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Queen of Mystery 2 Live Recap: Episode 6

Live Recap for episode 6 of the Kdrama Queen on Mystery Season 2 starring Choi Kang Hee and Kwang Sang Woo
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We should find out who the Hogwan murderer is in this episode. I foresee a twist at the end, like perhaps it was the Hogwan instructor? I don’t think it could be the girl in jail or the fan club person, that feels too “in your face.” Or perhaps the twist could be that it is one of those two after all? I am glad that we are making some movement on the ring fiasco, albeit slow movement. I’m also happy that Sung-ha is looking into Wan-seong, it looks like he is finally forming his team!

In other recap & drama news, next week is the premier of My Ajusshi and the following week is the premier of Switch. My guess is that Switch got pushed one more week in order to not compete with the My Ajusshi premier. To adjust to that, we are going to move QOM2 to an aftercap or a quick recap that we will get up the same day. If it is a quickcap then we will recap without posting and then post it as soon as we finish (before editing) since editing can take a long time. Actually, finding the time to edit takes the most time. ^_^

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Shorthand (Character Chart)
Yu Seol-ok – SO | Ha Wan-seon – WS | Woo Sung-ha – SH | Jeong Hee-yeon – HY | Kim Kyung-mi – KM | Bo-kook – BK | Ha Ji-seong – JS | Cho In-ho – IH | Gae Sung-woo – SW | Wuk Seong-hwa (sergeant)- WSH | Shin Jang-gu – JG | Shin Na-ra – NR | Hwang Jae-min – JM | Gong Han-min HM | Kim Moon-ki – MK | MC J (Duty Police rapper) – MCJ | Lee Sun-ho – SH

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Airing Time: March 15th, 22:00 Seoul
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SO goes to an outdoor food cart and gets some toast. But then she starts to think of the girl who is in jail. She sees an image of her and asks her if she killed that old man, what is she hiding? Something is wrong, maybe she is not the killer.

WSH meets with a police woman and asks her about a case he is working on. He lets her know that a particular person died years ago and this woman is shocked. Then WSH plays a recording for the policewoman, he wants to know if this voice is the same voice that this police officer heard. She says it is not the same voice at all.

Team leader SW and W get into a little beef to see whose is bigger. Then WS leaves. NR comes up behind him and sparks a conversation with him about forensics. She says forensics is the most dangerous part of detective work becasue it gets all the difficult hard to see cases. Then she brags about a new feature on a cell phone (commercial).

Cut back to WSH, he is meeting with the superintendent, but we don’t see what they are meeting about because we cut back to WS and NR. WS meets with forensics but the person won’t let NR in. NR and the new weird forensics person tells NR that she isn’t a great copy and everyone wonders why she is here, but everyone knows she is here because of her father. He tells her to go to an amusement park and just play.

Then he asks WS about tea and tells him to go out and drink some tea (because NR is still there). They close the door again and then WS and this CSI person get to work on the case. The CSI person flips through a lot of forms and then finds the one he wants.

After that we cut immediately to WS talking to his mentor Bo-kook who is a realtor now. BK asks WS why the profiler WSH is looking for him. He came there and was doing a back ground check on you. WS doesn’t know why he is fishing into his background. WS also remembers that WSH went to his workplace and talked to the superintendent. BK thinks WS should be good friends with WSH, he might have a good line.

OS came to the station again, she wants to catch the criminal. But WS catches up to her and tells her not to blame him if she fails her exam.
It looks like SO might be a witness to the case somehow. Perhaps because she takes the same class as the student. Section CHief shows up and wonders why SO is there, why is the person who ran away from the duty of the honorary police here? She stutters, I am. The chief wants her gone but SO runs after him and asks him to let her work on the case. But he doesn’t want her to. he walks off and SO sees some reporters. She makes a big deal about talking to the reporters………..okay I will talk to them….. She goes to talk to them but then the chief runs back to her, okay, we can talk in my office.

A lot of reporters are around becasue of MC J. No one knows about MC J, but the duty police officer knows. Then we cut to the meeting of the case. The girl had some problems with the owner of the building. SO wants to ask a lot of questions, one thing she brings up is that there are a lot of ways not to be caught by CCTV. No CCTV right here, and there isn’t one right here, so you shouldn’t decide with CCTV. All the police are annoyed.

SO says the blood spot was the large piece of evidence, but that doesn’t mean that she killed him, it only means she contacted him. She didn’t have blood on the top of her shoes, perhaps she only stepped on the blood. SW comes up and tells SO that she is really good (sarcastically). SO thinks the dead person tried to hold the girls shoe while he was still alive.

SW wants to know if she has anything else to say? They don’t believe her, so she failed. They tell her that amateurs should be in the middle of this police business. WS tells her that the study school isn’t the right place for her. But SO keeps thinking of all the clues about the case. They wonder why she was so covered in blood.

