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Episode 3 English translation Live Recap Produce 48
Here is our Live Recap (which is more of a transcript style recap) for Produce 48 Episode 3! We think this will be similar to our Little House in the Forest Live Recaps where we try to write what everyone is saying with a little background descriptions. We plan on recapping this variety show until the next Friday drama airs, which is My ID is Gangnam Beauty!

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How we do this: We update the post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, there might be lovely updates at the bottom, so check back in!

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Is it hard?

I feel like I’m behind.

As soon as I talked to my mom I was crying. It was harder than expected, I am not good enough…..I feel like I am behind…..my body does ot move, I am having a hard time…..i feel like I hit a wall…..I was only this good…..

They continue practicing with their insecure heart growing.

But the reason they work hard is to debut! They want to go up! Their family supports them!

I want to debut in Korea!…..We can work hard and do anything!……I can trust myself!……I can do it!…..No regrets!…..I will work hard!…..I want to debut!

The trial continues until they make the final team. Dreams come true.
The person moving from A to F is about to be revealed. HG comes in and tells them that they watched the videos and they will decide their grade.

So, how many A’s will change?

He will announce who is out after the people from B C D F come in. They guess that maybe 5 people will leave the A group, but they don’t know for sure. All the girls are holding their cards and trying to find out who is going to F.

D to F – Choi Yon-soo went from D to F because she was not powerful.

B to F – Jang Gu-ri, they hoped she would be good but none of the judges liked her video.

B to D – Shirona Miru, no one expected her to go down. But seh was not stable which is why she went down. It looked like she had twice more gravity on her jumps than the others

F to C – Koto Moey, they love her smile and that she did not stop.

She thinks C is a chance and the judges gave her a chance.

D to C – Kim Min-ju, the teacher said she was not confident during practice, but she was pretty good during the video.

I heard a lot that I am not good at anything, dancing, acting….I thought C? i am always in the middle, I am a little sad also.

C to B – Sohn Oon-chae, her singing was not that good, she did not have that much tension, maybe she had a problem breathing, but sh e did well enough to mvoe up.

All others to A

HG, if there are a lot of people coming through that door, then someone else will be downgraded.

Kim Shi-hyun, Hwi E Hwa Agency. She was in season 1. The judges liked her energy on stage and feel that they can feel her regret through the video of not moving up in season 1.

Ahn Yoo-jin, Starship – Everyone loved her presence and dancing.

She is so smiley and holds out her A card. She says she can take 100 pictures with her card.

Gang Da-min, Takahashi Yuri, and Gang Yoomin all walk in to A. Honda Hitomi also walks in. The judges thought she would go down because her singing was very bad, but she was great in the video. They think she practiced a lot.

HG has another thing to announce, another Japan trainee with get an A. From F to A. HG talks to the person online and tells her that she is an A. They loved her dancing and thought that she danced easily. They see bright things for her and think it is a miracle that she is going from F to A. She is so happy and says she wants to take her card home.

A lot of girls went into Group A, which means that a lot of girls will leave. they start to walk up and get their cards, but they don’t show it to the camera. Everyone hopes that they see A in their card.

HG tells B people to stand. She stands and walks out in a very dramatic way, we don’t know who it is. Until she gets to Group B.

A to B – Cha Yen-ah.
People think this is super surprising.

A to C – Gwan Eun-bi
She was one of the best dancers, but she did not dance much at all during the video
Just…..as an eunnie….I always said that we can do it, we can do it, but I couldnt’ keep my promise. I was so sorry to dong-sangs. I couldn’t make it. I was just sad.

A to F – Cho Yuri
Everyone can’t believe this has happened. They thought it would never happen that someone would go from A to F.
Everyone is shocked that Yuri is an F, but she is really bad in her video. She does not sing or dance, it is like she was mentally broken.
She says that she prepared a lot, but she couldnt’ show it to them, she was so angry with herself.
14 girls will be the center in Nakoya. But they have to battle it out to be the #1 center.

Cut to the stage, everyone is all together on the stage when the vocal trainer Soyou comes in. They all stand to greet her. She tells them that their title song stage is not far away and the most important part is the center.

HG explains that they will need to do a one minute performance to be the center.

The center is very important because they get all the shine. Everyone wants to be a center.

Groups B through F vote on who is the center in the A group. One of the girls was a friendly teacher to other girls, so they think she should be the center.

Taeu-hyun starts dancing with a bunch of energy.

