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Queen of Mystery 2 Live Recap: Episode 5

Live Recap for episode 5 of the Kdrama Queen on Mystery Season 2 starring Choi Kang Hee and Kwang Sang Woo
Late start today! Daylight savings is just doing a number on us over here. We were supposed to gain an hour but it really feels like we lost an hour for some reason. But we have good news! KBS may have reestablished their live watch link on MyKBS (my best friend KBS). Their link isn’t super great, but at least they have one again. We also arent sure if it works for every show, but we are testing it out today. If it works then we’ll make another how to on how to get to it.

How we do this: We update the post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos, but we try to fix all those once the episode finishes airing. Also, there might be updates galore at the bottom (time permitting), so check back in!

Shorthand (Character Chart)
Yu Seol-ok – SO | Ha Wan-seon – WS | Woo Sung-ha – SH | Jeong Hee-yeon – HY | Kim Kyung-mi – KM | Bo-kook – BK | Ha Ji-seong – JS | Cho In-ho – IH | Gae Sung-woo – SW | Wuk Seong-hwa (sergeant)- WSH | Shin Jang-gu – JG | Shin Na-ra – NR | Hwang Jae-min – JM | Gong Han-min HM | Kim Moon-ki – MK | MC J (Duty Police rapper) – MCJ | Lee Sun-ho – SH

How to Watch Live: myKBS (may or may not work and it needs flash player)
How To Watch: On Demand Korea, Viki
Airing Time: March 14th, 22:00 Seoul
Countdown: EDITING

SO thinks that the cake shop owner looks familiar and she thinks they fought each other. SO is walking around the outside of the cake shop, but then a duty police officer drives up and gives her a ride. It is an officer she knows. She asks him how he passed the police exam and he says that he studied at a hogwan for 3 years.

Meanwhile WS is at his parents company and talking to his brother about brother things. They congratulate each other about what they are doing now while talking on the phone right in front of each other. It looks like they have a good relationship. But WS tells his brother to go into the meeting with a smile and they say their goodbyes.

The brother goes inside a large meeting and addresses that group. This is a boardmeeting or something similar where the son is accepting the position as the head of the company. But then his father looks ill, she clutches his chest and collapses to the gorund, he has had a heart attack.

An ambulance comes and quickly takes the father to the hospital, we also see a mysterious person telling someone that they will follow it.

SO is on the case and hops on a bus. She says this person on a bus looks handsomer without glasses. She keeps asking him questions and he gets more and more annoyed with each questions. He says he is going to Noramdong to study and she smiles and says that she is also going there. But SO is so creepy because she smiles at him and then follows him around once hey are off the bus. The boy confronts her about it and she says she doesn’t have a cell phone, can she use his? he lets her and she calls WS.

WS picks up and tells her, you lost your phone again? You are not good at anything except catching criminals. But then SO says she caught a guy with a secret camera (in his glasses). She says she saw him trying o record under womans skirts and their legs. The boy runs away but SO says they will catch you. She tells him that he should just go to the polcie station and that he is more handsome without glasses.

Cut to WS arresting the boy and telling him to study in Noramdong. WS also wants to give SO a ride, but she says she will look around. She walks around Noramdong and looks at all the study schools for the police academy. She looks so off as she smiles and thinks that she should have studied somewhere over there.

So goes to a mart and buys a fw things. But when she goes to leave and ajusshi blocks her way and then tells her to pay for everything. She forgot to pay for one of the items and the man tells her that he has camera’s everywhere, should he call the police? This man is making a super big deal about this so SO starts telling him all about the law and how she can prove that it was a mistake because she purchased a lot of things. But she tells him that she will not buy anything and she will get her money back.

Then a person walks by the shop who has an injured arm and the ajusshi yells at him as well, he should stay home if he is injured! The young man gets back inside the car and leaves. He is dressed very well, almost like a gangster?

SO leaves and decides that she will study there. Then we cut to her and WS walking around a grocery store. SO wants to prepare something nice but WS tells her that they can just eat something that is easy to cook, like samgyupsal. She says okay and keeps walking the aisle. then they start talking about police academies and how WS looks cool. WS looks at SO like he wants to kiss her and SO says that she respects him, she respecs detective Ha. She thinks that things would have been different if she had a detective like him back in the day.

