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Radio Romance Live Recap: Episode 13

Live Recap for the Kdrama Radio Romance, episode 13
Daylight Saving time is messing me up, but it also gave us one more hour to prep in the mornings so I guess that isn’t a bad thing? Or maybe it took one hour away since our day starts later…that feels more like it. Whatever the case, this post is super late today. Hopefully with today’s episode we can see more of the radio show. It’s 4am somewhere.

How we do this: We update the post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos, but we try to fix all those once the episode finishes airing. Also, there might be updates galore at the bottom (time permitting), so check back in!

Shorthand (Character Chart)
Song Gu-rim – GR | Ji Su-ho – SH | Jin Tae-ri – TR | Lee Kang – LK or K | Ra Ra-hee – RH | Lee Sung-su – SS | Moon Sung-woo – SW | Choi Ae-ran

Airing Time: March 12th, 22:00 Seoul
How To Watch Live: Our on air watch on KBS2 isn’t working anymore. *sad face* It was fun while it lasted. Hopefully this method starts to work again sometime soon.
Countdown: EDITING

Writer Kang goes outside and grabs Gu-rim away from JSH. She wants to know what this is all about as they go back inside. GR wants to know what is wrong. B

Flashback to GR crying in the stairs. Kang tells her that she was punished becasue she was a good writer. GR wants to know how he knows why she was crying. Kang tells her that she knows nothing and wants to do radio, but GR says he shouldn’t mock her.

Another flashback, GR asks if she is really fired? Kang tells her that she whould just focus on writing well, not dating someone, so don’t cry because of a man while I am on vacation. Kang tells her that she should be a writer when he comes back.

Back to the present, Kang tells her that he told her to become a writer, it is not easy to see how she has no idea. He wanted to be a good person and waited too long to look like an adult to you and it killed me. You still say maybe…I shouldn’t like a girl like you, Gu-rim, I am too late right? I am afraid it will make you confused, but I can’t stand you holding some other guys hand.

GR is confused and says she really didn’t know. Kang says she doens’t know all the time, that is why he didn’t tell her, because it would make her uncomfortable. But he never knew someone like JSH would show up.

Inthe car, JSH is reading GR’s message and he wonders why she is so late. But then GR comes back and says she needs to wrap up something. She will take care of it and tell him later, he can go home first. She closes the door and walks off while JSH looks at her.

But then we see JSH going inside and talking to Kang. He has a question, what did you tell GR? Did you confess to her? Do you love her? Why did she leave like that? Kang tells him that he is really tired and they can talk later. But JSH keeps pressing the issue so Kang says that he told her that he likes her. Why shouldn’t he tell her that?

Cut to GR walking outside. She thinks about all the things Kang told her throughout the years about being a writer. She is a writer. She cast JSH so she is the main writer…you will be a good writer…if you get sick I will kill you… We also see Kang sitting by himself as he thinks about what he just said to GR.
JSH gets home and Jason asks him if he saw the postcard. JSH just goes to his room. But the company man is there as well and asks what this postcard is. Jason shows him the postcard and asks what happened 12 years ago. Company man doesn’t trust him though, but Jason just tells him that he is JSH’s doctor and wants to help him.

Meanwhile, JSH is in his room talking to GR. She is at the broadcast station so JSH tells her not to talk to Kang too much, and they hang up.

At the station, RH and RPD talk about how they are losing even though they have a primetime spot. But then Kang comes from behind them and asks them about the rumors they are spreading (?). They say that they saw JSH and GR in a hotel, but Kang just tells them to stop spreading rumors and he also tells them that their DJ is going to quit.

JSH and his mother aere sitting and talking. Boss Mom wants to write a contract among family members about their business, but JSH doesn’t want to sign a contract like that.

Then we see Kang busting in on GR and asking her if she went to a hotel with JSH. He doens’t think it matters, because they are both adults, but he thinks they shouldn’t be so open so that people can spread rumors about them. Whatever happens, he doens’t want people to speak badly about her. He leaves.

At the same time, JSH meets with TR about this melo drama they will be in together. TR is happy about it, fighting!

Meanwhile, Boss mom is in her closet looking at her shoes. Her husband comes in and brings her some gifts, but the mother says to just give that to his mistress. She starts telling him that TR is threatening them with that recording and other things are going on right now with peope calling the office.

