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Produce 48 KPop Live Recap Episode 7 (Live English Translation)

Episode 6 live recap and English translation for the K-Pop variety show Produce 48
We are going to try and continue our Produce 48 live recap-ish thing that we’re doing over here. My ID is Gangnam Beauty started today which we are also picking up to live recap, but right now we are not sure which one we will recap first. Today we will go ahead and do Produce 48 first and try and recap My ID is Gangnam Beauty afterwards. Next week we might do MIIGB first and then Produce 48 to see which is better. Hopefully we can keep doing both.

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Recap of everything that happened so far.

Girls Generation is next with their debut song. The team comes out and introduces themselves. The song is Reunited Worlds.

Yabuki Nako is told that she was #1 on the site vote. She replies back that she will work hard. This impresses the judges because she recognized the Korean so she must have worked hard practicing Korean.

Rewind to their practice. One of the girls tells the camera that the leader is an important position and wants to practice being the leader. She willbe a good leader that cheers on the team.

Yabuki Nako and Ho Yoon-jin(sp) want to try and be main vocalists. They both sing. It does not sound like Ho Yoon-jin hit that high note but it does sound like Yaboki did. So Yaboki is picked. Yoon-jin says that she was really sad that seh lost her chance.

She tells everyone that she wanted to show her voice and thought that this was her last chance and would like to try one more time. She wants to see if she can appeal. She thinks she is falling in numbers so this might be her last chance. She wants to try anything.

Yabuki says that it might be better for Yoon-jin to be the main vocalist so we can all work together. Yoon-jin is surprised, she wanted to try one more time not to be given the position.

Yabuki says that one more vote means that the last vote was not valid so she did not want to make everyone uncomfortable. Yoon-jin starts crying, she said she did not want to go this far. The girls hug it out.

Yoon-jin says that she is really sorry and thankful for Nako, she hopes to try harder for Nako and their team.

This song is important because people have a lot of their own thoughts on it, so she will have to try hard. She signs the high note for the judges and does a good job, much better than when she auditioned.

Eri starts singing, the judges tell her to use her hand when she sings. She needs to sing it and feel it and match her hand and her singing.
The next girl is said to be cheerful because the song is depressing. They also think she uses her chin too much. She tries again, but they say that she does not have enough emotion, she is like a robot. They don’t feel good about her because she is not stable.

This girl is the leader so she feels like she should set a better example.

the girls take a break to practice and try and work on the parts that they were picked on for. They practice a lot together. The leader says that she does not know much, but she wants to help everyone work on the parts that they are struggling with a lot.

They think they improved.

Now they will practice in front of the judges during the stage show. HG thinks that they practiced a lot, they can see the work. The robot singer improved a lot and Eri improved a lot as well. they are happy with them (which is so surprising because they are rarely ever happy with a stage performance).

The group is super happy that their hard work paid off. Now it is time for their live performance so they all walk out to the stage.

They start the live performance.

Everyone starts singing, they each have their own solo part as the song progresses. The lead singer hits her note and sounds amazing! She really hit her note, I am amazed. That note hit me right in the chest, so good.

The Kim Tae-hee looking girl was the stand out performance today. The camera loved her and she hit her high note.

They go back stage to get their results. Yabuki Nako is #3, she is pretty shocked and not happy to see herself as #3. Kim Cha-won is #1 and #2 is Ho Yoon-jin. The team leader is so happy and is thankful to all the team members.
The next group comes and gives their introduction where they all clap hands with their neighbor. They tell the audience that this is a fun song so please clap your hands with us and have a un time.

Cho-yun is picked as the leader of the group. This team is all Japanese except for 2 people. They area also happy that Kim Cho Yun joined the group because she was a center once (I think).

Cho-yun tries to talk to everyone to see if they are okay with making up dances and doing sexy dances. The Japanese think it will be better to dance brightly because it is a bright and happy song. So they have two schools of thought.

The Japanese girl wants to do powerful and happy moves because all the other teams are doing sexy moves. But the Koreans want to look sexy. The Japanese girl likes Cho-yun’s idea but thinks it will be difficult to do it in a short period of time.

