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Radio Romance Live Recap: Episode 11

Live Recap for the Kdrama Radio Romance, episode 11
We had another long kiss after the last episode and it looked like Gu-rim was going to just let it live for a moment. But of course she could always push him away again and apologize for something she did to lead him on. But we are too far along in the show for that, right? I foresee more heartfelt conversations, more single tears dropping, and more company machinations. But at least we know that Ji Su-ho is doing the radio, right?
We just don’t know how.

How we do this: We update the post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos, but we try to fix all those once the episode finishes airing. Also, there might be updates galore at the bottom (time permitting), so check back in!

Shorthand (Character Chart)
Song Gu-rim – GR | Ji Su-ho – SH | Jin Tae-ri – TR | Lee Kang – LK or K | Ra Ra-hee – RH | Lee Sung-su – SS | Moon Sung-woo – SW | Choi Ae-ran

Airing Time: March 5th, 22:00 Seoul
Countdown: UPDATING
How To Watch Live: Our on air watch on KBS2 isn’t working anymore. *sad face* It was fun while it lasted. Hopefully this method starts to work again sometime soon.

We open on JSH and GR looking at the news on his phone. JSH says his drama isn’t confirmed and he is looking for a way to do the radio show and the TV show together. GR tells him that he should have told them. But JSH just says he is a man of his word. He tries to tell her things but the person he likes doesn’t believe him. Isn’t she going to try and trust him?

But GR just suddenly leans in and kisses JSH mid-tirade. This shuts him up quickly and there is an awkward moment as she apologizes. GR quickly leaves and JSH runs after her. H grabs her arm with a smile and asks her what she just did to him. But she wants to ignore it and tells him that she just wants to leave, her mother is waiting for her. They walk outside and GR tells him that she trusts him, she trusts him…and quickly walks off.

Then we cut to them in the car together. GR tells JSH that she trusts him, it is just scary. Why does he keep asking her these things, he is keeping her in front of her house for 2 hours. But JSH wants to know why it is a scary thing so GR tells him that she is afraid of being hurt…because he is Ji Su-ho. So, don’t be like that and we are okay, right? She tells him that she wants to see what he gave her in the car and asks for the car keys. Then she goes into her house and watches him drive away.

GR goes upstairs and tells Kang that JSH isn’t quitting, he is going to do both. Kang says he is truthful…how can I apologize to him. But GR tells Kang that he doesn’t have to apologize because the situation was easily misunderstood. It was both sides fault.

GR goes to her room and thinks about kissing JSH, she calls her lips “troublemakers” and tells herself that she has gone too far recently. JSH keeps calling her and she keeps not picking up. But she picks up this time and wails, ah, why do you keep calling me, then she picks up, “I kissed you, what about it!” But JSH just tells her that he wanted to tell her goodnight. With a smile.

JSH is at a meeting with a lot of people. The publicity of the drama went up a lot due to what JSH said on the news. It looks like the drama people are pretty happy about that, so they will follow the contract. But JSH says he might cancel the contract or he might follow the contract, if they want him to be in the drama then they should give him a better contract.

He leaves and starts talking with his mother. His mom doesn’t think he can do both and says they are in this spot because of what he started. But JSH says they are in that spot because he didn’t stop something from before. She brings up the picture with GR and JSH basically says it is nothing to be in a picture with someone you love. He leaves and the Mom calls KBC

The Boss mom basically pressures the radio program to fire JSH. The director doesn’t want to do it.

Meanwhile, JSH is steady calling GR and she wonders how he can call her so consistently. But then we cut to Kang talking to JSH, JSH tells Kang that he wants a formal apology at his place with Song Gu-rim.

The director talks to RH about having a daily radio program which means they would cancel JSH’s radio program. RPD and RH talk about the dissolution of Kang’s team, is it really happening?

