimmon for them. It eases the situation. Then Kang, GR, and JSH go to a convenience store and buy some food. JSH wants to buy it for GR, but she wants to go Dutch. But then JSH grabs a banana milk and gives it to GR. Kang wants to know how JSH knows this about GR and they start to talk about hospital food. Kang says that he knows so much because both of his parents died in a hospital, but then he looks like he misspoke and quickly makes the situation light again.

But at that moment JSH gets a call from the company man. He goes to meet him. The company man wants to know what is going on. JSH hates the hospital, is it because of GR? JSH wants to know how much Company man is paid by his mother, he will pay twice as much.

Then we cut to the radio AD talking about how working with JSH gives him a hard time, but JSH overhears him. He mentions that Kang worried about GR a lot and it gives the radio AD a hard time. Cut to GR with Kang and JSH. They both want to give GR their jacket. Then GR coughs and Kang gives her some medicine. JSH notices all of this.

JSH goes there and the mother meets with all the kids. The mother gives all the kids a gift. All the kids are very seriously ill and the girl who is JSH’s biggest fan is also there. The mother says that this girl will be on the radio program and they will feature her in a company story. Then the mother starts to talk about all the rumors. JSH tells her that she lives like this, doesn’t she get tired? He is getting tired. But then the elevator door opens, and the mother and son put on their fake smiles to the world.

GR is working hard and coughing. She worries about waking up her mother and decides to go into the hallway.

She works in the hallway and tries to stay awake.

Meanwhile, Jason brings JSH something to give to GR. JSH wanted it to give to GR, which is why Jason picked a pink one. JSH goes to meet with GR, but then he sees her sleeping on the couch in the hallway and Kang putting a blanket over her. They have a stare off.

JSH meets with Kang he tells him that he should treat GR toughly. If someone sees this, then they will think that Kang likes writer GR. Kang tells GR that he does like writer GR.

Fade Out.

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