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Queen of Mystery 2 Live Recap: Episode 12

Recap for episode 12 of the Kdrama Queen on Mystery Season 2 starring Choi Kang Hee and Kwang Sang Woo
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Finally got a chance to watch this episode. It looks like a couple of the long running plots they have going on might be about to start converging. Sol-ok was working on a missing persons case for the majority of this episode. But then at the end of the episode they switch gears to another mystery case where shots are fired. This mystery case is related to the case from the last season.

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Shorthand (Character Chart)
Yu Seol-ok – SO | Ha Wan-seon – WS | Woo Sung-ha – SH | Jeong Hee-yeon – HY | Kim Kyung-mi – KM | Bo-kook – BK | Ha Ji-seong – JS | Cho In-ho – IH | Gae Sung-woo – SW | Wuk Seong-hwa (sergeant)- WSH | Shin Jang-gu – JG | Shin Na-ra – NR | Hwang Jae-min – JM | Gong Han-min HM | Kim Moon-ki – MK | MC J (Duty Police rapper) – MCJ | Lee Sun-ho – SH

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A little girl is walking down the street, humming. She is walking in an alley and that flasher is walking behind her and following her.

SO is trying to feed SW some mandarin oranges at his desk but he doesn’t want any. He wonders why she is doing this to her. They talk about how SW was #3 at school and WS was #1. SO wants something from SW, she wants to know about the case from 7 years ago, a 7-year-old missing person case.

Cut to HM dropping off his kid at work, he runs to the police station, but he is late. He gets slightly berated for being late by SW and runs off. Then they talk about the missing person case again. WS starts talking at the same time about some gangsters that should be in jail….but perhaps he is saying this sarcastically?

In the more serious side of the room, SH is looking at his computer when NR comes up to talk to him. But her question is when they will have their team dinner.

Cut back to the bubbly side of the room. SO is at a board and is playing a memory game with SW about the case. He knows everything about it because he has a good memory. But WS says he was good about memory but not creativity. He is off about Sunday, the church didn’t have meetings on Sunday, only regular days. SW tries to escape and do something else.

But SO finds him again and asks him more questions. He says the case ended, there is no data. But she says he has his memory. He tries to get away again.

KM is outside the forensics door talking to JM. He is cleaning fingerprints from a handle, so KM asks him about it. JM says that they need to clean the door to get a single fingerprint. Then we see that he added KM to his fingerprint list among coworkers. So today her lesson is about how to get fingerprints.

He tells her to find fingerprints from a flashlight. He will be back.

Then we go across town to SO, WS, and SW outside the missing persons home. They go inside to talk to the wife. SW tells her that he came here 7 years ago to talk about the case, don’t you remember me? They talk about the day, was it Monday or Sunday? The wife says that it was Sunday, she was mistaken and confused at that time.

The three go into a room and look around. SW says something is missing from the room, a key. It is a key with a green rabbit on it. Her husband’s work key. WS wants to know what is so strange about it. SW leads them to Monday at 4:30 am outside a building. A woman said she saw him that morning. But if the key was at home, then he should have gone back home?

However, SO gets a call and runs off to buy some paper cups.

WS and SW start to talk about catching the Burberry man, but they mostly bicker about work-related things. WS tells him to stop calling SO ajumoni because she is their colleague/employee.

KM tells JM that there is no fingerprint on the bottle. But he says that is nonsense. She made a double fingerprint, he hates those. Cut to KM secretly opening something. NR comes in and KM almost has a heart attack. Cut back to KM taking to JM again. They continue talking about the fingerprints. KM says JM is so smart.

Meanwhile, HM picks up his daughter from school. They playfully talk about what to eat and buy. They decide to chicken. After buying it the daughter says that there is a strange ajusshi in the alley when she goes to the hogwan. Flashback of him trying to take off his clothing in front of her, but some duty police were around and saw him. They chased after him. The daughter said it was some weird guy that tried to take off his clothes and embarrass her, funny right?

