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Radio Romance Live Recap Episode 4

Live Recap for Kdrama Radio Romance
Hopefully we get a full one hour of contract shenanigans. Who am I kidding, we need at least a few episodes of it.

The Waikiki live recap comes up right after this one ends, see you there!

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Shorthand (a work in progress)
Song Gu-rae – GR | Ji Su-ho – SH | Jin Tae-ri – TR | Lee Kang – LK or K | Ra Ra-hee – RH | Lee Sung-su – SS | Moon Sung-woo – SW | Choi Ae-ran

Airing Time: Feb. 6th, 22:00 Seoul
Countdown: KKEUT
How To Watch Live: KBS website


We are back at the restaurant, JSH said he thought a lot about the radio, but Kang wasn’t in his considerations. Should he just quit?

Kang laughs hysterically and says, “You Pass!” He tells him that he wanted to test his temper and see if he could come out without his manager. JSH is annoyed, he was being tested? But Kang just doesn’t think anything of it and tells JSH that there are a lot of uncertainties on the radio so you have to be on your toes. Then he starts talking about his contract and how it was impressive. JSH manages everything down to the smallest detail, even for a small radio show, that is impressive.

The Kang takes GR’s drink and drinks it and JSH’s eyes get stern. Kang tells them that they will go on a retreat for 2 days. JSH can come if he wants or he doesn’t have to, anyways…..they will stay together for 24 hours.

They all leave the restaurant and JSH finds out that PD Kang and GR live together now. They told him that he can come sleep at there place too. Then Kang waves his goodbye. But JSH wants to know why Kang is calling GR, “Maknaebecause she is the main writer. But Kang says that GR is always the youngest to him. Kang walks off.

GR walks to JSH’s car and tells him that PD Kang is strange, but he is good. She will come to his house to pick him up tomorrow, okay? Bye. JSH drives off.

Jason comes running down the stairs spitting a lot of nonsense about JSH doing a lot of variety shows now like 1 night 2 days and all those things. JSH is annoyed, why does Jason care? JSH goes to his bed and starts to think about the retreat and Kang and GR living together and staying at a retreat together….he can’t sleep.

Ding Dong. GR is waiting in front of JSH’s house. He is ready and all packed and Jason is coming with him. They are super decked out and ready to go. GR drives and both Jason and JSH sit in the back seat. GR doesn’t tell them where they are going, she just says that she will see when they get there. They keep driving and driving and driving. They pass the countryside and fields and finally get to the ocean.

All three stand outside and look at the ocean and then Kang and the team show up with signs that say “I love you Ji Su Ho…1 night 2 days with JSH” Then they all hope on a ferry boat to their destination.

One of the newest recruits take a photo of JSH’s back and is so happy. She sneaks away. Then we see that the PD is puking, he is seasick. GR comes to his aid and gets ready to poke his finger to release some blood pressure. JSH looks at this a little more closely than he should. But he tries to look at the horizon.

TR and a reporter start talking during a big photo op. The reporter holds a grudge and he wants to know where JHS is. Why isn’t he attending family events anymore? But the company man tells him that he shouldn’t write these crazy rumors, if he does then he will fall like before. Does he want his remaining wing to be ripped? But the reporter isn’t deterred, he thinks that a big story must be here for him to get threatened like that.

In the elevator, the boss mother, husband, mistress, and secretary are there. Boss mama tells them that they should all have dinner together. The mom gets off the elevator with the sec and the husband and mistress are left confused in the elevator.

The event is a big affair. The mother gets a lot of photos taken of her and Tae-ri tries to get in the photo too, but the photographers didn’t want to take any photos with TR and stopped shooting. TR tells them to start shooting again, so they reluctantly take photos of her.

The team is trying to sit through a mini snowstorm, they are waiting and waiting and waiting for a bus to come take them to their destination. JSH is annoyed, but Kang tells him that radio is all about waiting.

Then we hear a voiceover of Kang talking about how all the noises of the world are gone during a radio broadcast. Only the sound that people make can be heard during radio, that is radio.

