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Radio Romance Live Recap Episode 6

Live Recap for Kdrama Radio Romance
We will live recap this episode as soon as episode 5 finishes airing. The Olympics has Radio Romance airing both episodes on Tuesday this week and possibly next week as well.

The Waikiki live recap comes up right after this one ends, see you there!

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Shorthand (a work in progress)
Song Gu-rae – GR | Ji Su-ho – SH | Jin Tae-ri – TR | Lee Kang – LK or K | Ra Ra-hee – RH | Lee Sung-su – SS | Moon Sung-woo – SW | Choi Ae-ran

Airing Time: Feb. 13th, 23:00 Seoul
Countdown: KKEUT!…will update later on today
How To Watch Live: KBS website


GR is sleeping in the 30-year-old studio and JSH is watching her. She wakes up and they look at each other for a moment.

JSH – I am curious about you.

He keeps looking at her, but then two people come in and JSH and GR hide under the table. SS is complaining to the Radio AD, Hun-jung about the list. PD SS tells him to just go to the booth. The AD goes tot he booth and GR and JSH pretend like they are working hard in the booth.

Cut to the Radio AD telling the other writers that JSH stayed in the booth overnight with GR. They say that GR must be special, if you stay in a radio booth overnight, something happens. But someone tells them not to talk about those things. They laugh and say that they have namaste.

Cut to the director meeting with writer RH, PDSS, and Kang. It looks like Kang’s team won the ratings. Kang tells them that his team will do the radio program in the older DJ’s booth. They all wonder if he gave permission? Kang smiles and leaves. The director thinks that he can’t just hate Kang and smiles as Kang leaves.

Outside, GR and JSH are eating and talking. GR wants to know what it means for him to be curious about her. But then Kang comes between them and starts to eat GR’s food. JSH pushes his sandwich in Kang’s face and tells him to eat his instead. Kang tells JSH that they are #1 now because of JSH, so they are going somewhere to celebrate.

But JSH isn’t coming. They tell him that he has to come, they will have a commercial and they need his face. Cut to GR talking to DJ SW. DJ SW isn’t super thrilled with them using his booth. He isn’t upset about it either though. They try to convince him. JSH is there as well as they try to convince him and DJ SW asks JSh why he wants to do the program in his booth. JSH says he doesn’t want to do it in that booth, any booth is fine, a booth is a booth.

For some reason this makes the DJ say that they can use his booth. But he has to come to the mountains with him all the time. He wants to show JSH that not all booths are the same. he leaves and they start to go to the mountains. GR catches up with the DJ and tells him that she feels betrayed. How can he invite JSH to the mountains so quickly? The DJ says that JSh is cute and heads up the mountain.

Back in the restaurant, Kang tells JSH that the JSH effect is big. he gets everything when he uses JSH. In the background, everyone is taking pictures of JSH, but he pretends not to notice them. They go outside and Kang challenges JSH to a game. They will shoot their trash into the trashcan. JSH gets serious and they both shoot their trash at the same time. But JSH misses and Kang gets ecstatic. They leave and Kang brings a Ramen box with him as a present to their listeners.

They go inside to meet with someone who is a person who gave them a story. This was a story about cosmetics. The man developed a type of facial, but no one likes it. he says that he hates it when people suffer when they are young. he couldn’t pay his bills and he is about to throw all his facial stuff. But he listened to the radio and heard a lot of people like him. Kang says that they will support him, Kang and JSH support young people and they will buy his cosmetics. GR tells the person that a failed thing can be a success, fighting!

the doctor friend is giving a speech. He is talking about JSH’s symptoms and how this person is making different choices because of another person, not the environment.

JSH’s mother is talking to the company man and telling him that JSh is strange now because he is making his own choices. But she gets a call and tells the company man to leave. Cut to TR talking to some men about being qualified to be in their commercial. They don’t want her in the commercial, but she tries to talk them into it. They mention her rumor and she tells them that they are bald men talking about her rumor and saying that it is true. She tells them that she is better than men who come to places like this. One of the men hits her and pulls her hair but this doesn’t stop TR. The company man shows up though and pulls her out.

TR is shaken outside but tries to compose herself. The company man goes back inside to tells the men that he is sorry, please forgive them. The men yell about TR and tell him to take care of it. The company man smiles at gives them a drink. he asks them if they will give her the commercial job for the refrigerator? They think he is crazy. he yells at them, why did they hit her and pull her hair if they won’t give her the job! Then he tells them that he will pay for their drinks and leaves.

He walks past TR but TR stops him and calls him ajusshi. She says that she will use JSH, ajusshi has the evidence.