Appa says that is funny, but he grows serious as he looks down the alley. Afterward, he goes to the local police station and asks them how they do their job, why aren’t there more reports about perverts in this area?

HM goes to work and thinks back to how he said there are a lot of pervert cases, we can’t catch them all. But now he is super upset about it and applies to work on the second team. He gives his application to SH and tells them that he really wants to catch Burberry men. NR is all like, huh? You said it doesn’t make sense to catch them and they would just get a fine. She looks at him bewildered.

WS, SO, and the daughter of the missing case meet. They talk about the case because her mother never leaves the house, so it must be difficult for her to get married. She says it is, they didn’t have a meeting of the parents because of it. They start to talk about her father reading books and renting them. Cut to WS and SO questioning someone about it. This is a person who used to work at the missing guy’s place. He saw that the door was open, so he thought it might be a burglar but then he saw the key there. But a woman close by looks suspicious.

WS and SO talk to this woman next. They ask her, you like romance novels? You saw the missing person often, right? You both went to church, right? She says that she saw him at the church. But right then a man comes in and yells at SO and WS about this old case. She looks scared of this man and when SO and WS leave we see this man approaching the woman as if he will hit her.

WS and SO get a call on their different phones about something to do with the superintendent. IH wants SO to come back right away. She was supposed to buy something for him for plants, so he yells at her about it. WS comments on how she escaped from the in-laws, but she is still in this situation. SO says it is no problem since she knows how to do it.

WS kind of does a stakeout at the police station as he looks for SW. He tells SW that the restaurant owners wife went to the hospital, he should go there too. He gives him something, but it ends up being trash. SW goes to the hospital anyway and sees SO over the bed with the woman. He tells her that this hospital looks the same as when she tripped seven years ago. Her husband was regularly violent, 7 years ago and today.

Meanwhile, WS is looking at some policemen prepare for a VIP event. The superintendent is there organizing everyone. WS calls SW and asks him to help investigate this 7-year-old case. SW is annoyed by this. But then the husband comes in and yells at them both. SW arrests him for domestic abuse and takes him to jail.

Then he walks the hall with WS and shoots the breeze about protecting civilians and catching criminals. The conversation turns to dating SO, WS gets angry and SW says he must like SO. But WS just yells, you date ajumma, you date her! SO comes up behind him and asks what this is about. WS plays it off and then sees something and runs away.

We see him in the car driving somewhere quickly. He thinks back to a recording her heard with BK about seeing someone Thursday. He is following the superintendent because, but it looks like he isn’t meeting the person today.

Back at his rented house, SH and WS both think about how it is so uncomfortable to live together. WS sits on the couch and watches TV. SH looks in the fridge. There is nothing to eat though so they both walk to the mart together. On the way back WS throws some apples that roll everywhere. SH helps him pick them up, which allows WS to put a GPS device on SH’s car.

Back at home, WS calls SO, but then he gets jealous when he finds out that she is with SW.

Cut to WS and SO meeting with the mother and talking about reading books. The missing person didn’t read books, but he got one every Saturday. She also likes reading books. Did he go to the church to give you books? She says he was a good person. SW comes into the room at that moment and WS asks SO why she called him. She says it was because you weren’t coming. SW is basically like, hey I don’t want to be here but your girl text me 57 times.

They get back to the case. SW thinks that the wife knows what her husband did to the missing man. They found a blood spot. Flashback to finding the blood spot on the boxer’s jacket. They ask the wife why the husband’s clothing had the missing blood and why did she lie to him about it? She says that the husband hit the missing person because he saw them leaving together. She says he suspected all her relationships, she couldn’t go anywhere except the Church.

SW says he found the missing book in her fridge. Flashback of him asking her about it. She said that he might have left it there after eating. SO tells her that they need to find him now, whether dead or alive. The wife says that she liked him. But because of her husband, she couldn’t even go to the bookstore, but he got books for her and brought her coffee. It was brief moments, but it was happy moments where time stopped.

