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Queen of Mystery 2 Live Recap Episode 1

Live Recap for Korean drama Queen on Mystery Season 2 starring  Choi Kang Hee and Kwang Sang Woo
I just had to post the entire poster for Queen of Mystery 2 (추리의 여왕 시즌2), because I love it. I am so ready for Queen of Mystery 2 to get started. I loved the first season, but I only had a chance to watch the first 8 episodes. I did watch the two special episodes that KBS made to catch up on the series, though. Those 2 episodes basically summed up everything that happened in the first season, though I know I missed a lot of fun parts. My goal is to watch the entire season this time around and nothing will stand in my way! Hopefully, anyway ^_^ .

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(A work in progress)

How To Watch: On Demand Korea, Viki
Airing Time: Feb. 28th, 22:00 Seoul
Countdown: KKEUT

We open at a wedding. Two people are greeting everyone as they enter, and a woman tells the man that she will go check on the bride for a little bit. She goes upstairs and is stunned at how pretty the bride is. It is Sol-ok. SO asks where he is, she thought he was with her. They wonder where he is now.

Cut to WS stuck in traffic. He yells, why can’t you pick up the phone…. Ah, I am late for my wedding.

Back at the wedding, the woman is pacing…. But then she sees someone and asks him how he could be so late. Then we cut to the couple, SO is standing at the altar with another man. They lovingly look at each other, SO is super nervous. But then WS busts in, I AM OPPOSING THIS WEDDING. Ajumma, how can you do this to me!

He yells up and down the aisle, this wedding is not happening! The mother asks him, who are you? WS takes off his jacket and then pulls out some handcuffs…. I am the drug dog, Ruff!

The neighborhood cops and ajummas are all at Kyung-mi’s place. The mother and her friend are there also. They all sit around to watch a good morning profiling TV show. Sung-ha talks about how a normal housewife helped them a lot in catching the criminal. Cut to a montage of all the clips from the previous season’s cases that SO and WS worked on. But in the end, they pixelate SO’s face, so she isn’t on TV. Everyone is all like, um, you are not on TV, SO. SO is also annoyed. But SH says that they cannot reveal her face. One of the halmaes speculates that SO and the detective are dating.

Cut to WS and his chief talking. Then we cut to everyone speculating that WS and SO are dating, they saw them together a lot. He even moved next door to her and they have a lot of playful back and forth, they KaTalk a lot and eat ramen together. Everyone turns and looks at SO, but she says it isn’t like that, It’s not!

But then SO gets a phone call. She has to go catch a criminal. They tell her to put on some makeup and she says she doesn’t have to put on makeup to catch a criminal, but then we cut to her putting on makeup at a beauty salon. WS is there and tells her to hurry up, but then SO sees someone suspicious. WS thinks they look normal but SO says that a normal man isn’t so enthusiastic about shopping. He doesn’t care about the design, he only checks the price. WS says all men are like that.

But they look into it more, he only buys the black label (expensive) ones. Maybe he wants to resale it. They keep talking about this couple, are they married? A couple? No, they must be professionals. Maybe they are credit card fraud people who buy things and then resell them for cash. SO and WS follow this couple all around the mall. Finally, they stop at a jewelry store and WS approaches them, can he see their credit card?

But the people run away immediately! Of course, they are caught easily and taken to the police station.

All in a day’s work for SO and WS, they barely give it another thought as SO gives WS some kimbap. But WS is a little apprehensive about it. Cut to WS and his chief eating the kimbap….it tastes so bad. But the team leader tells WS that he has to eat it because it is love. Then the chief says that he is dating a young woman from the University (cut to him kissing Kyung-mi) playfully. The chief tries to give WS a tip, he should buy a ring for her. WS thinks back to the jewelry store and SO trying on a ring. He almost hits himself, ah, that is why she was looking at that.

Meanwhile, Kyung-mi and Son-ok are at the playground working out. SO didn’t pass the physical part of the police test, so they are working out there. The friend also tries to give SO some love tips. SO needs to give WS some looks or some hints that she likes him! But then they get back to working out. SO starts running around the track at the playground. Everyone is stunned at how fast she is, but SO just says that she needs to catch all the criminals. KM is so stunned, don’t they pick fast people? But SO says, they don’t.