GR gives JSH the rewrite. Kang comes out and tells her, “Maknae, let’s go.” Then he tells JSH that they are leaving. But JSH wants to know why Kang calls GR the youngest. She is the main writer. Kang says that he only calls GR “maknae” but maybe he should call her baby writer? JSH doesn’t want Kang to call her maknae. But Kang says that JSH doesn’t even use her script, why is he complaining about this?

JSH tells GR that he has a commercial in the mountains and he might be late, he wants her to take him maybe? #4 comes up: GR cannot deny what JSH says. It looks like JSH wants GR to drive him there.

RH confronts GR about JSH and what her role is. She basically vents to her about the injustice and makes GR upset about it. GR goes home in deep contemplation. She thinks about what RH said, JSH’s team is writing everything, so is she an errand writer or a dishwasher writer? But she also thinks that a failure can be a success.

Meanwhile, JSH gets a call from GR. he answers it. they start to talk about the script and small talk. GR is very relaxed on her end, but JSH is stiff on his end. GR tells him that she really wants to write him a good script. The DJ and writer should talk to each other. JSH wants to know if it made her angry that he didn’t DJ with her script? She says that it made her angry, but she isn’t angry anymore. She isn’t angry at him, she was angry at herself, Song Gu-rim. then she asks him a personal question, why doesn’t he have a cell phone? he says that he has no one to talk to and no one to pick up the phone. GR tells him that he is so selfish. He can call her and Kang. What if she wants to talk to him? He can pick up the phone. Can’t he just buy one?

JSH – If I buy one, are you going to call me every day?
GR – Huh?
JSH – Are you at home?
GR – Yes
JSH – Then go to bed early, because you are my driver tomorrow.

They get off the phone and GR looks at it as if JSH just said something crazy.

Cut to the commercial in the mountains. JSH is doing the commercial with an Idol. they have a lunch break and JSH brings GR something to eat in his car. GR asks him if she can leave and go somewhere. She knows someone nearby. She goes to the school that will end soon and is having the last graduation party. The teacher tells her that the kids have to move to another school. GR goes outside and a little kid talks to her in banmal. GR thinks he is protesting because he doesn’t want to leave his school. This little kid reminds her of JSH.

Inside, the teacher talks to GR. the boy wants to graduate with his friend, but he won’t. This other kid is getting treatment in Seoul but the teacher didn’t tell the other kids about it.

Back at the commercial, TR shows up and forces the Idol out. they have a confrontation about it which turns into a hair-pulling fight. JSH leaves and lets them fight. He goes outside and pulls the phone away from the company man, he asks his mom why she is doing this to him. But she basically says that she isn’t doing anything. Then she goes back to her contract meeting and signs JSH’s stamp on the contract.

TR finally gets in the commercial with JSH. But once they finish shooting, JSH leaves. TR wants to know why he is doing this to her. JSH thinks they can be friendly to each other, TR starts to talk to him about his mother, they are really mother and son….but this annoys JSH and he leaves again.

Meanwhile, Kang is setting up the 30-year-old studio and PD sung-su is goading him about something. Kang tries to ignore PDSS, and he does a good job. he tells PDSS not to touch anything and he leaves.

back at the commercial, JSH tells the manager and TR that he has to leave with GR. GR comes up at that time and tells him to get int the call right away. he does and they drive off. It looks like they have a large amount of snowfall coming and it will be a snow storm after 3 pm. GR looks very concerned about this as she drives. then they get to the highway and there is huge traffic, they are stuck. Everyone is trying to get to Seoul.

GR calls Kang and tells them that they are stuck on the highway. The director wants to know if they have anything that is recorded? the director is about to have a heart attack. Kang tells them that they are broadcasting, definitely, and they need to go to some location and do the broadcast in the live car. GR thinks that she has an idea. She turns the car around and they go back to the elementary school. Kang tells GR that she has to set up everything, then he asks to talk to JSH. Kang tells JSH that he didn’t want him to call her maknae, so JSH should also treat her as the main writer, at least for today.

They get off the phone and everyone looks concerned back at the broadcast station. GR also looks nervous as they wait in the snow for the live car to show up.

But then we see JSH put his scarf over GR and tigh it. He tells her, don’t be nervous. She says that she is not shaking because of the cold.

JSH asks her what he can do and she says that she needs his help. She has to write everything in one house. Can JSH do the interview with Sang-ho, the last graduate? he is just like JSH so they should have a lot in common.

Cut to the little boy destroying the party. JSH follows him. The little boy wants to throw the flower, but he doesn’t throw it. he uses banmal to JSH and then leaves and takes the flower with him. he wants to know why JSH is following him around. Is he on the same side as that poodle hair woman? But JSH just sits with him and talks to him about his friend. The boy didn’t want his friend to leave, but he yells at him to leave even though he didn’t want him to leave. the boy thinks back to that moment and wonders hoe JSH knew that. JSh says that he knew it, whoever is not coming back will never come back.