Flashback of SO as a child with the cops telling her that her parents commited suicide. WS tells her that she makes him uncomfortable, he is bad boy style. Then he brings up the ring. He wants his ring back. But SO doesn’t know anything about that, what ring? She puts two and two together from that night and realizes that WS gave his rung to that girl. Some random waitress from the cake shop.

But she doesn’t tell WS this, she just figured it out suddenly all on her own. Then WS doesn’t tells her to pay and SO is so annoyed, you would buy her an expensive ring but not samgyupsal? We cut to SO’s home where they are cooking now. WS thinks to himself about SO thinking he is cool…will she confess…what about the ring, why doesn’t she bring it up? Then they start to argue about something silly.

They sit at the table and SO puts the spoons on the table, but they way she sat them on the table looks like a heart. He puts his cup on the table and asks her what she decided. SHe says she will go the same way as him, she will try it again. But WS thinks she is talking about marriage, he mutters that it is too early. She says she is getting older. He says she should think about it some more. SHe says he won’t have to prepare anything, she will do everything. WS thinks that he must have been really cool that night.

They leave and it is dark outside, 5am. SO is going somewhere perhaps? WS asks if she wants him to drop her off and we cut to them both in the car.
While in the car, they talk back and forth about Noramdong. WS thinks there are too many young people there, she should go somewhere with older people. He drops her off amidst all the students and thinks that this place is too young, he won’t call her until she passes the test. He drives off.

SO walks through the streets of noramdong and a girl walks right past her and bumps into her, but she doesn’t care. SO thinks she will study hard. She goes into oen of the buildings and sees all the note lines on teh ground. The first note sits in the front of the class. But SO is so late, so she is behind a post in the back. She tries to see the front and pushes against the person next to her. But the guy is annoyed and tells her to stop please. SO is discouraged, how can she learn like this?

Meanwhile WS has a chinup competition with Sergeant Wuk. They both do a lot of chin ups until WS tells them that they should stop since they are on the same team. Seargent Wuk tells WS that he should stop or he will lose everything. He killed that policeman and that policeman was his mentor. Wuk leaves while tearing and the Chief sees him. He wonders how much WS tortured that policeman.

The chief asks WS about it, but WS just says that they are all bullying him, he is not bullying them. They take his things and don’t talk to him and don’t give him anything to do. Chief tells WS that he has a different way of doing things than Wung-woo, but they should both stop bragging about how good they are and they should just try to do the job.

It is morning at the study school area so SO is out trying to figure out what to eat. She copies a girl’s order and asks for a #2. Then she goes to a study room, but she is too tired and nods off. her head hits the table hard which catches the attention of the girl that bumped into her from earlier. Then she sees a lot of postit notes from everyone that all tell her that she is too noisy and snores too loudly and she should go home to sleep. So becomes selfconcious about all the noise she makes and tries to get up and leave as quietly as possible.

She crashes at her house and thinks that the study school is even more difficult than her in laws.

Then we see an image of the halbae yelling at someone in the alley, but then halbae gets stabbed by this person. He’s dead.

WS drops SO off that night. She quickly runs to her hogwan, but she sees the case. There are lights everywhere and the old man is still on the ground. SO tries to convince herself to study and not look at the case, but it is a hard convince. But she does manage to run off to her class. At the same time, WS gets the call about the murder case.

WS shows up, there are no CCTV’s in that corner. But there is this weird man who is a new detective that knows the smell of blood. This new detective runs up to WS and pretends to stab him, but then he laughs and asks WS if he knows him, does he remember him? He is a forensic scientist.

SO gets to her class an hour early, but she is still in the back of the line of notes. However that girl passes her again and bumps into her, she is bleeding from her nose. SO goes to the notes and sees the blood on it.

At the crime site, this new CSI detective is freaking out about something and telling WS that he waisted 20 mintues because of WS. He is a super genius person! His 20 minutes and WS’s 20 mintues are different!

Cut to the bathroom at the hogmwan, the girl is bleeding a lot in the bathroom. She manages to clean everything up and leaves. Inside the classroom, SO checks out the girl’s desk. The girl shows up and SO thinks that she bleeds this much, perhaps that is how all these super studiers are here.

