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Queen of Mystery 2 Live Recap: Episode 3

Live Recap for episode 3 of the Kdrama Queen on Mystery Season 2 starring Choi Kang Hee and Kwang Sang Woo
Koala’s Playground
We left off with Wan-seong’s house burning to the ground, with him in it. Luckily he woke up in time, but it looked like the fire might be too much for him to put out alone. An arsonist is on the loose with an apparent vendetta, so hopefully our team can find him in these next two episodes. I really don’t want him to turn into the big bad for the entire season, so let’s hurry up and arrest him, okay?

It took me the longest to find an image that I liked for this post. I finally settled on one from Koala’s Playground, which may be from season 1. But it has the same characters that show up in season 2, so I went with it. Or it might be from season 2, not sure. It is pretty huge though.

How we do this: We update the post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos, but we try to fix all those once the episode finishes airing. Also, there might be updates galore at the bottom (time permitting), so check back in!

Shorthand (Character Chart)
Yu Seol-ok – SO | Ha Wan-seon – WS | Woo Sung-ha – SH | Jeong Hee-yeon – HY | Kim Kyung-mi – KM | Bo-kook – BK | Ha Ji-seong – JS | Cho In-ho – IH | Gae Sung-woo – SW | Wuk Seong-hwa (sergeant)- WSH | Shin Jang-gu – JG | Shin Na-ra – NR | Hwang Jae-min – JM | Gong Han-min HM | Kim Moon-ki – MK | MC J (Duty Police rapper) – MCJ | Lee Sun-ho – SH

How To Watch: On Demand Korea, Viki
Airing Time: March 7th, 22:00 Seoul
Countdown: KKEUT

WS’s home is on fire, there are flames everywhere. WS is trying to beat the flames away, or perhaps he is trying to get to the front door. Outside, the mysterious woman says this is the first time she has done this type of work. Back inside, WS runs to his window and jumps out, the glass breaks and we fade out.

The scene changes to Sol-ok. She is asleep and gets a phone call. She rushes to the hospital and sees Detective Lee there. He fills her in, he sprained his ankle by jumping out of a house on fire. He says he is over there and SO sees someone with serious burn injuries. But then we see WS is perfectly fine and eating ramen behind her.

WS teases her, you were worried about me, so you came all the way here in your slippers? SO tells him to go to the restaurant and eat but he says you can’t eat at this time of night. He walks off and SO talks about how WS is always getting into trouble, how is he the top student of his school.

The policemen have an important meeting with the police chief. Team leader SW is briefing everyone and the section chief comments that he is happy that WS isn’t around since no one likes him.

SO is looking through the crime scene and sees photos of WS’s former girlfriend. Inspector Woo is also looking at an arson scene. It looks like this is a different one where someone died. This person might have been found inside a burnt car because Inspector Woo (SH) goes to a car crime scene and starts looking around. A policeman asks him why he is there, and SH tells the policeman that he was just dropping by, but we see that he picked up a pen from the crime scene.

He pushes something on the pen and it plays something: Were you looking for me? This is Sol Hyun-soo. (not sure if it was from the pen or if he just remembered it)

Cut back to the house arson crime scene. WS ties SO’s shoelace and they have a moment. He tells her to go study, but she tells him that she has to catch the arsonist. They keep investigating the case around the house. SO says WS grew up in a rich family but he lives in a pitiful place. Does anyone have a grudge against him? He says he has a lot.

Meanwhile, the Team leader and Section chief talk about how getting rid of someone should look like an accident. It seems like they are implying that they are talking about WS.

WS and SO say that they need to look for someone suspicious, but only Constable Lee looks suspicious, so they tell him to go home.

Cut back to the Team Leader and Section Chief, they were talking about the section chiefs book, lol, not in killing WS.

SW leaves and looks so tired. He mutters that he should write the novel and he has a headache….ah…. But then someone fills him in on the arson case and he asks how WS is doing.