Cut to the live van. It arrived and it is being set up outside. The antenna goes up and all the buttons and slides and everything gets arranged. This is a super decked out van. GR prepares all the music and her script inside the school. They set up a studio in the gymnasium and JSh comes back. he says that he didn’t do a good interview, but he asks for her script.

But then a teacher comes up and says that Sang-ho disappeared. She thinks he went to Seoul. Everyone goes out to look for him.

JSH and GR also go to look for him. they think that they should cancel the show. But JSH thinks they should look for him some more. JSH runs around and finds the little boy sitting with a light. he turns the flashlight on and off while sitting on a bridge. JSH also thinks back to himself turning the light on and off at his bed. This little kid really does remind him of himself. JSH goes up to him and apologizes. he says that he shouldn’t have told him that, but it is true, whoever is not coming, is not coming. but some people can’t come back even though they want to come back. Someone told him when he was little that not crying doesn’t mean that you are not sad and smiling doesn’t mean that you are happy.

he tells the little boy that he doesn’t have to endure. the little boy says that his friend says that he will be back before the graduation day. But he told his friend to just leave and he will not wait. So he feels like his friend isn’t coming back because he told him to leave. So it hurts him, he wonders if he should wait and not graduate, or if he should graduate, he doesn’t know. JSH tells the boy that there is a way to tell his friend what he feels. He can tell him through the radio and his friend will listen to him somewhere and he will know how he feels.

They both go back inside together and the boy sits at the table with JSH. There is only one minute left and they prepare everything. Then, cue!

Kang is in the booth back at the station and JSH is with the boy at the school. He interviews him about the light flash and how the friend sends the signal to his friend. He should come back soon so they can play soccer and raise the plant together and graduate together. He told his friend to leave, but he really wanted to tell his friend not to leave and to stay.

A lot of people start to call the radio station about the school.

GR writes on a poster, what is the last thing that the friend wants to say?

The little boy says that he wants his school to stay alive. He doesn’t want to graduate because his friend won’t have anywhere to come back too. he doesn’t want to graduate by himself.

GR writes something on the board, all the school students will sing their goodbye song.

All the students come out and they start to sing their song and the little boy starts to cry. Everyone starts to cry and become emotional. Even GR’s Mom is listening to the radio and is emotional. RH and the bad PD are listening to it as well. 30-year-old show is a big hit.

GR goes up to JSH and tells him that he can say whatever he wants to say for the closing. She goes back to her seat.

JSH thinks back to a flashback. “I heard this in the radio, not crying doesn’t mean that you aren’t sad, and smiling doesn’t mean that you are happy….”

On the radio, JSH says that crying doesn’t mean that you are not sad and smiling doesn’t mean that you are happy, a friend told me that. JSH’s Radio Romance, we will say goodbye with this comment.

Kang and the radio PD high five. But then someone posts that JSH killed someone. They also have some postcards that say that JSH is a killer.

Cut to Jason talking to someone. He says that he wonders what type of response JSH will have and he starts laughing.

GR is with the little kid and she asks when he and JSH became so close. The boy says that JSH had to tell someone to leave once too, maybe he has been waiting for someone forever. JSH comes out at that moment and pats the boy on the head. He says he should leave now and smiles. GR gives the boy a hug and they tell him to visit them if he comes to Seoul. They congratulate him for his graduation and the boy wants to know where JSH put his graduation certificate. JSH tells him that he doesn’t have a graduation certificate.

We cut to a funeral memorial building. JSH put his graduation certificate with Woo Ji-woo and the company man manager is looking at it.

Cut back to GR, she gives JSH a big hug and tells him that she had a big dream. She put her stamp on her listeners today and JSH helped to make that happen. She tells him that she thought about what he said earlier. Crying and smiling….she really likes it, where did he hear it? She thinks that it seems like the two of them have a connection, right?

Flashback to a girl pretending like she can’t see? Or maybe she can’t see, her eyes are covered and she is trying to walk with a walking stick. JSH sees her and helps her. He sits with her. JSH says that when he was very young, he suffered from a high fever for 3 days, but his parents didn’t know about it, funny right? The girl says that it isn’t funny at all and why is he laughing? She gives him a big hug and tells him that when she was sick, her mom will pat her on the back and she doesn’t feel sick at all. But not crying doesn’t mean that you are not sad and smiling doesn’t mean that you are happy.

Back to the present,

JSH – Son Gu-rim…you…really don’t remember me?

He covers her eyes and moves in to kiss her and he does kiss her!

Flashback to him kissing her in a church when she was blind.

We cut back to the present and we see their kiss in the snow.

Fade Out.

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