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Radio Romance Live Recap Episode 5

Live Recap for Kdrama Radio Romance
The Olympics has rearranged our recap schedule today. Episode 5 of Radio Romance airs at 22:00 and episode 6 airs at 23:00 (right after this one).

In the last episode Ji Su-ho didn’t use any of Gu-rae’s script for the radio show. I think we will see the repercussions of that action throughout today’s episode. But first, lets find out what happened with Kang, Gu-rae, and Ji Su-ho at Kang’s car from the ending of the last episode.

Remember, episode 6 for Radio Romance comes on right after this one ends, see you there!

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Shorthand (a work in progress)
Song Gu-rae – GR | Ji Su-ho – SH | Jin Tae-ri – TR | Lee Kang – LK or K | Ra Ra-hee – RH | Lee Sung-su – SS | Moon Sung-woo – SW | Choi Ae-ran

Airing Time: Feb. 12th, 22:00 Seoul
Countdown: KKEUT…will update today sometime
How To Watch Live: KBS website


JSH slams the door and Kang comes up to him. JSH wants to talk to GR one-on-one. But Kang says that he can talk to him. GR tries to get a word in, but they ignore her and start to talk to each other. She tries to talk still and barge her way in, but Kang pushes her back casually and she falls to the ground. They both offer her their hands, but she just stands and leaves. They can take care of whatever and she walks off.

They let her leave and JSH tells Kang that they should change their location. Kang tells him that he cares about peoples opinions a lot, where can they go that would allow him to yell at Kang? JSH says they can go to his house. They take off in their respective cars but the car rid turns into a race down the streets of Seoul. They each try to one-up each other as they race. Kang tries to look at JSH, but JSH ignores him. JSH finally looks at him at the light and smiles. Then he takes off again.

Her mother is there and wonders when her program starts. GR tells her mom that her opening was really good, everyone loved it. But her mom thinks something happened, she promised not to be bright only to her. Her mother knows everything. GR tells her that they ditched her script. Her mother tells her that this is normal. You have to have some hardship and grow. But GR says that they drive her crazy, how could he do that.

Kang and JSH get home and immediately go back to their back and forth. They argue about not being confident with live radio or with your voice. The conversation turns to star guests. They won’t have star guests because they already have a star there. He wants a proposal…F your proposal….

Meanwhile, writer RH and Lee PD are arguing about the situations they are in.

Back to JSH’s house. Kang is using banmal and tells JSH that if he doesn’t like it then he can use banmal too. Kang said that he erased JSH’s recording and he will do it over and over again until he is happy with it. he can do those things as the PD.

GR gets a clip as to why Kang was fired before and we see Kang tying one of the DJ’s up. Then there is another person who leaves and Kang lays in front of him on the street and tells him to drive over him. GR can’t believe what she is seeing, but she thinks…maybe nothing will happen.

Cut back to JSH and Kang. Kang thinks JSH might give up, but he isn’t saying that. JSH says that he never gives up, neither does Kang, they go back and forth about not giving up. JSH says he has a contract which means it is a promise. Kang kneads him about always keeping his promise and pulls out a drink. Fast forward several drinks later, Kang is super drunk and talking about all the DJs that quit because of him. JSH is also stupid drunk and tells him that his project team is bad…your project team is also bad….I will quit if you don’t follow my proposal….I never lost before….me too….I am Lee Kang….I am Ji Su-ho….hahahaha.

They keep drinking one-for-one over and over again.

GR tells the team that she doesn’t have contact with Kang, but the other team members aren’t too concerned about it. GR gets an email from a student about her being the last graduate of the school because the school is closing. Kang walks in at that moment and starts to shoot a red light all around. he wonders what they are talking about….what will Ji Su-ho’s planning team do? Just write the opening and closing in an hour, don’t tell me you can’t. Get the music list and advertise that we are getting postcards. Kang tells them all that they aren’t going home, they must do it or he will kill them all!

The team complains that “Namaste” didn’t last as long as it should have. Kang is back to normal again. GR then wonders what happened between JSH and Kang. Cut to JSH waking up from his drunken stupor. The doorbell rings. Ding dong, it is the company man and his mother. The mother wants to know how the recording went, but then she sees all the liquor on the coffee table. His mother wants to know how much he is going to change. He says that it was just drinks. But his mother says that she represents her as well. JSH tells her that he has to go to the radio.

Writer RH, Lee PD, and another person are there. The radio director comes in with Tae-ri and everyone wonders why she is there. it looks like she is the guest for today. JSH’s company put TR as the guest. But TR thought she was going to JSH’s team, why is she with this ajumma? Writer PD is flabbergasted. Then we see TR outside with an Idol and harassing her. They take a selfie and TR says that her face is so much smaller.

