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Produce 48 KPop Live Recap Episode 5 (Live English Translation)

Produce 48 diamond logo Live Recap English translation for Episode 5
Here is our Live Recap / English translation for Episode 5 of Produce 48 where we will live translate Mnet’s Produce 48 as it airs in a recap style format! We’ll be transcribing Produce 48 until My ID is Gangnam Beauty comes out July 27th. If you like our Produce 48 recap then let us know in the comments and we will continue it, otherwise we will probably end it around episode 6 or 7 so we can focus fully on My ID is Gangnam Beauty (they air at the same time).

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We open in a movie theater. Today is a special class with Lee Seung-gi so he goes to the front. His first debut song was “You’re My Woman” he starts singing the song. The ladies in the audience go wild and dance along with him. He tells them that he debut with this song and had a lot of love. But he debut with a lot of prospects and he told his company owner that he wanted to quit the company. The people who want to be King need to be able to endure the weight of the crown. back then his tiny crowd was so heavy so he packed up and went home. He wanted to pick another job at home, but he could not find anything else that he wanted to do that also made him as happy as singing.

VO – Singing and dancing is the happiest for me….I dont know why I am still practicing or if I am improving, but i heard a million trainees…..I heard we almost debut but that our team was cancelles….I heard I was not that good when I debut…..I debut but I was not part of the main team

LSG tells them that they will have a hard time debuting and that it will also be hard. You guys already have a tiny crown on your head. He tells them that they are there for them, so use us more. We yell at you but all the trainers and teachers have a heavy heart for you because someone will win and someone will lose. But with this process there will be a final 12 whome will bear the heaviest crown. i want to tell you that the weight of the crown is hard so please endure it.

VO – He tells us we can do it….I want to practice hard….this might be my last chance….I want to debut

LSG tells them that they all have their own goals and hopes so they should work hard. The citizen producers are the same. They all think that you will continue and be a star in the future. So please make the citizen producers wishes realized. Fighting!

Caption: His truthful advice for the trainees to show that he cares about them.
The gils have fun backstage. One hilarious pair is the same age but one of them is so tall and the other is so short. Soon the grades will be revealed for teh girls.

Everyone introduces themselves again with their company. They all run to the front and do a cute introduction. Some people dance, some people pose, every group has something cute that they do.

After they finish, they all sit and wait for their grades. All the fun from the introductions turns to nervous energy as they all talk about how nervous they are.

Lee Seung-gi come sout with a different hairstyle this time. He tells the audience that he is the citizen producer representative Lee Seung-gi and tells the girls that today is the first great day that was voted by the citizens. If you are not voted up then you will have to go back to your old company again. All 92 trainees will get scored today.

There are over 14 million votes that were cast to date.

LSG tells them that there is a video that everyone should watch before they get started. The video starts which shows the girls wakigng up to the song Pick Me Up. Some sleep dance to the song, but they slowly start waking up and running out for their wakeup mission.

One girl takes off running for the mission and is the first one there. Her shirt has Korean Army on it so some girls are confused, is she a soldier? the other girls finally show up, they are all barely awake and don’t have their makeup on. Soyou comes out to train them. The girls talk about how they are so surprised to see Soyou, Soyou tells them that today is strength training. Soyou is actually a very good example of diet adn excercise. One girl says her butt is so nice, she envied her.

Soyou tells them that they dance a lot so they need to eat and get strength. They start stretching. Two of the girls are amazing at stretching but most of them are average. Some are very bad so Soyou helps them stretch which is a painful occurrence because she pushes their backs to help them stretch further.

Next, they do the plank so they do plank until they are the last ones standing. One of the girls wins and had no idea that she would be so good at it. She thinks she found her specialty.

After that, they do jumping jacks. Soyou makes them all do jumping jacks until they all are together like theya re in the army. If someone messes up then they have to do it again. They get all the way up to 30 or 40 and then Soyou finally lets them stop.

She tells them that working out helps with your vocal chords, it helps loosen them, so please work out.
Next up, Somi and Jung Ha are special teachers. They feel strange to be back as special MC’s today and are pretty awkward on stage. The girls go up one at a time to show their special skills. All the skills shown are funny because they basically try to be animals or something.

