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Queen of Mystery 2 Live Recap: Episode 11

Recap for episode 11 of the Kdrama Queen on Mystery Season 2 starring Choi Kang Hee and Kwang Sang Woo
Sports Chosun
It’s perverts everywhere today. The fan girl gets abducted by a pervert and the team solves the bus pervert case. Then they start on another one of a missing man from 7 years ago. The cake lady is also doing a lot this episode, (but I am not sure exactly what she is doing) and the brothers lawyers are being bought by another company.

This one is a quickcap so we are posting it as soon as we finish it. Please forgive all typos.

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Shorthand (Character Chart)
Yu Seol-ok – SO | Ha Wan-seon – WS | Woo Sung-ha – SH | Jeong Hee-yeon – HY | Kim Kyung-mi – KM | Bo-kook – BK | Ha Ji-seong – JS | Cho In-ho – IH | Gae Sung-woo – SW | Wuk Seong-hwa (sergeant)- WSH | Shin Jang-gu – JG | Shin Na-ra – NR | Hwang Jae-min – JM | Gong Han-min HM | Kim Moon-ki – MK | MC J (Duty Police rapper) – MCJ | Lee Sun-ho – SH

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A girl walks down the street talking to her father. It looks like this is the study girl. She passed the test and is talking to someone about it. But then she sees a flasher. She tells the person that she is talking to that a Burberry man is here. She keeps talking but then she thinks it might have been her mistake. She hangs up and is pulled away by the Burberry man immediately.

Cut to the cake shop woman looking creepy in her place. She looks at her closet and thinks, he is an ambitious man, these clothes should be better. She puts them on and heads out. the clothing makes her look like Angelia Jolie going to kick some butt in a dress. She knocks on the door.

then we see Inspector Woo going to an office. SH checks for wiretapping in the superintendents office. JG asks him what he is doing, but SH just tells him to keep quiet. Then he finds the bug. An alarm goes off that makes the person listening in on th ebug cover his ears. JG wants to know how he knows that they was a bug there. JG says that he can’t trust anyone now.

the cake shop woman goes shoping and sees a Burberry coat, the woman says that she likes it, but it is expensive. it is worth that much money. The cake shop woman smiles at her.

Cut to how Secretary Kim contacts JG. First it was a high school student, the next time it was a street guy. the voice also changes. Recently it is a female voice. he gets a phone call from Kim Shin-jang. SH picks up and hears that they will change the location this weekend. Take a taxi cab.

The cake shop woman buys the Burrberry coat for the girl after she made the phone call. She says she can keep the phone or throw it away. She leaves.

SH thinks this might be a trap, what did he do at his previous station? JG says he didn’t do anything, he just let someone investigate something. Was it a crime? JG says he just wants to retire quietly, but my daughter also works there. Can you keep things quiet? SH says he can, so long as he helps him.

Meanwhile SO looks around for a place to live. But she doesn’t have enough money so all the places look very shabby. But then the realtor shows her the house that is attached to the owners house. This house is amazing. The realtor says that the owner of this house is a man, would that be okay? SO says that is fine. They would need 2 months money up front. It is a house share. So looks around and loves this place, it looks like she will be renting a room from a man.

But then she goes outside and sees that the man is inspector Woo. Woo wants to know if she is really going to stay in that room. She says she can’t stay in the Jimjilband forever, but this is good, they can understand each other. But he thinks it will be uncomfortable. She reallsy wants to live there and says that she won’t bother him and she is good at cooking. Really. SH sighs.

SO leaves and calls WS, she tells him that he should move in today. She tells him to come today, quickly, there is no time to waste. They hang up and So thinks that she didn’t tell him that it is inspector Woo’s house. What will he do when he finds out?

Cut to Inspector Woo wondering how he can share a bathroom with a woman, should he clean everything. Shouldhe buy new sweat suits? Maybe he should tell her that he can’t accept her. But does she have to sleep at the jimjilbang now? Ah, this drives me crazy. Ding Dong.

Cut to WS coming in with all of his things and asking where he should put his things. But then he sees SH and says, no no. Then we see SO wondering if WS moved in okay. SH should have helped him. The camera changes to a sleeping SH and WS in their place with SO thinking that they can have meetings at night time, that would be good.

The secretary quits at the brothers company. But the brother says he can’t quit, what about all the things that they are working on? he just bows and leaves. Another lawyer comes in. The brother asks him what they should do once lawyer Oh quits. How can we handle those people that buy their people? The brother wants to reform the company accept for their public giving.

The cake shop woman stops by and gives the brother a gift. She asks him if something is going on recently, she can be of help. But he says it isn’t anything. His lawyers are swaying and are insecure because his father isn’t there. HY says she is part of the company now so she should know what is going on. he tells her that in the M&M case, 15 lawyers have quit.