Meanwhile, GR is outside talking on the phone and runs up to TR. She notices her as a kid actor and TR is happy that this happened. GR asks to take her photo with TR and butters her up. She has been a big fan of hers since she was little. TR wants to know if she wants her autograph? GR does want it, but then she gets a call from JSH and her face falls, she tells JSH that she will be right there. She leaves and TR wonders…JSH?

They meet again and handshake. Kang says that if JSH doesn’t like his proposal then he is quitting in the flashback. They keep shaking hands in the present as if they are trying to break each other’s hand. But then GR shows up and they all go to start the radio program.

JSH sits at his spot and GR gives him the script. She leaves and they start to be on-air. But Kang is not giving JSH his cue. Everyone looks at him, then he gives the cue. Ah, it is live! But JSH doesn’t know this? Maybe he knows. They play music and GR tells a caller that she can talk to JSH after the music. The caller asks JSH something, but then appa is on the phone asking why someone is calling his daughter, she is a high school student! Don’t call his daughter again or he will kill you!

Everyone starts laughing over the radio and we see GR’s mom laughing at home. Then GR tells the PD that they should cut and then start over, but it is live! He doesn’t know that it is live. JSH gets a message saying that it is live on-air! he is shocked and he doesn’t know what to say. GR starts typing for him to follow the script and it appears on his computer. JSH tells everyone that they should listen to music first and he plays a song.

JSh gets up and asks Kang, what is this? But Kang says that the song is short so he should go back inside. JSH goes back inside, but he is nervous now, he can’t read the screen well, it is on and off. The on-air part is on and off. Everyone wants him to say something, but he is just quiet. GR types for him to say something and it appears on his screen. There are 4 minutes of him not saying anything. They play another song. This is a big problem. The director comes in, screams, and points at GR. She goes out.

On the internet, everyone is reading about how JSH didn’t know that it was live. JSH storms out again and says that he doesn’t do live. But Kang showed him the contract, JSH said that live is okay on the contract, probably in his drunken stupor.

Meanwhile, the director is whisper-yelling at GR outside. Does she think JSH will be okay with live?

Back inside the writers’ studio, Kang plays the video recording of JSH signing that live is okay. he brings up the contract and then tells JSH that he must follow the contract. JSH fires back that he will kill Kang if his reputation is tainted because of this.

Kang leaves and runs right into the company man manager. The manager wants to break Kang’s phone and asks him to erase the video of JSH drunkenly signing the contract. he does and the manager leaves, but Kang thinks that he can recover it easily.

Meanwhile, JSH is leaving in the parking garage. GR runs up to him, distraught. JSH says that he will try for one month. GR asks him to take this phone because she is going crazy. DJ’s are disappearing and all that. The manager takes it and GR sighs at the day they are having.

The mother and father look at all the news. The mother tells someone to fire everyone. The father isn’t that concerned about it, but the mother is enraged. She calls writer RH and tells her to do her best.

JSH goes home. He gets a post-it note from his friend that is on his chair. It says to not look for him or talk to him. He goes to his room and thinks about what Kang told him. They have to keep their oath to each other and JSH needs to do his best in the booth, or he will kill him tomorrow. He looks at the phone and what GR said plays in his head. “Please pick up the phone when I call you.” He goes back to sleep.

Writer RH is pushing around another writer. She tells her to go get her a sandwich. The writer is annoyed and leaves, she runs right into GR and pushes GR out of her way. GR sits to chat with RH and RH tells all the other writers to leave. They look at each other like something is about to happen, but they leave. RH asks GR todo something for her, she doesn’t have a sub-writer anymore…

JSH is still at home. he is looking up his reputation on the internet, it isn’t that great. he closes it and then gets a phone call. it is from his doctor friend. his doctor friend tries to cheer him up about the big mistake he made during the broadcast, is JSH okay? JSh says that he is okay and his friend kind of shouts at the phone and hangs up quickly.

The idol and TR are both on-air. But TR starts to say something that she shouldn’t say. RH types something to her and TR starts to take over the radio program. RH thinks she will go crazy. Meanwhile, outside, GR is handing out presents in the cold. It looks like an event of some kind that she is creating for the radio show. It looks like RH has sent GR to all these locations to hand out presents.

All the writers are having drinks and thinking about how lowly they are. the writer that got pissed earlier thinks this is all because of GR. But the other writers don’t think so, they say that GR is being Santa Clause in February. But they start to talk about rumors and how JSH’s company is behind GR. One of the writers asks the others if they have seen GR’s contract with JSH?

