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Queen of Mystery 2 Recap Episode 14

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This is a quickcap of episode 14 Queen of Mystery 2 so I am posting it without edits. Everything is starting to come together-ish. Hopefully they wrap it all up and don’t try to lure us into another season cause I’m not biting.

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Shorthand (Character Chart)
Yu Seol-ok – SO | Ha Wan-seon – WS | Woo Sung-ha – SH | Jeong Hee-yeon – HY | Kim Kyung-mi – KM | Bo-kook – BK | Ha Ji-seong – JS | Cho In-ho – IH | Gae Sung-woo – SW | Wuk Seong-hwa (sergeant)- WSH | Shin Jang-gu – JG | Shin Na-ra – NR | Hwang Jae-min – JM | Gong Han-min HM | Kim Moon-ki – MK | MC J (Duty Police rapper) – MCJ | Lee Sun-ho – SH

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Recap of the previous episodes.

HY sits in a cafe?

HY – My love, i will leave it here, now. I will live as empty flesh. I love you, everything.

Cut to backstage at the theater performance. WS goes to the actors room. He stops at the door and hesitates before opening it. He slowly puts his hand on the door….and turns the nob. he walks in determined, but it empty.

WS – So Hyun-soo….

He walks onto the stage and looks out over the crowd. he turns back, but then turns around again and walks into the empty audience.

Meanwhile HY cryies in her car.


Actress – Why do you want to do this role?
HY – I just want to say it one last time, like June (the character).

HY cries hysterically in the car, then she drives off. Flashback of her saying that she will live like empty flesh….you are my everything….bye.

HY keeps crying as she thinks about this. WS also thinks of the performance and asks about So Hyun-soo’s DNA to a police officer. He asks the police officer to check it. Then he goes to the cake shop and looks at the door, but he doesn’t go inside. Someone calls him.

WS goes to meet BK near the river. They talk about the DNA of the person that died 7 years ago. She was Hyun-soo. WS is skeptical, he asks if BK is sure. BK says he is sure, it is state of the art research, they have no other way..

The study girl is in the field, she looks dead. The killer is standing over her. He has three little scratches. Flashback of study girl running away in the field. The pervert killer finds her and kills her in the reeds. But she is able to scratch him before he kills her.

Someone walks on the street with a flashlight which makes the pervert duck. He wonders how he can take care of this, it is during midterms. He leaves her in the field.

The pervert is in class? There is someone that looks like him studying and hanging out with his friends.

Cut to WS and SO at work. They start a meeting that SO wants to go to. SH says she can join. At the meeting, they talk about the Burberry man (pervert flasher). The Burberry man doesn’t use public transportation like others. Perhaps he lives in a rich neighborhood. WS wants them to give him anything about the Burberry man, like what he eats or drinks or anything. He is basically knit picking Sh on everything he says. SH asks if there are any questions and NR raises her hands and asks for a team dinner. Everyone leaves though.

On the street, WS asks little kids if they saw a Burberry man. But they haven’t seen any. Another little boy sitting on a bench says his sister saw Burberry man, she was almost abducted and didn’t come home. Someone passed her on a small street and grabbed her.

WS talks to one of the duty officers about a Burberry man. But the man dissapeared at the end of a closed street.

The chief is getting ready for something and pestering everyone as he frantically tells everyone to get it ready. Perhaps this is a conference for the superintendent. SO asks if he has what the superintendent will say? the chief lost it so he goes to find it and SO sneaks out.

WS says she got out fast, SO reminds him that she had a mother-in-law for 6 years so she knows how to control that kind of situation.

Elsewhere, SH is on the case he has been working on this entire time. he thinks back over the various cases from this season, then he sees bouquette of flowers. Cut to HY walking to irector Kim Shil-jang. She says this is So Hyun-soo. The image of the woman is not that of HY.

SO and WS interview the woman who was taken. She says she has heard about him a lot. He she heard that he likes it when women scream, so she went to that corner on purpose. He didn’t follow her, she was relieved, but when she turned around, he was next to her all of a sudden. he tried to drag her somewhere and block her mouth. But a police man came and chased him away.

They ask her if she remembers what he looks like. She says he was just normal, but he wore leather gloves. She gets spooked at being in the alley again though, and runs off. later, she stands by the street and asks them to find him, she has to walk that way to go home. They tell her that they will catch him, don’t worry.

SH looks at a picture of HY. He says, sorry? What are you so sorry about, killing? Or letting someone kill?

SO and the other policemen talk about how that alley is so complicated. Only locals should know that street well. Perhaps he lives there? HM says he will go do interviews, he runs away. they wonder why he works so hard now. NR explains that the alley is close to his daughters school.