Kim Shi-hyun comes out, she is an A, but she is still wearing an F

Honda Hitomi comes out, she thinks this is her last chance, wow, she does a cartwheel flip.

Go Yoo-jin uses her sex appeal in her dance. She is confident.

Gong Da Min – she wants to be the center

Hwan So-hyun

Lee Ha yoon – super cute. She is confident and thinks she deserves it

Ah yoo-jin (Starship) – People think she deserves to be the center. She thinks a lot. She wonders if she should try rolling in her dance? Who am I? Where am I? She is all in her head. She never had this short period of time where she suffers for her training.

She starts dancing and says it is so dry over here, she will make them moisturized. She starts dancing and tells them “I love you” In Japanese.

Miyawaki Sakura – Everyone thinks she is so pretty. They will pick her even if she doesn’t do anything. She is worried about her pronounciation. She also puts a lot of paper on the floor. Everyone is all like, what in the world is this? She says shes wanted to be memorable, so she prepared something so make peole smile.

She starts dancing and sings japanese lyrics but also memorizes Korean lyrics? She dances and looks nice. At the end, she picks up her sign that says, Center is Mine!

Lee Ga-un – She wants to be a beloved singer that debuts again. She wished this for a long time and feels like she can debut again if she becomes the center. That is why she wants to be the center. She dreamed this for 5 years and prayed for it. She wnts to debut as the center.

She starts singing and dancing in Korean and Japanese. Everyone thinks she has dancing that the Japanese girls didn’t have and was attractive in several points.
The judge comes out to say the names of the top dancers. Lee Ga-un is the first candidate for center. Second is Miyawaki Sakura. the first center is…..Not decided yet!

They have an equal amount of votes.

Everyone is shocked, this is daebak, it’s tied? So Groups B through F have to vote again. Everyone starts to vote once more.

The votes are cast once again so we replay that merrygoround. The winner is……Miyawaki Sakura!

Everyone claps and she cries and bows her thanks to everyone. The two tops hug it out. The other girl tells her that she deserves it and she can do it, fighting!

VO – It looked good, they are rivals and they helped each other….It’s not like I win or you win….I was happy….I felt alone, but I wasn’t alone….i am not the cneter by myself, but 96 of us become one and go to the stage.

VO – I worried, she is so pretty, will she be the only focus on TV?

It is rehersal day! Everyone talks to the camera as they walk in to see the stage. All the groups go in at the same time and see the diamond stage. They can put two triangles together to make a diamond in this stage.

The A Group goes up first then the other groups go up in order. D is all the way to the back. there are several stages that rise until you get to the center who has a seperate risen stage all her own. F is not on stage at all. They are backup dancers.

happy Happy Yamada Nowe is not happy at all because she is an F that is not on stage. She cries and says that the more she thought about it the more she thought she is actually not good at singing and dancing. She might not be able to make it to the stage. She did not like herself. But her other dancing friends give her hugs to cheer her up.

Another girl never expected that she would be dancing under the stage. All the F’s tell each toher not to cry and do a cheer up dance for each other. CYJ tells them to come to the stage and danc on the ground in front of the stage. Okay, so they still get to dance somewhere.

All the girls transform into a fresh look for the recording. they all look so cute. The judges talk about the girls and how they only see their big eyes. they trainers all look at them backstage on a video. YJ wants to know why they all look so unhappy. She walks to the stage and tells them all to smile. She wants to be impressed by them, they can do it, fighting!

Cut to the actual recording for another music show. The girls start dancing. This song ws #1 in the music charts. A lot of foreign fans showed that they liked it on YouTube in their reactions.

They do their dance with the girls voicing over that they are dancing together. They are happy to show themselves with Korean media.

They finished the dance and then the MS comes out…..Lee Seung-gi. Everyone EXPLODES. They look so happy to see him, seriously, their minds are blown. he introdices himself on stage.

LSG – I am not perfect, but as a sunbae entertainer and singer, just use me, feel free. I heard you guys practiced a lot and prepared for many days already. I heard someone gave up and went home, maybe because it is a foreign country and they suffered a lot. But please dont’ give up and realize your dream.

VO – He cheared us up and asked us how we were doing. He is another entertainer, he will understand us better. I am so proud.

LSG – A lot of people are interested in producer 48. They expect you to become a legendary girl group, not only in Korea and Japan, but all around the world.

Coming up…group battle.
Lee Seung-gi goes to the training area and tells them that they will have a new assignment. this assignment will determine who is in and who is out. Two groups will pick the same song because their are 16 groups and 8 songs. If you win then you will get 1000 points.