Cut to WS saying he will arrest you! But he uses the ring instead of a gun and then smiles. He thinks SO will be so impressed. But SO shows up all of a sudden. WS tells SO that he is there to buy something, that is why his sunbae is doing all the work. But SO notices a trail of sweat falling from his head and wonders what is going on. Then she sees the ring that she wanted earlier. They leave the coffee shop and walk outside. They both want to hold hands, but they are also both nervous about holding hands. They both have a person on their shoulder telling them what to do. WS little sunbae on his shoulder tells him to give her the ring! So he tries to, but she turns just at that moment and he is left looking like a fool.

Finally, they are able to touch their hands together, but they don’t hold them, just a brief graze. To cut the awkward tension, they decide to go get a drink. SO makes them drink after drink in amazingly adorable and inventive ways. They drink drink-after-drink-after-drink. WS wants to know how she endured when she was married, and she says that she drank a lot with the security guard in the morning.

We finally cut to them both being super drunk. SO asks WS if he dated anyone after his first love, he should have had a lot of women. Didn’t he like anyone else? Answer meeeeeeee. WS looks like he is about to lean in and drunkenly kiss her, but he tells her that he will go to the bathroom instead. While in the bathroom he practices telling WS that he will arrest her, with the wedding ring. Then he opens the door.

SO imagines that her friend is WS and is telling her to drink something. She hops up and the friend asks her if her and WS fought? Mini flashback of another woman putting on the wedding ring. SO says that WS is a casanova, so don’t talk to her about WS anymore! She gets up and storms out to put away the recycle. But then she runs into WS. He is annoyed that she ignored his ring. They bicker back and forth and wonder if each other is just ignoring what happened that night. But neither one is trying to get things straight. But then WS gets a phone call, the police found the owner of the credit card.

Cut to a dead body in the Han river. The woman disappeared right after getting married. SO thinks back to what the man said about the card. He said he borrowed it from his sister-in-law. The man is the dead woman’s in-law. At the crime scene, SO looks at the wedding photo, it looks like the same wedding team from the beginning of the drama.

SO imagines what might have happened to the woman. She stares at her and then asks where the husband is. But then we cut to a man with another woman at a hotel. WS and SO are there at the hotel, watching them. They think this man and woman are suspicious, that bag is a limited edition and SO needs to ask her where she got it. But WS tells her that this isn’t time to shop! But SO tells him that Jo Soo-jin had that limited bag, this is marriage fraud.

We cut to a purse shop and SO says that she sees a lot of these faces every day. WS doesn’t think that this means it is a marriage fraud group. But SO is convinced. We cut to her going undercover and going to all the places that the victim went to. SO is dressed fabulously, as if she is worth a lot of money. They talk to the secretary and she talks about the mother-in-law, she treats her like a real daughter. But the mother is also a super fraud criminal. She is the leader of the fraud team. SO asks the mother if she can call her Ummoni now? The woman says of course! And we cut to them shopping together, getting massages, and being BFFs.

Then we see the next victim talking to the husband. The husband says that the mother wants the next victim to return the bag she gave her, and we see that bag being given to SO. The mother and SO talk nicely about the bag and all those things, but then the mother gets a call, someone scratched her car. The mother leaves in a huff which gives SO a chance to look around the place.

SO finds makeup and a lot of ID’s. The ID’s belong to all the victims. SO also finds bank account information, the woman took all of the victim’s money. So as soon as the victim gets married to one of the fraud team, they start to take all of her money right away and send her into debt without her noticing.

SO sneaks into the criminals house and WS buys her some time outside but hitting the criminals cars. SO remembers the password and goes inside a room. This room is basically a tribute to all the weddings and women that are now dead. All the wedding photos are on display with a big X over the victims. But the mother is coming back in so WS tells SO to come out, come out.

Cut to SO in the foyer of the home playing everything off.

WS crashes the wedding. He opposes this wedding! He is a drug dog and is arresting all of them because of [list of reasons]. But the mother is still questioning him. SO tells the umma that her stamp is on the floor and then she attacks the husband. The mother wants to know if SO is in this with the detective? Cut to all the guests standing up with bars and bats, like literally everyone there. WS runs to SO’s side and they barely dodge a knife that the mother throws at them. Cue epic fight scene!

WS fights off all of them until the rest of the policemen and the team leader show up busting through the door. The warrant came late, lol. The epic fight scene gets more epic as everyone starts to fight.

