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Queen of Mystery 2 Live Recap: Episode 7

Live Recap for episode 7 of the Kdrama Queen on Mystery Season 2 starring Choi Kang Hee and Kwang Sang Woo
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This recap should have been an aftercap, but I didn’t make the post, argh! So we turned it into a quickcap. I still need to go through and reread it for grammar and spelling and all of that, but I think it is in okay shape. Tomorrow’s episode will be an aftercap where we update the post as we watch it.

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Shorthand (Character Chart)
Yu Seol-ok – SO | Ha Wan-seon – WS | Woo Sung-ha – SH | Jeong Hee-yeon – HY | Kim Kyung-mi – KM | Bo-kook – BK | Ha Ji-seong – JS | Cho In-ho – IH | Gae Sung-woo – SW | Wuk Seong-hwa (sergeant)- WSH | Shin Jang-gu – JG | Shin Na-ra – NR | Hwang Jae-min – JM | Gong Han-min HM | Kim Moon-ki – MK | MC J (Duty Police rapper) – MCJ | Lee Sun-ho – SH

How to Watch Live: myKBS (may or may not work and it needs flash player)
How To Watch Later: On Demand Korea, Viki
Airing Time: March 21st, 22:00 Seoul

WH thinks that they just need to catch who has those shoes. But OS thinks everyone wears those sandals, they sell 50 of them every day. In fact, someone next to them is wearing them. WS goes to measure that mans shoes, but they are a different brand.

The pervert is there though and is wearing those sandals, they check his hand for a wound. But he doesn’t have a wound. Then the fan guy comes in and asks for a Phillips head screwdriver, he has a wound on his hand. WS and SO ask him how he hurt his hand and he says it was from a screwdriver, they saw it. Flashback to him injuring his hand with a screwdriver and WS and SO seeing it happen.

Plus the fans sandals leave a different footprint.

WS and SO sit with the pervert and look through all his videos. He wants them to take his laptop so he can leave, but they make him sit with them. Meanwhile SO goes through her mind to try and find out who the criminal is. WS asks her who it is from the 4 then he points to the pervert. He is it. But the pervert says he isn’t, stop doing that.

SO asks him about some clubs and we cut to the cake shop lady.

A woman worries about the director, if he isn’t promoted then he will need to get out. She tells the cake shop lady to not date a gongwon person, the job isn’t so secure. HY says she has someone that she likes, but he doesn’t know, it is one-sided. They laugh about that and HY gives the woman her special cake, she says to give it to the director. The woman says her husband really likes her cake, she opens it and sees a photo of the husband with a mistress. The woman is very happy to have this cake and leaves.

Then we see the nerdy duty policeman show up. MK says he can’t come as often as he would like. He goes inside and drinks like 5 cokes and starts to talk to HY about WS. She wants to know if he lives with someone since his house burned to the ground but MK says he knows nothing about him. She wants to know who might know. MK thinks SH might know something, he still thinks his shoes are a little strange (?).

HY meets with SH about WS. She asks him how he knows WS and the duty officer says he met them at a different location. HY is on the hunt for where WS lives and makes it to SO’s house. She thinks they might be a couple.

Meanwhile SO and WS are at a club with the pervert. They want to check the club CCTV for alibi’s. SO thinks the grandson wasn’t crying because he was sad, it was marijuana. WS gets a phone call about a game, but he says he is trying to catch a killer. SW asks WS to go to an illegal gambling place but WS says he is busy catching a killer. SW says the killer is in their jail, but then he hangs up and thinks he can’t stand WS anymore. How can he investigate this without his permission? he gets up and we cut to WS at the club. The music is popping as WS walks through the crowd with SO. They go through all the rooms.

Meanwhile, SW wants WS to go to another team. They are friends so he doesn’t want to be his boss. Section chief wonders what team they would be the best at. He looks at the others at the table, but everyone bows their heads. they all say that they don’t need anyone as bubbly music plays. No one wants to take on WS. But the second team isn’t there so they say that he can go there. Everyone agrees. But Section chief grumbles that the second team doesn’t have any team members.

