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Radio Romance Live Recap: Episode 14

Live Recap for the Kdrama Radio Romance, episode 14
I think our duo will be able to withstand the early morning diehard crowd of passionate Ji-ho fans; their hearts are just crushed because JSH has a girlfriend now. But, I’m sure he can cure all their heartbreak with one flash of those pearly whites and a hug.

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Shorthand (Character Chart)
Song Gu-rim – GR | Ji Su-ho – SH | Jin Tae-ri – TR | Lee Kang – LK or K | Ra Ra-hee – RH | Lee Sung-su – SS | Moon Sung-woo – SW | Choi Ae-ran

Airing Time: March 12th, 22:00 Seoul
How To Watch Live: Our on air watch on KBS2 isn’t working anymore. *sad face* It was fun while it lasted. Hopefully this method starts to work again sometime soon.
Countdown: AIRING!

Kang gets out of the car and sees all the protesters standing in front of their building. GR comes up next to him and starts walking to the building, but she stops right at the edge of all the protesters. JSH comes up right next to her with his manager. He tells her to raise her chin and he grabs her hand. They look deeply at each other and he tells her, let’s go.

They start to walk in slo-mo through the crowd. Kang watches them go. Suddenly the crowd converges on them with all the screaming fans and flashes going off on their faces. Inside, JSH and GR talk. GR says that this place is the place she comes when she wants to cry, but now you are with me here all the time, so all the things that happen to us, we are standing here. JSH – is it hard for you, are you scared because of me?
GR – it is not difficult to like you, but i dont know what is best for you
JSH – GR, i like you a lot, you know that right? So, I thought about all the ways to protect you, i want to walk with you anywhere like we did today. it is the first time in my life, so i will protect you in whatever way, trust me and hold my hand, and can you just walk with me? i know i am giving you a lot of heavy weights to bear.

GR walks up to him and holds his hands.

GR – okay, I like it. I want to hold your hand and walk anywhere becasue i like you a lot.

They stare at each other while holding hands and we fade tot he next scene.

Kang comes in and says if it took 5 more minutes then he would throw them you both out of the window. they go to the radio station and wonder what to talk about, they have no script so maybe it is better to play a recording. A lot of people will talk about the two of them. But JSH says that they should do the radio live, that is why there are there.

JSH is ready to take on whatever the callers might ask him, it is okay if they ask him if he likes GR. Everyone start to get ready for the show. GR takes calls and asks them to not say bad things about JSH.

JSH takes calls. One person wants him to listen to his story, he has been bullied a lot and can’t sleep at night, he cries when he thinks about what will happen at school. JSH says he understands what he says, he acted when he was little, he couldn’t go to school and lived on the shooting site. He doens’t have any school pictures or a diploma. So he knows how it feels to not fall asleep at night like him. The caller is happy that JSH knows his feelings so they play a song for him. Coffee Boys, cheer up.

Kang and AD are surpsrised that they don’t have a lot of angry callers. GR goes into the room and starts to talk to JSH, but then they will have one more call so she goes out.

JSh takes the last phone call. She is the head of a fan club. But she lied to GR when she was screaned. She tells JSH that she is so mad as a fan. Can’t she go on a date with her now? Everyone knew that she was dating her, all the fans knew this, but they wanted to protect him. JSH says he doens’t want to have to think a lot to like someone, why should he have to do that, this is the first time in his life so he just decided to love her. The fan wants to know what he will do if all the fans leave him and he says he would be very sad, but….he will still want to like her.

Kang rubs his eyes and GR looks at JSH who is also looking at her.
JSH apologizes to Kang but he says that it is his first time answering his callers truthfully and that he likes radio a lot. Kang pulls GR aside to talk to her. He says he is a person who worres about her, she should think about all the ways she will suffer later, will she still continue? She says yes and Kang says the two of them drive him crazy. Let’s go.

Outside, all the fans are angry as they talk about JSH dating this girl. They pounce on his as he and GR leave, the police have to hold them all back. But then Kang tells them all 1-2-3-4, come here, you are all breaking the law right now. Stop doing that! Don’t take pictures. But they just say that they are just taking Oppa’s picture and Kang argues back, what if I just take your picture, will you be happy?

JSH puts GR in the car and drives her home, but her house is still covered in people and protesters. Kang shows up at the house first and tells JSH to just leave, it doesn’t help her if he is there. GR says she will call him later.

JSH goes home and is confronted by his mother and Jason, his mother does not like that he is dating publicly now. But JSH says she spread the picture around so what is she talking about. He will protect GR. JSH leaves and goes to his room, he sees the postcard that he is Woo Ji-woo’s killer.

Then Jason goes inside the room and asks JSH about Woo Ji-woo, can he just tell him about Woo Ji-woo? Outside, the boss mom wants the company man to go back to their company. But he says he won’t becasue he doesn’t want to report all of JSH’s happenings to her.