Later, BK goes to the police center. The superintendent wants him to help him with law (?). The brother is there as well, though i don’t know why they are all there together. But it looks like it might have to do with that big event.

WS and SO leave. SO thinks WS’s brother got out of jail quickly. WS says it wasn’t something serious, why are you asking me that now? She mentions that he doesn’t like to talk about family business, so she didn’t ask him.

The police and WS’s brother, JS cut a ribbon at the large event. They shake hands and take photos.

The duty officer shows WS and SO around the area and to all the different locations that they ran. He said that he disapeared around this corner. It is a dead end, so he doesn’t know what is going on.

Elsewhere, SH is at the stage and thinking about the different acresses.
Actress – A beautiful flower sat on the stage, I don’t know who put it there.
Actress – How are you, how many names do you have? What is you name today?

back to the Burberry case, WS, SO, and the duty officer ask questions around to all the people who live in the neighborhood. They all say whether they live there, how long, and if they live alone.

SH tells someone that it is nice to see her again. She knew that he would visit her because the girl looked very interested to talk to SH. He thinks she tried very hard to be noticed on the CCTV. She says it is because the CCTV is not good.

Back to the Burberry case, SO and WS walk and talk about the case, they try to put their two cents together on the case and try to dicide which one of the home owners is the Burberry man. SO thinks she knows what house it is.

Meanwhile, SH tells HY that her cake is peculiar. he starts talking to the locations of the cake offices. they are all located next to police stations. HY says it is more secure because she is a one woman operation business. But the locations are all where Wang-seong used to work or where he works now.

Burberry case, a lot of local government offices have the key to old peoples homes who live by themselves. Perhpas he got the key and went in.

Cake shop. SH is curious about the first location. Perhaps the first location isn’t for making cakes. He throws a paper at her and tells her that this is the first location right? the name of the first theater name is Jin+June. But the theater is old so the Niyun letter fell off. So the name of the bread is Jenuhwajoo (Genoise). Nice to see you for the first time So Hyun-soo.

Except the deaf Halbae, everyone will think that this man is a thief. So the key should belong to someone that is volunteering.

Cake shop. Sh says she has a flower boquoutte, there should be other flower boquettes. She tells him that she told him to help those women. She is the one that involved him from the begining. She picked the least hurting thing, but he complained a lot. Sh wants to know if she wants to show it to the director or she wants to be the director. For him, he is there to arrest the criminal. For what? because she hired a fake So Hyun-soo? No, there are two reasons, you blocked the police work and you tried to kill me. She tells him that there is no CCTV or finger prints and her car is all destroyed.

Burberry. So and WS continue talking and walking. SO tells WS that he is nice to SH now. he is nice because he wants to know about Kim Shin-jang. He stops walking. She tells him that she was attracted to his cooking. It was unexpected. he tells her that he will cook something for her, anything.

Cake shop. HY wants to know why he wants to catch Kim Shil-jang. She thinks they shouldn’t try to understand each other too much. Why do you involve me here? I want to survive and you want to catch Kim Shil-jang. When you catch Kim Shil-jang, no one will die. he says that he will catch KSJ and no one will help him. She tells him that she knows who he is so it won’t take him as long.

The brother and the superintendent talk amicably about things. Then the brother leaves and runs into WS and SO. WS wonders why he is still there. JS says it is because he had tea with the superintendent. He asks who SO is and there is an awkward moment when JS guesses that SO is WS’s girlfriend. The brother leaves. SO comments on how the brother is kind and smart, not like WS. WS is all like, so I’m stupid and mean? SO says he is wild and mannish.

Another Burberry man victim shows up and is interviewed. She tells WS and SO what happened. She was walking down the stairs and felt strange, she felt like someone was watching her. She turned the corner in a hurry and the Burberry man was there. He dragged her to the corner. He didn’t hide his face, so she remembers it. it was two weeks ago. But there is no evidence. She says that she couldn’t report it because she was drinking until late and went home. people will think that is why she became a victim. But she does say that she bit his hand.

KM and SO tell JM that he is a genius forensics person, so he should be able to handle a 2 week old case right? he says that if the woman bit the hand deeply, then they should be able to have a mark on the hand.

WS and SO retrace the woman’s steps. They try to relive the case and then they go back to the police department. They go through the three cases they have. The police broke up two cases and the third woman got away on her own by biting him. She doesn’t remember the face, but it was a bare face. They put the woman in the order of the cases regardless of when they reported it. SH says the criminal is evolving. First he is a flasher, then he tries to assault then, he adds a mask and he adds gloves. he isn’t just Burberry man anymore, he is a more than that.