LSG – From today, you will be evaluated by citizens, from that result you will survive. 59 to the end will be kicked out.

So almost half of them will go home, that is so cruel. It pokes their heart.

LSG tells them that he will show them the songs. These are 8 songs that are popular in the world.

Boom Baya – Black Pink

AKB48 High Tension

AOA – SHort Hair

Girlfriend – Love Whisper

IOI – Very Very Very

Red Velvet – Peek a boo

Twice – Like 00h-ahh

AKB48 – High Tension

Kara – Mama Mia

The Korean girls think Japanese will be so difficult and Japanese girls think the Korean will be so difficult. We find out that it is random though, so one of the girls thinks they have a chance.

The center has priority to pick her own members. She runs out and picks Lee HCae-young, Otumara ai, Lim Cho young, Gwan Eun-bi.

She picked all the good ones that look good as well. It is like the Producer 48 Avengers. The center says this group is like a harmonious bento box for her. Another Japanese girl says this is a good team to win.

The center then picks the next girl to form her team, randomly.

they go through all the teams until they are all divided into their groups.

But there are 15 that were not called so they make up their own team. these girls think they had no charm so they were pretty sad about it.

LDG tells them that they will run to pick the song. They will have to put there song on the wall. When you win the little competition, you can also pick your opponent. half will do their own song and half will not have a choice, so discus what song you want between yourselves for 3 mintues.

They all start discussing. After 3 mintues, they get to their porition to run to the wall. Oneof them was a relay runner in school, it looks like they are all runners actually. The super sunbae was a 100 meter runner.

They all start running and there are no weak women here. They all hustle to this wall and get there basically at about the same time so it is a fight to grab the sign and bring it back. It is not done until you put the sign on your board.

Screams all around, some are happy and some are sad. One team fights with their sign to get their song, Lee Seung-gi has to come in and declare a winner in that group. Ahn Yoo-jin is declared the winner of that tiny battle.

LSG also makes a joke that he thought one of the girls was good at running because she wanted him to get out of the way but she ended up losing her shoe. He tells her that she tried hard.
One of the team picks Kim Yoo-bin’s team to battle with.

they pick the next battle group. All the tops want to pick the lowest group to battle with, so the team leader kind of hides. But she is still picked. They expected that she would pick them because they are not good enough. the last picked team are all crying. The other girls try to cheer them up.

Lee Seun-gi tries to cheer them up, he speaks in Japanese and Korean and tells them that they need to have a will to work hard, they need to trust themselves and fight. this cheers them up a little.

The final group is picked which is the super duper best group. it will basically be Captain America vs Iron Man.

The groups get together and practice their moves and dances. They think it is really difficult because they are preparing to be a global member. There is a lot of talking going on with all the groups.

All the groups think the center is the most important, so they have to pick the right person for the center of their groups, but they each want to be the center. They have to decide between them and make a fair choice.

One of the girls thinks that Lee Run and Goo-ri are better for this. They can do the center. It is very important though, their team is more important than an individual person. They ask Lee run if she is okay with this? She can be the center and sing it. Another girl says that she would like to be a singer. She shows them the part that she can do well.

The other girl does the same part so the members vote on it. Lee Run is chosen as the center. She thanks them all as the face of their team.

We go to another group that is also choosing the center. Everyone want to be the center here as well. One of the Japanese dancers wants to be the center, but she is the only japanese member and cannot express herself well. But she is able to get it across. two people do a facial expression dance off and then they vote.

The other girl gets it. One of teh girls thought the Japanese girls was really impressive, but the other girl had more energy.

The group starts dancing and the difference between Japanese and Korean shows. Korea uses a lot of hips, curves, and legs. the leader helps the Japanese girls out.

The leader gets a crown on their jersey. That person is the blond girl in one of the groups, but the A girl takes charge of the group. it looks like this makes the leader a little annoyed. One of the other dancers thinks this is so stressful because the A and the leader fight back and forth about it (not really fight though, more like politely argue).
One of the groups is so happy to do this Boombaya song. the best runner in the group was able to score it for the team. Because of this, they made her the leader. They are so happy.

But the leftover group is so depressed as if they all gave up already. They are also doing Boombaya but they all wanted to avoid the boombaya team. They got exactly what they didn’t want which is also why they started crying.

The orange dancer is leader and center, so she is a bit stressed. She thinks she needs to cheer them up as well as show them how to dance. But the team is not confident because the song is all rap. Someone has to do the rap songs but the other singers want to do something girly.