JSH tells Kang and GR that he wants a formal apology. He asserts all his power to get his apology from Kang. Kang does all the apologizing and doesn’t argue about it. JSH has too many things to apologize for and Kang says exactly the same thing for each apology. GR says that she wants to say sorry again as well. JSH tells them that it is embarrassing to say it, but he is JSH, he has to give up a lot to do the radio show. But Kang reminds him that he gained a lot from doing the radio as well.

Cut to Jason telling everyone that he is JSH’s shadow. Kang wants a tour of the home, so he gives them one. But JSH has been wanting to get GR alone and uses this time to do it. He pulls her away while on their tour and asks her why she didn’t pick up his phone calls. Should he call the PD only to see her face? GR realizes that is what this is about, she smiles. JSH just wants to know why she doesn’t pick up his phone calls. GR thinks that she can or not, why is he so obsessed with phone calls? But JSH says he isn’t obsessed with phone calls, he is obsessed with her. He will keep making these situations if she doesn’t pick up.

Kang talks to Jason about the strange mailings they receive, but then he sees the same font in Jason’s room. Kang has figured out that Jason is the mailer. Jason knows that Kang knows as well.

But then TR yells for JSH to come out. JSH comes out and wonders who opened the door for TR to come in? It was Jason. GR comes out as well and TR is so upset about that, how can she come to your house as well. She tells GR that a lot of people are affected because of her. JSH is going crazy to be a DJ because of her and is giving up his TV show. But Kang has heard enough and takes GR out of this house. TR scoffs, what kind of drama is this?

Kang and GR drive back to JBC. Kang is a little upset and tells GR to not get yelled at by other people. They call the director to let him know they are headed back, but the director tells them that their team is dissolved (or the director called them?).

Meanwhile, TR and JSH are arguing in his house. She says that she is better next to him rather than GR.

A little while later we see Kang arguing with the director. The director says that JSH is the problem, he can’t do anything about it because the decision makers at JBC made a deal with KBC to remove JSH from the radio program. Kang storms out.

Kang gets back in the car with GR and they go to meet with JSH’s mother. Kang says they had a contract and confront the mother at the museum about it. Meanwhile, JSH is calling GR again and wondering why she isn’t picking up the phone. But the company man comes up to him and fills him in a little. JSH tells him that he wants to do the radio, can the company man help him? He wants to do the radio and the drama his own way.

Back at the museum, the mother puts aside a minute to talk. Kang wants to know the reason to remove JSH. If he is worth that much, then she can make a deal with KBC. Kang wants to know, what if JSH leaves the company and does the radio show? The mom thinks…well, if it is possible.

The meeting ends but then GR approaches JSH’s mother. She tells her that JSH is an important DJ. Friend, and family for our radio team. He is an important person for a lot of people and she just wanted to tell her that.

RPD and RH talk about taking over JSH’s spot, it will be difficult. Is Kang’s team really disbanding? GR hears them and goes to the writers’ room. RH comes in there and apologizes to GR, but it is a smug apology. The two teams talk back and forth about what is going on and whose fault it is. But Kang just storms out, he doesn’t have time for that nonsense. He tells GR to call JSH.

Cut to a restaurant, the owner closed the restaurant, so the team can eat and talk without everyone looking a JSH. Kang says it is their fault that their program is punished. They were a troublemaker. Kang tells them that the censorship department gave them some detention. So JSH asks, there is no radio program tomorrow? GR says there isn’t, but they can still talk about things. It looks like they don’t want to tell JSH what really happened and are trying to explain everything else besides what really happened so JSH’s feelings won’t be hurt. GR tells everyone to cheer up and they start to drink.

But then GR gets very drunk and talks about becoming the main writer and getting fired in one month! She is the only drunk one and she is a bad drunk. She basically does a 180 and complains about everything. A drunk GR tells Kang that he shouldn’t do it, I said yes, yes, yes when I was the youngest…I did everything I was asked…I was super happy that you read my script…

JSH tells her that they should leave but drunk GR comes back out….Su-ah, you shouldn’t do this, I just followed you around and threw up all my intestines to get you on the t show…I cast you and became the main writer so I was happy…..my script will be on the radio….thank you thank you…..(passed out).