WS and SH living shenanigans at hom. WS tells him that his coffee smells good and drinks it. hen they both go to the bathroom at the same time. WS lets the home owner use it first. They thinks this life is so uncomfortable.

then we see them at work together. So tells them that it is good to see them both coming in together. How was your day? they kind of mumble something about there only being one restroom. then the Section chief comes in and want to know what she should do. he tells her to make coffee. She is so confused, huh? I thought I did important work. She thinks back to what WS told her about the job. But then she thinks she can do it, she can be a cinderella again.

Meanwhile, the friend is dealing with crazy JM. She has to bring him a tea and deals with his crazy looks at her as he laughs. She asks him if he needs to talk to her. He tells her where the most boring middle school is and he says the loading zoo. He laughs and she starts fake laughing as well.

Elsewhere, IH talks to JG about Wang-soo. JG wants IH to stop WS from coming in, it makes him lose his hair. it looks like they are starting a big meeting and WS pulls up a chair because one wasn’t made available to him. JM introduces the new recruit to their team, trainee KM. KM introduces herself and JM shines a light on her face, there are lines on it when the light shines on it but nothing when it doesn’t. Everyone laughs. Well, everyone except SH, he just looks annoyed.

SH tells JM to stop, that is childish.

Then the coffee comes in with SO. She rolls it in and starts dropping off all the coffee to everyone. They tell her to leave it there and just leave. Then SO sees KM’s face and wonders why it is like that. JM starts laughing a lot and falls under his desk. Everyone leaves the meeting laughing.

KM is annoyed though. JM asks her if she has any complaints. She didn’t respond to his joke and just storms off. SW tells her that he always does that, it is tradition. he did it to me also. Flashback of everyone laughing at SW with the same joke. he tells KM that he has a special cream she can use to remove the paint.

KM goes to the bathroom and puts the lotion on her face to remove it. They both talk about the cream and SO gives JM some Beauty People makeup to put on. they talk about how they are both pretty and how it is good to be together again.

They leave together arm in arm and wonder what they should eat. Something super spicy. Maybe they can go to a street vender and drink until the end. Cut to them at the street vendors. they both love it and talk about how they haven’t done this in awhile. They talk to each other about admiring each other. They both live hard. KM feels stupid, her professor yells at her all the time and she doesn’t know what she is doing there. She got divorced but the world is like an inlaw. So tells her that she has her home here. This i the first time I will comfort you.

Officer Shin walks by and they invite her to sit with them. They drink and drunkenly talk about how they really want to catch that pervert. She needs to catch that same bus. They think that maybe more people were harassed. She was a victim before she became a police man and it was hard to yell when it happened. the same guy in the same place does it all the time. But she can’t put a hidden camera on her butt.

But then KM thinks. WE HAVE A WAY. And she looks at SO like, I got this.

NR gets dropped off by her father and talks to him with a Busan accent. he tells her not to ride the bus near the terminal on the bus that you beep (the card reader). Cut to all the ladies on the buss and looking at all the men as they come in. Then SO notices the man and gives SO and KM a look. She tells the bus driver to stop the car, she is police. Then she tells everyone on the bus that a sexual harrassment person is on the bus. Everyone needs to cooperate.

they have everyone leave one at a time an inspect their hands. KM has the light that JM used on her face. They find the culprit. And we cut back to seeing the ladies putting that liquid all over their clothing.

But he breaks free and tries to get away. Sergent Wuk was following them and helps them arrest the man.

SO takes notes from IH. She has to prepare fro the duty police. The superintendent will wash the duty police officers feet, so prepare warm water and knee cushions. The duty police rapper is MC J, so prepare something for him.

Cut to MK running out exclaiming…MCJ! MCJ! with a paper for MC J to sign. But Sergeant Wuk tells him to go back inside. Then the duty officers come in the bus. One of the 3 is MC J.

One of the duty guys recognizes So and thinks that she is super cool. IH comes out and wonders which one is MC J. They look at a photo of MC J online and compare it to the three duty officers. They think the tall handsome one is MC J. they take him away. The other two go inside the police station.

Meanwhile IH washes the tall handsome duty officers feet first and comments on how he has so much hair. JG comes out and asks IH if that guy is MC J. (I don’t’ understand why this is important. Can’t they just ask who MC J is?). The Superintendent takes a photo op with the young duty officer as he washes his feet. His feet smell alot but JG says it is okay as he tries to breath through is mouth. Finally, the man says that he is not MC J and all the photos stop.

JG stands and wonders who MC J is, the little one stands and says that he is MC J. JG leaves, upset.