After that , it is dance battle time. Whoever wins, their team will get a gift. This is also their graded competition. the trainers come for this part. Everyone dances and has a good time. This is all fun, no critiques.

The MC wants to play too so she just hops up and starts dancing with everyone.

Finally, they have the final battle for the real winner with 4 people on stage. Moae is in the middle and kicks and dances and makes it hard for everyone to focus with all the crazy things she is doing, but it is a great thing because she catches all their attention. So she wins!

She won because she was passionate, her passion was actually better than her dancing. She says that her final dance was her dance of happiness. She makes everyone happy and laugh with her dancing. It is all fun.

Later on, they go to the studio and Group C gets their gift that Moae won for them which is a lot of cute marker like cosmetics.

Cut to a game where they dont hear anything and have to tell the person in front of them what word they are saying. Kind of like “Telephone.”

They play this game for a long time.

The last girl they show has the hardest time guessing the answer. They finally try to show her by dancing only but she does not get it. She was hilariously bad at this game and was fun to watch.

But now it is back to the grades. The nervous energy kicks in.

Lee Seung-gi is about to say all the results. The last person to be announced with be 58. But right now they are announcing 57 to 51.

57 with over 66,000 votes – Kim Soo-yoon. She was the lowest, but she survived with the 1000 benefit.

56 with 6659 votes – HKT48 Aramaki Mihisaki. Her nickname is that she never smiles, but she smiled on stage which amazed the trainers.

55 had 67,037 votes – Kim Hyun-ah, she was the center.

54 did the main vocal well, no one thinks it is them. All the main vocalists think they didn’t do as good a job as the other one. – It is Bang Min-ji. She made it to the second round, but failed the first time.

53 had 69913 votes. It is Kim Min-so from How Company. She failed the group battle, but she is safe this time.

52 had over 73,000 votes – Yoon Hae-sol, she had good high vocals.

51 had 75698 votes – Yoo Min-young from How company. She had a good rap.

the trainees that made it talk to the camera and tells everyone their thoughts. One says she will show her energy, another one says that she is not good at smiling but she will try, the next one says she was sitting over there in season one and envied everyone so now she knows that the weight of everyones dream is all the same. She thanks them so much and tells them that she will work hard. LSG tells them to please sit at their numbers.

Now it is 50-59.
50 – Kim So-hee

49 – Peekaboo second team – 76345 – CNC group – Lee Yoo-jong

48 – 89075 votes – Starshp Jo Ga-yong, she had powerful dancing

47 – Boombaya team – CUBE – Han Cho-won, she performed well as the center

46 – AKB48 team – Asai Nanami, she was 26 but dropped to 46.

45 – +101,000 votes – Won Koo-oh, she was scared as the main vocalist, but she did well. She was 92 and went to 45.

44 – HKT48 – Motomura Owi

43 – 109K – FNC – Park Hae-yoon

42 – 112k – Park So-young

41 – Kim Cho-young, she was a good center in teh group battle

LSG talks to them all. He asks one of them to show a girly face and an excited face so she does. Another one said that seh read comments a lot and heard that she has burning burning eyes. People say she opened her eyes too big so she practices opening her eyes less and tries to be sleepy and relaxed.

The girls go to their numbered seats.
The visual center is up next. It feels like a game where they will pick who is the visual center. There will be a top 11 that is voted by the girls. The girls pick their visual center.

11 – Lee Ga-eun

10 – Kim Min-seo – she is clean and bright, one girls said she promised to pick her and she would pick her also, but the behind the scenes said that she picked someone else, she was betrayed.

9 – Miru, she is cute and sexy and pretty

8 – Gwan Eum-bi, she is very pretty but looks prettier in person

7 – Sakura, she looks shiny and is cute, she also ends well

6 – Kim Chae-won, she is cute and pretty all together. It feels illegal, so is so cute. Her eyes are sparkling like Bambi.

5 – Jang Won-young, she is adorable

4 – Ahn Yoo-jin, she is attractive and has a good smile, when I see her smile, I feel refreshed.

