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Queen of Mystery 2 Recap Episode 15

Recap for episode 15 of the Kdrama Queen on Mystery Season 2 starring Choi Kang Hee and Kwang Sang Woo
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Finally, we are getting the answers we wanted from the last season. We just had to sit through 14 episodes of whatever that was in order to get here. This show is so strange and not in a good way.

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Shorthand (Character Chart)
Yu Seol-ok – SO | Ha Wan-seon – WS | Woo Sung-ha – SH | Jeong Hee-yeon – HY | Kim Kyung-mi – KM | Bo-kook – BK | Ha Ji-seong – JS | Cho In-ho – IH | Gae Sung-woo – SW | Wuk Seong-hwa (sergeant)- WSH | Shin Jang-gu – JG | Shin Na-ra – NR | Hwang Jae-min – JM | Gong Han-min HM | Kim Moon-ki – MK | MC J (Duty Police rapper) – MCJ | Lee Sun-ho – SH

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The brother, JS, shows up to the rooftop and meets Kim Shil-jang. Kim Shil-jang turns around and it is BK. he is dressed to kill in a suit and looks very different from how he normally looks. He says he thought he would stop contacting him, but you contacted me first.

Fan guy yells, you are not dead! You are not dead! To his dead girlfriend who is in the reeds. the pervert is there and thinks that they already found her. But he thinks this is bad news. he calls the professor and tells him that he is in a hurry, he needs to see Kim Shil-jang right not. If not then he has his own plans.

Pervert/murderer goes to meet with the professor and sees a fake Kim Shil-jang. He tells him that he is not a fool. This guy is not Kim Shil-jang, he shouldn’t’ be this young. Don’t look at me like that, professor, you are just like me, we try to survive right?

At the crime scene, KM draws the crime. Her major was art. JM basically tells her not to brag about her ability to draw and take pictures instead. KM runs off to do that. The other cops talk about how they saw tire tracks. But maybe he didn’t know what to do. Why did he leave the body here for a few days? SH thinks it was to enjoy it. WS doesn’t’ understand, why would he enjoy it? It’s a dead body. They also talk about the footprints and how it isn’t easy to get them.

The brother, JS, calls Kim Shil-jang and gives the phone to the murderer. They talk. BK knows about this guy. He says he is close to graduating, he needs to focus on his grades. Why did you leave the dead body there? Murderer says that sometimes he wanted to see it.

BK tells JS that he can use a bad guys weak point for a long long time once he finds it. But the brother says he doesn’t know what he will do. BK says they have a lot of ways to take care of it.

Cut back to the student killer talking to Kim Shil-jang and the brother looking at him.

SH says that sometimes serial killers like to watch the body of the person they killed. He would have enjoyed it a little longer if we hadn’t found it. But now we found it so he will find another one. He is at the beginning stage now.

WS and SO look at the photos with HM and NR and SH. They talk about finding her and how she resisted a lot and how she should have left a mark on the criminal because she was a police cadet hopeful. They found meat under her finger nails, she scratched him a lot. They think he moved the body in a car, they found tire marks. they think this location is a bit difficult to move the body without a car. They think it is a foreign car tire, an expensive tire.

they talk about a lot of crime scene things, like why the body was left there, to see it and enjoy it. JM thinks this is a serial killer because SH doesn’t care about any other cases. But SH says that JM shouldn’t say it is that kind of case so easily.

Cut to someone walking with a face mask on, he covers up the CCTV and goes inside a building. He stops at a door and unlocks it with force, then he goes inside. While inside, we see that he has a bag with him, it looks like this is the study girl or fanboys house. This person is finding evidence, maybe for DNA? he picks up bloody nose tissue, shirts, and shoes and puts them all in a bag.

Meanwhile, SO meets with fanboy and talks to him about Mi-ju. He cries as he says he wanted to let her go and say thank you for dating me. She had a hard life and just passed the test. How is her life like this? I am really going to kill the killer. But SO says through tears that he shouldn’t. he tells her, noona, it is so hard. they cry together.

Afterward, they leave and SO tells him not to do something stupid, she will really catch the criminal and put them under the law. If he has anything about Mi-ju, then find it and give it to her. He leaves. SO thinks crying doesn’t help catch the criminal so she needs to just fighting and catch the criminal.