At the same time, SO is taking all sorts of photos of the outside of the crime scene. She picks up some burnt pieces and starts to put them together. The pieces formed a company that has “lime” in the title. Perhaps they sell limes. But they realize that limes can be a fire starter and we see the fire start from the lime bags to WS’s apartment.

SW starts to interrogate someone in the room. This person might be the fire starter. He starts to talk to this person about the English school and cake shop but the person just blows off all the questions.

Cut back to SO talking to WS. SO wants to know if WS is popular with the duty police officers and we see one of them taking photos of him. The duty officer is a spy and sends photos to one of the detectives. WS runs and grabs him. The duty officer says he can use his cell phone while working if he reports what WS is doing, but he doesn’t mean anything by it.

But then SO thinks she was wrong. The arsonist is related to the cake shop.

The person getting interrogated says he isn’t guilty and should be released but SH says they have a process and it won’t take long. He walks up to the man and kicks him on the foot then steps on him. He kind of tortures him a little bit and tells him to be quiet, he is not alone here. Then SH leaves and the bad looking cop comes in.

We cut back to SO. SO thinks there is a copycat on the loose. Or perhaps Na Jin-tae is giving orders to people to start fires in the same way as him. They think they need to search the deep web, but the duty officer says you can’t search the deep web. Not even the FBI can do it. (The duty officer is a genius from the character description). WS and SO leave and the duty officer tries to follow, but WS just shoos him away.

Back to the interrogation, the mean looking, sergeant SH is acting scary as he interrogates the suspect. He has a fire and keeps lighting it and walking around.

At the same time, SO and WS go into WS’s office. SO is super excited to be there, especially when they stumble onto a box of CCTV records that is just sitting on someone’s desk. But then SW comes out and starts talking to them about already having the criminal, they have his confession and everything, it is already done. WS pushes SO into the box so she can steal something, but SW notices. She can’t take those things.

They try to tell SH that there is another person who is doing the arsons. There was a different acetone smell. The good smelling acetone is to remove nails, so it was bought from a beauty store, but the unscented one is from the pharmacy. So, one person thinks it is cosmetics and another one thinks it is chemical. But SH thinks they just did it to cause confusion to them. But SO says the cigarette was different. The 3rd location smoked, but the 4th location was a fire without smoke. SH tries to say it was all about DNA and all that. But SO is all like, you’ve got to be kidding me.

They want to know who the criminal is and they said the criminal is….but then the section chief comes out at that time. He is stumbling around and talking to SO about how it is nice to see her again and to be careful because it is slippery there.

SO and the Chief go into his office to talk. He thinks it is really good that SO is there, but then we see a flashback of the chief thinking SO and WS should be separate all the time. He and SW are looking at all the photos that the duty cop sent them. They don’t like the two of them together.

Back to the present, the chief tells SO that she should go to the program, he called her a lot about it. But SO wants to catch the arsonist. But the chief tells her she won’t be able to maintain her title as an honor policeman if she doesn’t go.

Cut to WS and SW talk/arguing. WS gets a call from SO who is in her police uniform now. SO needs the CCTV from his moving in day and the fire. He needs to check it. WS pretends like he is blowing her off and they hang up. SW tries to tell WS what to do and WS is all like…um, am I on vacation now…. And he leaves.

WS goes up to the young duty policeman and tells him that he will show him something hot (implying sexy), let’s go. Then we cut to WS showing the young officer, MK, some police footage, lol. MK is all like…I’m leaving, but WS tells him that he is giving him a reprieve so help him out.

WS is able to get the CCTV footage from the forensics team officer, Han-min. Han-min is called up to talk to the boss about his daughter who is a new officer. He tells him that she is doing well, but actually, she is not working at all because they don’t give her anything to do.

SO has to talk to a lot of children at a school about being an honorary police officer. They ask her what she has to do to be an honorary police officer and she says you have to catch a lot of criminals or one serial killer. The chief is all like…um, you don’t have to talk about serial killers to the children.

Meanwhile, WS is looking for who bought the limes.

