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Queen of Mystery 2 Recap Episode 13

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Just finished up our quickcap recap of episode 13. A lot of revealed this episode, including who in the world is the cake shop lady. the 7-year-old missing man case is also solved and the Burberry case starts to pick up again. It looks like it will be full steam ahead for the last 3 episodes.

Posting this as soon as we finished it so typos are abound. Please overlook ^_^

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Shorthand (Character Chart)
Yu Seol-ok – SO | Ha Wan-seon – WS | Woo Sung-ha – SH | Jeong Hee-yeon – HY | Kim Kyung-mi – KM | Bo-kook – BK | Ha Ji-seong – JS | Cho In-ho – IH | Gae Sung-woo – SW | Wuk Seong-hwa (sergeant)- WSH | Shin Jang-gu – JG | Shin Na-ra – NR | Hwang Jae-min – JM | Gong Han-min HM | Kim Moon-ki – MK | MC J (Duty Police rapper) – MCJ | Lee Sun-ho – SH

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HY drives SO back and asks her if she has been married. SO explains that she was married, but is divorced now. She doesn’t think about love too much now. HY wants to know if she loved before. SO thinks back to WS sitting next to her hospital bed. She thinks of other moments of WS talking to her and how that might have been love. HY thinks she should know love.

SO says love is when you are together all the time and help each other. But HY says that is friendship, not love. She wants to know everyone at the bottom, no one’s rock bottom is pretty.

SH and WS leave the hospital. SH got shot, but it wasn’t a big injury. WS is happy about that. He is happy that it was a small injury. SH tells him that just because it is a small injury doesn’t mean that it does not hurt. There weren’t any CCTVs around. Why did they remove all of the CCTVs?

WS goes and meets SO. She is still upset with him, as she should be. But he just pulls her away and they walk on a promenade near them. WS is looking for the company man that is behind all the phone calls, Kim Shil Jang. So knows that WS tricked her. She wants to know if WS met with Kim Shil Jang or not. WS says he met with SH. He followed him because he is looking for Kim Shil Jang.

WS says that SH doesn’t tell him what is going on. So is all like, you live together, how don’t you know? WS thinks, perhaps they can drink together and he can find out that way. The conversation changes to Burberry man, perhaps they are there looking for him? A man sees them and gets into his car. He drives off.

SO ambushes SW in the hallway. She follows him around and wants to ask him so many questions. He is beyond annoyed, but he goes with SO to the crime scene anyway. So starts talking about the affair ajumma watching the house all night, but no one comes out. People saw him taking out a big piece of luggage. It was the killer. I heard it was big, big enough to put a dead body in. It was probably easy to hide the dead body.

SW tells her that she is very creative, but they found the bag there. It only had dirt inside, no blood. Too many fingerprints were together. Everything was inside this office. SO thinks they need to investigate again, the technology is better now. SW says they don’t have a warrant. But SO is adamant about searching now. The owner went to jail….I will ask JM.

KM tells SO never to come to the forensics team, NR even had big trouble before. But we see So at the main office with JM. She brought a magazine with JM on the cover and says that she can come back if he is busy. He is enamored that she got the magazine already. He lets her inside and wants to see it. But So won’t let him see it unless he lets her investigate a 7-year-old crime scene.

KM tells her that isn’t easy. Our professor can’t do everything! But it is a trick, they want to try and get him to investigate it. JM basically says that he is good at everything and he tries to take the magazine away from SO.

SH shows up to work hobbling along on his crutches. WS doesn’t care, but NR helps him out along with HM. WS leaves and heads to the forensics team.

At the forensics office, JM finally gets the magazine and looks at his picture. he thinks his chin should be sharper and KM says his nose should be sharper. They both chuckle. WS shows up and looks at the magazine. WS doesn’t care of course, so JM tells him to look at the picture! he walks away. WS thinks SO is great, how did she seduce him. SO says that KM did it, her ability is really good.

They all leave and go to the crime scene. They get to work setting up everything and spraying everything with the luminal. They turn off the lights and look for something bright blue in the dark. Nothing shows up in the first room, so they go to the next room. There are big spots all over that room. But it will take a week to find out whose blood it will be. He has KM explain. You cannot find 7-year-old blood spots of there aren’t any 7-year-old blood spots(?). maybe there aren’t any 7-year-old blood spots.

But something is strange, the cement looks new in one area. They get a metal detector out and break open the wall. inside is a metal case. there is a bloody knife inside the wall and a blue jacket.