In the dorms, one of them is angry/sad because their dance moves don’t match.

The next day they perform the dance with the judges. the judges think clapping the but is to cliche and the dance does not have any eye catching parts. the girls in teh audience think the same thing. MJ asks them what they think the problem is. the leaders says that the two leaders have a different style. MJ tells them that they practice together, but the leader should push. Cho-yun is the main leader so she thinks they should push everyone.

Cho-yun is rethinking her leadership. Later on, the Japanese and Korean leaders talk about the two moves in the dorm and cheer themselves up.

The next day, they are more open to trying things to see what works. Now they are putting some good things together that look like it works well. They are working hard and show the camera that they are working at 3am.

Their stage practice starts. The judge notices that they change their moves right away.
They tell them that they noticed that they changed it up a lot and that the beginning is really good. One of the girls says that they will try hard to create a fun stage that everyone can enjoy.

The real performance starts.

Not too many comments during it. At the end everyone just says that it was good. HG says he had goosebumps in the beginning. They don’t think the center was noticeable, Cho-yun was the most noticeable.

They go recieve their results in the back. #1 is Murasae Sai (sp?). Kim Cho-yun is #2. The center got last place, so she is very sad about it. Everyone tries to comfort her.

The group introduces themselves and we go straight to the practice.
There are only 4 people in this group and everyone wants to be the center. Jang Gu-ri wants to be the center, but she was the center last week and messed up. There were a lot of bad tweets about her performance and were made even worse becuase they said she already debuted but was that bad.

They decide to practice before picking the center. Everyone takes turns singing. The group unanimously picks Jang Gu-ri and she accepts.

They practice in front of the judges. The judges think that jan Gu-ri is not stable with her vocals so they practice with her about it. They wonder if she will use a real voice or a fake voice (not sure waht they mean here). Jang Gu-ri starts crying and apologizes.

In her interview she says that she is worried if the Peekaboo performance will happen again. her mind is weak right now. Cheetah tells her that if she cannot handle it then she should give the center to someone else.

However, all the girls in the audience actually feel like Jang Gu-ri has a lot more stress than other girls because of all the backlash against her.

Later on, Jang Gu-ri wants to give up the center position. But her team say that she was actually a lot better during their team practice than she was in front of the judges. Another girl starts crying, the girls wonder why, they can understand jang Gu-ri but they want to know what is wrong with the other girl.

The other girl is sad because she wants to help Gu-ri too but she is not sure if she can help (or something like that). They all try to cheer each other up and continue practicing.

They go to the stage practice.

The judges think the breathing is good and gu-ri has a good voice. They think that it came together nicely.

Gu-ri is very emotional and happy because this is the first time that everyone said she did a good job.

The live performance starts.

The first girls sings and the judges comment – why is she so good?

The two girls on the right stand out in the beginning. But everyone is doing an amazing job. The reaction behind stage is very touching as if they all feel the song deeply.
They finish the song to bewilderment and amaze backstage as the viewers are left stunned with the simple emotion is provoked. They all have goosebumps. The girls ending shots are all pretty sad and the center is very emotional and crying. The judges think it was because of all the pressure.

Miho talks to the crowd and tells them that she is studying Korean a lot. The judges think that Miho likes Korea a lot.

The center thanks them for another chance and lets everyone know that she will continue working hard.

They go backstage for their results. they tell each other that everyone is number one, they will be happy with whoever is #1.

Miyu is #4, Sa-ho is #3, Miho is #1 and Gu-ri is #2. They area all happy for Miho. She says she could not believe it (she speaks in Korean). Gyu-ri says that she is happy with #2, she is always afraid of high pitched sounds and avoids them, but now she knows that she can do it.
The next team comes up and says they want to be the Avengers.

Rewind to their practice. This team is pretty big, 6 members. This team is also filled with all the people that got pushed out of their original song pick. They say that they can’t even imagine debuting compared to everyone else. They thought they would be all depressed but actually they are all happy and laugh a lot. They are a happy group.

The problem is that they are too happy. The funniest is Chiori(sp). She has all the right body language tht amkes people crack up.

