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Produce 48 KPop Live Recap Episode 4 (Live English Translation)

Produce 48 logo Live Recap English translation for Episode 4
Here is our Live Recap / English translation of Episode 4 of Produce 48 where we will be live translating Mnet’s Produce 48 as it airs in a recap style format!

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How we do this: We update the post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, there might be lovely updates at the bottom, so check back in!

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We start with LSG telling the groups that the winning team gets 10,000 points and a losing team will be out.

VO – I worry about my throat, but the best thing I can do is what I can do under these conditions.

They get to dancing and the main singer makes a big mistake that makes everyone gasp. Afterward, they all wait for their results.

VO – I couldn’t see it because I did not perform well as the main vocalist. …. We have a lot of differences in recognition, so I think we will lost.

Cut to everyone crying.

WE see the performance that they cut last week and did not show. We finally get to see it. The main voalist hit the right note on the second time around, the judges nod when they hear it.

VO – Julina has good pronounciation.

Everyone nods their heads as they listen and watch the performance. Everything is going well, it looks like they only had that one problem in the begining.

VO – YJ’s throat condition is not so good

they finishe the performance.

VO – She is good, she continued until the end.

The girls go off stage.

VO – Can I get some water please?……I was so bad……I am sad, I am angry at myself. I never practiced high pitch singing, so I practiced all day and my throat went bad. (she wipes her tears).

VO – If the second group has no mistakes and shoot to the top then it will be a big upset.

VO – The other team has a lot of visually good and famous singers so I was not confident in myself and I was a bit worried.

The production shows us the teams practice and it was not good. The trainer tells them that they need to practice a lot otherwise group 1 will win. They go into detailed dancing with MayJLee. But one of the girls starts crying. She says that she is mad at herself because he can not do well, that is why she is crying.

The team cheers her up and tells her that she can do it. She should be confident in herself.

VO – I got energy fro my team members, I wanted to practice harder myself.

They keep practicing. The trainer asks if there are any questions. One of the girls wants to know if she can do a fake voice in teh adlib. the trainer says it is not weird, but it will be compared because the first group is using their real voice. the main vocalist in this group is very concerned with using her real voice.

During the stage practice, the trainer tells her not to think about making a mistake, don’t worry about it, just be more confident!

VO – I am afraid of my high pitched voice, if I make one mistake then everything will mess up.

the performance starts.
Everyone watches closely to see if she will catch that high note. She does!

TRAINERS – Yeji is good….the first team was better with dancing….this is the upset of the F group.

The team ends their performance and everyone is amazed that they might have just upset the other team. It is really a pretty big shock.

TRAINERS – I was surprised with Yeji, she is good at performance more than practicing.

They ask one of the girls which group is better, she is embarrassed but says that it was the 1st group. Another girl writes something, she says that she is going to run forward and not look back.

the crowd picks the groups.

TRAINERS – I think the 1st will win….I think the second will win….the first team made mistakes, but they had Korean force (like swag).

Backstage, the scores come out.
28-116 (mistake person got a lot)
78-92 Main vocal

VO – I am sorry to my team members because I did not sing well as the main vocalist

So Team 2, the underdogs, won! They got the benefit of 1000 points.

VO – I was so sorry to my team members because I affected our score a lot.
the first group comes out and wow, their shorts are crazy short.

TRAINERS – Team 1 is popular…

We cut to the practice. YJ looks at them without emotion. When they finish she tells Julie that she does not know why she is the center, she did not know how to dance. She has them go through the moves a lot. Again and again and again.

The trainer says that she is sorry, but the center is very bad, if she stays the center then you guys will be in trouble. The team meets. the team leader thinks that she is not being a good leader. The center tells them that she wants to get over her shortcomings. It is a team battle so to win the competition then she wants to change the center.

VO – I am sorry that I could not show eveyrthing that I practiced.

The team talks. The team leader says that they are going to pick a new center and should be very different when the trainers see them again.

Cut to the stage practice performance.

TRAINERS – I hope they are the best.

The team is about to perform their practice, but we cut back to the team trying to pick the center. It looks like they kept the center and the center, they did not change her. The girl that was the center starts crying and they group hug.

VO – I was so sorry to affect my team members

The team works hard and teaches the center. She is very thankful for it.

VO – I wnt to try my best to thank my team members.

Cut directly to the performance. The team starts singing and the trainers lean in to critically evaluate them.

TRAINERS – Good….wow….she’s good

They finish the performance.

TRAINERS – Yoori is good…yoori is good…I only saw Yoori.

VO – I didn’t feel this at the time, but when we picked the center, the countries affected the decision.