Back at the club, WS thinks he found marijuana disguised as candy. He tells them to stop eating sweets or their teeth will decay. Then he asks them if they eat stamps as a side dish. He asks the quiet one to open his mouth. Ah, it looks like the stamp might be the drug! LSD hidden as a stamp. WS wonders if they have heard of him, the drug dog. SO comes in and asks if it is this room, but WS tells her to search another room and pushes her out.

Someone asks her what is going on as she bangs on the door. SO starts talking about studying too hard and approaches the man. Then she talks about a minty smell that is common here. He also is wearing slippers even though he is in the club. He has dirty hands as well. This man just looks at her. SO says he is very different than the other friends of the grandson. Has he studied for the exam a lot? these are recent wounds.

SO thinks he asks for 400k won and the old man was going to send him to the police. He won’t be a gongwon with a criminal record. The man takes off running. SO yells at the pervert to catch him, he is the killer. The pervert tries to catch him, but then the man hops up on a gogo pole in front of everyone in the club. The pervert runs away and SO tells the man that the knife is very sharp.

Meanwhile, WS is beating everyone else up in the upstairs room. He pulls them out from the room and tells SO that he caught him. SO tells WS that she caught the murderer (or he just sees the man with the knife, not sure). WS hops up there and arrests the man with force. The pervert comes back and grabs his camera and then walks out with everyone. The grandson is all drugged and says he was in Gangnam that day. But SO says it was just an alibi, he asked that man to kill his grandfather and planned it. They are really bad guys.

The police come and take them all out.

the pervert asks SO how she knows they are co-conspirators by watching the video only. She says they don’t match each other. One is poor and the other can inherit a lot of money, but they became friends. that is strange right? He killed his grandfather because of his arm, maybe he had a loan shark or someone threatens him with money. All his jewelry started disappearing one day, that is where she figured it out.

WS tells her that he has to leave, see you at home. The pervert is all like, at home? You two live together? SO says this cop is so sloppy (how can he say things so easily).

WS goes to the police station with the murderers and tells them to release the other girl. the cops are annoyed.

Then we cut to the pervert and SO eating at an outdoor pastry shop. they talk about why that man killed the halbae. Perhaps he threatened him? That halbae is famous for that. Then we walk through the plan for where and how to kill the halbae. The grandson gives his halbae a birthday gift. Something was strange, expensive clothing but cheap cake. They had the birthday party only to give the t-shirt to him. But why is that shirt so expensive? He painted it right? To make it fluorescent at night. The orange was florescent so that the person knew where to stab the old man. This is the location of his previous surgery. Then he went to the grandson’s house so as not to get caught by the CCTV.

SO and the pervert part and he asks her if he can call her once in a while. But she says that she has to study to have a good spot. He asks her if she wants to go to boarding school? His uncle has one that has a high rate of acceptance, 90%.

Meanwhile, the grandson says he did it because he needed the money for loansharks/drug dealers. But he is having a relapse/withdrawal and needs his drugs. WS wants to really run it home that he killed his halabogi twice, look at this photo, look at it! The grandson starts crying.

The girl gets released from jail and smiles as she looks around at all her freedom. Then she sees the fan club guy, he blows her a kiss and brought her some tofu. They go somewhere and the girl says that man grabbed her shoe to survive, she was too busy listening to the class, if she knew it then that man might have survived. What is she doing there? She wanted to be a good policeman, but she didn’t even see someone dying and grabbing her foot. If she looked around a little more…The fan club guy says she was just unlucky.

But she says that she thought about it when she was in the jail cell, would she become a good policeman? She only thinks about the competitive world and surviving, would she be the same if she became a policeman. So now she is trying to look around and look at people and look at the sky and eat something nice with people. He tells her to eat her tofu and she will be a better person.

Meanwhile, WS is walking with SW. He congratulates him and asks him if he heard from his section chief yet. WS goes to drink tea with the section chief. the section chief lets him know that he did a good job and WS agrees, his feeling is always strong.

WS wonders if the other team leaders are talking about him but the section chief says they all want to recruit him. WS says he is loyal to violent crimes team 1. the section team tells him that he should go to the second team. WS says no one is in the second team. Then he gets a text. His brother says they are having a public charity event.