At the honor activity, the kids as SO all sorts of questions about her work but she answers in ways you probably shouldn’t. Like, what was the best thing about becoming a police?….I took off my wedding ring…

Back to WS, he is able to locate the person who purchased the lemons. He calls SO and lets her know. But the chief notices this and tells her she can’t take a phone call during class. She should look at the little kids, they are all impressed by her story and want to learn everything. The camera scrolls up and it shows 2:30 pm. Ding Dong. All the kids take off like lightning.

SO is about to leave, but the chief says she has to speak to the cooking class as well. But SO makes up an excuse that she has to go to the bathroom and takes off. The chief chases her but SO just tells all the kids that this ajusshi has candy for them! So, all the kids surround the chief preventing him from chasing after SO.

SO reunites with WS and they start to talk about the case. The delivery man delivered the case outside and left it there. The criminal was close to WS and saw that he was going inside. (No one knows his address because WS didn’t report it to the police). Then we see a suspicious couple with acetone and cigarettes, a pharmacy couple?

Cut to the duty police officer, HM telling WS and SO about all the camera footage. It looks like the cake shop person might be involved in the case somehow. Everyone is sitting in a game bang and looking at all these videos. Then SO says that one of the women in the video is a pharmacist. No doctor walks around with their gown on, so she is a pharmacist. They see the name of her gown and find it.

SO and WS look through the pharmacy like some weirdos and the pharmacist asks them what they are doing. They say that they will take one of the bottles and immediately smell it. The pharmacist looks suspicious. SO asks her if she knows about the fire and she says that she does, she was picking up her son. Then we cut to the son coming in, he says she is the ajumma who took off her wedding ring. But the pharmacist tells him to go to the second floor and do your homework.

Flashback to someone pulling on her son (WS?) And the pharmacist yelling at that ajusshi. WS remembers this and says that he knows who this scary ajumma is.

They leave and talk about the case outside. The pharmacist has no reason to set fire to her house. But duty officer says he tortured her kid before, so that could be a cue. Maybe she did it for that reason. Then we cut to the cake shop owner. She saw a fire and reported it to 911, but they said they already sent the fire truck. She says she didn’t know it was WS’s house. She went to the house with a fire because he felt something. She wasn’t sure, but she thinks she saw the arsonist in front of the house. Someone was standing there and looking at the fire.

Flashback of her telling 911 that this is the first time she has done something like calling them. Then she tells WS and SO that she saw someone with a yellow umbrella over there…but then she had to drive away because someone honked at her. WS remembers seeing a yellow umbrella at the shop. If the umbrella showed up and disappeared, then that means they live around here.

But we suddenly notice WS’s leg bleeding, he didn’t even realize it. The cake driver starts driving him to the emergency room with SO acting as a doting friend.

The cake person wants to go inside with them, but SO says she can go home because she is there. They go inside, the cake person watches them, looking concerned.

WS and SO go inside, but SO keeps pestering WS about him needing help walking. So WS puts his arm around SO and rests his body weight on her. This pauses SO for a moment, but they keep walking. SO tells WS that he needs to go somewhere to sleep, not a jimjilbang, he should go to her place. But then they talk about his ring and her wanting to do something to him while he sleeps. But SO drags him to her place and starts to prepare something for him to eat.

But her cooking is so bad, everything is burnt. WS is so impatient, when is she going to finish this soup? He tells her to go away and starts cooking himself as if he is a professional. Actually, he is good at cooking as if he is a chef. Then we cut to a marvelous simple layout on her table and WS looking at SO in anticipation as he wonders how it tastes. SO says it doesn’t just taste good, it tastes super good. Thank you!

But then we cut to both of them trying to sleep, they both can’t. WS thinks SO can’t sleep because he is there and smiles. Then we see SO walking down the steps and knocking on them, she asks him if he is sleeping? WS thinks SO is so bold…is he easy? SO thinks he must already be sleeping. But then WS gets up to look upstairs and screams when he sees her. He tells her he isn’t ready.