Then we see JSH having another nightmare about his friend dying. It looks like his friend wrote all the letters to GR and not JSH. JSH wakes up and the company man hyung is there. He tells hyung that he has a dream about woo ji woo. He likes GR and GR starts to like him, but Woo Ji-woo is in his dream now, why is this happening?
GR talks to her mother about all that is going on. Her Mom tells her that she only knows JSH, but GR says Kang is also great, he is a nice teacher and is helpful, but why does she like JSH the most?

Kang meets with JSH at the drama site and tells him he came there to pick him up. They get in the car and Kang says he was strange yesterday but he had to get all that out. But Kang does appreciate JSH and wants to help him do the program more comfortably, that is why they move to 4am. That is the only time he doesn’t work and in the morning radio you don’t have to think about all the people that might be listening. You think I’m an A-hole right though?

But JSH wants to know what Kang thinks about JSH feeling now? How does he think GR will feel if she sees them together now. They talk about this back and forth in the car. They are both wondering what GR feels now.

Both JSH and Kang look at GR while they are preparing. The program is about how everyone is the same, people don’t want to lose what they love. Cut to GR and JSH leaving the radio show (I guess it’s over?). Kang calls her back inside and tells her that he has a problem with her script, this isn’t a script for 4am, she shouldn’t write for 6pm in the 4am spot. GR just says she wants to take him somewhere so she takes him to his favorite spot.

They talk about Kang bragging a lot as a PD in front of her and he says he knows a lot, that is why he bragged about it. they sit for a drink at this record cafe and talk about the two of them. GR says he was impressed with her, he made her a sub writer and the main writer when she was fired. He was always there and she is thankful for his confession, it is a good thing. She doesn’t want to refuse it, it also hurts her. She wants to say thank you instead of sorry, thank you PD.

But then she says that she already likes someone else and Kang says that he knows. He knew he would be dumped like this. they both smile and Kang tells her, let’s go.
TR offers the company man $10.

Flashback of the company man and TR. She asks him to be her manager one day at a time. TR has long black hair and always runs up to the company man for him to be her manager only to impress her parents so they won’t worry about her. TR wants her mom to have a happy marriage and not worry about her. Her mother tells her thank you and she loves her. TR tells her mother to be happy. But TR starts crying in the car and gives the company man $10 for letting her borrow him for the day.

In the present TR also asks him if she can borrow him for the day and gives him $10, but he ignores her and walks off.

GR meets JSH at his home and JSH is so interested in what GR said to him. She tells JSH that she just said that she was thankful for Kang and she thanks him for liking her, but she likes JSH. JSh says he would like it if she didn’t see him so much, she is always with him all day long and he doesn’t like it, he is cool but he is also an a-hole and his beard sucks. GR is all like…? But JSh says he wants to like Kang, but he can’t do it. In front of GR he doesn’t want to have a low voice and be cool, he can’t do it in front of her because someone like Lee Kang confessed to her.

Meanwhile Kang is meeting with Boss mom. They have a sarcastic back and forth meeting about what the can or can’t do.

At the same time GR is still with JSH. He tells her to knock on the door as they stand inbetween the doors. They are in different worlds so they have to knock on the door if they come into each others worlds. But he just grabs her and pulls her closely to him so that they aren’t in each others rooms, but they are very close to each other. Ah, this is a script he is practicing!

GR is helping him practice his script, but she doesn’t like it, why are there all these unnecessary love scene? Why does he have to kiss and hug her so much, why do they have to date? But GR gets flustered and tells him that she will go home. As she tries to leave, JSh gives her a kiss on the cheek and asks her if she is jealous? She says she isn’t and he says she doens’t have to be jealous becasue he wants to do everything with her anyway.

JSH says it is great to have a morning show so they can play all night and then go to the radio together.
The AD starts complaining about coming to work so early, but is busted by Kang. Then we see GR and JSH coming into the station so Kang starts to pick a playful fight with him. But GR tells them that they should all go get ready for the show.

Cut to the show, a person calls in and talks about how someone is poor and JSH doesn’t understand him because he is rich and has no uncomfortable things. He wants to know what JSH will say as a rich famous man. JSH says there are a lot of hard things – . But the man cuts him off, what is more uncomfortable than a man who doesn’t have anywhere to sleep? JSH is flustered so the listener hangs up on him becasue JSH doens’t have anything to say to him and they start to play music.

JSH is upset, they should screen the listeners better. Kang tells him that JSH shouldn’t be upset at the listeners. But JSH says he understands these things can happen, it just also hurts him when he has to hear these things. JSh walks off and gR goes up to him.

JSH is looking out the window as he cools off. GR tells him the listenener just needed some comfort. JSH asks her who comforts him and she says she is there. He asks how she will comfort him so she holds his hand and smiles as they both look out the window.

