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Radio Romance Live Recap: Episode 16

Live Recap for the Kdrama Radio Romance, episode 16
It’s the last episode for Radio Romance! I believe this episode will be focused solely on damage control. But somehow I think Ji Su-ho is happy to just chill for a moment and not have to be “on” all the time. He can rest at his radio station and date Gu-rim at his managers house. But I also think he will have to have a resurgence of fame this episode too. Or maybe not, maybe the radio show could be good enough for him.

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Shorthand (Character Chart)
Song Gu-rim – GR | Ji Su-ho – SH | Jin Tae-ri – TR | Lee Kang – LK or K | Ra Ra-hee – RH | Lee Sung-su – SS | Moon Sung-woo – SW | Choi Ae-ran

Airing Time: March 20th, 22:00 Seoul
How to Watch Live: myKBS (may or may not work and it needs flash player)
Countdown: AIRING!

GR AND JSH WALK around the street and let people take photos of them. They look at peace and happy. GR asks JSH if he has ever done something like this before, is it his first time? He says it is his first time, and crying before was his first time too. So he has had a lot of firsts with GR.

JSH holds her hand tighter and GR tells him that he is happy she has some camera time and she tells him that she has a place for him to sleep. They go to the radio station and GR shows him that radio stations overnight sleeping area. They sit on the bottom bunkbed and GR tells him to take a nap. He hasn’t slept has he? He asks about her, what will she do? She says she will work on the script.

But then we cut to them both sleeping in the bed. GR wonders what would happen if someone saw them. But they try not to think about it, JSH doesn’t thinks he will be fired. He wants her to sleep with him for 2 hours and then when they wake up, he will do the show live, not recorded. She says okay, let’s take a nap and then we can wake up together. She pats him on the back and they fall asleep.

Kang shows up and goes to the radio room to find both GR and JSH there. He wonders what is going on, so GR tells him that JSH wants to do this show live now. They get set up, today there is no script, but that is radio. Kang tells him that he wanted to get benefited from his brand power when he first took him in. He wanted a big audience, but now he likes human JSH. 4am is a good time to say cheesy things like this.

JSH – people are talking about mea lot right now, my family issue and my story is everywhere. After revealing myself in front of everyone, I feel better, the real JSH, with my mask off, has a lot of new things, first time loving someone and being loved by someone. I realized something i didn’t’ know, smiling, and sleeping deeply, it is the first time being courageous for someone and someone told met hat someone holding another person embraces their life willingly. So I want to say for the first time that I want to embrace that persons life also.

Afterwards, we see Jason leaving JSH’s home. JSH and him sit to talk. Jason was worred about him with a fake smile and hiding his own feeling, he wanted to bring him out, his excuse was that he thought it was the best way to face that problem. He wanted to help him as a friend and a doctor. But he needed sympathy like GR gives you. I am sorry for shaking you like this. Your mother didn’t want to do your background check or spy on you, she just wanted to know who you were and understand you.

JSH walks off and Jason sighs.
Kang and the director talk about all the trouble with the censor team. He asks Kang to not make any more trouble, please.

JSH sits with his mother and asks if she is having a hard time. She says she created this issue, so she should suffer with it. JSH says that he thought she would have a hard time looking at him, but why didn’t she dump him and why did she make him Ji Su-ho? She said that she told him on his birthday that he isn’t her son, to hurt him like that, it actually haunted me also. But sometimes you call me Umoni and now you still call me Umoni. the last few days I thought about pushing you away and denying you, but you were always there. She stops talking and sips her wine.

RH wonders if RPD is going somewhere, he says he is going on a blind date. But then we see Lee Kang walking the hall in a suit and everyone steps out of the way. It is a big shock to see Kang wearing this suit so everyone stares at him as he walks by. GR wonders what is going on. kang says this is the censorship interrogation. They tell him that he should dress like this all the time.

Outside, Kang and GR talk about the censorship. She hopes it isn’t serious. He says GR should just focus on writing, but then they see JSH standing behind a post and watching them like Batman.

But at the meeting, Kang is shocked at what these suits tell him. Kang tells them that radio is two-way, not one-way. If these people don’t know about radio them they should just collect their paycheck and shut up. He leaves.

GR goes to JSH’s house and tries to write, but she can’t write. He wants to know if she would like to take a 30 minutes break and then write. But she just shakes her head nd goes to the couch to write. he sits with her, but she can’t focus with him there so she goes to one of the rooms.