Then we cut to Jason writing the postcard letter on his desk. The company man manager walks in on him and sees the letter. But he doens’t put 2and2 together and just thinks that they are still recieving these letters.

All the radio people talk about JSH and GR dating. Did anyone know? Some of them says that JSH and GR were together all the time, but they thought she was dating Kang. They envy her. But RH says there is nothing to envy when you don’t have a private life anymore.
Cut to Kang and GR playfully arguing as she cooks. Kang says she looks upbeat, so she should work some more. They can work at her house. GR looks outside, all the protesters and reporters are still there. there are also a lot of postings online about GR being a gold digger, they want to know how she got to him in one month. GR is just annoyed, she knows that they have a long history, everyone else just doens’t know.

To brighten her mood, she starts looking at all the notes JSH wrote her, it does the trick.

JSH’s mother and father meet at the golf rink and excuse themselves to talk. Boss mom is angry at what is happening but the father isn’t too into it. She wants to know what he will do, JSH is leaving their company, he sent her a letter. The mom says JSH is just like him and is leaving his family for a woman. She made JSH into a top star, but without a contract, they don’t have a relationship, so do something. Without JSH, I won’t stand you anymore. She leaves and dad shakes his head as he thinks about this.

Outside on the street somewhere, JSH and his manager talk, but then TR come up from behind them and asks for a ride. they both stare at her.

At the same time GR talks to her writer friends about JSH. She lets them know that she knew him a long time ago, he was her first love when she was a child. She didn’t tell them that then, but she is telling them this now. then JSH calls and the girls freak out. GR answers and JSh tells her not to check the newspaper articles. She says she looked so ugly in the pictures. But then her friend picks up the phone and says he seduced their friend without them knowing. GR takes the phone back and he conversation turns to TR who is yelling in the background. GR is a little jealous about that. But then JSH hears Kang’s voice in the backgroun and JSH gets jealous. They hang up and Kang tells GR to just invite them all over.

At the bar, TR is stupid drunk and tells JSH that he really hates her, right? It is because she had to survive but she is asorry about the recording and mistreating him. If there were any other way then she wouldn’t have done it, do you still hate me? He says yes, because she slapped GR. TR calls GR a B. She took the dating rumor that she wanted to have…she envies her. TR passes out and the company man looks like he will stay and take care of her.

Meanwhile, it is the end of the night at GR’s house so everyone leaves. JSH waits outside GR’s house and sees all the girls still sitting there, but he doens’t get out of his car.
At the bar, TR tells boss mom that he is the only one who listens to her. Her appa ditched her and her mother because he was crazy in love and her mother ditched her becasue she was crazy in love, he saw it that day, right? She talks a lot because she would cry otherwise. But why isn’t ajusshi confessing to her?

Meanwhile GR is at home in bed, but hears some noises, is someone sneaking into her house? She goes out and it looks like someone did break in, a woman is searching her house. GR locks her room door and is about to call Suho, but she calls the PD instead. We hear the PD yelling that he called the emergency police and he will sue them all!

Then Kang sits for tea with GR. She looks very sad at all the recent events in her life. Cut to Kang talking to all the girls outside. he takes them all out to eat and tells them to eat it, it is spicy so they will grow tall. They can do all the fan things after they eat. Then he tells them that he was a fan of an actress when he was little and he cried for 3 days after she got married. But he is also telling them that he owns this building and he doesn’t know what he will do if they come again. They ask if their Oppa went to that house before and Kang says. Nope.

But then we see JSH driving to pick up GR who had snuck out of her house. They are safe in his car and GR says she feels like she is dating a top star, but a few days ago she felt like she was dating a neighborhood Oppa. JSH apologizes for all the fans in front of her house but she tells him not to worry about it. Then they hold hands as they drive down the street.

Cut to the car parked somewhere with GR talking about his script. She doesn’t like all the kiss scenes and JSH smiles at that. They talk about kissing, is he good at kissing, how many kisses has he done? He says it has to be more than 1000 times. he has acted in a lot of dramas and movies. They playfully argue about that. JSH says her kisses are more meaningful since she doesn’t do it for a job. Then they kiss back and forth.

Then GR tells JSH that she saw the love letter he wrote her 12 years ago, she collected all of them. She will show them all to him later. But she wonders, why did he change his name from Woo Ji-woo to Ji Su-ho? He tells her that they can talk about it later.

GR walks up on some writers talking aobut her. She says she knows they want her to hear it, but it still hurts. RH looks at GR walking off, concerned. then she follows her. RH says that GR is a bad effect on the radio, she has all the bad luck to their department and it hurts her, she wants to give her advice. She doesnt’ deserve all the negative attention of dating a top star, you get nothing out of it, when you have love, you go to the bottom. But maybe your writing will get better. RH says that her writing got better after she got dumped.