One of the girls gets picked as the rapper which is like a joke fullfilled because she used to joke with her family, “what if I get a rap song.” they over hear the other group rapping and are all shocked because they are already very good with the rap.

One of the Japanese girls in the next group is very good at facial expressions so she went through all the judges and tried to do their faces during her audition. So she thins she can be the center because she can do all the faces. She is really funny as well. But another girl also wants to be center. She is also good. The team picks the Korean girl, not the Japanese girl. The japanese girl accepts it for the balance of the team.

The song the next group starts to do is Kara – Mama Mia. this song has a lot of high parts that are hard to do. One of the girls tries to do this part, but it is seriously so high.

the group leader of this team wanted to make a cute team so she picked all cute people. They are the super cute Avengers. The super happy girl think the song is cute, but seh did not want to do it because of the high song. Everyone avoided that song during the running challenge, but one of the japanese girls got it. She apologized to her group for getting it.

the problem is that they all have dancing and no singing, they are all bad singers so they put on their Tim Gun face and try to make it work. Someone has to do it.

One of the girls is a C, but the teacher told her that she has a stable voice. They think she should do it. They check her voice and settle on her as the main vocalist. one of the other girls is sad about it, but she didn’t want to let it show.
This Japanese song is very popular and actually it looks like a lot of the Japanese dancers sing in the original.

the center battle starts as the girls try to pick the center of this group. One of the Japanese girls gives it a shot and is chosen as the center.

In another group, they think it is Japanese song so the Korean should be the center in order to stand out.

Ho Yoon-jin is picked as the center do to her looks and presence. But she thinks it is to expected because an AKB member does an AKB song.

It is hard to keep track of all the group, but another group is picking their center now. they want to do rock paper scissors to pick. But they end up trying out for it. they pick the Japanese member as the song. they think Shi ahn stands out too much to be the center and they also think the country affected their decision making.

The singer is chosen in another group, it is such an easy decision. The leader picks two and then they decide and they picked. It was so simple (good leadership is important y’all).

Cue the water commercial as everyone starts drinking bottled water.

All teh girls think Sakura’s team are the Avengers, the only reason this one group picked the Aenger team is because they were the last team.

So now it is time to pick the center of these teams. Two girls practice and then they vote. Their song is AOI- Very Very Very. The Orange jersey girl gets picked.

In the Avenger team, Sakura wants to be the center and the girl with the fire eyes wants to be the center. But somehow the other team members wanted Min-ju to be the center? This is a little confusing. They keep voting and Choi-young is voted as the center. This is the girl with the bright smile and intense eyes.

So all the centers are picked and practice starts.
One of the girls learns everything so quickly (Ah Yoo-jin).

Montage of the practice.

Coming Up: The Vote for Each Person

it looks like voting my be open right now?

Okay, I think so because they are showing another commercial that is basically a makeup commercial combined with a subway sandwich commercial.

LSG – today, 57 Korean and 35 Japanese and 92 total trainees will be on the stage. I am not the one that will realize their dream, you guys will decide. You will pick 12, based on your pick, the ones who stay or go will be picked. Two groups will sing the same song, there will be 8 songs and two groups will sing the same song. You can only vote for one person from each team. The #1 winning team will have the benefit, are you ready to meet them?

LSG – First time in Korea where the audience are the producers, we will start the evaluation. The girl group with a girlish look, who do you think? Two teams with girlfriend…..

The teams come out dressed very similarly. The left group introduces themselves very cutely as well as the right group. The right teams name is Giant Baby. The judges like the girl who is talking, she makes people happy, but her singing is not that good.

There is a flashback of the girls practicing. The singing trainer thinks that there is no answer for their singing. They are worse than a middle school student performance. The girls are embarrassed as if they were hit in the head with a hammer.

they are supposed to do it one more time, but they can’t do it, one of them starts crying. YJ asks someone else to sing for her and does an okay job. This surprises the other girl, she thought she would be the main vocal and they would not change.

In the back, the leader decides to change the main vocalist. the girl that got kicked out is really upset about it. Why are they changing it now, she wouldn’t’ have had to try so hard to memorize her part. She is not good enough to be the main vocalist. The other girl that got picked doesn’t think she is good enough to be the main vocalist, but she tries to do it for the team. She is really not confident thought and cries in the back about it.

The leader thinks this is all because of her, she is not helping her team members.