They have a hard time communicating, but they can do it with body language. Chori says that laughter is a universal language so she wanted to give this to her team members. They also want to show to the judges that even though they were pushed out, they are still amazing.

They perform for the judges but also think about the judges picking all the good teams apart. Montage of the judges picking on everyone. If they make a mistake, then perhaps they really will be the last team. They hope to hear that they are better than expected.

They perform and all the expressions are wonderful from the other trainees. Rewind to them all looking at dance moves that they can borrow from real groups.

The judges think that they are pretty good, there is nothing to point out. The judges smile, they had good energy, good job. This is the first time this has happened.

The group is amazingly happy and do a little dance back in their practice room.

Stage rehearsal starts. But the team is intimidated by the other teams because they are so much better during the stage practice than they were during the first practice. They are worried and think that is why those girls are ranked high. They try to tell each other that they just need to enjoy it. They will try their best until the end.

They don’t show their stage practice.

So now they are going to show their real performance. The judges say that they liked their rehearsal so they hope they don’t make any mistakes.

The teams starts and does well. They have a lot of energy and have fun with it by lip singing along.
The judges really loved this performance and think that everyone stood out. One of the girls says that she is #57 and would be so thankful for another chance. Another girl (the bright happy one) tells them that she wants to give them a good performance int he future (something like that).

They all vote so the girls go backstage to see their results.

Chi yori got #3, she does not think she will survive until the last round. Sohn Un-chae is #1 and Kim Hyun-ah is #2 (name spelling might be way off).
The group introduces themselves, they are the one more time team. Bora heard that the Touch team had a lot of trouble, how was it to create your own dance moves? They say it was hard but they worked hard together. Bora has them show a Touch face so they all bust into a touch face at the count of 3.

In their practice, we find out that there are a lot of young people in this group. The one adult wonders if she should make them do sexy things, lol. They also made her the leader, lol. She is barely an adult herself.

They decide to play the music and show how they feel to the camera with a dance or just facial expression, in order to pick the center.

This team is worried about catching up with other teams because all the other teams are already singing and dancing, but this team is doing nothing yet.

one girl practices the dance movements so that she can teach them to everyone. No one had any experience practicing and making up dance moves in this group.

The go to the practice in front of the judges, but they are very bad. YJ actually has them stop before they are even done. She asks them if they practiced at all. It is so unexpectedly bad, so she is so surprised.

The leader says that the problem is that they made the moves and practiced too late, so they all didn’t get a chance to learn them. it seems like this biggest critique is to be confident and focus on what you can do well.

The leader takes this advice in and says that they can do better. They practice. the one who is not confident says that she is always told that she is not confident, she wants to show that she is confident. The leader also wants to make all her team members go to the next round.

They decide to record themselves during their practice.

In the stage pracice session, YJ lets all the judges know that no one has any experiene making up dance moves.

The team performs and waits for the critique. The judges think they are better than before, but they think that they can do even better. They try to give them some coaching on how to make their performance better. It is all very consructive.

their real performance starts. The judges are ready to see and think that the first girl looks very pretty. Everyone else does too.

The girls behind stage love the opening. Actually, it looks like everyone is impressed with how much better they look especially for not having any choreography experience. They end in a really cute group pose.

Everyone claps backstage. The groups all talk and plead their one last plea to make it to the next round. Everyone votes.

Backstage, the team all congratulate each other and wait for their results. They are super nervous.

The leader got #4, everyone is shocked and she is stunned to tears. She has a lot of regret because she might not have another chance so she is afraid. #1 is Kim Min-ju who is the one that lacks confidence.

Bora is super awkward and funny introducing everyone, love her. She introduces the next group. The team is in all black in very sexy attire as if they are boudoir girls.

Rewind to practice. They ask the blond girl if she likes singing, she says she is known for dancing. She hopes to be recognized here because the other teams she was in were high profile.

They try to pick the leader, Sakura does not want to be the leader. The blod girl is always the leader, so they ask her to be the leader again. She accepts but she says that the leader has a lot of stress. however, this time she is a little lighter due to the song choice.