SH – He wont stop at becoming an assaulter. He experienced failure so he will be more perfect now. We have to catch him as soon as possible before he evolves more. he will expand his area and he wont leave any evidence. He already became a monster, so he will kill someone.

NR says the have a Burberry man in every neighborhood. SH tells HM to stop sending his daughter to the after school program from today onwards.

Elsewhere, Someone meets with the brother as if he just ran into him out of the blue. Not sure what this is about though.

WS and SH
WS cooks for SH.

They talk about the Burberry man case. they need to catch him before he does something even worse.

WS tells SH that the food tastes better than it looks. SO loves it. Sh tells him that it is good, but the visuals should be better since we eat food with our eyes also. they are both uncomfortable. WS cleans up afterwards. He vacuums the floor and washes the dishes. But he grumbles about the other guy doing the dishes since he made the food.

Burberry man. he is in the middle of attacking another person, but he gets stopped by the duty officer.

Across town. A man goes to pee and sees the body of the study girl. Cut to all the policeman running to see about the body and investigate the scene. Ws and SO show up. The body has been there for a few days, a fisherman found it. Ws goes to look at the body and recognizes the girl. He tells SO not to come because it is the girl they know. So cries as she looks past WS to the body.

Meanwhile the pervert/killer talks to the brother about something. he is in his normal clothing.

back at the crime scene. Everyone is sad. The club boy shows up and cries over his girlfriend. Montage of all her scenes.

So – Mi-ju, I will catch the criminal.

The pervert meets with the brother who is also a law school teacher. The pervert wants to have a favor. He made a little mistake, can he see Kim Shil-jang? JS asks who is Kim Shin-jang? The pervert says he is close to Tae-gyu hyung. Tae-gyu told me that Kim Shil-jang helped you a lot, you are the only one meeting Kim Shin-jang. I need some help right now. he asks what accident he made. he said it is nothing, but he killed a person. His law school graduation is not far away, I will be in trouble if the matter grows bigger.

The brother calls someone as he walks down an alley. He says he will be there tomorrow. he opens a door and goes to a rooftop. Someone is waiting at the rooftop. he turns around. It’s BK.

BK – President Ha Ji-seong. I didn’t expect you to call me. You wanted to see me first.

Fade Out

Okay, this episode didn’t make much sense to me and I am kind of annoyed that they study girl died for no reason. The last 2-3 episodes hopped around a lot, new characters were introduced but only for a brief moment. People act in strange ways. The camera all of a sudden has started to be artsy. It is just all over the place. Can someone explain it to me?

I also feel like I am spoiled by the amazingness of Children of a Lesser God. Every character means something in that show and every case is related. It is the most amazing show on right now.

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  1. Jen
    April 14, 2018 / 5:55 am

    This season makes no sense to me, honestly.
    The poor study girl.
    Seems forgotten for 1 episode after she got attacked. Kind of disappointing.

    • V
      April 14, 2018 / 6:22 am

      Right, it’s like they don’t care about continuity at all. Couldn’t they have had one scene where the fan boy told SO she was missing? I am so annoyed.

      It’s also annoying that they team doesn’t start getting super extra serious about a case until it really hits home for them.

      And why did they kill off a favorite character who we were all routing for to succeed? They could have at least made her death mean something.

      It’s like they are trying to get me to stop watching and it’s already taking an extra amount of effort to keep watching.

      • oppafangirl
        April 14, 2018 / 7:15 am

        Exactly, and then the fan boy appears (dropped from the sky literally)crying.

        • Jen
          April 14, 2018 / 8:46 am

          Fan boy appeared out of nowhere when she’s dead and kept quiet throughout the MIA?
          That’s very hard to stomach!

          • V
            April 14, 2018 / 8:51 am

            Yes, yes and yes. Really shaking my head at this show.

        • Kris
          May 9, 2018 / 8:05 pm


  2. oppafangirl
    April 14, 2018 / 7:14 am

    Both 13-14 episode were like that, the editing was horrible and the cake’s lady stage play acting was killer bad (WS was crying because she did it so badly). The episodes were all over the place, with the things happening just because we have nothing better to do.

    • V
      April 14, 2018 / 8:50 am

      Yes, it’s like they are just limping to the end and trying to hold out on all their storyline for the last two episodes so they have some ridiculous filler.

      I remember one scene a couple episodes ago where the cake lady went home, looked around, got something to drink, stood up, went to the bathroom, poured herself a bath, sat in it, drank some of her drink, called someone, and then said what was important about that scene to whoever on the phone, then she hung up, looked off menacingly, smiled, and finally the scene ended.

      I was like, what in the heck is this?

      • Jen
        April 14, 2018 / 8:52 am

        Trying to be mysterious but failed terribly…

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