But then SO just runs downstairs and tells him that he doesn’t need any preparation in this kind of situation! WS thinks she wants to sleep with him and starts to back away, but SO just tells him that…..she knows who the criminal is. WS rolls his eyes…so who is the criminal?

We cut to a red room, it looks like the pharmacist son’s room. The son is sleeping, but then we see that his eyes are open, and he imagines setting a fire to the hogwan? All the other kids run away but he stays there and looks at the fire and smiles. Everyone tells him to leave, but he just likes the fire. He walks outside and sees the original fire guy smiling at him. Ah, perhaps this actually happened? Then we see the little boy writing all those the tricks on how to set a fire. Somehow, he is able to search the deep web?

Then we cut to him going up in the elevator, he uses the umbrella to press the button and goes all the way to the top floor. He looks over the edge of the roof and starts to pull out all his fire setting equipment. He makes the bottle, but the truck already leaves. He looks at the bottle and smiles, then we cut to his mother running to find him.

The kid throws the bottle and it is about to hit a mother who is standing underneath. It hits her and she is engulfed in a huge flame. WS runs up to her as her child looks on in horror, we see the flames burning in the child’s eyes. SO pulls the child away as WS runs to the mom.

Fade Out

Scene 1: SO is very surprised to hear WS’s place caught on fire.

Scene 2: Another fire without any evidences.

Scene 3: WS puts his shoes on SO and ties the lace. Some strange mood between them.

Scene 4: The chief (IH) talks to his team leader (SW) to kill someone for the good of the whole.

Scene 5: SO says to WS “The killer is not one.”

Scene 6: SO gives a lesson to the team leader (SW). Meanwhile, WS steals CCTV video.

Scene 7: The chief (IH) tries to separate SO and WS

Scene 8: WS makes MK to go through all the CCTV clips.

Scene 9: SO runs out from the public service.

Scene 10: MK finally finds a suspicious person in CCTV.

Scene 11: The team suspects the pharmacist is the copycat arsonist.

Scene 12: WS bleeds again and SO and HY take him to the hospital.

Scene 13: SO invites WS to her place and cooks dinner together. SO comes down to WS’s bed.

Scene 14: The identity of the arsonist is the pharmacist’s son.

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  1. JY299
    March 6, 2018 / 10:08 pm

    LOL Think the big bad has the one overhanging from season 1. They’re still trying so hard to keep WS down so unless the masked arsonist is linked to the conspiracy of season 1, think he’ll be settled soon. I miss the earnest hoobae policeman as well as WS’s section chief and sidekick, they were really funny in season 1.

    I hope this season goes well, I’m still trying to recover from the disappointment of Hwayugi finale, no more wtf finales or developments please Kdrama!

    • V
      March 7, 2018 / 5:34 am

      Oh my gosh the Hwayugi final. I feel like no one could have predicted that and basically everyone hated it. I don’t think i will be watching another Hong sisters drama for a while.

      Are you going to pick up any other shows? If you like Queen of Mystery then you might like Children of a Lesser God. It is quirky and creepy as well.

      • JY299
        March 7, 2018 / 6:49 pm

        Yup, I’m trying to convince my scaredy cat self to take up Children of a Lesser God lol. Korean Criminal Minds already grossed me out plenty. 😬

        Thinking of watching Black though I’ve been warned that it’s very graphic and also disappointing in its conclusion.

        Don’t get me started on Hwayugi again, I can’t believe Hong sisters did that. How do they shoot themselves in the foot like that. Make that both their feet since the last two episodes were terrible. I’m only going to remember the great company on Bah Doo for the series and not the finale 😁

  2. Handily
    March 7, 2018 / 1:00 pm

    I want the lead couple to just get biblical already so we can see a lot of cuddling and crime fighting. I like them as a duo in both ways: partner and “partner”.

    This episode was pretty good. Probably my favorite of the three out so far. I really didn’t expect the bottle to hit that women at the end and I hope she is okay.

    The kid arsonist was pretty random, but I’m guessing they’ll show us his motivations later. Or maybe he has no motivations and is just psycho.

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