Next up, they pick the center. The one girl who is the lowest number wants to be the center, she tries. They all agree so they make her center. She is super happy about it.

The leader Park So-yun tells them that this song is hip hop and powerful, so their moves should be sexy. But they don’t actually have to dance so I’m not sure what they are doing. All they have to do is sing.

The camera shows us that they are vocal by highlighting the VOCAL on their shirts. this team is all off. the team leader keep practicing all the dances while Sakura tells the camera that they are singers, so they should focus on singing.

they practice for the judges but none of thejudges are there. one of the stand in producers tells them that they will be evaluated on singing but they are focused on dancing, what are they doing? Practice singing.

they go back to the practice room. One of the girls is overcome with emotion and starts crying. She says she did not have to cry but was just feeling tight. It was so difficult so that is why she cried.

They practice for the judges on stage. They removed a lot of dancing but they still do a little bit of dancing in front of their mics. When they finish, the judges are all quiet. HG finally says that they are in trouble. YJ tells them that they are singing or dancing? Which one?

The judges think it is all the leaders fault. The leader does not even remember the lyrics, she needs to remember the lyrics first and not try to do too much. They tell Murakawa Bibiyun that she did a really good job on Korean pronunciation. That is the only good news they have for the team. They camera rewinds to show how hard she praciced to memorize the Korean lyrics.

In the first practice, the producer also tells the team that the Japanese members practiced very hard.

Sakura tells the camera that she thinks CHeetah is really cool, she would like to be like Cheetah.

Their real performance starts.

The team surprises everyone with their energy

The first girl asks everyone if they are ready which brings a lot of cheers. They start singing and are a lot better than previous. They move more than other groups, but for the most part, they stay close to their mics.

They also touch their mics suggestively and dance in place which is really great. They are the best singing group by far as far as stage presence.

Cheetah says that Doah did well.

They end with a strong pose.

The judges say that is was a lot better than yesterday. One of them thinks that Sakura and Dora have the best performance style on the stage.

The team appeals to the audience to vote for them with the usual things they always say. Showing their hidden side and all those things. They all vote.

Backstage, Jo Ga-yun got #6 though she isn’t sad about it, she is thankful that someone might have picked her. Park So-yun is #4, she was the leader. Ju-ri is #2. We are still waiting for #1…..

But they don’t show us, maybe it is over???

Montage of all the #1’s on all the teams.

No, it is still going on.

Bora starts to reveal who got the most points in each group.

Han Cho-won is #1 at 585, she is so shocked.

Second is Miho, she was #1 on her team but not as vocal.

Bora starts to say who the #1 is in the last team. We will finally find out (this editing is so off)

Sakura got #3 and the center, Do-ah got #1, she is so shocked/stunned/amazed/happy.

Bora asks her if she thinks she can be #1. Do-ah says she hope she can be #1 overall, but she knows that Do-ha is great. Bora asks Do-ah if she thinks her position will change or if she will stay at #1. Do-ah says that eunnie was great, so she is thinks it could change.

She hopes it does not change though.

They revel the results once the last group goes up.

The number one is ……. Han Cho-won! So now she gets 105,000 points added. She was #47 last time and has now become #1, that is really inspiring. She is #1 in singing and rapping.

Now we will find out who i#1 is in Dancing.

Gwan Eun-bi is the current #1 in dancing, but it is very close. She has the 5k benefit as the #1 in her group, but we dont’ know if she will have the 100k benefit.

The next vote comes in, Miru is #1. She is the new #1. Bora asks her if she thinks she will keep it. Miru says she thinks she can because she practiced hard.

The last group is Hand Clap. They wait to see if the #1 in hand Clap will bump Miru or not.

Sah-ae gets it! It is very close, but she bumped Miru to #2. She did nto expect it and is thankful for the team members. She is happy and thankful that she has a chance to go to the next round. She gets the 100k bonus and already had 5k so she got 105k bonus.

Next week they will reveal who the top 30 are.

We see the new songs

We like this show, but we think we will drop it because it is pretty hard to keep up with all the names and also recap is for 2 hours straight. We hope that doing this one extra show was helpful to the people who commented on the last post. This episode was for you!

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