JSH makes her a snack of rolled eggs, but doesn’t give it to her, then he brings her some strawberries but isn’t about to give it to her either. GR wails from the room and JSH goes inside immediately. He wonders if she is sick but she is laugh/crying, her laptop is dead and her computer isn’t turning on and everything is gone. JSH tells her that he will take care of it.

He comes back with her laptop looking sad GR assumes that means it can’t be fixed. But he tells her that he fixed it. She smiles and hugs him. He says she has to listen to one of his wishes, he will tell her later.
Everyone is upset at Kang, he might be fired. His temper got him in trouble this time. But Kang is nonplussed. He just hopes he took all the blame and his team is fine. Perhaps today’s show will be his last?

The AD argues with Kang in the back about music when GR and JSH burst in. Kang tells GR that the writer should come in one hour early. He says that another PD will take over the show, so they should have a good last show with him today.

They all start to prepare for the last show.

JSH – They were all necessary moments (montage of all his moments) if I cry, if I laugh, if I am sick or if I am hurt, all the moments were necessary for me. Just to love and continue liking it. To be myself now, if all those moments were necessary, but now I want to enjoy my happiness. Today is the last episode for our PD, I am not that close to him, but he is a crazy guy and I feel sad about it. This song is for our PD The names – Leaving (?).

Afterward GR and Kang sit in the stairwell and talk. GR is sad about him leaving and crying. kang tells her that her writing has some humanity inside it and he wanted to keep her as a writer. GR thanks him for making her a writer. Kang says he didn’t do it to her, she did it. GR starts writing what he said, because it is a good line. Kang laughs. GR doesn’t think she will meet someone like Kang in her life again.

TR cooks for the Company Man at his or her house. He looks dumbfounded at all the food. TR says she is a good chef, just eat it. He starts eating and she asks how it is, is it good? He smiles and they eat happily.

At the same time, we see GR and JSH with her mother. They smile and eat together as Mom tells them that they are a good couple. JSH says the food tastes good. Mom asks JSH if she can call him son-in-law and JSH almost coughs up his food. But she asks if he will take GR from her and he says he will take her (?). But then GR says that Kang is leaving and their program is in danger.

Cut to JSH and GR in her room, he asks her if she likes Kang that much. She says JSH is the only one that comes into her her. But then they have a knock on the door and it is Kang, he comes into her room, lol. They go drink together.
Kang reminds GR that JSH brought his own writing team and yet she likes him now. They talk about that a little bit and laugh about it. Kang is pretty drunk. But then GR leaves and tears up. She is sad that Kang PD is leaving to Tibet. JSH doesn’t want her to cry about kang, but he looks concerned that Kang is going to Tibet.

The next morning we see Kang talking to JSH about how his DJ is JSH and he wanted JSH to say that JSH’s PD is Kang. He tells him to take care of GR and JSH tells him that he will take care of her in his own way so don’t matter with them.

But then we see JSH running through the airport and stopping Kang. He tells Kang that his PD is Lee Kang. Kang laughs about that for a moment and then tells JSH that he should leave. But he gives JSh a present. He wanted to buy his house (and he calls him a dirty man), so he is giving it to him to protect GR. have a good life, I am really leaving.

JSH calls GR and says that he sent Kang off well. GR tells him to come to the booth, she found something interesting. She sees a postcard of JSH and WJW. The older DJ says, WJW? He remembers WJW because he was a finalist in their singing competition. GR tells him that she has a request.

Cut to RH and RPD talking about his blind date. He says he didn’t go to it. Then they playfully talk about her light still blinking, he has time to change it now. She says…okay, you can change it today…

GR tells JSH that WJW was here all the time while there were doing their podcast. And she found another thing…but the older DJ says he has to return this CD to him. He says this little boy was good, but he didn’t show up for the final so he remembers him more.

They play the CD. We find out that WJW says the girl he loves, likes that show so he wants to go to the final. he will confess to her if he gets into the final. He starts to play the guitar and sing the song over the phone to the DJ. We listen to him singing this song in the flashback and we also here him singing it in the radio booth in the present.

Then JSH takes GR to WJW’s cemetary where his ern is. GR tells WJW thank you for loving me and introducing JSH to me. I will protect JSH. Afterwards, JSH asks who GR is and she laughs and says she is Song Gu-rim. they smile and says they can date again since all the reporters are gone. He says he has one more request for her.

GR goes home and writes with JSH next to her sleeping.