Cut to another groups practice. CYJ helps them out. One of the girls start to cry, she says it is because they have to hold hands so she feels all the emotions.

The performance starts. This song is Love Whisperer and the group that was on the left starts first.
The judges think this group has great energy. it looks like the judges really like this performance.

VO – With this chance, I can be the main vocalist, I wanted to show that.

The main vocalist starts singing. Everyone claps for her but the vocal trainer kind of winces but then nods her head. Maybe she got it?

The team stops and did so well. the judges/trainers think they improved so much.

VO – I know how hard they all worked, so I was so thankful.

The second group goes up which is the Cute Avenger Group. They also look like they are all in elementary school on a class field trip.

Their team gets along really well. They tell each other to practice hard. The leader is a great teacher and explainer to the Japanese dancers so they rely on her a lot.

Practice time! The trainer tell them to stand by, but they take too long so he tells them they need to be a lot quicker on the stand by.

They are very bad at this initial practice. They bump into each other a lot. CYJ tells themt hat they are not memorizing the lyrics well and he did not hear them at all. Should he wait until they finish memoriing them? How can he evaluate them? His evaluation is …. nothing.

The team thinks this is shocking.

Backstage, they look at the first group nervously.

The cute group starts dance practicing. One of them is all off. She was better during another practice.

But now it is time for the real performance. they start their performance and immediately look amazingly adorable. The trainers look impressed at their performance. This group looks like it is more Japanese style maybe because they are all super cute.

the center comes in with the lead vocals. She does a great job hitting the high note. The trainers think she sings so confidently, good job. All the girls behind stage are stunned as they watch them.

[July 2nd Naver TV will show the Direct Selfie camera]

LJG – You were almost crying at the end…

VO – We all worked hard and it reminded me of all of us….

they all introduce themelves so that they can make a lasting impression to the voters. The husky voice girl says that she is a husky voice so remember her and another girls says her piece. Everyone in the audience votes.

The husky voiced girl got 106 points, but the total score is important. It looks like the main vocals will decide who wins in teh group. The lead vocalist on the cute team girl group got 330 points. So now this team also gets another 1000 points added to their score. it is almost like a guarantee win.
The left group is Pikachu and is dressed in all black. The right group is Sweet and Sour? The team leader on the right asks to give this win to Eunnies. The group leader on the right tries to say her piece for the dong-sangs.

Practice. It is time to pick the center of the group. The groups already picked the center, but now the trainers will make their comments after they watch them dance.

Gyu-ri had the most support to be the center, but Wang Yi-run wanted to be the center so she got it somehow. Gu-ri regret that so she showed herself a lot during her dance. She became better while dancing. But Wang Yi-run is also really good.

May J Lee picks the center. She likes Yi-run as the center. Gu-ri says she tried so she does not have any regrets. She is also the main vocalist though, so she will get her chance to shine so long as keeps that spot.

YJ thinks her voice is nice with this song so she can keep her spot. The team members think sshe is great, her only worry is that she will have stress as the main vocalist.

During the dress rehersal, it seems like she has problems with her voice. She hopes to take care of her voice so that seh can do a good job.

The team starts and hits it off with a bang.

One of the judges says she has chills while they are about to start. They start and it looks good.

But then the tone gets melancholy for some reason. Ah, it looks like this is the high note part. The lead vocalist voices over that she is worried about her throat and wants to do her best and be recognized for her ability.

But she goes sharp and everyones faces grimace.

LSG – IOI Very Very Very is out next to battle

(Did we miss something? Or did they just skip ahead?)

The Avengers come out along with their rivals. They all have their game face on.

They are both dressed sporty like they hopped out of an 80’s high school gym class that wore dresses.

The main girls start dancing right away, no back story on how they trained or anything. then they compare the other team at the same time.

Flashforward to YJ destroying Sakura, she tells her that she should not have put the center as the center.

This editing is so confusing!


LIVE RANKINGS (spellings are not correct)
1. Lee Ga-eun
2. Ahn Yoo-jin
3. Miawaki Sakura
4. Jang Won-young
5. Gwan Eun-bi
6. KoTo Moae
7. Chae Yea-nah
8. Takaewoochi Miyu
9. Wan Yi-run
10. Lee Chae-yun
11. Yamada Noae
12. Machui Jorina

Vote for your girl at G-market.

It looks like all the other girls are shown next week, but the ending was so confusing like we might have missed 5-10 minutes of the show but it doesn’t seem like we missed them? I don’t know. But anyway, this live recap didn’t go that badly, see you next week!

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