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Queen of Mystery 2 Recap Episode 16

Recap for episode 16 of the Kdrama Queen on Mystery Season 2 starring Choi Kang Hee and Kwang Sang Woo
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It is finally the last episode. It was a personal goal of mine to make it to the end, but now that I’m here, I kind of wish I gave up somewhere in the middle. More comments are at the bottom.

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Shorthand (Character Chart)
Yu Seol-ok – SO | Ha Wan-seon – WS | Woo Sung-ha – SH | Jeong Hee-yeon – HY | Kim Kyung-mi – KM | Bo-kook – BK | Ha Ji-seong – JS | Cho In-ho – IH | Gae Sung-woo – SW | Wuk Seong-hwa (sergeant)- WSH | Shin Jang-gu – JG | Shin Na-ra – NR | Hwang Jae-min – JM | Gong Han-min HM | Kim Moon-ki – MK | MC J (Duty Police rapper) – MCJ | Lee Sun-ho – SH

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SW talks to someone on the phone and asks…where? What about the body? What is the condition?

(So it looks like another loved character is dead, just kill them all and go out in a blaze of glory, show).

Fanboy is dead in the car. SO shows up and cries her eyes out again. WS shows up also and is teary as well. MCJ is also teary. (I’m sorry, but MCJ is so random, why is he in the show!)

The forensics team comes in. SO says there is enough evidence for a suicide with the note and the carbon monoxide poisoning and the car. But he doenst’ even own a car.

We see a flashback of what actually happened. It also looks like So is putting it all together at this point. SO thinks this happened many times. The fake suicide murder, there is someone working on this for a long time. SW thinks she has a good imagination, but SO thinks it is the same method as her parents case. it is like it follows a manual. WS thinks Kim Shil-jang is involved in this case.

the killer wants to be let out, but JS is on the phone and not listening. He gives the phone to the law student. the law student basically asks Kim Shil-jang if he really is Kim Shil-jang. Kim Shil-jang gets annoyed and angry. But the law student hangs up on him. BK thinks young kids don’t know how to be thankful.

Pervert says it is dirty, he can’t stay here forever, can’t he move to a single cell or something? You are friends with the superintendent, can’t you at least do that for me?

There are no finger prints anywhere. they should find his finger prints, but they don’t. there are no finger prints inside the car at all, the car is super clean. SO knew this, someone erased all the finger prints from the car on purpose.

Meanwhile, JS has to deal with this law student. He thinks he has to find a way to calm him down. He doesn’t have to leave the jail.

back at the rime scene. WS reads the will. IT states why he did what he did and everything. SO starts to talk about the 12 year old case. She thought it wasn’t her appa’s will, it was someone else who made him write it. SW starts to kind of believe her. Sh shows up. He thinks this is an old fashioned way. He used an old fashioned way because I know the new method.

So SH investigates the new method and that is why the killer used an old method.

BK drinks and plays with JG. He also asks JG if he can let the law student killer have his own cell and eat what he wants? The Superintendent agrees.

SO cries over the crime scene and vows to catch everyone who made him like this. WS stands stoically at her side. Then he walks over to the car and looks in it. Then he walks over to SH and tells him to tell him everything about KSJ. They all drive off and talk about KSJ. SO says that they have two hidden camera guys that they an use. (No, don’t kill them too). SO says that fanboy took their camera, they need to get it. That is the last evidence. BK is listening in and hears the part about the hidden camera.

A man goes to find the hidden camera, but it was a setup, the cops take him away with SW as the lead.

WS, SO, and SH get to the place as well. But SO can’t get out. Finally she gets out and looks at the man in the police car. SW gives WS the suspects phone.

Ws thinks back to BK touching him on the back, it is when he puts a listening device on him. The phone rings. WS takes it and hears BK’s voice. He asks if he got the camera. No one says anything. BK look at the phone and then puts it down. WS puts his phone down as well.

WS and SH drive off with SO in the back. WS wonders who KSJ is, he knows a person who knows a lot. Do you know BK? He knows about you. WS takes out his listening thing on his jacket. (i guess he knew it was there.) He starts to tell him that he is Bo-kook or KSJ? You made me fight my father, I took you as the real father or brother, how can you do this to me? WS throws the listening device out of the window. BK turns off the power.

SO tells WS that it wasn’t his fault, he was like a father so you shouldn’t have suspected him. Ws says he knows where he is. But of course he is gone because WS already told him he was on to him.

SH tells SW that there was no camera in the room because the camera belonged to SO. They just hooked him. SW wants to know who ordered it. But SO says he doesn’t need to know, it is too dangerous.

WS asks SH if he found So Hyun-soo. Sh says that he did, she wants to forget about life as So Hyun soo. WS says, Jeong Hee-yeon….I am glad that she is alive, I’m glad, I’m glad.

WS interviews the man they caught in the room. He says he was there to steal something. WS tells him that he left the evidence, right? the man asks him if he has evidence, but WS says they don’t have those things, but he feels that it is him. It isn’t only him though.

JM says that crimes leave evidence. You can erase fingerprints, but you can’t erase dead skin cells or clothes fabric or something like that. It looks like they found a common fabric. But not only that, they found three things that can link this guy to the crime.