The husband gets out of jail because the wife says that he never used violence against her. But SO and WS arrest him for murder because they found the bloody knife.

WS asks him why he killed him. They have evidence. But the man denies it. He just found the bag in their office. he was missing, so there is a murder case. People saw me hitting him so I thought they would suspect me. No one would trust me. That is why I buried it in the wall.

SW tells him that they caught the criminal, so don’t bother him anymore. But SO thinks something is weird. This man, I think he is not the criminal.

SO meets with WS and asks him, if he is the criminal, where is the body? Someone is setting him up. I don’t know. Is he the criminal or not? I want something sweet. they decide to go to the cake shop. WS will buy her something sweet.

Meanwhile, SH gets a phone call from the girl who made the call earlier. She wants to know what he will give her. SH goes to the mall to meet her. He sees the CCTV and says that the cake shop lady is Kim Shil Jang!

Across town, the cake shop lady makes a cake with her assistant. the assistant tells her that a while ago a detective came to their other location. the couple detectives. he asked me about the ring, I didn’t remember it at the beginning, but I didn’t put the ring in the cake. Don’t you remember the ring, you put the ring in the cake. Sonsangnim, don’t you remember it?

HY pauses and thinks back. She remembers WS asking her assistant to put the ring inside the cake. the assistant says she will do it and bring it back to their seat. HY goes to the back and her assistant says that the ajusshi wanted her to put the ring inside the cake, but they are all drunk. She chuckles. HY says that she will put it inside the case. She picks it up and looks at it. her employees go home.

back to the present, HY gives her assistant something. She tells her that she doesn’t’ have to come anymore. She is fired.

SH ponders Kim Shil Jang in a garage, he never thought that it would be a woman. She calls someone and tells them to bring him all the information about HY.

Meanwhile, SO meets with HY. She says she fired the other girl. She will take over the new location. Do you need anything, where is detective Ha? SO says they came together. HY wants to know if he likes plays. SO says that he always watches a certain play by himself. HY asks So if she has seen it. SO says she hasn’t, it feels like she is reading someone else’s diary, so she hasn’t seen it. I heard it is like confessing your love to a room. The main person fills the house with their love.

JY explains that Joon left home and lives without any love and the room waits for Joon-i, that is why it is the waiting room. I cried a lot because it is so sad. (from the previous episode).

WS and SO leave. They playfully talk about seeing the play or not seeing the play together. SO walks off.

Elsewhere, SH is on the case. Now he is at the brother’s company. He is starting to connect the dots with the brother and HY. He thinks the brother’s office is simple and practical with a lot of pictures. that is a little strange. He thinks someone gave him that jacket as a present. he profiles the brother in his mind as he talks to him. SH asks him how HY became the public relations CEO. He thinks that it is because he likes her.

SH leaves and thinks that HY wanted the company and tried to seduce the brother because he is naive. The brother calls his people and asks for a background check on SH.

Cut to the play. WS watches it alone.

I am living as the real me in this room. Just in case you are lonely, I will leave this world, I love you…I love you…I love you.

HY thinks about all the times she saw WS and SO together. She picks up the ring and puts it on her finger.

At home, SO and KM sit to eat. K is eating something normal. But then SO shows her octopus jelly. She said it was hard to put calamari in jelly. She wants KM to eat some, but KM basically is all like, get that away from me. It falls to the ground so SO goes to get it, but she runs her fingers over the floorboards and thinks, that is it!

SO and WS go to the daughter’s house. They are eating with her husband to be. She wants to know if they found her father. But they say that they did find her father. So thinks the mother knows. She knew the husband and the other wife had a relationship. he is still in the house, he didn’t leave the house, everything started in this house.

The daughter says, what do you mean? We did something to appa? We just want to find appa, not get blamed for his disappearance!

But the officers just continue, the daughter was in her dorm room and the mother was all alone. But the evidence is inside the house. they go into a room, SO looks at the floor and says that her husband is there inside the house. She will show them. KM comes in and brings all her things for forensics. She explains to everyone that the machine she brought finds out what is below something due to the density difference.

The daughter tells her mother, it isn’t true right?

KM gets to work and gets the signal. They all look at the mother.

Meanwhile, SH looks at a photo of HY and reads her background report. She went to a French patisserie school, had an accident, woke up miraculously, and had several rounds of plastic surgery. SH interviews one of her friends. Did something change in her after the accident? the friend says she looked a bit different, because of the surgery. She is a positive person, she is always the same. Did something happen to her? SH says that he feels like something happened a long time ago.