During dance practice, they all don’t know the dance moves and are not in the right line.

TRAINER – What is this line? You are practicing but you don’t match this much?

VO – We did not practice together….the Korean dance mostly and the Japanese learn the lyrics so we did not have time to dance together.

They start the singing part of the practice. YJ thinks she can’t evaluate vocal at all because she did not hear anything good. C tells them that they are not friendly to each other, right? The leader feels bad, she thinks they should be close to each other but they are not that close. So they start to talk to each other more. They tell each other that they will learn better Japanese and be more active.

Then they all hug after being yelled at a lot.

VO – Whenever we have a lesson, we are yelled at, I am so sad.

But now they are closer to each other, their mood is better and they want to show a different side to themselves.

During the live practice, the trainers tell them that the second team was better in the practice performance. She tells the second team that they can do it, see, see? The second team is happy, they were always yelled at so they wanted to get a compliment.

The team knows they can do it, they hope they have a miracle.

They start their real performance.
TRAINERS – Oh…good, good……good pronunciation.

One of the girls hits a very good note which makes all the people in the back think that it is an upset.

TRAINERS – This was good…I feel fullfilled….for the trainers, the second group was better, but you never know.

VO – (first team) – lets survive
VO – (second team) – lets win

main vocal – 152 – 148
sub vocal 1 – 52 – (average)
sub vocal 2 – 64 – 50
sub vocal 3 – 120 – 90
Rapper 1 – 28 – 16
Rapper 2 – 26 – 36

First team won.

LSG announces the next group. Kara’s Mama Mia.

The two groups come on stage and introduce themselves. One of the girls says that she is still nervous even though this is her second time. They all say that they will win! Fighting!

LSG – It’s showtime!

They practice. SY checks out their singing. But she thinks one of the girls should try not to be too pretty. She has a pretty voice so she needs to try not to be too pretty because it gives too much stress on her lips. She gives her an example that the girl follows.

Vo – I thought my specialty was singing, but i am not showing that here, so I feel insecure.

They go to the stage rehearsal. The main singer signs as if she is insecure, so the trainers call her out on it. She wants to know if she can change the way to sing a little bit. She has a lot of pressure because she is the main vocalist and she was already kicked out in season 1 after the first group battle. She wonders if she is kicked out again after the group battle. The trainers tell her not to cry, she does not have to be perfect.

VO – I want to cry from happiness, not pressure. I want to show that everything we did in practice is meaningful.

The main performance starts.

So far they look great. the girls backstage and the trainers look impressed. The trainers look extra impressed.

But now it is the time for that high note. She hits it! Everyone is like, Woah, that was good.

The performance ends.

TRAINERS – Wow, why is she so pretty…Saya….she is like a doll.

It’s time to see their practice. They are not that great. The trainer yells at them, where is the center! Who is the center! YJ thinks they got zero, she has nothing to tell them, did they not practice? She does not know what they did and thinks it will be super embarrassing.

VO – We did not have enough time for the dance moves because we were focussing on the details….I was worried and I thought, how can we be better than the first group? I felt like we will lose if we continue like this. Individually, we are attractive, but it does not look like we are confident…..if we lose to the first team, we are done….we didn’t know each other too well. Eunnies in japan already debuted and have fans, but we have nowhere to go if we fail……but we came here with our career on the line, so if we fail then we have nowhere to go as well…..I really realized what we are longing for

VO – (after practicing)……we are a little more confident than we were. We want to showt his to the trainers.

The real performance starts. The trainers love how they start the performance, so far so good.
One of the girls hits an amazing high note which makes everyone backstage gasp, they are all impressed.

TRAINERS – They improved a lot.

VO – I have so much regret, but it was so much fun. That is why people want to be on stage over and over again.

MV – 66 – 18
Sub – 32 – 88
Sub 2 – 48 – 92
Sub 3 – 138 – 86
Sub 4 – 138 – 28
Sub 5 – average – 56

First team wins.

The first team is overjoyed with their win.

VO – This time I practiced so hard because I don’t want to be cut from the begining again, I am so happy that we won this time….

VO – I don’t know how this 1000 points will affect us.

One of the people says that she thinks the center is important for this song. CYJ asks the group if they are confident, he wants to see the second group first to see if they will win over the first group.

the second group starts. But they are all over the place. CYJ says that they cannot go to stage like this. The center needs to govern the stage and lead the other team members. The center says that she feels sorry to her team members.

The next group is up, the center looks like she has no idea where to stand. She has actually never been the center before. She is Japanese and has never been the center ever in her career.

The first group starts dancing and they are just as all over the place as the first team.