3 – Jang Won-young, super cute

3(?) – Ho Yoon-jin, she is like a giraffe, her nickname is giraffe, her mothr told me she is so pretty, my mom is a big fan of hers now

Top 1 and 2

Min-ju and Wang Irun, they both look like Joo-wi from Twice

Everyone talks about how pretty the top choices are. Everything is pretty, their ears are pretty, their height is pretty, everything is pretty.

Wang I-run is #1 and Min-ju is #2

All of these contestants can debut at any time.

40 – Murasae Sa-ae

39 – Naknishi Chiori, the fun factor

38 – Whisper team battle – Banana Culture – Kim Na-young, she was about to get kicked out but increased 20 steps up

37 – 140k – Storm Music – Bae Eun-young

36 – 160k – AKB48 – Sitao Miyu

35 – A Group – Lee Ha-eun, one of the youngest

34 – Kim Do-ha, She looks like Sohae

33 – 170k – AKB48 – Muto Tomu, 7 year entertainer in Japan, she wanted to start over in Korea

32 – Sohn Eun-chae, she was the leader of the group battle and hopped from 95 to 32

31 – AKB48 – Kojima Mako

This group of girls talks about how they are happy with their scores and go sit in their seats.

30 – +170k – Murakawa Bibiahn

29 – +170k – Na Go-eun, she can sing and dance well

28 – +170k – Kim Chae-won

27 – +170k – Miyakatae Sao (spelling might be way way off!)

26 – +220k – Go Yoo-jin

25 – 222k – Gang Hae-won

24 – 228k – Chiba Ae-ri-i

23 – 235k – Lee Shi-ahn, leader and main vocal

22 – 247k – Heo Yoon-jin

21 – Miyajaki Miho

All the girls talk about how thankful they are and how lucky they were with their team and how thankful they all are. They take their seats.
basically a commercial break cut were the girls sit to get their makeup done when Hong-gi scares them from behind the mirror. it looks like it will be a beauty class, but it will actually be a hidden camera class.

The girls sit in the seat and talk about their knowhow with the camera and then they are surprised by someone jumping behind the mirror. They are so frightened but also laugh.

Later on, they all put on funny ghost makeup that makes them look like a clown.

The next victim comes to the stage and is super scared by the girls, she runs off and falls on the ground. The girls tell her to stand up so they can show her a different side to themselves. These poor girls are so unsuspecting and scream their lights out when the mirror falls.

Montage of all the girls but one being scared by a Pringles bottle where something pops out.
20 – 13 RANKINGS

20 – 262k – Kim Shi-hyun

19 – 280k – Jo Yuri, she went from A to F but is back again

18 – 280k – Takahashi Juri

17 – 296k – Jang Gu-ri

16 – 297k – Shiroma Miru

15 – 300k – Kim Min-ju

14 – +300k – Yamada Noae, LSG says she had the best reaction

13 – 322k – Machui Jurina, health problems so she had to go back to Japan

The top girls talk about how they weren’t that good but they are happy that they had all these votes, please support me, thank you….thank you for the votes.

LSG sys that one of the girls has a special skill, do you have another one? She does a kangaroo dance that makes everyone laugh.

LSG asks Yamado Noae to dance, she says that they should do it together. She starts dancing. LSG also starts dancing then they start to dance together. Everyone loves that so they all go to sit.
LSG tells them that if today is the last day then they can go ahead and debut.

12 – Honda Hitomi

11 – 362k – Takihotchi Miyu, they think her voice is amazing, she says she will never give up and she really wants to be an idol, that is why she came to Korea

10 – 368k – Lee Chae-young, she is so happy that she starts crying as she tries to cheer on her fellow contestants. She says that she will be a proud eunnie for all of them.

9 – 390k – Chae Yen-ah, she is very surprised and it’s sureal to be on teh TV show. She never expected to be so high ranked. She wants to be a happy virus and thanks her parents and Oppa. Her Oppa was a singer but something bad happened so her parents dont want her to be an entertainer, so she will make it so her parents won’t hurt again.