Meanwhile, the pervert tells SO that she should go to his uncle’s boarding school in the mountains. There isn’t a cell phone and you have to walk to catch a taxi. there is nothing to do but study. They have health trainers. (But the building looks so spooky). he tells her that she will save a lot of time. But she can only get in every 3 months. One deadline is tomorrow, otherwise, she will have to wait another 3 months. He can give her a 50% discount. SO thinks she might save a lot of money if she does it.

She goes to get some cash from the ATM, but she doesn’t have enough money, she only has $29 in the bank after paying all the fees for the hogwan. She thinks she has to pass the test this time, otherwise, she will be bankrupt.

WS shows up at the charity event and smiles as he greets his brother. They shoot the breeze about how the brother looks strange now, he didn’t want to be the president but now he is the president and has a girlfriend. The brother says he doesn’t have a girlfriend. then all these prosecutors come in with blue boxes. It looks like they are seizing everything due to tax fraud. WS thinks the brother has been president only for one month but already has tax fraud, something suspicious is going on.

A mysterious man says that Ha Ji-seong is arrested for tax fraud. Then we cut to the cake woman, she says that he must be scared, but don’t worry, she is making a special cake.

We see her making the cake with pink icing.

WS goes into the hospital and sees the news about the law firm on the TV, he watches it for a second and then leaves to see his father. he watches his father through the window and sighs. Then he leaves and goes to a jajungmyun place.

BK -I never expected that your appa would be that weak.
WS – they know that he collapsed, that is why they are touching his brother
BK – they exploded.
WS – when can I have jajangmyun?

Meanwhile SO closes the shop for 3 months. She thinks that she will open it after going to the school and passing.

WS eats the jajungmyun with BK and talks to him about the background check on someone. WS tells him he isn’t as good as before. Ws says the superintendent ignored him so he can’t get anything from him. they keep talking about what BK is working on and how to get the information they want about a company man.

At home, SO packs for her 3 months away. She tells her parents picture that she will become a policeman this time. She puts his photo back up. then she says bye-bye to her cell phone until she passes the test. She sets it on her desk.

Cut to her running to meet the pervert. The pervert has a friend who is also going to the school to study, but this friend has those pervert classes too. She tells him to take his arm from around her and the pervert says that there is scary man following her around. SO leaves with the friend and the pervert sighs and puts his glasses back on and walks around.

WS gets home early and goes inside. He looks for SO, but she isn’t responding. But he sees something on the table for him and opens the note. She writes that she wanted to cook something for him but she doesn’t have time because she is going to a boarding school. He won’t be able to contact her anymore because she put away her cell phone. She will contact him after 3 months.

Cut to SO driving to this creepy boarding school with this creepy friend.

WS is at home sleeping under the stairs, but he can’t sleep. He thinks someone tricked her, perhaps those body part selling people? He tries to go back to sleep.

WS gets to work the next day and says goodbye to SW since he is going to another team. He goes to that team’s room but it is all empty. Bubbly music plays as he calls the chief and tells him that no one is around. Time passes but no one shows up. He leaves to call SO, but she isn’t picking up. Did something happen? then he sees the chief and runs to catch the elevator. He tells him that he is the only one on that team. The chief tells him that a new team leader will show up soon. But he needs to behave well. They argue about that. The chief says a new person will come from the main office.

WS notices a part-timer position on the police billboard. It is a part-timer position without the test. He asks a police officer and she says that it is a lot of trivial work about surfing the internet and summarizing things for the chief. It is a very competitive job though and the position will be filled soon.

WS runs out and thinks that he has to tell SO. He has to find some boarding school that only opens today. He starts asking around at all the boarding schools and looking for SO. He searched all over norangdong but doesn’t see her and it bothers him.

WS goes back to work and meets him team leader…Inspector Woo Sung-ha. WS says he wants to go to a different team! But the section chief says he has to stay in this team. SH tells WS that it is nice to see him again. WS thinks that he hopes they don’t have to see each other anymore. The section chief welcomes him and thanks him for coming to this local office. But SH doesn’t give the chief a handshake. Instead, he just glares at WS. The chief gives WS a hug and tells him to do well this time. Bye-bye.