WS and SO go to ask the girl a lot of questions. SHe was busy with the exam and put on her head phones. She bumped into someone with her right arm and ran to catch her class. Perhaps she saw the killer. Does she remember anyone? She says she ignores everyone while walking.

Then they question the fan club person. The dead guy is famous there becasue he became rich from the ground up. Did you see the girl also? Yes, about 3am, I saw her leaving the building. Why were you awake? There wasa car sound, it was very noisy, some guy parked his car and fought against the old man. Yeah, he’s the killer!

The three of them walk to the area where the car was. The boy says everyone walks here, no one drives. Then they spot the car and start inspecting it.
SO types the phone number on the car and we see that it is the video recording guy from the bus. They go pick him up and pull him to their car (or his car). They ask him a lot of questions as they look through his CCTV. They think it looks like he saw a dead person (he ran into the car). But the boy says he was just in a hurry, that is why he was running. He had to go to the bathroom and he didn’t know which key was the main key.

Flashback of this guy looking around a bathroom. But hen he sees someone and gets scared. A woman runs out so he runs out the other way.

WS and SO aren’t convinced though, SO says it was a womans bathroom and he wanted to put a camera in there. But he says he had to grab toilet paper from the girls bathroom. They ask him if he saw her face. In another flashback we see that the woman was holding a knife.

The guy walks them to where the ajumma is. It is the ajumma that sells food at the cart. The ajumma and ajusshi fought a lot because she sells food in front of his place. They go to talk to the woman, why did she run away after using his bathroom? She looks a little nervous as she responds, she used her knife to open the bathroom and she was afraid he would find out. She will have to pay a fine for using his bathroom, so she ran. Everyone hates him around him.
SO thinks they should inspect the family members since a rich man died. They go to the grandkids place and see that he has an injury on his arm. SO starts to reconstruct the crime scene in her mind. Someone stabbed the Ajusshi and then ran around the corner and hit the studying girl. But she says she needs something sweet to drink, so they go to the cake shop.

At the cake shop, WS and the girl behind the counter start to laugh together. Then SO has a flashback of that night with the ring, was she the person? SO goes up and talks to WS about some nonsense things, but then she brings up the ring. He says, yes, the ring makes me angry! The cake woman comes back with some sweets (macaroons) and SO says they taste good. Then she argues with WS about him being from a rich family so he must be tired of macaroons. WS wants to get back to the case.

WS and SO leave and the cake woman watches them as if she want to join them. Outside, WS says that SO’s cell phone is old and she needs another one. It is a gift for her (commercial).

But then we get back to the story as SO walks the scene and talks about the CCTV cameras in the area. She also mentions all the suspects they have and how several of them won’t be on the CCTV. They walk around and SO says she is going to look for the person who isn’t the criminal. They ask the ajumma if she saw something in the restroom and the ajumma said she saw something white….a toilet paper roll!

Cut to WS and SO with a knife, they try to open the bathroom with that same knife and figure out that the womans story is plausible. There are a lot of knife marks on the doorknob as if someone tried to open it with a knife. Then we cut to the fan club person walking with WS and SO. They go back and talk to the pervert. He says his memory isn’t 100%, but they want to know about the grandson. Did you know that his arm was injured? He says he can’t remember.

But then we cut to another CCTV video of the perverts. This is the grandson who had a lot of guys in the car and an injury on his arm. The pervert starts to tell them that he is shooting a documentary about the city and sometimes you see womens legs and stuff….he wants to be a director if he doens’t make it to a government job, since woman like directors.
SO says shooting a documentary doesn’t mean that you are not the criminal. He says it wasn’t him, but they drag him to the police station. They take him to meet the girl behind bars and want to know if she recognizes him. She does, she remembers the smell, he was following her around at school. She doesn’t remember the other mell though. But then she remembers it, the other smell was minty. SO thinks: Mint perfume, mint toothbrush, mint candle, mint cleaning supplies. SHe thinks of all the suspects with something with a mint smell, but then she guesses someone. They don’t tell us who though.

WS takes SO to the a detective, but he calls her jang Nara (?) and closes his door. They decide to go to the psychopath of the forensics team (that super weird guy). SO recognizes this weird detective, he is a genius police officer, she is a big fan of his and she wishes she brought his book. He opens his door and lets her in. He pulls out his book and gives it to her as a present. He tells her that she is a very smart lady, she tells him her name so he signs the book and tells her to be like Sherlock. they talk back and forth about how smart they are and how normal people cant understand them. But then they get to the case.
WS says something obvious about the case and the werid detective calls him stupid, he just says obvious things. Then they start to look at the footprints. But the weird detective (WD) has a class so he has to leave. he asks if the two of them are dating and SO says that is just a rumor. But the WD thinks something is suspicious. WS walks off in a huff and they have a tiny argument about rumors outside. But then they get back to the case.

SO says the criminal is in Noramdong, but she isn’t 100% yet. WS wanst her to just tell him tell him! But she doens’t want to.

