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Radio Romance Live Recap: Episode 12

Live Recap for the Kdrama Radio Romance, episode 12
GR and Ji Su-ho might be spending their first night together, but let’s be real…they aren’t really going to spend their first night together in the Biblical sense. Even if her sunbae doesn’t step in and cause a scene, I really only see Su-ho and GR talking the night away as he spills all the guts he has been waiting to spill for years.

How we do this: We update the post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos, but we try to fix all those once the episode finishes airing. Also, there might be updates galore at the bottom (time permitting), so check back in!

Shorthand (Character Chart)
Song Gu-rim – GR | Ji Su-ho – SH | Jin Tae-ri – TR | Lee Kang – LK or K | Ra Ra-hee – RH | Lee Sung-su – SS | Moon Sung-woo – SW | Choi Ae-ran

Airing Time: March 6th, 22:00 Seoul
How To Watch Live: Our on air watch on KBS2 isn’t working anymore. *sad face* It was fun while it lasted. Hopefully this method starts to work again sometime soon.
Countdown: KKEUT

I might have accidentally deleted JSH from some parts of this recap. I tried to find them all, but if you see some strange spacing or a section where it looks like a subject/object is missing then it should probably be JSH.
JSH – Tonight, can you stay with me? I want to spend tonight with you.

GR looks around…um, what? Then we cut to her in the bathroom. She thinks JSH is crazy, what should she do? What is he thinking about?

She opens the door and he is right there. He asks if she is done cleaning up. She says she doesn’t have any cosmetics, but he tells her there is stuff in the hospital. She wants to go get some, but he says his manager can get it. But she makes several excuses and says she will be back right away and rushes out.

But then she hears RH and RPD. She quickly knocks on the hotel door again and JSH lets her in. They look out the door and wonder why RH and RPD are there, GR thinks she can’t leave with them snooping around.

Then JSH gets a call, TR is at the hotel as well. The manager tells JSH that TR is at the hotel to see him. JSH tells him, he isn’t alone, she can’t come here. GR is so annoyed, why is everyone coming here? Is this some conference room? She needs to leave. JSH tells her that they can leave together.

In the hallway we see JSH and GR leaving the hotel room and they run right into TR. But RH and RPD see this as well. TR slaps GR and JSH calls her crazy. But GR confronts TR, she tells her that she is so pitiful. You mistreat me because of JSH, if you do it again then I will not withstand it. TR says, what are you going to do?

RH and RPD watch all this in amazement.

TR tells JSH that she brought something and holds up the recording. She says they should all listen to it together. You will hear all the lies that the man you meet says to the world. But then the company man shows up and grabs TR. RH and RPD think this situation is way more interesting than a drama.

Everyone goes to a van. TR plays the recording for JSH. She says she will release it. JSH is all like, fine. I will be thankful if you do it for me. He leaves and TR rushes after him, how long is he going to be like this! JSH gets in the car with GR and they drive off.

The company man confronts TR, but she just tells him to take her to her house. He says the reason he didn’t put it somewhere else was because he trusted her, he didn’t think he would be that kind of lowly person. She took everything from him, so don’t look for him anymore. He won’t accept her calls at all.

He drives off and TR is left alone looking pitiful.

GR tells JSH that she will have a lot of roadblocks if she dates him. He tells her that he is sorry and touches her cheek. She says TR hit her, he doesn’t have to apologize. She will ask for an apology to TR directly. She tells him to go home but he doesn’t want to. She tells him to stop being so sleazy and he laughs. Then she says he was about to cry and now he is laughing, why is he like this? But he keeps smiling.

The director and Kang talk about all the injustice of this big company swaying their radio program. Kang says he will take care of the problem and leaves. The director yells, no, don’t take care of it! But we cut to Kang asking all his other PD friends about all the bad things about all the other entertainers.

Then we cut to GR and Kang talking about what they need to do. They wonder if they should tell JSH about getting kicked out by his company. Kang doesn’t think they should because JSH will be hurt if he knows that his mother did this. They will figure it out. Their job is to be in broadcast, so people won’t think that she disappeared. Then GR texts JSH, where are you?

JSH says he is coming to see her. Then we see JSH with the company man. They talk about the shooting schedule around the radio program. The company man doesn’t want him to stretch himself, but JSH wants to stretch himself because this is the first time he is doing what he wants to do.

