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Queen of Mystery 2 Live Recap: Episode 10

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Some things happen in this episode, but it feels like mostly filler. There is definitely some movement on Inspector Woo’s side in regards to the case he has been working on since the opening episodes. But things definitely get a lot more confusing (at least for me) by the end of the episode. But it looks like that is by design.

I am posting this one quickly, so there are a few typos. Please forgive them ^_^ .

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Shorthand (Character Chart)
Yu Seol-ok – SO | Ha Wan-seon – WS | Woo Sung-ha – SH | Jeong Hee-yeon – HY | Kim Kyung-mi – KM | Bo-kook – BK | Ha Ji-seong – JS | Cho In-ho – IH | Gae Sung-woo – SW | Wuk Seong-hwa (sergeant)- WSH | Shin Jang-gu – JG | Shin Na-ra – NR | Hwang Jae-min – JM | Gong Han-min HM | Kim Moon-ki – MK | MC J (Duty Police rapper) – MCJ | Lee Sun-ho – SH

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The woman is running from the end of the episode. She needs help, she is being followed. But the man following her catches her and we hear her scream. Cut to the man saying that he found Seo Yeon-soo. The person on the phone with Seo Yeon-soo was Inspector Woo. He asks who this man is. But the man hangs up. The woman is still alive, but she is no moving and is in the back of a truck.

It’s night and they are retracing their steps on the night that WS gave SO the ring. They retrace the steps all the way back to the cake shop. WS accuses her of pawning it but she says she would never do that.

They go inside the cake shop and SO immediately remembers what happened. She says he gave her the ring, and motions to the waitress. they go up to the waitress and ask about the ring. WS says he lost his ring there. The waitress looks confused. But then she remembers, WS gave her a rung. WS is confused and SO buries her head in the table.

IH pulls SW aside to talk to him about his book. SW says it is perfect, there are no things about it. The bad thing about it is not having a bad point. SW runs off before IH can ask him anything else.

Then the chief goes to JM and presents his book to him to read. JM smiles at him and opens the door aggressively. Fast forward. IH leaves JM’s office with his book all messed up. He is so sad about it.

IH sits with SW and wonders if spring will come, it is a long winter. SW asks him if he got the result. But IH just says JM saw it and used it for recycling. And he used it for footprints, and he cleaned the windows with it. IH keeps crying to SW about this. SW tries to give him some more confidence, he should complain! But IH says he tried that!

Flashback to JM talking about the manuscript. he says it costs so much to make paper and this paper has so much trash on it. IH thinks his novel like trash creates environmental problems.

WS asks the waitress, did he really give it to her? She says yes, you have it to me and asked me to put it in a cake. I remember, you were about to propose to her. WS and SO look at each other. SO is so happy, but WS backtracks. I was drunk! SO asks where the ring went and the waitress says maybe it was thrown away with leftover cake. WS and SO blame each other and they leave.

They go to the police station so SO can apply for the job. She puts her picture as an honorary police officer on her resume and hands it to WS. Then she sees inspector Woo and runs up to him. She fangirls with Inspector Woo and asks why he is there.

It looks like Inspector Woo found someone? He asks her why she is there and she says she applied for the desk job. He saw the notice but it disappeared. Inspector Woo thinks that is WS’s style to use his superior as his servant. SO finds out that the two of them are working together. WS tells So that she should write him a letter if she wants to tell him something. he leaves.

NR sees Inspector Woo and tells him not to go into the forensics lab. But then JM opens the door and gives SH a secret handshake and they both smile. They tell NR to bring them a green tea latte and they go inside the room.

Inspector Woo notices immediately that JM waxed the floor. They talk about footprint collecting and anti-slip materials. SH wonders who is working with him, someone who wants to be tortured? JM says he will train her, she has some sense, she knows jokes.

Cut to KM as the only person who laughs at JM’s joke. The joke he made is a Korean language joke.

JM asks SH if he has anyone to train. SH says he is building his team.

Meanwhile, WS gives a policewoman SO’a application. This is the only application. This woman said people usually apply quickly, but there is no one now. He wants to know when they will know the results and she tells him that the superintendent just needs to sign for it.

Then WS sees BK walking with the superintendent. They became friends.

KM asks SO what happened to the ring. She says it was thrown away with the cake. But KM feels strange, she thought she saw a woman wearing the ring. Maybe SO was too drunk? SO asks KM to remember what happened that night. Can you think about it some more? KM thinks about it.

Okay, WS was hitting you….

Flashback to WS hitting SO and SO hitting WS back but it is more like slap fighting. Ah, it looks like he is patting her on the back so she will throw up. Maybe they think she ate the ring. They argue back and forth about being a gold digger.