Is love perfection?
Love is always imperfect
Love is pretty because of the imperfections
Because of love, we change
We are strong, weak
Because we are imperfect, because it is not perfect
We always cry and make our lover cry also
But even though we know it will fail
We love
Today I still love

JSH is sleeping next to GR and dreaming about all the good moments he had with WJW and all the times they laughed together.
RH is the new PD so RH, GR, AD and RPD have a little showdown. GR and AD stand their ground against them and the older team say that they grew up a lot. But it looks like they should have a good working relationship.

JSH is in a lot of reality TV shows now because he wants to be closer to the viewers. He talks to his mother about this and they smile.

Then GR and JSH meet with JSH’s mother at a cafe. They happily talk about the past and how GR didn’t like JSH, but GR tells her to just accept her as a cute daughter in law. She gives her a gift and the Mom smiles.

then we cut to JSH at home with GR. He pours her tea. GR says his mother is charismatic and it looked like she liked her a little bit. Perhaps GR can’t digest the food so JSH is about to stick her finger. they playfully talkabout that becaues GR doesn’t want her finger stuck. She runs away and tries to stay avoid JSH, but he grabs her in a back hug.

Then he turns her around and tells her that he wants to marry her. When she has indigestion he will draw her blood and when she runs away he will catch her. He wants to live like this forever.

TR yells at the manager that they should separate. He thinks there are a lot of people around… But TR just keeps yelling at him. He says they can separate if she can’t trust him. TR says they should separate then. So he leaves. he is mad that she went to the club after confessing to him.
The AD meets with GR, he wants GR to asks JSH if he can be a guest on their radio show. So maybe he isn’t with radio anymore? GR calls JSH and asks him if he could be on the radio show as a guest and he says she needs to accept his proposal.

Cut to GR crashing an interview that gets rained out. they talk under an umbrella. She asks him if he could be the guest and he asks her if she will marry him. He says he is a guy that does everything for her. He hugs her and does everything for her. Won’t she like it? Lets do it. She says it isn’t that easy. But he says they should see one thing. She asks if he likes her and he says yes so she says, okay, lets get married.

JSH kisses her and all the drama people watch them and laugh. But JSH blocks their view with the umbrella.

She finds him and yells at him some more. But he just tells her to just shut and he presents her with a promise ring. But she is a little confused, she says she can’t trust this ring, her mom received it 3 times. he walks into his place and we see that he decorated it with balloons, candles, and art that says, Marry Me Tae-ri. He tells her he wants to be her manager forever. She cries and hugs him and he tells her not to go to the club anymore. She says, no more.
GR and JSH are listening to music in the car and driving around. then ew cut to an outdoor cafe. GR meets with a guy who is drinking. JSH is there too. I guess this is the guy from the first episode? he talks about how his life is so pitiful, his singing career is over. Is this the new DJ?

Maybe this isn’t the guy from the first episode. So GR tells this guy that she used to know a guy like this who didn’t think radio was anything and he was a bad guy with a horrible contract. But he tried to do his best and a writer is lucky to have someone like that. So can this guy be that kind of DJ for her?

JSH and GR drive home, but GR falls alseep.

GR tells the radio people that their DJ is sick again, listeners, tell me where our DJ is and I will go catch him. So it looks like this new DJ isn’t reliable. he is gone again. GR tells the AD that he should do something about this, think about Kang. they argue about this a little bit. The AD wants that A-hole JSH to show up.

JSH comes in and says that the A-hole is here. Then we cut to GR and JSH looking at her script. JSH says the writing isn’t as good as it used to be and he won’t do it. he leaves. But then GR asks him what he wants and he says, You.

He kisses her.

He tells her that he has to propose today(?). Not sure about that. they go to the radio and JSH says that this is JSH’s radio romance. But he says this isn’t JSH’s radio romance, he is just the daily DJ. If you can see outside right now, look at the sky, it is time for the blue sky to become red, we have this beautiful sky in front of us, so start to love.

Everyone smile at the intro and we cut to the cafe area.

GR asks him how he remembers that script. JSH says GR became a radio writer to say that. It was only a few months ago, but a lot of things happened to them. He pulls out a rung and puts it on her finger. then he says they should listen to it forever and to cry in front of him only and he has one more wish.

He kisses her.

I am going to do this forever.

They hug and then look at each other and smile. Then they hold hands and look out the window over Seoul.

Fade Out

Thank you for recapping this show with us!

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