The fanboy gets home and sees this guy at his place. He asks what he is doing at someone else’s place. He says that he knows him? Then we cut to fanboy running through and alley? is this a flashback? No, this is right now, he is running through the alley away from this robber person that broke into his or study girls place. he looks very afraid. But he thinks he shakes him as he cuts down an alley and hides up against the wall. The man is gone. But this is like Jason where you think you shook him but then you turn to the left and he is right there. That is basically what happens except this robber guy isnt’ right next to him, he is far away and slow motion running to fanboy until he runs into the camera.

The police daughter says to her appa that she is popular, someone named Kim Shil-jang gave her some flowers. The appa is all like, huh? What! When? She says yesterday. He tells her that she needs to ride with him and not go to the club or anything. Just stick with him!

In his office, JG and BK play baduk and talk. BK asks how old his daughter is. She is 26 and not married yet. If you know a nice guy then let me know. BK says he has to live a long long time and get see her get married. For your daughter, don’t betray Kim Shil-jang if you want to keep your position. JG is all like, huh? BK takes off his glasses and says that he thinks he won today. JG is all like…Kim Shil-jang?

Cut to JG giving the murder case to SW because BK wanted him to do it. BK didn’t tell him why though and JG didn’t want to know why. The CEO and SW are confused, they shouldn’t steal that case. But JG just says that the most important thing is solving the case.

The murderer student shows up at the police station and says that he is a volunteer. Sergeant SH tells him to go that way. The murderer walks down the hall.

Cut to the new team walking around the crime scene. MK is there with MCJ. They talk about this case and how a friend of MCJ knows this girl. They wonder why they are investigating everything again. KM walks through the scene and finds some hair. JM walks through it and finds some blood. But he thinks the blood is new, this is strange. KM shows him that she found some hair, JM wonders what is going on and KM says she thinks this crime scene is contaminated.

Flashback of a mysterious police officer placing everything in the crime scene at night time.

They basically have to close the crime scene. JM is upset and tells KM that she can close everything out.

Later, everyone meets up and talks about the last phone call Study girl had. We are walked through the case as the detectives realize that he isn’t a Burberry man anymore, he has evolved and become a sexual assaulter. Sergeant SH mocks them all, WS basically tells him to shut up and listen. he continues with the case. Study girl has scratches that were from cement and not wet soil. It feels like IH, SW, and Sergeant SH want to cover up this case and SH, WS, and KM want to solve it.

KM says that the cause of death is strangulation, they found a tire mark nearby, it is from an expensive foreign tire that is not common. So there is a high probability that she was killed and moved. But the other three are still skeptical.

SO is at the crime scene. MC J runs up to her and gives her some additional information about hair and stomach contents. SO thanks him and then continues thinking about the crime scene.

First, she was unconscious and dragged.
Then, she woke up and tried to escape.
But she was strangled.

SO tells WS that Miju was abducted somewhere else and was unconscious, it was on cement concrete. When she disappeared, she had an appointment. Her friend says that she is sometimes late for appointments, but this time she didn’t show up and her friend couldn’t contact her anymore.

WS says that Seoul has cement everywhere, so lets go to Jungjin (Where their station is). They call HM and ask him if he saw the CCTV. they think she was abducted near her station. they both go out there and walk around. But there are a lot of tiny streets so it is difficult.

They go into a garage and WS stops the murderer. He tells him he is going to the station because of a case. they take him away but I don’t know how they knew it was him. maybe they found the car? Ah, yes, it looks like they found the car. JM is looking through the car but he says that all the evidence is erased. It was professionally done.

WS takes the culprit to the jail and interrogates him.

WS asks him about law school and public service in their station. he started to work there after study girl died. Perhaps he wonders how their investigation goes. But he says that it has nothing to do with him. They start to talk about women struggling and saying no. He says that it is funner when she struggles. WS asks him why he killed her and he says it was fun (?). WS asks if that was why he killed her? The student smiles and says that it is a guess.

JM gives his data to SW. There is the same DNA in that car.

The law student goes to the police station and wants to see SW to help with the investigation. SW sits with him and talks to him about it. He says that he went to the scene, it looked like a man was hitting a woman. He studied law so he couldn’t just ignore it. There is a flashback of Fanboy and study girl fighting. The law student keeps talking about them fighting. She scratched him when he tried to help out, but she told him to leave so he just left.