JSH and Kang talk about GR. Kang says she should write as she talks now, he wants to make her his main writer and when she is cuter….I don’t know what I will do. And JSH, I will make you my DJ again. Then Kang tried to put his scarf under GR’s head but JSH just picks it up and throws it across the room. I TOLD YOU DON’T TOUCH HER. Come out! Come out! They get into a scuffle and then we cut to them both sitting with busted lips and bloody noses.

They argue about who is closest to GR and JSH tells Kang to not tell GR your feelings.

A few machinations are going on. She has a recording of something.

JSH puts GR in the car and Kang gets a ride too. Kang says he is drunk so JSH should give him a ride. They go to GR’s home and put her in her room. JSH asks where GR’s mother is, Kang said she went to her sister’s house to recover. JSH is all like ????

Then we cut to JSH staying at the house, he isn’t leaving. He says he will sleep there because he was driving so much, he is too tired, he can’t go home. But Kang tells him to go downstairs and go home, Umoni told him to take care of her so he can’t leave.

Cut to them both sleeping together. Kang asks JSH if he is close to his mother. JSH wants to know why he wants to know. They start to talk about the radio. Will there be one more show before the drama? He wants to do it so GR won’t cry since she only cares about the radio.

Kang makes breakfast and JSH is still curled up asleep. GR is still asleep as well but then we cut to them all awake and eating breakfast together. GR just stares at them. She asks them why they both slept there and why are they both eating together like this? Kang says they missed her mother’s side dishes. Then JSH gets a call from the company man, but he doesn’t pick up.

We cut to GR and JSH outside, it looks like the company man went to pick him up. They talk about what he will do that day and JSH says he doesn’t want to go to work. Then he finds out that Kang and GR are going on a date. They have nothing to do today so Kang can have a fun day with his writer. JSH gets in the car while the company man talks to him. Then we see a tiny flashback of Kang and the company man talking.

Kang and GR walk around the mall as if they have nothing to do since they don’t. GR sees a jacket she likes, a trench coat. Kang tells her to try it on, so she does. Then he tells her that he will buy it for her. GR doesn’t want him to buy it, she can pay for it, but Kang makes a lot of excuses (does she think he can’t pay for it since he is jobless now?) And pays.

JSH has a meeting with the drama people and talks about it. He speaks very detailed point by point about what is wrong with the proposal. At the end, he asks for a better one and leaves to call GR.

But GR is still on her “date” with Kang. They are currently walking outside and shooting the breeze. Kang apologizes to GR and tells her to keep writing, don’t stop. GR wants to know why he spends so much time and money on her. He found her as a writer and trusts her, thank you. But then she apologizes for being too extra and laughs, they keep walking.

Finally, JSH gets through to GR. She says she is with Kang and JSH basically gets mad at her, why is she with Kang! But GR is basically all like um, whatever…and hangs up.

Then we cut to TR at the museum with the mother. They talk about the painting they are both looking at. TR tells the mother that she can memorize everything, she can memorize entire drama scripts in one day. The mother wants to know why she is there so TR pulls her to the side and plays her the recording. The recording talks about how JSH heard he isn’t his mother’s son on his birthday and all those other things. TR says she can play it to her first and then she will play it for JSH.

Cut to JSH at another meeting with his drama people while eating at a fancy restaurant. RH and Lee PD are there as well. RH is still trying to instigate things, but Lee PD basically tells her to stop instigating things. RH says JSH was actually a nice DJ, it’s too bad. But then Lee PD is all like…you are so hateful, you wanted to fire him a lot. But RH just tells him, do you want to die? And they keep eating.