SO knows that it is buried because the cement is not professionally done in that spot, it is all bumpy. That is why she didn’t call the daughter, she needed 3-4 days for the cement to get hard. A man yells in the back room, he uncovered the body.

The mother is taken away in handcuffs with the daughter wondering how she can do that to appa, how can she eat and sleep in that place? Why did she do that? Umma says that he husband told her that he is leaving. How can he do that, how can he dump his family?

Flashback of the husband leaving. The Umma grabs a knife and stabs him right in the gut. She rolls up her living room floor and buries him under it. Then she puts all the cement in a suitcase and drags it out.

Umma says that she thought it was better to kill him than send him to someone else. WS says that living is better. But Umma asks him if he has ever waited for someone. it was hell every Sunday. On Saturday, whenever he bought a book, I thought about it, Sunday will come again, Sunday will come forever until I die. This hell will come back again and again.

All the while we see flashbacks of her life with a cheating husband.

She asks, how can I live my life with a husband like that. I live my entire life waiting, so I decided it was better to kill him than wait for him forever. WS tells her that no one wants to have that love. She will be in jail for the rest of her life. But Umma says that room was also jail for her. But her daughter….her daughter….

SO and NR wonders why she made that choice. Because she is crazy. Love is just…like that.

SO tells WS that they should have just had a happy life together. But he also isn’t’ normal, he waited for the same person for all those years. he can just love someone in front of him, there is nothing complicated about that. He looks at her and says, so who is in front of you now? he leans in close to her. But she just runs away.

WS looks at her and smiles.

They both go to their offices. Two officers ask SO about their case. The Chief tells her that she needs to clean. Why does she matter in these investigations? he kicks the other officers. When does she clean! he looks around and the place is super clean. Everyone chips in to clean for her so she can work on their cases. The Chief tells her to just make coffee. So she goes out to make coffee and everyone follows her. She gives advice on cases at the coffee booth. The chief also secretly listens in.

WS and SH are the only ones left int he office. they talk to each other. SH heard about the murder case from 7 years ago. But he should report to him first. WS says he is never there, so he can’t report to him. The chief comes in and asks them what happened to Burberry man, they have a lot of reports, how can they not catch them.

WS says he will go out now and catch all the Burberry men. SH tells the chief that he will catch some, he is a good policeman.

Cut to WS on the case as he asks a lot of women and girls about the Burberry Man. they all answer his questions. HM is around also. He tells his daughter, if a strange man comes then run away right away. he sees WS and runs up to him with his daughter. he tells him to investigate the case well. WS thinks the power of daughters is strong. Then WS asks the kids where they should catch the Burberry man.

Meanwhile, SH meets with the worker that was fired. She says that her boss was always nice. She only knew cakes. She worked super hard. She is a pretty famous patisserie. But something strange happened. When I went to Japan, I saw the same cake that she made, I was exactly a carbon copy of it.

Flashback of SH looking around all her cake shops. SH is suspicious about her. Her second, third, and fourth cake shops had something happen, but not her first cake shop. Why? He goes into the cake shop and looks around. He sees a poster for the waiting room play. he thinks Jin Yoo Wa joo….Jin Yoo Wa Joo…..

And then he gets it. He knows who she is, she lived around WS for 17 years as air.

Cut to HY meeting with someone. She tells her that she should like it, it is a special cake for her. the woman says she cant’ take a break because they have a schedule. But HY says they have a replacement. Cut to someone walking out and giving the monologue for the play. It looks like it is HY giving the monologue.

She says that only her body is leaving, but the real her is staying there. In case you are lonely, she will tell the room. I love you, I love you, I love you.

WS comes in at that moment.

When you can’t sleep, my voice will tell you. I will trap my love in this room. I will leave all of my happiness in this room.

Flashback of what happened last season.

I will live like empty flesh…I love you. Everything I have…bye.

The play ends and the lights go on. WS blinks back tears as everyone leaves around him. He also gets up and heads out.

He walks down a hall and to a room, perhaps the actor’s room? he puts his hand on the door and opens it.

He steps inside but no one is there.

WS – So Hyun-soo…Hyun-soo ya….

Fade Out

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  1. Adralyn
    April 11, 2018 / 2:34 pm

    I am super excited for the next episode! Finally some answers!

  2. V
    April 11, 2018 / 4:00 pm

    Yes, finally! I hope they give us all the answers this time and don’t hold out for a season 3. I will bail on them.

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