SO looks at the nice present that WS gave her (the cellphone) and smiles at it. SHe wants them to take a break and eat a very nice meal so she prepares a healthy meal for him but it doens’t look that appetizing to WS. He wonders if people can actually eat this. This food is like all raw food. She gives him a huge broccoli that hasn’t been cooked, hard brown rice that is sour, a whole kimchi root vegetable, lots of raw food. WS starts eating all this rabbit food and SO smiles and claps.

Cut to WS holding his stomach at work like he is sick. But he gets confronted by Team Leader SW. SW tells him one of their friends died based on what he did back then. But SW doesn’t want to use his power to press WS.

A little bit later, WS meets with So about the case. They are at the grandsons home but he isn’t there. They want to know why he injured his arm so they ask around. A neighborhood ajumma says the sone lives in Gangnam so he isn’t there too often. She also tells them that whoever steals something usually pays ther money to the halabogi. SO and WS look at some photos in the room. SO thinks the present is expensive but the cake is cheap.

The weird detective gives his lesson in class. KM finally shows up! She is in the classroom and WD checks her writing, he tells her that her writing means she is a sad person which is why his class is sad. Then he looks at someone elses handwriting and talks about the kind of person they are. He keeps asking them if it is still not fun? Is it fun Kim Kyung-mi? She says, yes! But then WD keeps saying Kyung-mi over and over again. He approaches her and tells her that a highly trained person knows the personalitu but only a highly skilled person knows. He says a joke and only him and KM laugh at it.

She doesn’t get it though, she just says she used to do business so she always laughs first.

WD says another not funny joke again and our gilr starts laughing in her business laugh.

SO and WS continue looking at CCTV with the ajumma. They watch one of the suspects walking around. Then we see a flashback of the grandson’s injury. He said he tripped on the stiars but lost his wallet, so the ajumma paid for his hospital bills. WS and SO think that is suspicious so they go to the mart and try to look at all the shoes. But then they see the pervert again. They tell him that he also has to a gonwon right?

WS grabs the perverts had and looks at it, but he doesn’t have an injury on his hand. Then they see the fan club person, he has an injury on his hand. They ask him when he got hurt and stare at him.

Then we cut to the 4 suspects: the Study girl, the fan site boy, the pervert, and the grandson

Fade Out.

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  1. silver
    March 15, 2018 / 9:28 am

    Thank you a lot for the recap.

    So we do not have a solution to the case. It would be a pity if the fan club boy is the culprit. although it opens interesting issues about people reacting to SO’s work and skills. It might be that if the fan club boy is the culprit, he did it to test SO’s skills.
    That would fit well with one of the interesting issues about this series: looking on how police affect the life of people.

    I am wondering whether it is important that there is a second member of the fan club, a woman. I think that’s what the fan club boy said.

    What do you think about the new genius? Is he a potential love interest for SO?

    and did I understand correctly that SO is still not remember all that happened with the ring? that she is not sure how took the ring?

    • V
      March 15, 2018 / 11:20 am

      I liked this episode, hopefully they continue more in this vein. I feel like there is another twist to be had though. I love how you brought up the second club member and that it was a woman, I forgot about that! Perhaps this person will show themselves next week.

      I am a bit surprised that this case is going on longer than two episodes but I guess this will lead us up to the point were a second crime team is formed with Inspector Woo forming his team (from the character descriptions). I feel like everyone is going to be separate until episode 8 and then the last 8 episodes will be with this new super crime solving unit.

      I like the new genius and I think he is perfect for SO, they can both be super weird together. It is also nice since WS already feels so inferior to him. I want WS to put on his thinking cap more though. He is best when he uses his “feeling” to solve cases, so hopefully he does some more of that instead of relying on SO so much.

      With the ring, I think SO kind of remembers what happened, but it is still a little blurry. Today it looked like she may have remembered that night a little bit more and that the woman was the cake shop lady, but I was typing at some parts so I missed what the lady looked like!

  2. silver
    March 15, 2018 / 7:09 pm

    It is interesting what you are saying about the second team. I was wondering why the profiler investigates WS, but your explanation seems to be plausible.

    I do not know about WS putting on his thinking cap. Your explanation about him using his feeling: reading it I suddenly thought that there is another example of how this drama subverts some views. Intuition and feeling are feminine traits, but WS exhibits them more than SO. In fact, WS seems to be more in touch with his feeling than SO: it was funny when he was thinking that he might be too easy or that SO is so bold.
    I am looking forward to So’s interaction with the new genius. It sounds indeed to be funny.
    I did not have time yet to watch the next episode.

    • V
      March 15, 2018 / 7:35 pm

      This episode was pretty funny, but it also had some good crime solving parts in it that kept me guessing.

    • V
      March 15, 2018 / 7:38 pm

      As far as WS’s intuition. The one example that stands out to me is the murder case from season 1 where the grandfather ended up doing it. I think WS’s intuition picked the grandfather as the murderer even though the evidence (up until that point) suggested otherwise. I would like to see some more of that intuition-feeling from him.

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