Kang meets with the Boss mother. He will attack her behind the scenes with all the info he found. She isn’t worried, they can cover it up. But Kang says it is just now starting. Cut to Kang protesting JH company. JH should be out and they shouldn’t sway the media, we have our freedom! Walks up on this, but he doesn’t interfere, he just holds off in the back.

RH and RPD talk about GR at the hotel. RH wants to ask GR what happened but RPD thinks they shouldn’t. Then we see GR talking to one of the other writers in the other room. She says Kang PD was protesting with a lot of the other writers, but GR doesn’t even want to think about it. But then TR comes in. TR tells GR that she is her fan, but GR says she isn’t a fan anymore. They argue back and forth and then TR says they should talk privately and leaves. The friend wants to know what is going on with TR and GR just shakes her head and follows.

JSH goes to the radio director and asks what is going on. The director tells him that his mother dissolved their radio team, didn’t his team members tell him? JSH leaves in a huff and starts to remember what GR said sober and then drunk….she was fired in just one month. He calls her but she isn’t picking up.

Cut to GR talking to TR. GR says she already knows the secret but if she is curious about it then she will just ask him directly. Then she tells TR that she should apologize to her because she slapped her face. But JSH just goes to GR and pulls her away from TR.

JSH tells GR that she has to quit radio because of him. He heard their radio show is gone because of him. Doesn’t she know how bad he feels? It is like he listens to his own news on the media first and he doesn’t even know about it. But Kang comes in and tell him that they didn’t tell him because they needed to take care of the problem. JSH says they are supposed to be a team, but Kang tells him that they are a team, and this is his way of protecting him. But Kang wants to know how they can protect him, they are nothing. He leaves, GR runs after him. He tells GR that he will take care of it, he will make sure she can be on the radio again. The issue they are trying to solve…he can take care of right away.

Everything Lee Kang PD sai about our entertainers are mostly true. Also, the family issue is a big rumor. Cut to Da-sul (the idol) having a press conference, but no one is coming. Then Boss mom comes. Da-sul stands to meet her and tells her that no reporters are there, she needs to stop playing. Burying her in this industry is so easy…if she does this one more time. Boss mom leaves and DS sits back in the empty room.

Boss mom goes home and JSH is there. He heard that she took care of his issue, why does she hate radio so much? He is doing the drama, the money maker, money is good, but he enjoys what he is doing now. He asked her for the first time in his life to do what he wants to do, so he is leaving. She asks him where and he says he is leaving the house and the company.

Drunk Appa comes home at that time. The boss mom asks him if he wants to die. But drunk appa just says JSH’s mom doesn’t give him any room. Appa says Umma is scared because of JSH, can’t he just come home. Boss mom just yells at Appa, how can he do that to her today, where is his morality? Appa stands and says that she is the same. She says she lost everything because of JSH, but she gained a lot because of JSH, you are scared because you are losing JSH’s name.

But JSH just yells for them both to stop and tells them that it is really time for him to leave their home. He can do anything…if he has to ditch his appa then he will, he can ditch him. Appa hits JSH hard on the face and Umma hits Appa hard on the face, then storms off.

He sits in his car contemplating something and staring off at nothing. He looks at his phone as if he wants to call GR, but doesn’t call GR. Instead, he turns on the radio. This is JSH’s radio hour, but they have a fill in right now.

Cut to the radio station. Kang is taking photos and wonders if he should post it and says that the company kicked out JSH? Should he write that or not? What should he do? But GR tells him that they are on air right now. Maroon 5 song starts playing as they talk (Maroon 5, Sunday Morning).

Then we cut to JSH talking to the director. He wants to continue the radio, what decision will the director makes if he tells him that. He just wants to know his true heart, not about all the company things. The director says he wants to do radio with JSH, he did a good job and he liked it. JSH tells him that he will continue the radio then, he will convince his boss, so don’t worry about it.

He leaves and is confronted by GR and Kang. They want to talk to him, but they say GR can go home first. Then we cut to and Kang talking in the bathroom.

Kang basically tells JSH that he met his mother and he didn’t want JSH to get hurt. But JSH tells Kang that he treats him the same way as all the others. He doesn’t want to live like that as a team member, so he will take care of everything on his own this time.

