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Radio Romance Live Recap Episode 10

Live Recap for the Kdrama Radio Romance, episode 10
Episode 9 ended so touchingly! So I really want to see how episode 10 starts, will it start right at that moment of GR and JSH embracing, or will it skip ahead to sometime in the future and flashback? This show is really good at continuity with cliffhangers from the previous episode tying in with the opening of the next, so hopefully they continue that trend.

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Shorthand (a work in progress)
Song Gu-rae – GR | Ji Su-ho – SH | Jin Tae-ri – TR | Lee Kang – LK or K | Ra Ra-hee – RH | Lee Sung-su – SS | Moon Sung-woo – SW | Choi Ae-ran

Airing Time: Feb. 27th, 22:00 Seoul
Countdown: KKEUT
How To Watch Live: Our on air watch on KBS2 isn’t working anymore. *sad face* Hopefully this method starts to work again now that the Olympics are over.

JSH and GR are walking outside. JSH tells GR that he calls him mom CEO because she isn’t his real mom. He was told everything on his 9-year-old birthday, his father wasn’t home, he went on a trip with his girlfriend. This is the real face of our family life that people envy.

GR – Hey JSH, I found out one thing about you, I noticed that when you don’t say anything, you are still saying something in your own way. When you don’t’ say anything, I used to think, what is up with this guy, why isn’t he answering me? But you were still talking, something like, go away, or its okay, or help me, or something like that. Hug me. I want to cry. Silence is one of the ways you are talking. When you look at me like this, without saying anything, like how you are looking at me right now, I want to hug you.

JSH has a single tear fall as GR pulls him into a hug. He leans into her hug, but his hands are still in his pocket.

GR – Cry some more…

JSH listens and cries some more as she hugs him.

JSH comes home and thinks, ah, I cried at that moment…ah, Ji Su-ho. His mother is sleeping on the couch and wakes up when he comes to her. She looks disheveled and wonders why he was out until now. He says that he decided to come home now. JSH then says that it is strange, when they have trouble, appa is always gone and it is only the two of them. Umma kind of smiles. But then she asks him if she was with GR until now? JSH smiles and goes upstairs.

He calls GR. But she doesn’t answer right away, she watches the phone for a minute and then answers. They try to talk but they tell each other “you tell me first” a couple of times. But then GR starts to talk. She thinks it is her hands’ fault, why does she do that, back at the school and now tonight. JSH tells her that she did it 12 years ago as well, why does she hug him so much? GR says that you should hug a little dog when it shivers in the cold. JSH wonders, so am I like a dog? She tells him that he isn’t like a dog. JSH tells her that he wanted to thank her for today and she tells him that he should rest well tonight and not think about anything.

They hang up and they both wonder “why am I doing this?” GR also wonders why she is hugging JSH so much.

The mother is trying her hardest to get JSH to quit the radio show and she uses the new drama he will be in as an excuse. She wants the radio program to give up JSH and she can give them something in return. But they need to keep it a secret.

Then the mother meets with RH, RH tells the mother that her DJ isn’t showing up anymore. But the mother wants RH to fulfill her end of the bargain, she needs to kick out GR.

JSH cooks some food, maybe eggs? They look pretty bad though. JSH made all the food and sets it on the table for Jason. Jason laughs, is he there as a friend or as a doctor? But he starts eating the food. Then JSH brings up what Jason said about everything starting when JSH cries. Jason is pretty happy and wants to know who JSH cried to? JSH wants to know what it means but the doctor just tells him that he will be busy from now on.

Then JSH picks up GR at home, he wants her to drive his new car for him. GR agrees and starts to be JSH’s chauffeur. But instead of going to the radio company, JSH asks him to take her home instead. GR thinks he is crazy, why did she take him home? JSH tells her that she can drive this car forever if she wants, just take it! And he goes inside his house. GR wonders what is going on.

GR drives to work and calls JSH, but he tells her to just keep it and hangs up. Kang sees the new car and asks GR is she finished her script. Cut to them in the writers’ room talking about her script. Kang doesn’t want his writer to compromise, he fires writers who compromise and he thinks GR is doing that now with her script. He tells her that if it continues this way then he will fire her. She says that she will rewrite it and he tells her that she has 5 hours to do it. He then reminds her that he is calling her a writer now.

Cut to the Radio AD complaining about JSH. Of course, JSH comes in right at that moment. JSH says that he isn’t a crazy guy, but he also wonders what this crazy guy clip is. The AD shows JSH the clip he is working on which are all of GR’s crazy clips over the years. We basically see GR out drinking with colleagues and talking while drunk and Kang saying that he will make her the main! But it cuts off there. JSH is frantic to find out what Kang was going to say after that, but then Kang comes in with a look of, what is going on in here?

JSH and GR meet separately, JSH wants to know what GR said to Kang and what they talked about. It is a pretty petty conversation. GR tells him that she is bothering her and gives him his car keys back. But then we cut to Kang and the AD. The AD found a clip of JSH’s car accident and Kang wonders what is going on.