While the voice over is going on, the team is having a snowball fight on the beach. But JSH doesn’t want to participate. Then someone throws a snowball at JSH’s back. JSH turns around, but no one says that it was them. Then they throw another ball at him. Finally, Jason throws a snowball at him.

They finally arrive at their destination, which is a Buddhist temple. It looks like an abandoned temple, they are the only ones there. But GR left her laptop bag somewhere. Perhaps on the ferry ship? She calls but no one saw her bag. She needs to catch a ride there. She sees an ajusshi driving a tractor and asks him for a ride. He says to hop on and when she does, we see that JSH has also come out, he gives her a hand onto the tractor and sits there himself. The two of them are riding the tractor together.

JSH tells her that he saw her bag on the ferry, he knew exactly what it looked like and he saw that she left it on the ship, but he didn’t tell her. She is annoyed that he didn’t tell her, but she asks why he is going with her. He says that he is going home.

Meanwhile, the team is super bored at the temple.

Back on the tracktor, GR is super cold. JSH looks like he might give her his scarf…..but he doesn’t. Then GR almost falls and JSH catches her.

She wants to focus all of her attention on Tae-ri. She tells the company man to do that. Then she wonders how to get JSH to stop doing the radio. She thinks GR is the reason he is doing it. Boss mom wants to contact Writer RH to help oppose GR.

Cut to writer RH and PD Sung-su. They are arguing and using banmal between each other. But then they tell each other that they should maintain their good relationship. Then writer RH gets a call from Boss mom.

GR and JSH get to the ferry and GR finds her laptop. She is so thankful that they had it and holds it close to her chest. Meanwhile, JSH finds out that there is only one ferry a day. They both go back to wait for the bus back to their Temple. GR is holding her laptop like a precious baby and JSH asks her if it is that important to her. She says that it is because there are important things on it that haven’t been backed up yet. Even her first meeting with him. JSH looks at her like he loves her, but GR is oblivious to this. Then the bus comes.

They both hop on the bus and GR wants to know when was the last time that JSH took the bus. She says that the bus is slow, but it is a good time to look at the scenery. Then we have a flashback of JSH and GR on the bus. JSH looks at GR falling asleep on the bus and her head nodding back and forth like it’s about to break off. JSH decides to go to her side, just as he does, GR’s head falls to his shoulder and JSH smiles.

GR keeps telling JSH that she likes radio because it is slow like that bus and like the sunset following them.

But it is getting very dark out. They should be there by now, what is going one? GR asks that bus driver where they are, and the bus driver says that they are on the opposite side of where they wanted to go. They took the wrong bus! The bus driver drops them off and they are both like two lost puppies as they look around.

GR and JSH kind of walk around and look around, but then a man comes right in front of JSH and he screams, AHHHHHHHH, and falls to the ground. GR quickly runs to his side. The old man tells JSH, “You’re back, your finally back…I was waiting for you until now,” the mans starts to cry into JSH’s chest.

Cut to JSH looking around this mans place. he picks up a photo of the man and his son. Perhaps this man has mistaken JSH for his son. Meanwhile, GR calls Kang and lets him know that they took the wrong bus in the opposite direction. GR says that they will try to get back soon. They try to leave.

But the old man comes out with a lot of food and tells them that they can’t leave, they can’t leave! He said he would come back a long time ago, he can’t leave. So GR and JSH follow him back inside and the old man starts to feed JSH. He tells GR to et the neck and feeds JSH the leg. JSH eats it and says that it is good and tells them that they should spend the night there.

GR goes outside and tells Kang that they will spend the night there. The halabogi doesn’t want them to leave. She apologizes and says that because of her they didn’t get to have their meeting. Kang is okay with it and Jason smiles in the background.

TR is dancing at a club. She is having a good time and another man starts to dance with her. But then the company man comes up and pulls that man off of her. Then he pulls TR away. TR tells him that he watches too many dramas. he doesn’t even know where JSH is right now. He ditched JSH 12 years ago anyway (or ditched the manager position). The company man looks off like he regrets that.