….that was it.

SO thinks the ring must not have been thrown away with the cake, he thinks I ate it. KM thinks perhaps she ate it? SO thinks that isn’t it, she would have noticed it. Maybe she threw up the ring while drunk? Restroom….

SO says, ah, what should I do, where is the restroom. Ah, my ring? SO sees the cake shop woman putting on the ring.

…I saw it when I went to the restroom. So he gave it to someone else? Ah, I don’t know.

They are like best friends now. They are sitting in JG’s office and playing Baduk. But then something happens with the office job or a pen.

Cut to Inspector Woo. He is still investigating the fire from several episodes ago. He saw a surgery mark on the face. It looks like it is similar. He is looking for something. They keep talking back and forth about the burnt body. But to answer their questions, they need to know the ID of that person.

SO got the job! (Ah, maybe that is what happened with BK and JG?). KM and SO talk about all the jobs SO had while KM was at the police academy, then SO goes upstairs to her room and calls WS.

WS is driving in the parking garage and HY is there walking. He congratulates SO on the job and gets out of the car to go upstairs to the elevator. But HY closes it right away. WS thinks that woman has no manners (perhaps he didn’t see that it was HY).

But he shakes it off and meets with his brother. He didn’t know his brother was out. WS talks to his brother about it, he says it was a misunderstanding that won’t happen again, don’t worry. They playfully talk about buying each other dinner. But the brother is busy with an appointment so WS leaves.

Then the brother takes a call and tells the person to take her to his room. HY sits in the room and wonders if he saw her or not. I think he didn’t see me. She is nervous as JS comes in, but then she puts on an at ease demeanor and signs some paperwork without reading it. She says she trusts him. He tells her not to sign these kinds of forms so easily but she just smiles it off. then they talk about eating ddukbogi.

Meanwhile, SH is still hard on the case. It looks like he might have found out who the burnt victim is. She is the cheekbone surgery picture. he is looking at some x-ray images and tells her, hello. I am finally meeting you Seo Hyun-soo. Then we cut to SH walking up the street to a house. He says she lives there and then gets the surgery. Perhaps this is important to her job.

He goes inside the house and looks around. It is a small home that has some new items. But then a woman comes to the door and says she will call the police, why is he in someone’s house with his shoes on? SH tells her that he is the police. She asks why someone is searching Hyun-ah’s room and he informs her that Hyun ah died.

BK changed jobs again to a printing company. He and WS go inside and look around. But this place looks more like a spy company than a printing company. There are computers all around like they are looking through the matrix. We find out that BK put a bug inJG’s office, so they listen to it now.

BK and WS talk about this. The superintendent is going to meet the mysterious company man. The superintendent also knows about Seol-ok. BK tells WS that he needs to be JG’s person, he needs to convince him.

The girl is crying, why did she die? He says it was a fire. But he says someone strangled her beforehand. The girl stops crying and gives him her cell phone. He is surprised, is this the dead woman? The friend says yes, she told her that if something happens to her, she needs to give it to the police.

Inspector Woo takes the phone and listens to all the conversations on it. He thinks that two Seo Hyun-soo’s are dead.

SO wonders where SO will sleep for the night. But the houses are so expensive, he doesn’t have time. They talk about SO becoming a policeman soon, but then they hear a yelp. WS thinks that something happens whenever he is with her and they take off running to the scene.

A girl is there and says it was an ajusshi. they ask where he went and WS takes off running in that direction. A man is walking up some steps as WS runs down that steps. This man is suspicious, but WS passes right by him.

But they didn’t find him because we see them walking doesn’t the street by themselves. WS tells SO not to walk around at night and they shoot the breeze about that a little. They see a flower blossoming and they also think this is the blossoming season for Burberry man (flashers).

Cut to a Burberry man standing right in front of a girl in an alley. He slowly walks up to her and she slowly backs away. Then she falls and screams. He looms over her and she screams again. But then he covers her mouth and tries to drag her somewhere.

KM comes out in her pajama’s, she asks if SO is going to work. SO smiles and says she is, she is going early to say hi to everyone. Cut to SO walking into the police station and handing out snack food to everyone. She happily flashes her badge and tells someone that she works there as of today.

WS comes out looking like a Grim Reaper, he yawns and SO flashes her badge to him.

NR tells her Dad that people hate her at work (Busan accent with her Dad). But SG says everyone tells him that she is pretty. She says it is because she is his daughter. The Dad says she passed the test and everything, who is giving her a hard time? She says JM (forensics). He tells her to avoid him and walks off.