TR and Boss Mom meet and talk about her radio program as well as some other things that aren’t going well for TR. TR wants to do the drama with JSH, but the mom says that he won’t do anything with her and he hates everything to do with her. TR storms out and the mother glares after her. TR tries to call JSH, but he doesn’t pick it up. Then she calls the company man, but he isn’t picking up either, no one is picking up her calls.

Cut to the company man ignoring TR’s call. He is meeting with Kang so he just clicks off on the phone and talks to Kang about JSH’s schedule. He is worried about JSH’s schedule because he is not his manager anymore. But Kang wants to know if JSH will really be on the TV show, has it already been decided?

Then we see JSH at the old radio station with the established DJ, Moon Sung-woo. He wants to ask Sung-woo about radio things. Sung-woo says that radio and life are similar. You should show everything to people on the radio and embrace and love and hug. Then people will trust you and show things to you and love and embrace you as well. He gives something to JSH to give to GR and tells him that she will love him if she gives him that. Then JSH asks if the writer and DJ are always together all the time and the older DJ says that it was that way with his wife and him. He is the DJ and his wife was the writer he was with all the time. JSH leans in and thinks that it is the same with him right? He is a DJ too and GR is a writer… The older DJ winks at JSH and smiles.

Then in the hallway, Kang asks JSH if he is really going to do the drama or the TV show? Which one? JSH says that he will do the radio show.

The company man keeps ignoring TR, but she finds him and yells at him. Why are you ignoring my calls! They go somewhere to talk and the company man tells TR honestly that she shouldn’t bother the boss mom. The boss mom is more than she thinks. But TR says that she needs the drama, he has the recording that JSH isn’t her real son right?

Meanwhile, JSH is steady calling GR and she isn’t picking up the phone. GR is meeting with Kang about her script. He wants to know what her script means and GR tells him that our life is about a tv drama. But Kang doesn’t understand what it means so how can a DJ convey the message to a listener? No one will understand. Hey, GR, do you know why I hired you as a writer?

Flashback to GR describing the sky in a very visual way to her Mom. She is laying on a bench and talking to her mother and Kang is watching her from his own bench. GR just wanted to tell her mother what she felt about the sky, so that is why she called her.

Back to the present, Kang tells her that she does one thing well, she writes as if someone draws. She is good at that so she should try to write her script one more time.

GR takes the bus home and looks out the window as it drives. She thinks about JSH, why did she hug JSH. As she thinks about that, she also writes. She hugged him because he was sad and she wanted him to stop crying. She keeps thinking about JSH crying and the hug. Then she pulls out her phone and sees that JSH called her 15 times. She calls him and he picks up right away, like before the ringer even goes off. She asks to meet and we cut to JSH running to meet her.

They meet in the open area at the radio program. It is night time and GR said that she wanted to talk to him but she didn’t know where to go to. He says that she can come to his house but she tells him that they aren’t dating so she shouldn’t go to his place and he shouldn’ go to her place. But he tells her that they can date now, they should date, let’s date. he walks up to her until he is right in front of her. He tells her that he likes her. GR looks away and thinks that this man makes her feel a certain way. he wonders if he is bothering her, does she hate him now, love him now? She says that she doesn’t hate him and he tells her that they should go out. He grabs her hand and pulls her away.

But they go to his house, lol. She says, you told me to go out, but we go to your house? JSH says that he can’t go anywhere. Do you only date at home or in your car? TR, right? But JSH says that he only has GR. GR smiles at that and they eat.

Boss mom gives Jason an envelope with money. She wants to know what JSH is doing and Jason tells her that he will be super angry if they start the drama without his consent. Then the father storms in, his girlfriend is threatening him now, why did she start this! But the mom says that he started it! jason leaves, but he overhears them talking from outside. The mother says that they should be graceful, he gave her enough pain with JSH! Jason sighs and walks off.

Meanwhile, GR and JSH still talk. GR says that the PD was mad at her because she wasn’t writing in her own voice. But she thought about him all day. You have to open 4 doors to get to his house and his mom is super scary, but why did she hug him more than one time, even. She came here for that purpose, to know herself. JSH tells her that she likes him. She should write her script with her frank mind and he will read it, and after the show, let’s go on another date.

He calls the director to find out if JSH is in or out.

Then we cut to GR, she looks good as she walks the hall of the radio company. She has on a short skirt so one of her friends asks her if she has a date. GR says that it is only a secret for her and whispers to the friend, but Kang disturbs them at that moment. He tells GR that her script is great. The friend thinks that GR might be dating Lee Kang? No way right? GR says that she isn’t crazy and they both laugh as they walk off.