Cut to the law student telling a reporter that he knows everything about KSJ. The student goes back to his cell and has a kimbap delivery. Later, he is found dead.

His daughter asks him why that kid stayed in a single room. Superintendent thinks back to BK telling him to let the law student stay in a comfortable place. The Superintendent thinks BK might have tried to kill that kid. He is shocked.

BK tries to call someone, but he isnt’ getting through. He is calling the superintendent and says that he is in the position because of him, but now he isn’t taking his phone calls?

WS tells his brother that this kid was alone in his cell, but if someone was with him then he would have gotten emergency treatment and survived. The brother thinks WS thinks he tried to kill the law student, but WS says the person behind JS tried to kill him.

WS tells the other guy in custody what happened. He says it is a matter of time before this happens to him as well. they need to find Kim Shil-jang.

All the detectives get to work. SO comes in with some special coffee and her special fruit tea, everyone takes one of the coffee’s. WS takes the fruit tea, but he thinks it must be alcohol. SO passes the fruit tea out. While she is doing that, WS finds an old BK file about SO’s parents death. It says something about finding a drug injection mark on his neck (?). This is the autopsy report that was missing. The blood had propopal in it and he was hit and he had some resistance marks. SO starts balling.

Later she sits and says that she knew it, she knew her father and mother wouldn’t just leave her behind. WS says they should have solved that more quickly. SO says that she knows the truth now, so her parents should be okay. She tells her Mom and Dad that she misses them. If they pat me and tell me good job, then I would be happy. WS stands next to her, but then he crouches and pats her on the back and tells her that she did a good job.

HY sees JS calling BK.

Cut to WS at work. He is looking at a BK’s file some more. He sees one where the target is HY. It looks like this is a plan to kill HY. It is all going to happen tomorrow at 9 o’clock.

Meanwhile, the brother walks through an abandoned warehouse. He meets with BK and tells him that the guy is dead in the jail cell. BK says he is sorry about that. It looks like the brother is a bit clueless about BK’s involvement. The brother says it was shameful to cover up his crime, but this is even worse. BK says he wont’ let anything happen to the brother.

WS says BK will kill HY and blame someone that is close to HY. But who will he blame? However, WS looks very sleepy, as if he will sleep at the wheel.

BK starts talking about Hyun-soo. The brother asks BK why he is telling him about So Hyun-soo. BK says that HY is Hyun-soo and she was around WS until recently. He starts laughing and says the he is sorry, it was his mistake, the Jeong Hee-yeon I know is a different Hee-yeon. Maybe I am getting forgetful becaue I am getting old. Haha. Now you need to choose, believe what you want to believe.

The brother leaves and BK laughs in the background.

Someone else is there. BK asks this person if they are going to kill him, dont’ hide and come out. A gun appears. BK says they need to talk to him. But he gets shot. It is by Hee-yeon. She says that she has nothing to talk to you about, i was hiding for 17 years. This famous Kim Shil-jang on the ground, you are nothing.

WS comes in, but he is a little drowsy. he looks like he has been drugged. He stumbles in and holds his gun to HY. But his eyes are blurry. They look at each other. Romantic music starts playing. WS puts his gun down and stares at HY. He sobers up a little? But he still looks so out of it. He holds his head with his gun hand. then he passes out.

A gun goes off.

Kim Shil-jang stood up and shot HY. He walks over to her as if he was not shot at all. Then he walks off and takes off a bullet proof vest.

WS tries to crawl to HY’s side, but he can barely move. He passes out.

SO is worred about WS, he isnt’ picking up his phone and he stormed out. KM comes in and tells her to stop doing internet shopping. SO says she didn’t. She goes upstairs and opens the box that is for her. Inside is the ring that they lost and have been looking for. there is also a note. HY says she found it while wrapping up her shop. This is the ring she was looking for right? It fits you well.

Cut to all the other policemen coming to the scene of WS and HY. WS is still passed out. The police says that they are arresting him as HY’s murderer.

The team meets, they think this was a fishing brigade. WS trusted all the information in BK’s file because of her parents autopsy report. It is kind of strange to make the murder in a report, it is too detailed. SH thinks that is true, if it is a real murder then it should be in a secret code. But he saw this file among many files. There is mustard smell on the file.

Cut to HM eating a corndog with mustard. He gets the mustard everywhere. SO figures out that it was HM.

Meanwhile the superintendent walks around looking for something.

Cut back to SO confronting HM. HM thinks the criminal touched the corndog, not that HM is the criminal. SW also remembers the mustard stains. He points to the box that it was on. He thinks that document was on the bottom and he put something else on top, but then that document was on top, so someone flipped the box and the mustard got on his hand. he touched the box with that hand. So there is an insider.

Nara comes in, she checked the CCTV, there was only them and the Superintendent. SW suspects the Superintendent.

JS looks at HY’s body and cries. He thinks back to giving her his mothers ring.

back at the police station, they still try to connect the dots with the mustard. This person put a drug in the tea. They have one more thing, the finger print. They can get it with the mustard.