The mother tries to sneak out but SO just asks, Ummoni, where are you going? And smiles. But SO gets pulled away by the criminals too and of course, you know WS gives chase. They run all the way to the front of the building, but they get trapped in the revolving door. SO is able to break free from the criminals in the revolving door, but the criminals escape. Now it is time for WS and SO to do the chasing as they take off in the car!

But the car breaks and stops.

Just then they see the fraud husband driving off on a motorcycle. WS opens the door just as at the right moment to send the husband flying through the air. WS grabs the husband and handcuffs him to the car, but SO decides to get on the motorcycle! WS wants to know what in the world she is doing, she can’t drive? But she says she has a license for a motorcycle, just not a car, let’s go!

WS hops on the motorcycle with SO and they take off!

It on as SO and WS chase after the criminals, but another criminal is behind them and tries to run them off the road using a huge truck. The team is able to get away as SO accelerates and makes it through a light. Then they catch up to the mother in the wedding car and initiate a crash.

WS jumps off and tells all the thugs to get out and come over there. But then a man is driving like a madman in a car. It is the groom from earlier! He is driving the car that stopped working and runs over SO and WS motorcycle. Then all the thugs get all their bats and everything, to start and fight WS. WS tells SO to trust him and starts fighting and the baddies.

He throws a flying kick off a woman’s car and she is mesmerized, is he showing off in front of her? Finally, the fight ends and WS is able to handcuff someone. But the mother runs at WS and pulls his hair, SO runs to her and the older husband runs to SO. It is a hair pull off and they all pull each other’s hair in some round robin. But then the older husbands hair pops off! Everyone stops, what, he is bald?

Cut to SO asking the mother if she loves money that much? Enough to ruin people’s lives? Then we see everyone getting carted away by the police.

SO says that brides should be dreaming about good lives, those poor brides. WS tells her that is why she isn’t getting married and he also tells her to put on his jacket to cover her legs. But she won’t. They start arguing about that as we fade into the next scene.

WS goes to the office to see the president. He is looking for Bo-kook. BK shows up and WS tells him that he wants to move again, there is a crazy woman in the neighborhood. Perhaps he can move to another part of Seoul? They start to talk about the case from last season. WS wants to move to a different police station and live next to the police station as well. He thinks the chief of that station is involved in the crimes (that is what he thinks). He wants this man to use his connections, so he can move.

Then we cut to SO checking to see if she passed her test……her eyes get big as her and KM both look at the screen!

Cut to the police station. Sol Hyun-soo came to the station (his dead girlfriend). WS asks when she came…only 5 minutes ago. WS goes running outside and looks around amid the sirens and police cars, but no one is outside. This woman is walking away and gets into a car. WS runs around the corner and sees the car, but he doesn’t know that this woman is in there.

Fade Out

Okay, this episode had a lot more romance than I thought it would. I’m not sure if I like it or not, but I do think that I need to erase my expectations. So far there isn’t any gruesome case to solve or overall crime feel like there was in the first season. It was mostly romance, to the point where I kind of thought this entire first episode would be a dream?

But if I don’t compare this episode to the first season, then this drama would be right up my alley. I love the playfulness of the two leads and the mixed in crimes. Actually, this episode gives me more of a Murder She Wrote vibe with a little When Harry Met Sally mixed in. We’ll see if they continue with this tone for the entire season, or if they bring in more of an eerie crime feeling in the next episode.

Scene 1: WS crashes SO’s wedding

Scene 2 : Are WS and SO dating? (Ramen means they slept together?)

Scene 3: The best duo, WS x SO caught the credit card scammers!

Scene 4: Fast running is essential to be a police person! Super-fast legs and speed! SO! (But there is no special employment for running fast)

Scene 5: WS’s mission: to give the ring to SO! (Already failed to do it secretly)

Scene 6: WS made the perfect mood for the proposal…!!! “I will use the restroom”

Scene 7: SO found something suspicious! “This is a weeding fraud case!”

Scene 8: SO, successfully approached the fraud team boss. “Can I call you my mom?”

Scene 9: SO, shocked to find the secret room! (all the missing brides)

Scene 10: Fast forward 3 weeks. WS is triumphant with the arrest warrant.

Scene 11: To catch the criminal!! I don’t need the wedding dress!

Scene 12: WS rescued SO from a car accident!

Scene 13: This is the dirty fight (dog fight) that I only heard of?! “Do you like money that much?”