CYJ tells the center that he thinks she is not good enough because she does not govern the stage, he is not sure if she will improve if he gives her more time. So the center wonders if that is the reason she has never been center until now.

VO – The center is the most important thing so we will make her an super center.

The superman symbol shows up on screen as they show the center looking at the camera in her interview.

The Japanese girl recieves a lot of individual training from her team members in order to be the center.

They practice again, first, the Japanese performer makes sure she is in the center which makes CYJ smile and they start dancing. At the end, everyone claps, it was a good improvement. he tells the center that she has a better image than before, he is happy.

The next group goes and gets all the way through the dance. CYJ thinks they also did well. the centers dancing and facial expression looked good, they never expected this.

The Main performance starts.

The trainers think this group had a good start. They are high energy. The performance ends on a high note with everyone clapping.

TRAINERS – I think they practiced a lot, they have good teamwork.

VO – Everyone trusted me tot he end so I thought I should do well for my team, we should win.

the next group starts. They are also high energy, hmm…their outfits dont look as good as the first group (to me). However their dances look great and their singing is great as well. The trainers think their rap is great. They are really good.

TRAINERS – Yoojin was in the F class…what? F Class? She must have practiced a lot.

The votes start and we cut to the back to hear the results.

Center – 56 – 188

Then they show all the other points. The second team won basically everything by a lot and is the obvious winner. The final scores are 46 to 101.

VO – When I became F, my confidence went down, but the team members supported me an trusted me…..I grew up a lot in this short time period.

LSG brings out the other two teams to introduce themselves to everyone. The trainers think they are super cute. The first team wants to be the first since they are first team. The second team wants to show a super shocking performance to team A.

The practice is shown. This song is one that they wanted to do, so they are confident. Another girl think an advantage they have is that they are all Korean.

The stage performance starts. The trainers think the first team is great and has great energy, but ChunJu is the center and she is not memorable. Chae Jung and Yoojin’s vibe is good, so I don’t see you.

Trainer – I told them to change the center…

Cut back to practice. MJ is the trainer. She tells them that she might have too high expectations for them. She does not feel that much energy from the center. Yoojin is better as a center.

they start practicing one of the lyrics. SY has one of them say a line over and over again. SY is not impressed. She tells her that she only has one line. The trainers think another girl is better as center.

Later on, teh center apologizes for today. The girls say that they just started, this is only one lesson, the futue is important. The center starts crying, they tell her not to cry. But the center is really sorry about having to change the center, she is sad that she could not do what they practiced. She thinks she can do better if they try hard. She hopes her team members don’t regret anything.

The main performance starts.

Everyone is super impressed with the start. Like, super impressed. The trainer says that they look good. This performance is very sexy and they own it. There are barely any singing parts, they are all dancing parts.

the Boombaya part starts which is very hard and aggressive. They all do that part masterfully.

TRAINER – Wow…she is charasmatic, she is a natural on the stage…

the performance ends with lots of screams.

TRAINERS – Chae-jung is so attractive.

TRAINERS – If the second team does well then I will cry.

One of the girls is having a hard time because she is the leader and the center. She says that she tries hard, but he other members did not follow her so well, so she is a little mad. What made her the most upset is that some team members work hard but others play more. Do they really want to do it? They don’t practice.

Vo – Korean raps are so difficult and fast, so i don’t want to practice, that is why I don’t practice.

They start the practice. The Japanese girls defiitely are very bad with the Korean rap. The trainers tell them to stop before the song is over. SY does not know what tosee with them. To her, it is not the problem of language. If you don’t want to do it, then you won’t do it. Do you guys really not want to do the performance. You are not answering or responding, if you don’t want to take the lesson then you should leave.

Hae-won, you should try.

hae-won tries the rap and follows what SY does. “Black Pink in your are-a.”

SY tells her to shout it! The girl apologizes. SY says she does not have to be sorry to her, that is her problem not theirs. Hae-won tells the camera that she is not sure what to do. No one wanted to do it so she tried it, but she does not want to mess it up. It is more difficult because she is not confident.

YJ tells her that it is important, they are not the judges, they are their helpers, they want to help them have a good performance. You are actually evaluated by the producers, just make a sound so we can say something. Do something so we can correct anything.

the parctice ends on a high note.

VO – I felt sorry to the teachers, whatever happens, I want to be on the stage anyway.

Cut to practice.

VO – If we don’t try then we wont be on the stage at all, we have to do something.

The girls practice the lyrics a lot. This is much better than before. the leader tells them that they can all work hard and make an upset. Until now, they did not try hard enough. But now, they are happy and trying hard. The leader is so happy that the Japanese girls asked her for help. The Japanese girls are also thankful that she gave them a lot of help. The mood is very elevated.