SO talks to SW and wonders if he thinks that Si-hyun is the criminal (study boy). WS says they have the evidence so they can’t ignore it. SH and Sergeant SH go to Study boys house to collect evidence, but the evidence is very tidy. SH thinks it is because someone wants them to gather the evidence.

SH tells HY that Kim Shil-jang is fabricating the murder scene, they have to move quickly. HY asks if they are working together? He says he is not good at working together, but…She basically says that she will help him if he doesn’t tell WS that she is his old girlfriend or that she is alive. Keep it a secret, it is better for him to think that I am dead, because now I became a monster. He asks her why she is around him. She says it is because she had to do it, if she had a choice…one more day, one more day, then it became like this. I shouldn’t have opened the first location. Then there wouldn’t have been a fire and WS wouldn’t have visited me at all. But i was a little greedy back then, I was stupid….i am not going to make anymore mistakes, don’t search for So Hyun-soo anymore. I am going to live as Jeong Hee-yeon forever.

SH agrees and asks for her to tell him where Kim Shil-jang is right now. She says that he is very close.

WS runs into his brother at the police station. The brother is the lawyer. WS tells JS that this kid is really crazy. WS wants to know why he is defending him. He is the CEO. The brothers start to argue over the evidence and whether it is evidence or not. The tire marks…the DNA…. WS says that JS knows that he is the criminal. He asks him why he is doing this. The brother says he is trying his best, he is there as a lawyer and he will take him out with him because they don’t have a warrant.

JS walks out with the murderer. SO passes him in a slow motion stare off. She walks to WS, WS tells her that he is the murderer. SO wants to know if he is releasing him like that? But WS says he will be back soon. The constable comes up to them and gives them information on the Burberry case. He brings a social service list and all the people doing social service.

It looks like the guy who did his service on that corner where the law school people disappeared is the law school guy. Maybe they can catch him with that.

The team gets to business talking about the Law School student murderer. He might have killed her on accident, but now he is addicted and can’t stop. they have to catch him soon because he lost his dead body. He doesn’t have evidence of how great he is anymore, so he needs another body.

SH tells the team that he has a witness. Cut to the alley, they talk to a girl. SO asks her if she can tell her what happened. The girl recounts running from the law student and running into the duty officer. She has a big scratch on her hand as she hides behind a trashcan. the police get the blood from the trashcan. Then SO tells them that they found the car tracks and footprint.

Law student said he witnessed fanboy fighting. But on this street, if we find Mi-ju’s blood, then he will need to explain it. But how can we search this street, it is too vast. SO begs KM to find the blood. KM is all like, um…how can I do this all by myself? they tell her, fighting, and run off. Poor KM is left going up and down the alley as she looks for any splattering of blood.

Sargent SH and SW are looking for fanboy, but they can’t find him.

Elsewhere, Halabogi and law student talk inside Halabogi’s place. Then we see Nara walking down the street. She must be bait. Ah, she is bait. HM pushes the pervert off of Nara but then the pervert disappears.

He goes to his hiding place at Halabogi’s, but SO is there. They tell him that he did his social service in this house, it is a good place to hide your evidence. He runs away, but he is arrested by Nara and Han-min outside. KM comes along as well, she found the DNA in the alley. But they still need to do a DNA test to see if it is Min-ju’s.

They march him into the Police Station and tell SW that this witness tried to abduct Nara. WS tells SW to not only think of fanboy, he should expand his range.

The brother meets with his client. The brother is upset at him and asks him if he knows what he did? This isn’t an easy problem that they can cover up. But the law student tells JS, what about what you did? You covered that up.

The brother comes out with his head down. He talks to WS. WS wants to know why he is defending that guy, he is a horrible person. But the brother just says horrible people need lawyers too. They argue about this. Finally WS says, someone is behind you right? Someone is faking the evidence?

JS meets with BK and asks him if he is blaming someone else. BK says he isn’t, he is just covering up the case, he shouldn’t blame someone else. But he says it with a smug look. BK checks his watch. JS asks him what he is going to do in the end. It will be an unsolved case, no more than that right? BK says he won’t do any stupid things. the brother says that he doesn’t know what that killer will do. But BK just says not to worry about it, he will do all the dark side work.

Cut to someone talking to Kim Shil Jang from the river. He says that he finished the setting. The cleaners will find it most likely. We see the fanboy in the car next to the person talking. There is something burning in the car, probably for carbon monoxide poisoning. So he might not be dead yet.

Fade Out

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