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Radio Romance Live Recap Episode 3

Live Recap for Kdrama Radio Romance
We are jumping on the Radio Romance and Waikiki bandwagon so there will be two live recaps today (and one aftercap with Cross!). Waikiki starts right after Radio Romance so there might be some overlap, but hopefully not too much.

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Shorthand (a work in progress)
Song Gu-rae – GR | Ji Su-ho – SH | Jin Tae-ri – TR | Lee Kang – LK or K | Ra Ra-hee – RH | Lee Sung-su – SS | Moon Sung-woo – SW | Choi Ae-ran

Airing Time: Feb. 5th, 22:00 Seoul
Countdown: KKEUT
How To Watch Live: KBS website


RH talks to GR and tells her to get real. Does she really think that she will be a head writer by casting SH? It doesn’t make any sense. Ji Su-ho? He will never do radio DJ’ing. I am telling this to you, get real, the probability of you becoming the main writer is higher than JSH becoming a radio DJ.

SH – I will do it.

SH approaches GR and grabs her arms and pulls her away. They walk past all of the people who have gathered to watch them and SH takes GR to another hallway. But GR pulls her hand away. She wants to know why he is here. SH wants GR to have some more pride. Why just stand there and take it like that from that woman. GR says it is because she has no pride. That is why she followed him around while he treated her like that because she has no self-pride. She runs back to her boss.

When she gets back she sees that RH had left and everyone says that she was super hysterical when she left. She talks to Ga-mum about it, but then Ga-mum has to leave.

GR goes to the office studio and puts some things away. She looks around as if this might be her last time looking at everything and leaves. Meanwhile, GSH is still in the building and standing by the window. GR comes up to him and asks him if he saw her video, all of it, to the end? He says no. So GR wants to know how he knew everything if he didn’t watch everything.

She offers him a drink but he doesn’t want it. Then she says that she is showing him all her embarrassing moments. She was embarrassed in his home ground of drama and she was embarrassed in her home field of radio. She tells him to just go. This is her hiding place and she wants him to just leave. She starts tearing and tells him this is his line and to stop.

He asks if she is crying and she says she isn’t and to stop saying stupid things. JSH wants G to come to his house tomorrow. They should write a contract.

Jason is at home doing all the annoying things that he does. GSH gets home and J annoys him. But they get into a little argument. GS says that he is going to do radio and Jason wants to know if he is really going to do it because of GR? SH says that it isn’t because of GR. But Jason says that the SH that he knows won’t do anything without a script, not even variety shows. This is what he knows about JSH, so this GR just broke his guard in a few days. Jason has tried to do this for months, so this hurts his pride.

She is washing her hair and getting ready for bed and thinking back to what JSH said. She wonders if he is really going to do radio? She can’t believe it. We cut back and forth between JSH and GR, they both can’t sleep and are tossing and turning. SH turns his light on and off over and over again and GR checks the time on her phone. Neither one can fall asleep.

The radio director has a meeting with GR and Lee Kang about JSH doing radio. He is so happy about the prospect. But GR says that they don’t have a contract yet. The radio director gave her the contract and tells her to go, go, go *smile*. He tells Lee Kang to stay there. GR smiles uncomfortably and says that she will go and get the signature and come back. The Director says that he will consider making her the main writer if she gets the contract.

GR is a woman on a mission. SHe has the contract and she has gotten to JSH’s house. But when she goes to the gate she thinks that she is not ready yet! She goes back to the car and gets in. But then she thinks that she has suffered a lot, she needs to do this, she just needs to introduce radio to him, she keeps talking to herself about all this and thinks that she needs to check the facts. She thinks back to all her meetings with JSH. Him tripping her because his legs were too long…JSH in the elevator with her…she thinks she can erase these things from her memory. She goes back to the door!

The door was opened even before she rings it and that scares her, she goes inside. JSH is sitting right in front of her on the couch like a perfect mannequin. GR tells him all about radio and what he should expect. She says that he won’t get paid tooooooo much, but thank you so much for doing it. Then JSH throws her a contract.

GR – What is this?
JSH – This is a contract, read it and decide whether to take it or not.

1 – No live shows
2 – JSH gets all the rights to the script
3 – Whenever JSH wants to quit, he can quit
4 – When JSH says anything, GR has to listen to him

But GR says that radio must be live. It doesn’t make sense if it isn’t and he has to do it for at least one year. JSH says only one month. GR says that she isn’t a slave also (referring to #4). GR says that she will take this contract to her PD and he should at least read her contract also but they should exchange cell phone numbers.

That is when Jason comes in and says that he can give her his cell phone number. They exchange numbers and GR leaves.

Jason and JSH keep talking about GR. But Jason annoys JSH so he leaves. jason tells JSH he doesn’t know why he is angry, but he is super sexy when he is angry!