The leader sees hope, their mood is not good, but everyone is trying hard. they don’t know the result, but they will all try hard.

The performance starts.

The team starts, they are definitely much better than before. They are together in their dances and bringing the energy.

TRAINERS – Wow…she looks like a tiger.

They end with a strong pose.

TRAINERS – Chan Joo and Cho wan have a good eye gaze…. Hae won is good in front of the camera…… I feel like the second group might win…you never know….hey director, just tell us.

Cut to the scores.

main rapper – 54 – 44
Sub rapper – 198 – 102
Sub rapper 2 – 22 – 86
Vocal 1 – 22 – 42
Vocal 2 – 30 – 144

Wow, the second team won!!!! They are the super underdogs and they won! This is really amazing.

VO – This is the first time in my life that I am crying like this from happiness.

VO – This is the result of citizen producers, so we shouls accept it (from the main on the team that lost)

LSG Brings out the next song. It is a Korean song, but they are doing a Japanese version.

Difficulty in practicing – the Japanese dance and Korean dance are different, it was hard to move my body, but I want to show you our team.

TRAINERS – team work is important, if you have good team work, then you don’t get nervous.

During practice, the trainer says that they look good, the leader did a good job. But Kokomoae needs better details. Her timing is a bit faster than the others. She needs to practice with the group more so she won’t affect her team members.

They practice singing next. HG thinks they are too in a hurry when they sing. He has one of the signers go through the song and slow it down a bit. HG tells the leader to teach ther other person what he is talking about. The other girl cries, HG tells her not to cry. She said that she heard she was fast in her other group too, so she is sad that she is holding ehr new team members back as well.

The team helps her out. They tell her that she can practice more. One of them take her to the side and practice with her.

Moae is not in Korea due to her schedule so she has to practice on her own. So she has to show videos to them and communicate on Skype.

VO – We check each other, my leader teaches me so nicely and helps me, Ii am going to do my best so our efforts won’t be wasted.

They tell each other to just enjoy the performance.

The performance starts. the team members think that they should do well, The one girl just needs to watch her speed.

They look good during their performance. It doesn’t seem like the other team member is too fast.

Everyone behind the scenes loves their head whip and this one girls cheerleader like jump. the trainers actually don’t have anything negative to say. they think this group is the best, maybe the best ever of these groups.

TRAINERS – It was good…the best….we do this to show who is the best on stage, a few of them showed that….

The next group is up.
This group has a problem with two people being in a hurry to learn everything and the other team members thinking that they have enough time to learn things.

they practice in front of the trainers. Cheetah thinks they have a lot of work to do, aren’t they friends? HG thinks their singing is almost like they were fighting each other.

VO – After the class I was like…goosh….I had a lot of thoughts.

the team gets together. The leader asks them to tell her their concerns. One of them says that she thought they should learn everything quickly, the two of them re like that, but Eunnie’s don’t think that. The leader says they will try harder.

VO – I don’t know why I did not notice that before. I need to try harder and be a good team leader. We have upsets in dramas so we will be better on stage.

TRAINER – They were not that bad….

Their performance starts.

TRAINERS – Their singing is pretty good!….the second team is pretty good….

All the girls backstage love the head whip.

They all go back to see the scores. they think they can win and hope it is not the last. They want to debut.

Main – 50 – 86
Sub 1 – 104 – 14
Sub 2 – 172 – 86
Center – 26 – 72
rapper 1 – 10 – 38
rapper 2 – 80 – 46

Team 1 won.

VO – I thought I affected everyones performance, but they were kind teaching me.

LSG – The producer 101’s girl group that is loved by Korea,

The avengers come out. The first group is mixed juice, the second group are raspberries.

the first group says they will be the biggest mixed juice team with cuteness.

They start competing in practice. SY loves them right away. She asks them if they picked the center. They say yes. She says they picked a good center. She has good facial expression.

VO – Won young has a good facial expression as is so pretty and is a good center, I was a little insecure.

The second team is up for their practice. SY thinks they have a lot of good performers in that group. But the center is not that good when they practice so SY does not know what to say at first. She tells Cho young that seh went too far in her expressions. It was too much so she wants to look to the others. The ironic thing is this team is a better team, but the mood is different. They arent fresh when compared to the other team. It might be due to the center, so you shuold reconsider the center. Hey kids, you have to be careful with the center, you need to win, think one more time. Don’t think about others, just think about winning.

The center cries afterard and is comfortaed by her team members. They end up changing the center to a Japanese girl.