WS tries to figure out the case and talks to the person who found the body. The man only saw a girl running away.
Some police officers start to inspect the CCTV and they see the girl running and studying at the same time. Then we cut to this girl at he hogwam. SO thinks something is strange, why does she have blood on her elbow, it should be difficult to get blood there from her nose. But then the teacher yells at SO. She needs to focus otherwise she shoudn’t waste her money and should sleep. WS shows up right then and there and arrests the bloody nose girl as a suspect in the murder case.

After class, SO thinks it is strange, but she doesn’t think this girl killed anyone. WS says he doens’t think she would kill anyone. She is pretty and … but then SO starts talking aobut the girl, she is not a naive woman, she sits in the front seat the entire time. How can she kill someone at 3am when she has to go to class? WS thinks SO lost her feeling and SO says this place is a different world.

They walk off playfully arguing about the test and SO failing and studying overnight and how she doens’t have friends becasue she is so old.

Cut to a young man at a very nice study room. He is looking for study members, but he only accepts femail study members. SO calls and shows up at the place, but the man sees her and hides. then she gets a text that the study time has been moves to tomorrow. the boy is hidinf under the table. WS and SO thinks this is strange. But the leave and go to the grovery store and talk about the case a little. In that mans shop it says you have to pay 500 times the cost of what you stole.
WS wants SO to go to the scene, but SO wants to go study. SHe goes back to her desk and puts all the no sound making devices around. It is perfect. But then she sees another note, someone wants to talk to her upstairs. SO wonders what is going on, she did everything to be quiet, why does someone want to talk to her.

We go upstairs and we see that one of the boys at the school recognized SO. He couldnt believe that she was there! He gives her a coffee. So thought that everyone hated her, but he says that he is in her fan club. Yu Sul Ok detective fan club, it has 2 members. Once they get to 10 then they will have a fan meeting.

Meanwhile WS is interrogating the girl. There was a lot of blood, but she thought it was the blood from her nose. At the same time, Na-ra and her babysitter are watching the interrogation. The girl says she needs to leave and go study. She studies all the time and she may as well go to jail if she fails it.

Cut back to the fan club member and SO. So wants to know if he killed the old man. He says he was in their study room all day. SO says he can’t say she isn’t the killer since he wasn’t there, he isn’t qualified. SO goes back to her desk and looks at the girls desk. The girls desk is optimized for the exam. Everything there is only for studying.

So goes to class and sees a girl moving the other girls notebook. She wants to sit in her desk. SO is pretty sad since no one cares about the girl and only care about the test.
WS meets with his brother to eat. He notices that his brothers employees don’t look comfortable, all the seats are empty. WS thinks his brother should be a judge. But the brother wants to help poor people and the needy (?). (Not sure about that part). The brother wants WS to come to the company, he can help more people. He also tells him that their father is not like before and the brother needs him.

SH meets with the retired policeman that got WS transferred to the other department. He asks him some qustions and tells him that he wants to do a background check on someone. A person he knows well Ha Wan-seong.
Meanwhile, WS and SO are in the car. He is giving her a drive somewhere and thinks she studied too mcuh. But she says she only studied 8 hours, many of those kids study 15 hours on average. She says all these kids study all the time, all they do is study.

They go home and WS sees SO asleep at the coffee table. He picks her up, but she is super heavy. SO doesn’t even wake up though because she is super tired. he struggles to take her upstairs to her room.

Then we cut to the girl studying in jail. She is studying and crying as she memorizes all the law questions.

SO and WS are awake outside their house. It is the same time that the old man was killed. SO says she wants to get out of that place, which is why she is doing this. It is 4 hours before class and there are still notes outside the door. So goes outside and thinks about the girl, she thinks, this girl is not the killer.

Fade Out

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  1. silver
    March 14, 2018 / 10:39 am

    Thank you for the recap. The episode must be very funny, judging from the huge misunderstanding between them. OK, so the cake shop worker mystery is solved. Is the brother as good as he seems?
    what did you think of the episode as a whole? was it better than last week?
    Did you change your mind about continuing recapping it?

    • V
      March 14, 2018 / 11:12 am

      I liked this episode way better than last week. It is still driving me crazy with the new tone and how slapstick it has become, but I am willing to overlook that part. I am still confused about the ring scene. Did he give the ring to a waitress that worked there or to the owner? I thought it looked like a waitress, but I didn’t catch that part well. I also don’t know about the brother. It seems like they have a good relationship, but maybe the brother will turn a few more episodes in? I really feel that coming.