Meanwhile, GR has finished up her job and is back at the radio station. it is all dark and no one is there. She pulls out some food and starts eating it and then the older DJ, Sung-woo comes out. They relax and talk for a bit. GR says that she wanted to be the main writer so much, but her script is not on the radio even though she is the main writer and she has a bad relationship with writer Tornado now. She wonders how life can swing so much. But DJ SW tells her to not talk about how hard life is and all that.

They leave and hang out with DJ SW in his studio. GR vents to him and tells him that she wants their team to do their program in his studio, it would be great. DJ SW tells GR to work hard at what she failed on. He tells her that post-it notes came out because they were failed glue. So he tells her to keep working hard at what she is failing at.

JSH is still reading his replies. Some of the replies are good now, someone tells him that she likes his voice and she likes that he made a mistake. But then he sees that he has a new movie coming out that he might not know about? he closes the computer and leaves.

TR tries to talk to the mother at a shop, but the mother ignores her. TR isn’t deterred, she sticks around and gives TR something as a gift. Then she leaves and TR smiles.

JSH has shown up now and confronts his mother. The father tells him to go easy, he just has to work for a month and have a nice time for the rest of the year. They sit for dinner, but then a phone goes off. JSH picks up the phone and everyone thinks that is strange. GR’s mom is calling the phone and JSH answers it, he leaves right away. Boss mom watches him leave and throws her cup. It breaks over the floor.

JSH meets with GR’s mom outside in front of KBS. He tells her that he was the person on the phone. He gives her a ride home and she tells him that someone snatched her bag. She said it is common, but she lost her wallet. Then she starts to talk to JSh about the radio show. He tells him that her daughter works for the radio but her DJ is JSH and he is an Ass. JSH doesn’t say anything to this.

They get home and JSH takes her inside. JSH wants to help, but GR’s mom knows where everything is. She says that she was bluffing because she wants to prepare something for JSH to eat. JSh looks at the mother and she wants to know if he is looking at her? He says no, but GR’s mom says that she knows how to do everything because she can hear and smell. they sit down for a meal and GR comes home at that time. Her mother tells GR that she became best friends with the douchebag and GR tells her mom that JSh is not a jerk! But the mom laughs and they all sit to eat.

GR happily gives her mom side dishes and smiles. JSH watches them. Then Kang comes over to eat as well and wonders how JSH is there. Everyone stops and Kang and JSH stare at each other. But then we see that they are all sitting and eating together. They are one big happy family that is passing around food. Kang is so at home there and gives GR’s mom a present, a new book. Kang tells her that they should have tea at his place sometime.

Cut to them having tea at Kang’s place. There are plants everywhere and it looks like a spa retreat. JSH is still standing with them looking uncomfortable. It is a strange site amongst all the indoor plants and tea set up. GR gives Kang the new script and he likes it. But he says that he doesn’t know if JSH will pick it. Then GR gives JSH his scarf and the mom comments that the jerk is the owner of the scarf? Ahh…. But then JSH speaks up and asks if he can borrow GR’s moms’ daughter for the night?

JSH takes GR and they leave in his car. JSH wants to learn how to be on-air live. They go to the Radio studio and JSH sits as the student while GR teaches him about radio. She draws a picture that explains radio…radio is making sound into light. Then she gives him a tour of the legendary 30-year-old booth. it is the older DJ’s booth with Vinyl and postcards everywhere. GR says that she hasn’t looked at a TV since her mother lost her sight. She didn’t want to do things that her mother couldn’t’ do, it was her childish way of thinking. So instead she just listened to the radio with her mom. She liked it more and more. All the listeners’ stories sounded like her story. The camera cuts to the postcards and we see. picture of JSH on the wall with his friend when he was young.

GR then explains to JSH what it sounds like on the radio when no one talks for 7 seconds. She doesn’t say anything and just counts 7 seconds out. She tells him that it is super quiet right? So they can’t be quiet. When he is embarrassed he can just play something. GR asks him if he read her script and he says that he read it. She thinks that she passed the first step. Then some time passes and GR falls asleep. JSh watches her sleep until she wakes up again.

JSH – I wonder about you. (I am curious about you).

Fade Out

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  1. irritum
    February 14, 2018 / 11:31 am

    Such a cute show. Thank you for the recaps!! 😀

    • V
      February 14, 2018 / 11:35 am

      It continues to get cuter. I am a bit surprised with this mystery aspect though. I hope the mystery doesn’t become the central storyline and they just keep with the cute.

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