RH leaves and goes to her office. She says it makes her angry that everyone is mocking GR now.

Cut to GR meeting JSH’s father in a public location. hey both say that it is good to see each other. JSH is his son but they aren’t close, even so, he tries to listen to his radio show. He asks her if she likes JSH and she sayd she does. GR says the JSH she knows, knows how powerful true love it. That is how she feels about JSH. The father says that their family isn’t so good…she saw it that night. GR says she saw it but she thinks that JSH doesn’t want to break his family but he would like to make a real family. This gets to the father, he tells her that tomorrow is JSH’s birthday. She knows this. He tells her that she looks like a good person.

Then we cut to GR walking down the street thinking about JSH telling her that he calls his mother president because she isn’t his real mom. And she told him this on his birthday when his father went out with his girlfriend. This is the true face of his family that everyone is so envious of.

GR’s mother comes home and confronts the girls in front of the house. She actually doesn’t know what is going on so the girls tell her that her daughter is crazy and seduced JSH. Cut to the mother at the police station becasue the mom went off on them, lol! The mother shouts at all the girls at the polcie station just as GR runs in. GR takes the mother home but he mother looks so happy, instead of looking sad. She says she hasn’t fought for a long time, but it is good to fight because of her. Then she thinks GR is too skinny, she should eat and GR tells her that she missed all her moms meals.
JSH thinks of what GR told him…why did you change your name from Woo Ji-woo to Ji Su-ho. He starts driving, but then he sees an image of Woo Ji-woo crossing the street and slms on the breaks. He breathes hard as he tries to compose himself.

At GR’s home, she flips through one of Kangs books and sees the notes inside. She asks Kang what this is. Kang tells her that those are the letters they have been receiving at the station.

Back at JSH’s home, we see Jason at the computer writing a letter (?). JSH walks right in and they alk about the post cards. JSH says that Jason was right, JSH didn’t have insomnia but depretion 12 years ago. He was diagnosed with it 12 years ago instead of insomnia.

JSH sits with his parents looking uncomfortable as they take family photos. Then we see him walking in on his parents talking about him and yelling. JSH leaves and goes to his room. He takes 5 sleeping pills and covers his ears as he lays in his bed. Then he wakes up in a hospital room and looks around. Then we see him in the hallway looking out the window. Someone comes up next to him and hits him playfully, but it doens’t look like they know each other. they both look out the window at GR playing with some little kids. Then Woo Ji-woo asks who he is.

Cut to little JSH reading a script at the hospital. Woo Ji-woo comes in and sits on teh bed with him, JSH asks him where he is from and JW says he has lived there his entire life. JW asks him if he wants to be his friend? If he does then he will show him a beautiful secret, he won’t be able to live to 20 years old, so he will just have a happy life and live the way he wants. Both boys fall in love with GR and take care of her. JW tells JSH that he liked GR for 3 months. We see little images of Woo Ji-woo and JSH hiding as they watch GR all over the hospital. JW says he wants to kiss her before he dies.

Jason wants to know if he told GR that he is not Woo Ji-woo, why does he live like him in front of her? She thinks he is Woo Ji-woo from 12 years ago. GR likes you because you are Woo Ji-woo, but you are Ji Su-ho. When will you tell her the truth?

JSH goes to sleep and has a nightmare. He wakes up contemplatively and looks at the postcard, then he picks it up and leaves. Meanwhile, Jason gets a cal from GR, she wants to know what is going on. Is JSH, Woo Ji-woo? Are they different people?

Then we see JSH at Woo Ji-woo’s memorial. His high school diploma in teh building. Flahback of JSH at the hospital. JSH kisses GR in the church and his friend sees him do it. JSH also saw the friend after he kissed her.

Jason comes to the memorial building and JSH asks him if he sent him the postcards to make him come there? Did he wonder how he would react? Then Jason turns psycho and asks JSH if he liked being called JSH’s killer. JSH punches him and Jason smiles as he looks at him on the ground.

Meanwhile GR is in front of JSH’s house, she wants to talk to him. But Kang says she should leave, it will be worse if someone sees you in front of JSH’s house. So GR calls the company man and he lets her inside. They both talk about JSH and Jason, she can’t contact them both. Then GR asks the company man when he became JSH’s manager. He says middle school, why? GR is about to ask him about Woo Ji-woo, but she doens’t and says she will ask JSH directly.

Then she sits and waits. While waiting she thinks back to all the moments in the hospital with JSH. She wanteed to see his face, but he wanted her to remember him like this.

Finally JSH comes in and she stands to greet him, but he just pulls her into a big hug right away. They stand in this hug for a moment before GR asks him, what does it mean…JSH killed Woo Ji-woo?

He lets go of her and stares at her, conflicted.

GR – Why did you tell me that you are Woo Ji-woo?

Fade Out

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