NR tells her Dad that she wants to catch sexual predators, not other violent crimes. He tells her not to trust other men, only him and she smiles and hugs him. NR gets out of the car and tells him that she will see him at work. She walks to the bus stop but he tells her to take a taxi.

She hops on the bus and a man feels her up. She turns but she doesn’t see who it is. Then another man touches her butt again. She turns and asks who touched her butt. She says she is a police officer, show yourself!

Flashback to her walking down the street in high school and she is hug-attacked by a man. She falls to the ground, but then the man runs away and she cries.

In the bus, NR has this same kind of vulnerable feeling.

She goes to work and is very down, not like her normal self. IH notices this, but he is immediately approached by SO with her snacks. They playfully talk about the snacks and why she is there. She says she was hired. he is all like, huh? So she tells him that she is an office worker. IH doesn’t look that thrilled about it. he wonders if JG changed his mind?

SO talks to NR at her desk and finds out that NR got sexually harassed while coming to work. HM freaks out, who did it! he walks up to her and asks how it happened. But they know that it is hard to catch people like that. Plus, it would be too much work for the cops. NR asks if they want her to get harassed all the time then? they say it isn’t like that. They keep talking about catching or not catching them. SO wants to catch them all.

But SW tells SO that she has a desk job, her desk is over there. NR asks them, if the police don’t catch them, then who will catch them? SW tells HM that he thought he could catch all the criminals when he was a young police officer, and sighs.

IH goes to JG’s office and talks about hiring SO, why did he sign it? JG thinks back to when he met with BK and signed some paperwork willy-nilly. he says to fire her. But IH says they can’t fire her, they have a union so it will bring trouble to us. But he yells at him to fire her and make up something.

NR wants to catch that person, she is so angry. She thinks she should be different, she became a police officer to catch those guys, but she is still running away. SO tells her that she will help her. WS walks into the room and stands in the corner. He tells her that, when they catch drug criminals, they seduce them with drugs because they can’t quit it. Gambling, drugs, and sexual harassment is an addiction.

WS asks NR if she has time. He tells her that he worried about her because she drank a lot last night. He says she only had one soju and three beers. He gives her some gifts and tells her to give it to her father. He is sending the superintendent a letter through the daughter. But he is only doing this because WS has to make the superintendent his person.

He doesn’t want to write the letter, but he is. It is a very flowery person that says he will be his person. NR starts to read it, but WS runs up and tells her not to read it! Then we cut to JG and IH reading the letter and looking at the gifts. They wonder what this means. (I would wonder it too because it looks like a valentines gift).

They think maybe the letter is threatening in some way? They pull all the little phrases out of it and make them into something suspicious. JG is about to open the drink, but IH tells him not to. They keep dissecting the gift and JG yells, just stop WS from doing anything!

HY is at her house but for some reason, it is all red. She goes to the fridge for a drink and then goes to sit on the couch. She looks drained. She rests her head back for a moment and then takes off her shoes. She goes to the bathroom and takes off her dress. then it shows her enjoying a nice bubble bath with wine.

But her phone goes off, someone is calling her. She puts the wine glass down and turns on the radio. On the radio is someone talking about Seo Hyun-soo, perhaps it is Inspector Woo? NR says she envies Seo Hyun-soo because she has many bodies….ah, I’m tired.

She rests her head back in the tub and smiles.

Fade Out

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  1. Emma
    March 29, 2018 / 6:17 pm

    Thank you for the recaps.
    Is it possible that SO will not be fired because of NR? It would be nice to see both of them team up to catch the sex offenders.
    The ending is confusing. Did they show the ring or not? Or does HY have the ring?

    • V
      March 29, 2018 / 8:22 pm

      That might be a really good reason for her to not get fired!

      The ring is stil missing. But they did show The Cake Lady putting the ring on her finger. However SO was pretty drunk so she wasn’t for sure on it.

  2. silver
    March 29, 2018 / 9:51 pm

    It did not seem a filer to me, it is the beginning of the grand mystery. the ending was quite interesting. it seems that HY has her eyes on the profiler too. she seems to be very skilled at keeping tabs on everyone.
    the relationship between SO and WS is getting more and more interesting. Maybe So finds WS a room with the profiler. that will be funny.

    Thank you so much for the recap.

    • V
      March 30, 2018 / 5:56 am

      I have a feeling that WS and the profiler are about to move in together 🙂

  3. Adralyn
    April 4, 2018 / 4:15 pm

    I hope you are right! Different type of cohabitation hijinks!

    • V
      April 4, 2018 / 4:18 pm

      Haven’t watched todays episode yet, but I did see an image of what looked like cohabitation hilarity 🙂 .

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