GR goes to find her PD who is meditating on a hill. She said a lot of unexpected things happen and then she finds Lee Kang. She tells him that JSH doesn’t want to do it live but Lee Kang had already thought that would happen. GR wants to know how he knows and Lee Kang said that he has been doing radio for a long time. he grabs the contract and says that it is okay, let’s sign it. But GR wants to know if they will do it live and Lee Kang says, of course, they will do it live. He is pretty happy and asks GR how she seduced JSH, he smiles and says for her not to worry too much about it.

Kang, RH, RPD, and the Director meet and talk about the show. They can have 3 days for RPD and RH and then 3 days for GR and Kang for this radio show. Lee Kang leaves. But Lee Sang-su finds him afterward (RPD) and they have a little skirmish in the hall. RPD wants to know if Lee Kang thinks he is above him, but Kang says that he just wants to compete fairly. he should at least have a chance to win….and he leaves.

Working on the set of the saeguk. Cool fight scenes.

But then we see a flashback of when GR was drink and the friend was trying to take her home. JSH comes up to him and kicks him and grabs GR. JSH tells him that if he does this anymore then he will kill him and he leaves with GR.

GR is working hard on the contract and trying to find all the good things about the contract. She goes through the list that JSH had. Whatever is on the list, she adds a positive spin to it. Then she calls Jason. Jason and JSH are driving and Jason is super happy to talk to GR. GR says that they accept all of JSH’s contract wishes. She just needs to know his schedule so that they can proceed. Jason says thank you, but Jason and JSH as a little awkward in the car. When they get home, JSH wants to have a meeting with the company man and two more people.

The company man is at a meeting with JSH and some other people. They are having an in-depth meeting, FBI style, about the radio show and all the people in it. They are trying to figure out everyone in the station and predict how they might react. JSH says he will take their script so they should just prepare it. He wants to go to the radio station now, but they tell him that the boss (his mom) wants to meet with him.

The boss mom is meeting with Tae-ri. TR wants to do the radio show with JSH. SHe is trying to blackmail the mother because she brings a photo of her husband having an affair. All she wants is to do the radio show with JSH, at least that is the first deal. The mother smiles as TR leaves, but it is an evil smile.

TR comes out but JSH doesn’t greet her. SHe tells him that he should say hello when she says hello, but he just walks right past her and the company man walks right past her too. But he turns around and TR wants him to listen to her, she has a request.

Meanwhile, JSH and his mother are meeting inside the room. The mother wants to know if he really is going to take this meeting. JSH looks annoyed and leaves, but his mother tells him that a lot of peoples lives are on the line based on what his choices are. JSh tells him that a lot of peoples lives are on the line so he should do this radio show. he leaves.

JSH shows up at the radio station and GR is there to greet him. jason and the company man (manager) are there as well. They go inside and walk through the building. All the woman follow JSH around and try to get into the elevator with him. But the elevator is too packed so JSH says that he will get out, but two of the girls says that they will get out. The girls fangirl after stepping outside the elevator, and we see a little montage of all the women in the building fangirling over JSH.

Finally, they get to the meeting. GR tells him that all the important people are there and leads him inside. Jason and Company man don’t go inside. The director is all smiles and wants to give JSH a handshake, but he gives him a huge bear hug instead. then he realizes this might be awkward. He straightens up and starts to talk. But then JSH says that he only wants to do this contract with GR because of her relentless effort and heart. The director says that is fine, let’s do it!

Cut to GR and JSH in the writer’s room. He looks around and she tells him that they will clean it and everything. It will be super bright when he comes back. But JSH tells her that he wants all the script and everything. he starts to say all of his demands and reminds her that she said she would listen to everything, right? GR thinks that he is threatening her? But he says that he is just asking because he is new to radio and a lot of people are focusing on him, so he needs to be careful and if she agrees with that then they can sign. She agrees and they sign the contract. then JSh starts to cough.

GR – I will make sure that I clean this room well
JSH – Thank you, excuse me

He gets up to leave, but Kang shows up right at that moment and introduces himself as the PD. He tells him to trust him because he has won two awards. They shake hands, but JSH pulls his hand away. Kang puts his arm around GR and says that they should all have a discussion together. JSH kind of smiles and looks at GR, he says that he has to leave, but when they have something then they can call his company.

GR runs after him and tells him that she wants to tell him, thank you, and they should do a good job and she will make him like radio again. She thanks him from the bottom of her heart and then runs back into the building. She runs right smack into Ra-hee writer. Cue fallen face.

Ra-hee wants to see the contract. She tells GR that they are not in the same league and is she confident? GR says that she will work hard and write the script well, she excuses herself.