Meanwhile, SO, WS, and SH are in their office area. A sign is hung about them being the special investigation team for the Burberry Pervert. IH comes in and talks to them about something. He says that they have so many Burberry Perverts, it takes a long tim eto catch them all. Over 80 missing cases and only two of them are solved. WS yells at Sh about being the team leader and taking care of this. But SH just leaves and says that it is good that WS remembers that he is the team leader.

SO and WS go to ground zero for Burberry Men, a local high school. they have another officer with them as well.

Meanwhile, MC J is looking around the police department for SO. he is the second member of the fan club. Can he have her signature? She signs it and he thinks it is the best thing ever. MC J thinks they can have a fan meeting. he also has a request. His manager is getting married but his wife to be is…..

Cut to them meeting. 7 years ago her abonim disappeared. She reported it to the police but they didn’t solve it. they talk playfully about how he is MC J and SO isn’t a normal person. SO then starts to question the girl. She tells her that she will try to investigate it.

SO goes back to the police department and talks about the 7 year old case she wants to solve. SH and WS both ask her questions about it. SH thinks this person is dead. SH tells WS that he should find this person. He wonders why he should find it. But their teams job is to find long term missing cases (it is also on the sign). He says he is busy and leaves. But she should call him later.

WS runs into another officer and talks to her about a black box. It has to do with So Hyun-soo. She brought the black box, but she is supposed to give it to inspector Woo. WS says that he will give it to him. He takes it.

WS immediately checks it and wonders who this woman is and why she is pretending to be So Hyun-soo. It looks like this case is about the play woman disappearing a few episodes ago.

WS looks through something and sees a notebook. He finds out the name of the play from the notepad. Piero Theater and So Hyun-soo …..

At the theater, a woman tells SH all about the stange things that happened before that theater person died. A woman came that was suspicious, she recorded it. He asks her if it was this person and seh says those clothes are familiar but seh doesn’t remember it. She wonders why eunnie quit.

SH goes outside, WS is waiting for him. They are both trying to figure out the same case. Ws wants to know if he is looking for So Hyun-soo. SH says he is looking for the criminal, not the victim. I am sure that you are following me. SH leaves, Ws gets a call.

Cut to the cake woman walking outside.

WS runs up to SO and asks her why she keeps calling him. They go to the missing case house. A girl answers the door and tells them to come inside. This might be the daughter. This house is her parents first house. they go inside and the woman’s mother fixes them something to eat. She thinks that he will be back soon. The daughter says it has been 7 years. But Umma says he will be back, he only know family and their house. He has no trouble with others, he doesn’t drink, he doesn’t drive, and he doesn’t fight others.

The daughter talks about her appa and how one day he didn’t come home. She was away at school when it happened.

SO and WS talk to one of the neighbors. The appa walked out of the house and had a big travel bag, she thought he was going on a trip. It was dark though so she didn’t know if it was irregular. But how did she know it was him? Well, he came out from his house so I thought it was him.

they talk to one of his coworkers. Is life harder for him now? When did you see him last? He says the night before he disappeared. he saw him going home.

Bookstore. A man says that he saw the man rent a book but he didn’t return it. He looked for the man but saw the ajumma crying so he didn’t pursue it.

It looks like there were three suspects in the case at that time. SW was the lead of the case back then, so maybe he knows it. they look at him walking toward them.

Fan boy and MC J go to their fan meeting. It is only the two of them. Fan boy says his girlfriend is also coming, she passed her exam. But now she hasn’t been able to contact her. MC J calls someone as well. SO shows up and the two guys stand up. SO wants to know where Mi-ju is (the study girl). They think she will come since she passed the exam. But fan boy keeps calling her and she isn’t picking up. She is abducted adn is in the woods. She might still be alive or she might be dead, this isn’t clear. But her phone is ringing next to her as she lays amidst long reeds.

The abductor walks away.

Fade Out.

Okay y’all, not gonna like, today’s episode was really hard to get through. Especially the part about MC J.

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  1. Adralyn
    April 5, 2018 / 5:36 pm

    This episode seemed a bit choppy and maybe I was bit unhappy they didn’t show more funny house sharing awkwardness. Crossing fingers for next episode. I need me some funny bromance since the romance is going absolutely nowhere.

    • V
      April 5, 2018 / 6:16 pm

      This case doens’t really interest me so I want to see more house sharing awkwardness as well. Only two weeks left and we still need to find out about Sol-ok’s family. Maybe 4 episodes is enough though?

  2. usanotsuki
    April 6, 2018 / 11:39 am

    im smelling 3rd season..

    • silver
      April 6, 2018 / 2:10 pm

      But do you think that they will get it with the ratings they have? I would love a third season, because I think the plot is too thick and our characters are bickering too much to do their work in time…

      • V
        April 6, 2018 / 2:57 pm

        They might get it. I think 7% isn’t bad in todays age. We will watch the next episode today sometime. haven’t had a chance to watch it yet!

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