Meanwhile, GR waits for JSH in front of his home. She talks to Kang about JSH, did the meeting go well? But Kang is all like, why do you worry about JSH? GR tells him to not be angry and some other things, and then they hang up. Then Kang goes inside and meets with Jason.

Jason thinks it is thrilling that they are meeting secretly. He wants to know if Kang still gets these letters and if JSH knows about it? Did Kang search anything about the mail? Why does JSH only respond to GR? Jason has some questions for GR as well.

GR waits in front of JSH’s home and calls JSH, but he isn’t picking up. We cut to the company man’s house. JSH wants to know how to protect things that he likes. If he tries to protect something, it makes the issue bigger and bigger. The company man laughs, if he knew that then he wouldn’t be in this situation. Then he talks about the recording. He didn’t know that TR would use it like that. He recorded the recording when they were young because they were just practicing his tv things. But JSH just accidentally told him about his family issues at that time and it was accidentally recorded. He is sorry about that and he would like to practice with JSH again.

JSH gets home and GR tells him that she waited for 3 hours and 27 minutes. She waited for him, but he didn’t receive her phone calls. She waited 3 hours and 28 minutes, but he is still not talking to her?

They go inside, and she says she called him because he isn’t calling her. She knows he wants to see her but can’t see her, so she came there because she knew he would be suffering all by himself. He says that he hates her because he is afraid that she is leaving him. She lost everything because of him and became unlucky.

GR wants to know, how can she be unlucky because of him? He says she was fired because of him but she says she became the main writer because of him. It isn’t his fault what his mom does.

He asks her if she can lend him her hands. He takes them and puts them around him and hugs her. She also hugs him. She tells him that he needed some comfort and pats him on the back as they hug outside his house.

Then we cut to JSH preparing food for GR. But he can only make eggs, so he prepares eggs and wine. GR laughs, he can do everything except this. She goes to the kitchen and prepares some toast. But the toast is all burnt. She blames it on the toaster. He wonders how he can eat that, so GR says she will eat it all, but then JSH eats one of the pieces of toast.

Kang talks to the director about the protest. The director wants him to stop. JSH talked to him about fixing the issue so Kang shouldn’t protest anymore. Then he sees Kang and GR come home. He tells JSH that he made up with GR then? But JSH doesn’t say anything and just drops off GR and leaves. Kang tells GR that she should write and not follow JSH around. But GR says it is because she likes JSH. She smiles and goes inside, Kang is left paused.

JSH talks to his mother about the deal she made with KBC about not DJ’ing. She doesn’t have to do it anymore because he is quitting JH. Everything he said is all truthful, he is done with JH, please throw away his stamp. If he wants to keep him around, then stop doing all those things to the broadcast company.

Then we cut to the director talking to all the higher ups about not being swayed by all those companies. Then he gets off the phone and tells Kang that he already gave the 6pm slot to RH and RPD. But Kang says they will do the 4pm slot. Then Kang says they will 4am slot. He laughs.

Then we cut to GR hugging JSH, they are going to do the radio again. She is so happy, Kang PD told her. The radio broadcast is 4am though. JSH tells them that he doesn’t think he can do it. What can you do at 4am? I don’t accept that time slot. But Kang tells him that he should accept what the PD says. He can say whatever time slot, but this is the only way they can do the radio. JSH thinks no one will listen to the radio at 4am. What if everything they do collapses because they follow Kang. Kang says they will do 4am and SH says he will just quit then. So, it looks like JSH thinks he is too famous to do the radio at 4am.

JSH storms out and sees one of those malicious letters. Then he opens the box filled with the letters and looks at one of them.

Jason says JSH tried to commit suicide 12 years ago. But the mom says that is a rumor. Then the mom asks if JSH is still having nightmares? We cut to JSH having a nightmare. Then we see him as a child. He wants to tell everything to GR and he looks at all the letters, but then we see the accident that killed his friend. JSH hops up all sweaty and gets a call from GR.

He answers, and she says that she wants to go on a date with him, can he come out now? He comes out and they sit at a bus stop together. Then they ride the bus. It looks like it is 4am? GR tells JSH, when she works she takes the bus. Has he ever taken the bus at this time of day? They should eat some cup noodles. GR thinks this is the best, she is riding the bus with a top star, she is talking with him and holding his hand. But JSH doesn’t look so happy about it.