GR gets ready for the program and also thinks about JSH saying that they should go on a date after the show. But Kang grabs her and pulls her to the radio director. The director wants to know if JSH is doing the drama or not. Kang says that JSH told him that he will do the radio program. But the director thinks they might backstab them. GR says that JSH is reliable but the director doesn’t look convinced. He is pretty stressed actually. Kang tells the director that they are leaving, bye. Then he tells GR to do whatever she likes, the worst that could happen is they get fired.

JSh talks to his mother, she wants him to come to the company and get to work again. But he tells her that he is taking a break, he told her that. He hangs up and goes inside the radio station. But he sees Kang talking to GR and pulls him aside to the roof. JSH tells him not to make eye contact with GR and don’t talk to GR and don’t stand next to GR. Kang tells him that he won’t put his hand on her shoulder, that’s what he wants right?

They go back inside and Kang tells them all that they need to do, but JSH wonders about his date. It looks like his date tonight might be messed up due to Kang? Not too sure about this part. But Kang quizzes JSH about all the things that JSH might not be doing well. JSH says that he is doing well and lists a lot of reasons why, then he mentions that he is a big star on the radio so the PD needs to take this into account. Meanwhile, the AD writes on a sheet of paper…should I quit?

JSH reads GR’s script silently to himself:
Hugging someone is inviting them into my world
I want you to forget your sadness in my arms
I wish your crying stops in my arms

JSH goes on-air as normal, he starts to read about insomnia and then starts to play a song. Then he takes a call from a fan. The fan is super excited and tells him that today is her birthday. For her birthday she wants to hear Saranghae from him. She will record it and listen to it forever. JSH looks at GR and then thinks, okay. He says “I – I – I love you” as he looks at GR. Then he tells the person, happy birthday. Hang notices the way JSH looked at GR.

Hugging someone means inviting that person into my world
Hoping your sadness disappears in my arms
And wish your crying stops in my arms
So one person hugging another person means
They are hugging their life also

JSH’s radio romance, we will say goodbye listening to Jung Joo-Il’s “Hug” (might have that name wrong).

After the show, Kang wants to go out with GR and JSH. It is a bit awkward as he is basically crashing JSH and GR’s walk. JSH and GR talk afterward, JSH thinks it is too dangerous to go out late at night and she should take the car that he wants to give her. But GR doesn’t want it, it is too much. JSH thinks it is fine, but did she open any of the presents he gave her? He doesn’t want to make her uncomfortable, but she should at least open them. GR says that she will open them and then she smiles and asks him if he can see her tomorrow? She wants to date him.

Cut to JSH walking to his car and smiling like a little boy. But then someone calls him, the company man. He meets the company man outside somewhere and they talk about something that JSH didn’t know about. JSH will be out of the radio show, it is his mother’s plan. She will dissolve the radio team which will make him quit. he has a meeting for the drama tomorrow.

JSH is about to drive away, but the company man tells him not to drive like this and drives for him. JSH goes home and confronts his mom. He told her a thousand times that he doesn’t want this, she should listen to him once. He is not going to do it. She says that his stamp is on the contract but he retorts that she didn’t even ask him. Can’t she think once why he doesn’t want to do it? Mother. She says that she is not doing it because she wants to do it. Then she puts out the photos of him and GR kissing in the snow. He wonders what this is and she says she wonders about it as well. But the most important thing is that someone has it because she has it. She tried to cover it up. If he wants to save GR then she needs to listen to her. he is the company representative and the meeting is tomorrow at 6. JSH storms out.

Meanwhile, GR is calling JSh but he isn’t picking up.

Rumors abound at the radio station. JSH is quitting the radio show and the team will be dissolved. People wonder why drama and radio can’t be done at the same time like it is done overseas. Meanwhile, GR and Kang are in the writer’s room, perhaps they pulled an all-nighter? The AD runs in and tells them that JSH is quitting the radio show!

Cut to the drama, Who Am I, press conference. JSH looks at his phone and sighs. Kang shows up and asks JSH what he is doing. He said he wasn’t doing the drama, why didn’t he talk about it with him, how can he trust a person who can’t keep his own promise. He lives his life as if following a script.

GR watches the live press conference interview for JSH’s drama. She wonders what is going on, is he really quitting the radio show? Why isn’t he picking up the phone? Kang comes back and says that he doesn’t need a bad guy like him, they can do the show without JSH, he can take care of it. But GR is confused, JSH isn’t doing the radio show? She leaves and checks her phone. But in doing so, she thinks back at all the moments that JSH told her anything.

We cut back and forth between the conference and the radio station. GR’s phone is ringing but she isn’t answering it. She goes to the open area and stares out the window, her phone rings again, it is JSH but she doesn’t answer it. But JSH shows up and pulls her into a surprise hug right away.

JSH – I told you not to avoid my phone calls. I know what you want to say and I know that you waited for me.
GR – You don’t know anything, you don’t know my mind.
JSH – You hated me all day because I am not doing the radio show…but I am going to do it, I am going to continue doing it with you. You just need to trust me.
GR – I want to trust you.

He kisses her and GR moves her hands up as if she wants to put them around him.

Fade Out

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