During live practice, the trainers ask the team why they changed the center. The team says that 2 days ago…..cut to a flashback of the team discussing the center again. the old center said that this hurt her pride.

Vo – (another girl) We need to win, we need a strong center to win, so that is the most important.

They do a video evaluation with everyone in the center and they all monitor each others performance to determine who is the best in the center.

In the end, they pick Sakura as the center. the old center is sad about it, but she claps for the new center.

Sakura is happy to be the center, but she is sad that Choyun was crying. The center changed and her part changed, so she is insecure memorizing everything.

Montage of her trying to memorize everything. She practices everywhere.

Cut back to their stage practice. She makes a lot of mistakes. The trainers tell Sakura that she is doing the rap, but she is not good. She does not hear anything and she does not hear what is going on. The rap part is not working. Why are you the center. Everything is breaking up due to Sakura. The pronounciation is not there and you are too fast in your dance. You should not put a bad person as the center, you cannot change it now. o you think you will be okay tomorrow.

Sakura tearily says that she thinks another person should be the center. (maybe Choyun?)

Sakura is so broken. The team leaves the stage and is in a state of despair. Sakura thinks Choyun should be the center.

VO – I was practicing the center, if we had that much time, then Choyun could have practiced more, it is all my fault.

So it is back to Choyun being the center. But actually they have a better mood since Sakura gave up her center position and the team is confident again. They also became closer after all the hardship. They are determined to have a better performance.

THE real performance starts.

TRAINERS – The second team changed their center a lot, lets see how they are.

The team starts with Choyun as the center. The energy is high and they are all together. SY looks happy with them so far.

TRAINERS – Chayun is so stable with whatever she does…

The rap part starts.

TRAINERS – Good good….their dancing is pretty nice….

The high note is hit. This team is really excelling compared to all the torment they went through backstage.

The trainers are very happy with it. YJ even smiles.

Now it is time for the other team to go. Cut to their background practice. Everyone talks about the rap. The Korean members ask everyone if they are comfortable doing the rap. The Japanese girls are uncomfortable doing it so the Koreans try. One of them does a good job. In her interview she says that she can do everything, she has a lot of swag.

Cut to her doing the rap in front of Cheetah sunsangnim. She is nervous that she is doing it in front of CHeetah though and messes up. But it is a funny mess up. Cheetah tells her that it is good to memorize everything. that means that you are confident.

During dance class, YJ tells them that the song is a cute song. So a cute look is better suited. The cute team are happy that they are fresh so they want to keep that mood of freshness.

They all play behind the scenes. One of them is so short, so they comment about that and laugh. They thought the avengers would be hard to beat, but now they think that they are almost tied with them, they have good team work and can win. They are confident.

The performance starts and the crowd goes wild. They are definitely cuter and have more energy. YJ loves it, she smiles and says that they are good.

The rap part starts. The rapper comes out confident and also looks cute. This song matches this group well. The team leader planned this very well to pick a cute team and pick the cute song.

TRAINERS – I don’t know who will win….one of the teams will win, but they are so close toeach other….Won young is so cute, she never missed the camera.

The scores come up

Main – 64 – 34
Sub – 42 – 24
Sub2 – 112 – 164
sub3 – 70 – 46
rapper1 – 62 – 34

One of the girls is already sad, she is insecure because she thinks this can be her last performance.

rapper2 – 90 – 54

The super cute red team wins. They are happy to win. The other team says that they had a lot of ups and down, everyone worked hard but their results are not as good as expected. But they have no regrets because they all tried hard.
LSG comes out to reveal their total grades for everyone. Up to 58 will survive. But less than 58 will be kicked out. That means that you cannot practice together anmore.

He tells them, first of all, I will show you the scores without the 1000 point benefit.

Please Reveal!

He shows all the scores without adding 1000 points. the Japanese people are higher on the chart. But that might be because of their established fan base as well as already knowing how to perform on stage.

The top three:

3 – Ho Yoon-jin
2 – Go Yoo-jin
1 – AhbooKi Nako, she has 330

The #1 person is so happy, she can’t believe it and wants to work hard and be on top next time as well.

LSG tells them that they revealed all the grades, but they still need to add 1000 points. They add 1000 points. Ahbooki Nako is still #1, but a lot of top people went down, that is the power of the benefit.

Chai Yoo-jin is the new #2. Jang Go-ri became 59 after the benefit.

Nest week, the first ranking show will show who will be out.

So the citizens can vote until July 7th.

Fade Out

They play fun games
One of the girls thinks it will be scary to be kicked out after #59, she is nervous.

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