Meanwhile, Kang is busy recruiting all around the building. He even pulls someone out of the bathroom. then he brings his people to the meeting. GR and the audio director are in his team. They meet in a huge auditorium and Kang gives them a huge pep talk about finding their specialty. Then they start to interview potential other team members. But Kang only wants to know if they have a dog at home. He hires the person who doesn’t have a dog.

So now their team is up to 4 people. All four people go off to eat samgyupsal and have a meeting for their show. They drink and eat and Kang’s real personality starts to come out. he says that they all failed their last show, but they all should survive, but then he says that he will kill them all if they don’t do their jobs..hahaha….Everyone’s hands are shaking as they toast with soju.

Surprise party! GR has a huge party for becoming a head writer for her first show and then we cut to GR walking outside with her mom. GR explains that the sky is dark but the moon is biiiiiig, like the size of her face. Mom wants to know how GR writer feels accomplishing this high school dream. GR says that it doesn’t feel real, but she will make the radio that her mom listens to every day, super nice. Mom says that she will listen to it super well too.

GR was writing something and went to sleep on her keyboard. SHe clicked a lot of buttons on it and then wakes up when she gets a phone call. She says, “Where is it?”

Cut to her looking up at a huge building. SHe shakes her head and then goes into the building. She is meeting with the boss mom. The boss mom tells GR that they have their own contract and GR should read it carefully. GR picks it up and Boss mom says that JSH has a busy schedule, but he wants to do the radio so they will support him 100%, but she should send the script to her so she can check it. But then JSH walks into the conversation and reads the contract. He says that this should be approved by him, GR just needs his approval, not his mothers’ approval. But the mother just smiles and says that she worries about rumors that can happen in tiny rooms. SHe is worried about seeing GR in JSH’s house again.

GR says that will never ever, ever happen again. She will not get attracted to someone like JSH never ever. But the mom wants to know what that means and GR says it is because he is the polar opposite of her, so she doesn’t have to worry about it. JSH listens to this stoicly and GR leaves. But it looks like he was very interested in what she was saying.

RH and Lee Sung-su have a meeting about not letting GR win over them. She wants Sung-su to win over Kang PD as well. They are planning things, but their relationship looks rocky.

Cut to GR sleeping again. But she is having a nightmare about being in a saeguk and massaging JSH’s feet. Then the nightmare switches to the mother, she has to write over and over again for the writer, it is a famous story in Korea with the mother cutting the rice. SHe yells that GR didn’t pass, didn’t pass.

GR wakes up and then meets with Kang. Kang is all dressed to go on some camping trip. He tells her to keep writing and show all the people who don’t approve of them how good they are. he says that he will teach her from today. Cut to him going to her house.

Kang basically is crashing at her house. GR asks him why he is there and he says that he lives there now. She asks, since when, and he says, since today. He makes himself at home and says that writers and PD should share their spaces because they are always working.

Then we have a flashback of Kang being a super bad and mean PD and talking badly to one of his writers. He is yelling at her and telling her that all her work is stolen from other radio shows. Then he yells at GR that she is a writer also and she should write! Not do errands!

GR thinks that Kang was the first person to call her a writer. She looks at Kang in her house and starts to accept the idea of him being there. they start to talk about JSH, perhaps they should call him? GR calls him and Jason tells them that JSH is exercising now, he is almost done though. they say they will call back later.

Cut to JSH performing martial arts with some super tough looking person.

he finishes his workout and goes home. jason gives him the phone and we see that GR and Kang have moved their meeting to a restaurant. GR wants to know when JSH will give her his cell phone so she doesn’t have to go through his manager. But JSH tells her to just continue. GR wants to know when they can have a meeting, but JSH seems distracted, he says that he has a schedule. But Jason picks up the phone and says that JSh doesn’t have anything to do right now, he is just out of the shower and in comfortable clothes! But JSH grabs the phone back. Now Kang is on the phone so the two of them talk.

Kang tells JSh that they need to talk to each other. If their program fails because of JSH then what is he going to do? This made JSH angry and Kang smiles. JSH wants to know where they are at and comes to the restaurant with a mask on.

SH sits at the table with them and wants to know what they want. Kang says that he just wanted to see him, so that is why he told him that. JSH says that he never comes out during this time of the day and Kang wants to know why, is he scared of thunder or something?

JSH says that he isn’t drinking and Kang starts to say he should drink or eat some food or something. But JSH says that this is supposed to be a meeting, if all he talks about is B.S then he is leaving. Kang keeps kneading at JSH, they both shoot daggers at each other. Kang says that he is worried that JSh will just leave because of his background.

The atmosphere is tense, but then Kang says that they are honored that JSH chose them. GR wonders what is going on, what is this top star doing?

JSH – I have been starting to worry a lot…should I just quit, PD?

Fade Out

Yes. They go on a 1 night 2 day team fighting trip.

Character chart and shorthand for the Korean drama Radio Romance

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