Sergent SH asks Nara what she is doing. Then he runs away when SW calls his name.

Now it looks like they suspect Sergent SH. the team talks about the case. You have to fire two empty blanks but it was only fired once and it hit her. Perhaps there is a a finger print on the bullet. Cut to JM matching the finger print with his finger print library. It matches with Sergent SH.

SW tells his team to search for Sergent SH.

It looks like WS is released? He goes to the theater and sits there for awhile. He thinks about the play and HY playing the person in the play.

Then we cut back to the brother. the brother wants to meet KSJ.

WS goes back to the police station. Everyone stands to greet him. SW even greets him. The police station is lively as they catch criminals. The chief sees WS and goes up to the team to talk to them and give them a hard time a little bit. But he gets a call and runs off. It looks like he might have gotten an award. But the person is actually HM who called and told him that he got an award. The team laughs.

Ws jokes with ajumma and tells her to got o her seat, she is not a policeman. She says she is going.

HM is with BK on the rooftop. they both talk. BK says Sergeant is not like young people now, he is loyal to the dead. You should also show some loyalty to me.

They shake hands.

Cut to a 8mm film of So and WS walking through some alleys. They talk about the brain for catching criminals is different from the brain for taking tests. She says she will take the exam again. they walk into SW and SH and they all start talking about there recent case. It is a serial killer. KM comes walking up too, Km is a regular now. They all clap. But they stops and wonder how they should move, they start to talk about it and say, fighting!

Fade Out

Yes, that is how it ended. Why did I watch this entire season? The more I think about it, the more I think KBS just added this show as filler until Suits starts and used up all their money buying Are You Human Too so they don’t have enough left over to make a good enough show that fans deserve. Seriously. They don’t even have Queen of Mystery photos on their Instagram page and barely any on their Facebook page, it is crazy. They jump right from Radio Romance to Suits with barely any mention of Queen of Mystery 2. Was this show just not on their minds at all? Didn’t they think of the fans?

I hope some people continued to love this season, but it ended up being way too zany for me with a plot that I couldn’t’ wrap my head around. They finally formed their team in the last scene of the last episode. Seriously? Forming the team was in the write up of this season. Yet it was never formed. I don’t know about anyone else, but I will not be sticking around for a season 3.

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  1. PandaWanda
    April 20, 2018 / 2:06 am

    I agree with you.. this season’s storyline cannot be accepted.. I just wasted my time for this drama hoping to get a better conclusion.. I don’t think I will be watching season 3 if the season renewed..

    • V
      April 20, 2018 / 6:23 am

      Right, I sat through the entire show hoping that at least the ending would pay off. Actually, I really just wanted the crime fighting team to be formed with Inspector Woo as the lead. But everything was so separate, Inspector Woo (SH) did his own thing for the entire show until the last 3 episodes when he got shot and somehow figured out everything on his own. I’m simplifying but that is basically what happened.

  2. Jen
    April 20, 2018 / 7:39 am

    This is very disappointing and kinda repetitive.

    They dragged the whole Secretary Kim storyline since season 1 and having the “let’s frame Detective Ha situation” AGAIN.

    I guess the last straw for me was the study girl being forgotten and left out in the field… i mean if i am the bf, if i couldnt contact my girl within hours AFTER she said about being followed on the phone, I would go crazy enough to run to SO for help even if I couldn’t go to the police!

    I don’t think it has been explained why Secretary Kim keep wanting to get rid of WS ex gf before she is true dead.
    Or did I miss out something?
    Usually I would have re watch to get my answer but I don’t think I want to invest much time into it to find out.
    If there’s a season 3? I might just wait for recap to get my answer.

  3. Anonymous
    April 20, 2018 / 1:16 pm

    How can they kill off not one but two loved side characters in pitiful ways? As well as all the other things that happened. This entire season is a break up letter with me and this series. I don’t trust the writer anymore either and feel like the only thing that saved the first season was the PD.

  4. JY299
    April 20, 2018 / 10:31 pm

    The conclusion of season 2 was disappointing and somehow I really hoped they would have some kind of closure on the mysterious Secretary Kim theme. OK, it was to be expected if they were angling for season 3 which seems to be pretty much the case. Still…

    And what’s with the sudden rush to end with WS as a murder suspect and the team starting to weed out suspects. Way too haphazard an ending.

    Everything was developing at a snail’s pace, then the sudden sprint of the last two episodes makes viewers wonder if the editing/post production was kinda last minute. 😂 maybe that’s just me.

    PS a big hi to *V and the Bah Doo team, been a crazy couple of weeks.

    • V
      April 21, 2018 / 8:41 pm

      Hi JY299! I hope your crazy couple weeks has calmed down a bit. 🙂

  5. Anonymous
    August 6, 2019 / 11:51 pm

    Alguien sabe como se llama la cancion en poank que suena cuando el detective deja un ramo de flores en el escenario durante el ep 16?

    • V
      August 7, 2019 / 1:17 pm

      I sued Google translate on this tweet. Please help out if you can!

      Google translate:
      Anyone know what the song in poank is called that sounds when the detective leaves a bouquet of flowers on stage during ep 16?

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