The old man pulls out a ton of postcards. Seriously, so many postcards. he wants JSH to read all of them to him. GR leaves and lets JSH stay with this halbae and read all the postcards. Cut to JSH sleeping with halbae. Halbae is snoring a lot and JSH can’t sleep. He goes outside and runs into GR with her blanket outside the door. he wants to know what she is doing there instead of in her room. SHe says that she saw a huge cockroach so she wanted to go outside and work on her script. Can he catch the cockroach for her? But JSH doesn’t look like he is all about that. Instead, he sits with her. GR starts to talk to him about her script and how the day isn’t that far away. Then a song starts to play and GR says that this is her favorite song. They share the blanket and start to listen to the song.

GR asks JSH if he knows what the most requested song on the radio is? Then she says that when the song she wants to hear is played on the radio, then it gives her a feeling of being so healed.

Meanwhile, Kang and Jason are talking and Jason is about to drive Kang crazy. They start to talk about meditation things, but Kang grabs his neck like he is going crazy. Then we find out that JSH can’t drink. Kang laughs.

GR has fallen asleep and her head falls on JSH’s shoulder. JSH looks over at her and then he looks off into space. Cut to JSH putting GR in bed with the old man, but he is sleeping between them. JSH gave her all the blankets and he is only sleeping with his jacket. He turns toward her and looks at her and she turns toward him, but she is sleeping. He closes his eyes and goes to sleep.

Flashback of young JSH running. He looks at his phone and then looks up across the street. He sees someone who is happy to see him, but JSH isn’t happy to see this person. The guitar guy runs across the street, but he gets hit by a bus. JSH turns around and sees the boy on the ground. He is bleeding from his head. he calls his manager, the company man.

Back to the present, JSH looks like he is trying not to cry as he thinks about this. He sits up and looks back at GR.

GR wakes up and JSH isn’t there. She asks the old man where he is and the old man says that he left again without telling him. GR runs to meet her team at the ferry. The team is there, but JSH isn’t there. They wonder why JSH doesn’t have a cell phone.

Cut to JSH with the company man. The company man says that JSH remembers his phone number. JSH says how can’t he remember his phone number, he called hyung many many times that day.

They get to JSH’s house and the company man tells JSH that if he really hates him that much then he can find another manager. But he says this sincerely. JSH goes inside and sees the company writers for his radio show there, he tells them to give him some time and he goes into his room.

Flashback of JSH and his friend looking at GR. Then JSH ignoring his friend and the friend having an accident. In the present, JSH sits in his room and thinks of this.

Boss Mom and writer RH are meeting. Boss mom will support the writer for one month, but only if she can make GR quit. She says she wants JSH to work with writer RH, not GR.

JSH and his writer team are having a meeting about everything that could happen during a radio program. Jason gets back and goes off on JSH. he was worried about him! This is the first day that he wished JSH had a cell phone. he storms upstairs.

Meanwhile, GR is talking to someone on the phone. She gets filled in on JSH and then lays on the bed. She feels like JSH has so many layers to him, it’s exhausting.

Then her and Kang start to get to work on the program. GR writes something and Kang puts an “X” on it and tells her to do it again. This goes on and on and on as GR keeps writing more and more things and going to the library and doing a lot of research on how to write a good script. She thinks that she should not give up! She has to show her ability.

Finally, she writes, “You can travel without taking an airplane or a train, when the sky changes day to night, night to dawn, that is travel.” She sits back and stretches. Then she meets with Kang and says that she will send him the information.

They are sitting together and watching Sherlock. jason wants JSH to call GR, but he is just looking at the tv show like a statue.

Meanwhile, GR and Kang are at a meeting with everyone and the radio director is talking passionately about something. But everyone isn’t really looking at him. Then GR says that a lot of people are waiting outside because JSH is doing a live program and the director looks outside and sees all the people. he tells them, okay, let’s go!

Kang gives GR a pep talk in their writers’ room. he tells GR that she has it all. She writes well, she has a good idea, and she has good casting. She is the first writer with all three. GR smiles and then we see that JSH has shown up at the station to a barrage of fans and camera flashes.

