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PSY’s 8th Album set to drop on May 10th

PSY's 8th music album

I love PSY. Only a very small group of people can say they made the entire world happy, and he is one of them. I played the mess out of two songs from his last album: Napal Baji (나팔바지) and Daddy.

PSY is dropping his 8th music album on May 10th. It looks like it will be a star studded event. Tae-Yang, from Big Bang, and G-dragon are on the list of artists featured as well as B.I., leader of the group iKON, and BOBBY, the winner of Show Me The Money 3. In addition Park Jin-young, the owner of JYP, joined as co-writer/composer. Other co-writers/composers are Zico, KUSH, B.I., and BOBBY.

The titles for the three recently revealed songs are Bomb, We are Young, and Fact Assault. G-Dragon is featured in Fact Assault, and also wrote some of the lyrics. This is the second time the two (PSY and G-Dragon) have worked together since Green Frog from PSY’s 6th album in 2012. Bomb is the first song that PSY, B.I., BOBBY, and Park Jin-young have co-written/composed together. And lastly, KUSH and Seo Won-jin, producers for The Black Label, co-wrote/composed We are Young.

Three more songs are yet to be released. But with the release date coming up in four short days, we are sure to find out soon enough.

PSY’s 8th album 4 X 2 = 8 will be released at 6pm on May 10th.

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