Then some other people get on the bus. It looks like JSH thought he should not hold hands with GR anymore, but GR grabs his hand tighter. JSH sees people walking around and cleaning and wrapping up their business. He starts to smile as he watches all of this.

Then they get home.

GR says they should do the 4am show together. She knows she is asking a lot, but she can’t think of anyone else, she knows he is scared to do it. But he says she doesn’t know, if she knew then she wouldn’t ask him. She says she doesn’t know, she is scared also and doesn’t know what to write, but she trusts his voice and she wants to be brave. Can’t they just do it together?

Then we cut to GR writing in the writing room. GR writes a note to JSH, this is JSH’s voice that I want to hear at JSH…I want to be the only one hearing your voice. She falls asleep and Kang sees her sleeping. Then GR wakes up a little bit later. Kang tells her she slept for 3 hours, she should prepare the script. GR wants to know how he knew that she slept for 3 hours?

He asks her for the script, but she says she will wash up first. She runs off and Kang goes to her desk. He sees the notes she wrote for JSH.

Cut to GR and their Radio AD trying to find JSH, he isn’t there anymore. They frantically try to find him. They wait for him, but the AD doesn’t think he will show up. But then he shows up and tells them that they should start, without saying hello to anyone. He just goes right into the studio.

4am, it is early morning for someone and it is night for someone
For someone, it is time to wake up
For someone else, it is time to go to sleep
For someone, they want to go to bed but they can’t sleep
It is 4am somewhere
We are starting JSH’s radio romance at 4am

They turn on the song, it is a rap song and the AD thinks it is crazy to play a rap song this early in the morning. Then JSH looks at GR, she tells him that she knew he would come, but he doesn’t say anything back.

They leave and thank him for a good job, next time, show up 10 minutes early. GR tells him that she will make sure to call him, so he won’t be late. GR and JSH leave together and she wants to know where they will go today.

But then Kang shows up and closes the car door.

Stare off.

Fade Out

Scene 1: TR slabs GR’s face at the hotel hallway. GR says if TR doesn’t stop, she won’t tolerate it anymore”

Scene 2: The company man is very angry at TR and tells her “Don’t look for me anymore”

Scene 3: K is investigating fishy things about JH company. He then meets JH and tells her he will try to destroy JH entertainer’s reputation.

Scene 4: GR tells TR that she isn’t interested in what is recorded in the recorder and she will ask SH directly if needed.

Scene 5: SH tells GR and K that he will handle the situation. He also tells GR that he will save the radio show for GR

Scene 6: SH tells JH that he will quit his fake life and stop lying to public.

Scene 7: SH and K are having a frank conversation about their situation. SH says he will actively handle the situation his own way.

Scene 8: J asks K why SH is only respond to GR.

Scene 9: GR waits for SH in front of his house and tells him he needs comfort and hugs him.

Scene 10: SH and GR try to cook each other but they are both bad. SH drops her off at her place and she tells K that she loves SH.

Scene 11: SH fires back to JH and if he doesn’t do the radio, he will be out from JH company.

Scene 12: SH and K argue about the radio time. K wants 4am and SH wants the regular time.

Scene 13: GR tries to convince SH to do the 4am radio show.

Scene 14: SH shows up for the 4am radio show. After the radio, GR and SH are about to go on a date but K slams SH’s car door.

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  1. TradeWinds44
    March 6, 2018 / 11:51 am

    I’m getting a bit frustrated with this show. Every episode is about will he our won’t he do the radio and then kissing GR. I really wanted this show to be more about making their radio show a great big hit and all the comradery that is built with this little show that could and much less about all this other stuff going on with TR and the boss mom and Jason and the accident in the past and the family dramaand these strange notes… it is just too much. It started out well, but it’s losing me.

  2. gustave154
    March 6, 2018 / 3:05 pm

    Boss Mom is the best thing about this show. I like the main couple but unfortunately the plot is thin and they keep doing the same thing again and again.

  3. V
    March 6, 2018 / 5:20 pm

    Yep, I agree with both of y’all. The plot is very thin. The first episode was so promising, but the story isn’t moving anywhere.

  4. March 7, 2018 / 12:01 am

    This is a TV Dram…its not real…

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