Scene 14: WS is very confused with his (dead) first love Seo Hyun-soo’s business card

Character chart for Queen on Mystery Season 2 starring Choi Kang Hee and Kwang Sang Woo

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  1. JY299
    February 27, 2018 / 6:21 pm

    Eeeps!Didn’t realise it starts this week. Thanks Team Bah Doo! I kinda lost track of season one between episode 9 to the end, became way weird. Exciting!I’m doing the victory finger dance since I refuse to take on the dura challenge seeing that I won’t want to inflict such punishment on the innocent public LOL

    • V
      February 27, 2018 / 6:30 pm

      Happy to help! The special cut out a lot of side stories (the chef friend was basically completely cut out) so it wasn’t super weird. But I can see how it could get really strange if I were to see all of the episodes!

  2. lalaloo
    February 28, 2018 / 8:10 am

    Thank you for the recap! I liked the season 1 a lot and I am excited to watch the season 2. It seems season 2 became more of a romantic comedy… Looking forward to see how this show evolves.

    • V
      February 28, 2018 / 12:12 pm

      I’m glad your checking out this drama too Lalaloo! It’s another drama to get into after Hwayugi hangover starts.

      Maybe this show or Grand Prince can fill the void Hwayugi leaves. Or maybe Live will?

      • JY299
        February 28, 2018 / 3:53 pm

        As a loyal Hwayugi fan, I guess I should say “no show can replace it” LOL but I’m honest and realistic enough to say I have a short attention span 😂

        Lol, I must watch this episode first. Think the last couple of minutes where WS is looking for his first love is a link back to the first season in that it deals with what was swept under the carpet in season one’s finale.

        • V
          February 28, 2018 / 8:54 pm

          So true about Hwayugi void. I think Misty will keep my attention (it is so good), but I will miss all the Hwayugi fan comments. Hwayugi fans are the best. 🙂

          Hopefully all the Hwayugi fans marathon Misty to get over their Hwayugi hangover!

  3. Stone
    February 28, 2018 / 5:41 pm

    Argh!!! I really, really did not want a love line between the two of them. Honestly, I didn’t see any romantic chemistry between them in season 1, even though I know that other folks were hankering for the match-up. I liked their odd couple bickering vibe, and I’m tired of shows that keep pushing romance between its main leads. Is there an unwritten rule in Kdramaland that people of the opposite sex cannot be friends and colleagues!! Now I’m really conflicted about continuing with this show, and I’ve been excitedly waiting for this new season to start. The thought of this show being reduced to a “will they, won’t they” and of course they’re the endgame trope is such as turn off. Argh!!!

  4. Stone
    February 28, 2018 / 8:43 pm

    I found this episode flat. The criminal investigation didn’t start until midway through the episode because too much time was spent focused on the romantic doings (or lack thereof) between the two leads. I don’t want the crime-solving to take a backseat to the romance, which I disdain. Last season the show thrived when they bickered and stumbled their way through a mystery.

    By the way, my posts aren’t appearing. I hope this one does.

    • V
      March 6, 2018 / 9:14 pm

      I found your posts! The spam filter ate them for some strange reason.

  5. Amirah
    March 1, 2018 / 8:07 am

    Hi.. Can anyone tell me who is seo hyun soo? I mean how did she died? Is she dead or not…? I didn’t watch season 1, but this really caught my attention😁

    • V
      March 1, 2018 / 8:28 am

      Hi Amirah, she is from season 1 and she is Wan-seong’s former lover. She was one of the main mysteries/secrets of the first season (is she dead or not) but then we find out that she is dead at the end of the season. However we also see another woman saying that she is Seo Hyung-soo at the end of last season too.

      So it looks like the real Seo Hyun-soo is probably dead, but there is someone impersonating her or just using the same name as her (or maybe it really is her)? It is still a mystery.

  6. Hllo
    March 1, 2018 / 11:57 am

    Not sure about the loveline between the two main leads. I love their friendship and I hate it when dramas insist on a loveline between lead characters when it’s not always necessary. Just because there is a male and female, it doesn’t mean they must always date or have an attraction to the other. Why is friendship between a male and female lead treated unbelievable and unusual?

  7. Stone
    March 1, 2018 / 12:00 pm

    Testing testing. My comments from yesterday didn’t post. I’m hoping that using another device will make a difference. Has anyone had this problem?

    Also, I use Safari. Maybe that’s the issue??? If so, I’ll try on another browser with my original device. That is if this comment goes through.

    • V
      March 6, 2018 / 9:15 pm

      Maybe! Or maybe our site was just acting weird on us for a few moments.

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