      I think we will still continue to recap QOM2, at least until the other drama’s start airing. It would be nice if we can keep doing Queen of Mysteries2 until the end barring another WTF episode. We won’t do it live though because we really want to watch/recap My Ajussi and Switch which will be coming up next week. We don’t know which one we will do live, but we are leaning on recapping My Ajusshi live which will eat into QOM2’s airing time. But we should be able to do a quickcap of it after the other two air.

  2. Adralyn
    March 14, 2018 / 2:39 pm

    So glad you decided to keep recapping even if it won’t be live.

    • V
      March 14, 2018 / 2:56 pm

      We’re happy you stopped by Adralyn 🙂

    • silver
      March 14, 2018 / 10:23 pm

      Yes, I am also glad. Thank you.
      I do not really understand what happened with the ring. Until now we saw part of the scene through WS’s eyes (the bathroom scene when he decides to give her the ring) and we also saw the scene from OS’s eyes. Now is OS a reliable witness? I do not know for both of them were kind of drunk. I think we will know the answer only in the middle of the season. Maybe she will confront him.

      So does it mean that now WS lives under the impression that OS will marry him? I like how he plays hard to get with himself because OS is oblivious to his pursuits.

      I do not know about the brother: from how the actor smiled in the scene with the phone conversation, it is kind of difficult for the character to become evil. It was a genuine smile.

      about the slapstick: I do not mind it. I am waiting for a social commentary on the issue of studying. I think this commentary will come through the story of this crime. I am curious what ‘moral lesson’ are we supposed to learn this time.

      • V
        March 15, 2018 / 5:41 am

        Those hogwans are insane. There was a little bit about that in “Live” also. I guess it is an exam culture (to get a job) so you have to study in order to pass the test and you have to go to the hogwan in order to know what will be on the test.

    • KS
      March 16, 2018 / 2:37 am

      Can’t wait to read your recap on My Ajussi. Dramafever seems to have the exclusive license and I don’t know how fast they are with their sub, so it’s great to have your recap to tie me over. I hope it generates a lot of discussion. The highlight from ep1 seems very promising.

      • V
        March 16, 2018 / 6:49 am

        We’re excited for that drama too! I don’t watch a lot of dramas on Dramafever, but I think they are pretty fast with their subs. Like 24-48 hours, but usually more like 24 hours later.

  3. silver
    March 14, 2018 / 10:23 pm

    Yes, I am also glad. Thank you.
    I do not really understand what happened with the ring. Until now we saw part of the scene through WS’s eyes (the bathroom scene when he decides to give her the ring) and we also saw the scene from OS’s eyes. Now is OS a reliable witness? I do not know for both of them were kind of drunk. I think we will know the answer only in the middle of the season. Maybe she will confront him.

    So does it mean that now WS lives under the impression that OS will marry him? I like how he plays hard to get with himself because OS is oblivious to his pursuits.

    I do not know about the brother: from how the actor smiled in the scene with the phone conversation, it is kind of difficult for the character to become evil. It was a genuine smile.

    about the slapstick: I do not mind it. I am waiting for a social commentary on the issue of studying. I think this commentary will come through the story of this crime. I am curious what ‘moral lesson’ are we supposed to learn this time.

    • V
      March 15, 2018 / 6:59 pm

      Spam ate this comment for some reason. Just pulled it from the spam folder! I pulled it just so that the site knows that your comments arent spam. Hopefully it remembers. 🙂

  4. JY299
    March 15, 2018 / 5:58 pm

    @silver and @*V
    Yup, hagwons are pretty crazy, but they’re a part of the culture/school system. I’ve had students who tell me that right after school, they go straight to the hagwons where they study till just before midnight. Mind you, students start doing that around 10 years old or 4th grade.

    Somehow, I suspect the hagwon manager. He was pretty suspicious.

    As for the CSI, LOL, guess they needed an Inspector Woo local version.

  5. JY299
    March 15, 2018 / 6:02 pm

    I heard My Ajusshi was in question because of the Korean #MeToo scandal which one of the lead actors is involved with.

    Think that might have been part of the reason for Cross being as silent as it has been.

    • V
      March 15, 2018 / 6:48 pm

      My Ajusshi has been fixed, they fired the actor and replaced him with another one. They already reshot all his scenes and released all new trailers!

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