The last time they talked was the day that they had to make up their minds. They decided to run away together, it was the bravest time of her life. She packed her bags and ran out of the house. She waited at the bus stop for him, but he didn’t come. That was the last moment.

SO wants to know why they closed the case if they thought it was murder. SW explains that they couldn’t find the body. Flashback of them looking all over the house and business for the body but they couldn’t find it. SW says that he has told them everything now and he blocked her phone number.

The cake shop lady tells all the lawyers to go back to the brother’s law firm, Ha In Jung. But she originally told them to go to the other law firm.

The brother talks to the cake lady and says she should have given this to her when she has his courage. He gives her a ring that is his mother’s ring.

Cut to the cake shop woman looking at the ring in her red-light apartment. She says, Ha In Jung, to herself and then looks up and smiles.

Meanwhile SO thinks over the case and goes through all the clues in her mind. In his room, WS also thinks about his long-running case. SW thinks about his long-running case in his bedroom. SO thinks, yes, Sunday when he was missing, then the missing guy is….yes….that is it.

WS and SO walk somewhere. SO says the man was seen on Sunday with a big suitcase, but she didn’t see his face. She only guessed it was him. The last person who saw him was the boxer on Sunday night. Then he disappeared. But perhaps the wife was the last one to see him.

They meet with the wife. She says she waited there all night for him. She wasn’t angry at him, she was just worried that his husband would fight with him again. She saw that her husband left, so she wanted to check if his feelings were real. She just wanted to know she stayed there overnight and he didn’t come out at all or pick up the phone. She said someone came out with a big bag that looked heavy, she didn’t see the face. But it wasn’t the missing guy. SO asks if it was a big suitcase that you could put a body inside.

BK tracks the SH’s car. Then we cut to someone shooting disks at a shooting range. Perhaps this person is a woman, the hand looks like a female hand. SH gets out of his car and gets inside a taxi to go to the shooting range. WS is following but he gets to the car.

WS complains, why did the car stop moving? BK says he should have put the device on a shoe. But WS says he has so many shoes. SO runs out and hops in the car with WS. They drive off and SO says that he found Kim Shil-jang. He wonders how she knows. She talks about how WS went to that station and tried to be friends with the superintendent, it was so obvious. Why are you hiding it from me? Can’t you trust me?

He says no, I can’t trust you. Flashback to him holding her at the end of the last season when she got shot and of him looking over the grave of his ex-lover.

SO tells him that she wants to go with him because it is dangerous. This scene has a lot of flashbacks from the previous scene. Basically, they don’t want each other to get hurt because it is a dangerous case.

WS parks and asks SO to buy him something at a rest stop. She hops out to get it, and he leaves her there. When she comes back out she sees that he is gone. Her phone has a text.

WS: Ajumma, wait here with the potato, I will be back.

Cut to SH showing up at the shooting range and WS driving there as well (huh, how does he know?). SH runs into the shooting range and sees the person shooting. The person shooting turns the gun on SH. He pulls his gun on them. That person shoots SH and is also shot as well. The mystery person runs off and WS runs up to SH’s side. He helps SH to his car and the mystery person gets in their car.

Meanwhile SO is sitting at the rest stop, all kinds of worried.

WS asks SH what is going on. SH doesn’t want to tell him. He says he went to the shooting range to shoot, ask the person who shot him why they shot him, not why he got hit.

Then we go to a building. The cake lady comes out of the building in slow motion.

Back with SO, she is still trying to find out how to get away from this rest stop. She asks some bus drivers if she can ride with them, but it doesn’t work out. Then she sees the cake lady. Cake lady says that she will give her a ride and opens her car door for SO. It looks like she might have a bandage on her arm, but it is covered by her sleeve.

HY goes to her side of the car and looks menacing for a long time before getting inside.

Suspects: Affair woman, wife, daughter, abusive husband

Fade Out

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