TR brings RH and RPD some treats to thank them and to tell them that she is quitting the radio show.

Later on in the day, JSH’s father meets with him at his home. he talks small talk to him for a moment but then tells him to sit so they can talk. There are a lot of women in the world, he will have a lot of time to meet women… JSH asks him to just stop, how many Moms does he have? Accept their representative, how many mothers does he have? Is it his fault that he doens’t have a good relationship with his mother? It is not their fault, it is his fault.

Father grabs JSH by the collar but JSH doens’t back down. he asks his father if he really likes to live like this….then he tells him to leave because he has to get ready for a meeting. At the same time, boss mom opens a letter from JSH. It is a formal letter explaining why he is breaking the contract in lawyer terms. Boss mom calls him, but he doens’t pick up the phone.

The radio writers start to talk about the rumor that JSH and GR are dating. Is it really true? Daebak! meanwhile RH and RPD wonder what they will do, everyone is quitting. Their program is a bye-bye radio show. RH gets a call from Boss Mom, but RPD says she shouldn’t be involved with her (Boss Mom) what should she do? RH tells Boss Mom that she saw JSH and GR together at a hotel.

Boss Mom hangs up and we see that she is at JSH’s home, she sees all GR’s post-it notes in his room and reads them all. jason is there as well and shows the postcards to Boss Mom. he tells her that him and Woo Ji-woo both liked the same girl…GR.
Boss mom calls GR and tells her that she wants to see her for a moment, does she have the time? GR says that she can, but can they meet somewhere in the middle? Boss mom agrees and they hang up. They meet at a cafe and Boss Mom tells GR that she wants to have a contract with her. They have a lot of writers at their company and they would like to have a good one. She can treat her the best. But GR says she isn’t good enough now and she likes doing what she is doing. The mother says it would be a good deal for her, but GR says she is fine.

JSH text hera nd tells her that he will come pick her up in 30 mintues. GR texts back that she doesnn’t just wait around for him and she isn’t going to meet him…but then she erases it and starts getting ready to meet him. She puts on something nice and puts in the earings JSH gave her.

While outside, Kang runs in to her and tells her not to meet with JSH. They sit inside and he tells her that they will figure out how to protect her, he shows her the news report of the kiss at the elementary school. Right then a reporter calls her, are you dating JSH? GR hangs up. They both look at each other, this will be big.

JSH also sees the news and tells the company man to go to GR’s house. Illegal U-turn for the win! Then we see JSH and the company man at GR’s house which is covered in reporters. JSh is about to get out, but the company man says this will only hurt her more. So we cut to JSH at home clicking his light on and off…click…click…click.

GR is also at home with her light on, trying to sleep.

JSH tries to sleep as well, but then GR calls him and he answers. She says that he told her to call him whenever. She turned off the radio because so many people are there. He apologizes, he is so sorry but he doesn’t know how to apologize to her or to see her face again. She says it isn’t his fault, but today was difficult for her. JSh wonders if they can see each other again and she says they can see each other and talk tomorrow. She also says that she saw his mother, she wanted to hire her but she refused it. he apologes for that as well, but GR says it was a good thing and sleep tight.
A lot of high school girls are outside the radio station protesting JSH and Radio Romance. They will not watch it anymore!

Inside the station all the rumors are around as well. Kang tells everyone not to spread rumors and talk about her! If they want to spread rumors that include him in it and if he smiles again, he will kill him.

Then we see JSh and GR somewhere on the street. No reporters are around. GR is bright but JSH asks her why she is laughing when it isn’t funny, that is what she told him right? She should curse at him and be angry with him. GR asks if he ate something, he didn’t eat anything right? Lets eat.

Kang brings them some food and tells them that he wants to kill them. What are they doing to him? He is already sad becaue GR dumped him but now they have to provide this secret place for them and give them food? Enjoy.

Kang leaves them alone and JSH apologizes for this big mess again. GR says she sees what it is like to be a top star now. JSH says he will take care of it and leaves. Kang asks JSH if he will do the radio? Kang then tells JSH that the most poisonous thing for GR is JSH, not his mother. So if he wants to protect her then he should stay away.

Cut to Kang picking up GR at her home, he doens’t want her to go but she wants to. She goes up to the protesters and is about to walk through them, but she stops and bows her head. Then JSh walks up behind her and tells her to raise her head up. He grabs her hand and tells her, let’s go. The company man is also with them and walks through the crowd, protecting the two from all the protesters.

Fade Out

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