One of the girls was a #1 search in Korea and japan, she says that she was very surprised and she wants to be top 5 today.

8 – 408k – Wang Irun, she says that she is not perfect but thanks the citizens for the support. She will work hard from now on and show a good performance. She is from China originally, one of the only Chinese contestants.

7 – 442k – Yabooki Nako, this person got an F originally but moved to A. LSG asks her to raise her voice as high as she can, so she does it and then goes to her seat.

6 – 461k – Koto Moae, she thinks she is not good at singing or dancing but everyone helped her even though she dragged them. She does not think she deserves it and is so thankful.

5 – 500k – Gwan Eun-bi, she practiced for 5 years and 8 months. This is her first evaluation where she is so high. She thanks the citizens and her parents for waiting for her since she failed with her first debut.
They will reveal the top 4 at the same time. Everyones photos show up on the screen. They look like they knew it maybe because no one screams or smiles brightly or anything.

The person who was first last week says that it is hard to maintain. She thinks the most challenging person is Yoojin. Yoojin smiles, Yoojin mentions that the other girls is always #1, it is like she is unbeatable. LSG asks her if she thinks she can win? Yujin just smiles.

Another girl is asked what #1 is to her, she says it will be the greatest joy of her life. LSG then asked Sakura what she thinks. She says she showed more negatives than positives so maybe she deserves #4.

4 – 532k – Sakura, she was #1 center in Nakoya and worked hard. She thanks them and says that seh was always crying and she does not want to cry from now on.

3 – 535k – Jang Won-young, she is young, but she was a good center. Her nickname is human vitamin. She says that she got a high mark in the first evaluation, she will work hard and will not disapoint them. LSG asks what she thinks her attractive point is. She says her wink then she thanks everyone and winks. But she does another one where she says, citizen producers, I will get everything! Then she goes to sit down.

The last two go on stage at the same time. One of them was #1 last week and the other one was #2 last week(?).

LSG says Ahn Yoo-jin and Ahn Yoo-jin’s eyes get so huge, but it wass not an announcement of the winner, he was just saying her name to ask them something. he asks them both how they feel. But now it is time to announce the winner. The winner is….

#1 – …..


Okay, finally we will get the #1. #1 is….

1 – Lee Ga-eun

Everyone claps for Lee Ga-eun. She got 633k votes. She is the super winner, she has 100k more votes than #3. She is very thankful and thanks her mother the most because she is a single mother. Everyone tears up. She tells her mother that she worked so hard so now she will support her from now on.

2 – Ahn Yoo-jin

She got 607k votes so she had like 70k more votes than the #3. She is very thankful.

The two walk to their seats as #1 and #2. Everyone claps.

But they still have to announce #58. LSG tells is that they announced everyone accept 58 so who will be #58 and survive?

He announces 4 candidates (OMG, so mean)

The 4 candidates are revealed and they are all very excited and stunned. it is stressful to even watch this.

They will reveal the winner on TV, but they cut to another commercial break so we have to wait.

Everyone hopes it is them, you can feel the pleading through the screen. But they are really milking this moment for all it’s worth. Finally they reveal who it is and everyone gasps!

It is Sato Minami with 64k, she was 59 last week and is 58 this week. She is so thankful for voting for her and thanks them all.

LSG then announces #59 and how the fate was decided by the 1000 benefit. So it looks like if she got the 1000 then she would be safe.

LSG tells them that they have a lot of attention from the world and especially Korea and Japan. The reason they are on top is because of their passion so try your best and don’t give up.

The #1 gets everyone to attention to thank the citizen producers.

The rest of the girls have to leave and are teary in the audience. LSG tells them that they have to leave now, but hopefully their dreams continue and they will see them again on TV in the future.

Now it is time to vote for concept matching. Go to the homepage, listen to the music, and vote who you want to sing it.

Please Vote for your Girl.


Afterward, the girls all hug and talk to the ones that did not get sent through. They all talk about how they had a meaningful experience and they want to talk to each other over the phone and keep in touch.

The citizens will vote on who is good or bad. The #1 person will get 10k votes as a gift.

The find out what songs there are.

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