SH does want to shake WS’s hand though, but WS just hits it and says that he doesn’t like holding men’s hands.

Maybe this is a real boarding school. There are a lot of students there in a uniform and someone tells them that they can’t use cell phones, drink, or date while they are there. SO tells the friend that it is strange. Why is it so strict? The friend asks if she wants to go home? He says it is normal, she will go home after passing the test. People come here to leave quickly.

But then we see a girl walking and stumbling on the grounds with a blanket in her arms. She looks like she is going crazy.

Then we cut to this same woman driving her car. She says someone came to kill her. It looks like there might be a dead cat next to her as well? But then we cut to a dead body? Someone might have died while on the treadmill at the school. SO goes to the scene and says that no one should enter the crime scene.


Fade Out

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  1. silver
    March 21, 2018 / 11:46 am

    Thank you for the recap. You were right about the new team. I am wondering what will happen at the new school: is the pervert a trustful person? why did she go there?
    So it seems that the cake shop is a front for something more nefarious. but as it is now, it is not clear whether the owner is a kind of detective or just in the business of blackmailing people.
    how long do you think the two will stay apart?

    • V
      March 21, 2018 / 1:28 pm

      The pervert guy is so strange! But I feel like his ultimate goal was to get Sol-ok away from the study neighborhood so he could go back to his pervert ways. The school seems legit…but it also seems dangerous. I was also yelling at the screen when SO got in the car with this guy she didn’t know to go into the woods to this place she has no idea about and never been too. I mean? Plus she didn’t leave any contact information on where she would be? Not very policeman like for a person studying to be a policeman.

      But I chock that up to Sol-ok’s slightly off self.

      I really hope WS finds her tomorrow and tells her about that part time job! That looks like the perfect job for her. With the cake shop lady I am super curious about her and how she fits into this bribery stuff. It seems like she only uses her abilities for people who are bad?

  2. silver
    March 21, 2018 / 3:59 pm

    it might be that she becomes more and more like that student. she is too driven to become a policeman. I’m very curious what she will learn from this experience.
    I had the impression that in the case of the child she learnt to be more considerate. most of the time she only sees the mystery part.
    maybe by learning to see human beings too, she will also notice more the attempts of WS.

    • V
      March 21, 2018 / 5:48 pm

      Oh, that is a good observation. I think she started using it in the studyaholic case too. She was able to use the human side of her study life to figure out that she would murder anyone.

      Hopefully she learns that she doesn’t need a badge to solve crimes. It would be nice if she set off on her own as a private detective. It might also show her that she really misses WS 🙂

  3. silver
    March 21, 2018 / 10:39 pm

    Is the cake owner Mister Kim? It was strange when the old detective said that kim might be a woman.

    It is so funny how in love WS is with her.

  4. Katigie
    March 22, 2018 / 8:51 am

    Who is the actor playing the pervert? I can’t find him on cast lists, and I know I’ve seen him on other dramas. It’s driving me crazy!

    • bbcream
      March 22, 2018 / 12:24 pm

      I’m curious about him too!

      • Anonymous
        March 22, 2018 / 1:38 pm

        Found him! His name is Dong Ha, and I saw him in Suspicious Partner

  5. Anonymous
    March 22, 2018 / 4:56 pm

    What is the name of the pervert’s friend the one who drives her to the school?

  6. JY299
    March 22, 2018 / 6:39 pm

    Lol @*V agree! I was like “why are you getting in the car of some unknown probable pervert and letting him drive you to a remote isolated place and without anyone having a clue where you’ve gone?” You don’t do that as a kid because your parents probably told you not to!

    More importantly, so just because he’s not a murder suspect anymore and he offers you a 50% discount package on some weird boarding school as you’re now pals?? OK, to be fair SO did ask about the package and why pervert guy didn’t take it up himself, but still, she missed the creepy vibe?

    And for the creepy guy actor, think I’ve seen him in several of these roles (maybe Criminal Minds???), almost all suspicious of unsavoury – 😛 – maybe he’s typecast because of the look yikes.

    • V
      March 26, 2018 / 2:37 am

      Lol, yes!

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