Cut to JSH in the studio. They are on standby and GR is behind the glass on the opposite side of JSH. JSH is the only one in the studio. They go live on air and JSH starts to talk. But he isn’t saying what is on GR’s script. JSH’s team rewrite everything. GR looks disappointed and JSH notices this. But he keeps talking.

He tells people that we should smile when our life is hard, we never know when our happiness will come or the first thing that will make our life happy. Cue the music. GR is very upset, RH comes up to her, takes the script GR wrote, chuckles and throws it back on the table.

After the radio show, everyone stands as JSH comes out. The director says that he is a natural, but Kang just laughs hysterically. He says to go home safely and leaves. JSH leaves as well and everyone else leaves except for the team. The team says that JSH didn’t read anything that GR wrote for 2 full hours. They are disappointed.

Meanwhile, JSH is right outside the studio and looks back at the door, but then he turns and walks down the hall with his company man manager. He tells the manager to leave and that is when GR shows up. She says that she was worried about him because he didn’t tell anyone that he got home safely. She thought that they got closer that night that they spent together, but now she feels like they are strangers once again.

Then she confronts him about reading her script. She tells him that she knows he has the right to choose what to say, but he should at least read her script before he decides what to read on the radio. At least give her a chance. She leaves after speaking her mind.

JSH leaves as well and sits in his car. Some mellow music is playing as he contemplates something. Then he puts on his seatbelt as if he is ready to leave. But then he sees GR walking by in his rearview mirror. But then Kang comes up behind her.

Kang – You are going to drink becaue you are depressed right? You shouldn’t drink alone, come with me….I will show you my hidden place today
GR – No, I want to go home alone
Kang – Just shut it and get in the car

But then JSH closes the door and stands in front of GR. He looks at her and Kang looks at him, but no one is saying anything.

Fade Out.

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  1. Kristal
    February 6, 2018 / 8:24 am

    Thank you so much for the recap

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    Thank you!

  3. V
    February 6, 2018 / 9:43 am

    @gominam and @Kristal thanks for stopping by! We’ll try to keep doing these recaps 🙂

  4. irritum
    February 12, 2018 / 5:03 pm

    Thank you so much for these recaps! Just a sidenote question though…do you know if Radio Romance’s time slot switched to Tuesday Wednesday? I thought it used to air Monday Tuesday before.
    Thanks again! 🙂

    • V
      February 12, 2018 / 7:08 pm

      It didn’t switch, it is just moved to Tuesday during the Olympics! Two episodes will air tomorrow back to back and I think the same thing might happen next week as well!

      • V
        February 12, 2018 / 7:09 pm

        We’ll be recapping both of them back to back on Tuesday. 🙂

      • irritum
        February 12, 2018 / 7:11 pm

        Ahhh makes sense! Thank you so much for the response!! 😀

  5. Khatya
    February 13, 2018 / 7:35 am

    What’s song the JSH open in radio show ?

    • V
      February 13, 2018 / 8:21 pm

      haven’t had a chance to listen yet, but I’ll add an answer from twitter over here! If it is 55:00 – 59:00 where JSH plays a song, then TheCutia says that it is Nothing lasts Forever by Maroon 5!

      We might need to make a music list for Radio Romance so we can all help each other find the songs from this drama!

  6. D
    February 17, 2018 / 12:25 pm

    Does anyone know the name of the Korean Song during the blanket scene between GR and JSH?

    • V
      February 17, 2018 / 2:08 pm

      I’ll try to find it. I think we will try and make a music list for Radio Romance. Please look for it in the next few days!

      • D
        February 17, 2018 / 8:49 pm

        Thanks! Looking forward to learning the name.

        • V
          March 23, 2018 / 8:20 am

          Finally had a chance to get back to this question! I think the song you are referring to is part of the OST. I think it is Hidden Path by Bernard Park.

          Scroll to about 3:46 on this video:

          • Anonymous
            April 7, 2018 / 9:52 pm

            Thanks :)! Greatly appreciated.

  7. Anna
    February 10, 2019 / 12:33 pm

    can you please tell me song (ep 4) at 01:01:00. Woman singing hey hey hey and piano background?

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