Finally, GR and Kang end their date. GR was waiting for the bus and then leaves as soon as the bus comes. He smiles as he looks at her riding away. Then we cut to GR thinking about all the moments her and JSH had on the radio station. She thinks about the quote “smiling doesn’t mean you are happy and not crying doesn’t mean you aren’t sad”

GR calls Umma while on the bus and asks her if she is having a lovely time at Aunties. Then she says she saw the sun and wanted to talk to her mother. She wanted to talk about the beautiful sun while on the air. Her mother knows something is wrong and GR tells her that their show got canceled. They ask each other if they are crying (no!) And the mother asks about JSH. But they always call JSH “that jer” or “bastard”. GR tells her daughter to not think too much and to follow her heart. Okay?

GR goes back to the writers’ room and starts to pack all her things. She used the sky quote from her first TV show, but JSH didn’t read it. She looks at all the expensive gifts that JSH gave to her. There are so many items like earrings and necklaces and shoes. There is a note attached to each one: put this on when you think of me…I’m sorry I tripped you…I’m sorry I make you drive me around, can you pick me up all the time, so I can see your face all the time?

She wonders how he can be so lovely. Then GR calls her yet again and she grumbles that she knows why he shouldn’t have a cell phone. She picks it up this time though and finds out that JSH wants her to come meet him at a hotel. GR calls him crazy, she isn’t going to a hotel with him! But JSH just talks about the contract #4 clause, JSH GR has to do what JSH asks.

Cut to the hotel, RH and Lee PD are there as well, lol. They see GR. Or maybe only RH sees GR. GR is on the phone with JSH gets on the elevator and says this reminds her of that day she came there (1st episode). JSH says he remembers when she was with that other DJ. She gets off the elevator and is immediately greeted by JSH.

They sit for a meeting. They both have questions for each other, so Kang asks first. Why is Jason sending them these letters? Jason says he receives these things a lot as well. But Kang isn’t fooled. Jason wants to know who JSH is to him and Kang leans in and says that his question was simple, but the answer is complicated.

GR tells JSH that he calls and KaTalks her too much. JSH wants to know what he did at the park with Kang. GR asks if he is jealous? No! He asks what she did, she says she went on the bus and talked to her mom. She doesn’t know what to do with him because he is a top star. She went to work and looked at all his presents in the car. It looked like he spent a lot of time on it. She was moved by it.

Meanwhile, RH and RPD are hella nosey in the hotel hallway, they think something is going on with GR at this hotel.

Inside, GR asks how long he will be there. JSH wants to know how long she will be with him. Does he want to watch TV or play a game? No? What should we do then? Should I go home? I’m really leaving! GR gets up to leave but JSH grabs her to stop her, she can’t refuse what he says. But GR just tells him that she is fired, that contract doesn’t make any sense now. Where is it?

JSH pulls it out of his pocket and gives it to her. GR is all like…um, you carry this contract around with you in your pocket? But JSH says that is his wish. He just wants to be around her. He was happy because of the contract because that meant they were connected, but now he doesn’t need it.

He rips it apart.

JSH – Is that okay? Tonight, can you stay with me, tonight?

GR’s eyes grow wide as she looks at JSH.

Fade Out

Scene 1: GR kisses SH first and says “I am sorry”

Scene 2: GR says to SH “I kissed you, so what?. He says good night…

Scene 3: SH is having trouble with the drama contract. He says “What does it matter to be on a picture with a girl I love?”

Scene 4: SH asks apologies from the PD and GR. SH says to GR “I am obsessed to you”

Scene 5: TR yells at GR that she damages so many people’s life

Scene 6: GR tells JH “SH is a precious and beloved person for us.”

Scene 7: K’s radio team is about to break up.

Scene 8: Super jealous SH says to K “I told you not to touch GR!”

Scene 9: SH tells K “I don’t want to make GR cry. She only knows the radio.”

Scene 10: K and SH wakes up at GR’s house and GR askes them why they slept in her place.

Scene 11: TR threatens JH with her recording between the company man and SH.

Scene 12: GR remembers what has happened with SH in a bus and talks to mom over the phone.

Scene 13: GR checks all the SH’s presents with his messages.

Scene 14: SH asks GR to say with him tonight.

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