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Produce 48 KPop Live Recap Episode 6 (Live English Translation)

Produce 48 diamond logo Live Recap English translation for Episode 6
Here is our Live Recap / English translation for Episode 6 of Produce 48 where we will live translate Mnet’s Produce 48 as it airs in a recap style format! We’ll be transcribing Produce 48 until My ID is Gangnam Beauty comes out July 27th. If you like our Produce 48 recap then let us know in the comments and we will try to continue it, otherwise we will probably drop it after today so we can focus fully on My ID is Gangnam Beauty (they air at the same time).

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First Grade Ceremony was last week, so we start with a recap of it. LSG explains how many votes there were (more than 100 million). The #1 person last week was Lee Ga-eun.

This week, everyone shows up to the practice room. Now there are only 58 contestants left. They all stand in the room and wit their assignment for the day. Their vocal trainer, Soyou, shows up. She mentions the #1 person and the #58 person and has them both say something. #58 says that she is remotivated and will work harder.

Soyou lets them know that everything is reset. If you maintain your grade, then you are out. 1-30 will survive, but 31-58 will be out on the next vote.

One of the girls says that she is 24, so she is a little bit insecure. Soyou lets them know that the #1 in each position of the song part will get 100,000 points.

Everyone thinks that is wonderful, it is their chance to advance!

The songs are:

Into the New World – Girls Generation

The Truth Untold – BTS

Don’t Know You – Haze (?)

Black Pink – Doo do Doo do

Energetic – Wanna One

Dances Are:

HandClap – Fitz & The Tantrums

Side to Side – Ariana Grande

Sorry Not Sorry – Demi Lovato

Touch – Little Mix
This year, the vocal and rap is your pick, when you do the rap, you have to make your own. Soyou lets them know that as soon as the people are filled, then you cannot do that song anymore. After 13-58 picks their own songs, then 1-12 can pick. So the top girls have a disadvantage this time.

But it also does not matter how many people are in the song, the top 1-12 can pick any song, so that is an advantage.

They go through who will be in each song. Each girl picks a song, they can pick either singing or dancing but maybe not both.

Soyou calls each girl to come forth to pick their song and wether they want to be vocal or dancing. After they pick it, they will go stand in line in front of that song.

They all pick.
The popular ones fill up quickly which means they turn from their bright color to grey.

The #58 girl has a hard time because she wanted to go to vocal, but they are all taken so she has to go to a dance one. She thinks it will be so difficult.

One cruel thing is that the 1-12 people will get to pick a group and they will kick out the highest number person. That person will go to another song or dance which is brought out at that moment.

But this can be a good thing for #58 because she still has a chance to sing if she is bumped out.

The first girl picks Side-to-Side, so #58 is not bumped out (that feels mean). But the next girl picks Sorry Not Sorry so #58 is bumped and got to pick a vocal song. (Awe, so nice of her!)

The other 12 pick what they want and everyone else starts to get bumped accordingly.

A lot of people like Sorry Not Sorry to the girls start to get kicked out of that group. One girl is left and survives the last persons choice. Her and the #2 hug happily as they celebrate her safety in the group.

The extra songs are:

Dance: Instruction

Vocal: Merry Christm-

Everyone leaves to go practice.

The first group picks the main vocal. One of the contestants is a little uncomfortable because she thought her voice was not good for a girl group, but she got her confidence in the last challenge.

Another girl thinks that she did not show to the citizen producers that she could be the main vocal so she was not picked. She says that it is not like she wants to do it, she has to do it otherwise she will be kicked out.

the two who are competing for center sing individually and the team votes. the vote is tied 1-1 so the next person votes and picks Yuri which is the tie breaker. Yuri gets it and celebrates. This is the first time she has been picked for center in her life.

They all sit around and talk about each part that they will sing. The girl who did not win is a bit sad because up to 30 survives and she is #29 now. She thinks to advance to the next round, she should be the main vocalist to get more screen time, so she is a little sad that she did not get it.

Cut to the next group that is singing a Heize song. One of the girls did a rap on the last song and wants to do a different rap in this song. But this time she has to make up her own rap song. Two people want to do the rap part so they both have to write the lyrics. The first girl did not know that she would have to write the lyrics, so she is up against a wall.

Everyone practices their parts but the rapper is lost. The singers singe at the piano which overwhelms the rapper, she leaves completely flushed with hidden emotions, just to take a little break off to the side. She does not know what to do.

This song is a sexy song so the center is important. They talk about picking the center, everyone wants to be the center and they also have an amazing team of contestants who each could easily be the center.

The #1 person wants to be center against another girl. The #1 wants to be greedy this time because she did not choose to be center last time. The two girls go to the side so that the remaining 3 girls can vote.
The girls vote and decide to pick the other girl. She is so shocked! She says that she was so happy, she did not think they would pick her because she is the last person in the team.

This group are the kicked out group. They talk about being kicked out and how it was so cruel, they never thought they would be kicked out so they are pretty sad about it. All the lowest numbers are in this group, so the girls realize that your ranking number is very important in this competition. But they also accept that this is their reality.

This Boa song is a 2004 song, it is also one of the most loved winter songs in Japan. One of the girls says that they have low energy and are depressed, but they should not stay feeling like that because it is bad for moral. So one of the girls starts to cheer everyone up through their ability and tells them that they are doing a good job singing and they are all together! She wants to be with them until the end.

All the best people wanted to do Sorry Not Sorry, all the best dancers picked that one so it is another Avenger group.

They annonymously vote for the center and pick Gwan Eum-bi as the center. One girl is sad that no one picked her (she is arguably the best dancer) so she thinks that she should be explosive in her part to stand out. They all start to prepare for the roll and say that they will make a legendary performance in Produce 48.
All the stage voters show up. They are a big group of fans that came from Japan and Korea to vote for who is the best in the stage performance.

On the stage, Bora shows up as a special MC, no Lee Seung-gi today (Maybe shooting Vagabond?). She tells them that they will do position evaluation. This is vocal rap. They will vote separately as to how well each person did in their position. So this is not a team competition, it is strictly individual.

The competition will start now. Bora introduces the first teams that will compete, they come out and introduce themselves. Bora tells them that this is the first time that they are making their own rap. The super energetic girl says that she needs a lot of help, help me, help me. They helped me so I became a perfect rapper. She spoke this in English so HG had translate for the judges.

Cut back to practice for this song. The group sings for Soyou, HG, and Cheetah. They all sing and are critiqued. Yuri’s voice cracks so HG asks one of the other girls to do Yuri’s part (the girl that was not picked as the center). The judges like the other girls voice better.

Yuri talks to the camera and says that she wanted to be center, she never was the center ever and feels like her center position is leaving her now. After the evaluation, the team reevaluates the center position. They think that Go-eun’s voice might be better for the Yeah! part. But when they both sing it, they both sound good.

They vote and decide to pick Yuri again. Go-eun says she is okay with it, but she cries on her one on one interview and thinks that it did not work both times. She is pretty sad about that. She feels that she has to show that she is a good main vocalist to all the producers. She is worried that she will be out without showing that she is the main vocalist, so that makes her sad.

Lee Hong-gi visits this team to give them one on one instruction. His advice is to have rising vocals while singing “no No NO!” The team works on it and tries to work together to have a synergistic effect. Yuri and Eun-bi work together in order for the center to sound as good as possible.

Now it is performance time!

The team starts their performance in their over sized boy-friend button-up shirts with very short jean shorts.

At the end everyone claps. HG says he is so happy at the performance, he is fullfilled.

Bora comes back out and says that this was super cool right? The rapper sounded like she was a rapper. Bora tells everyone to vote for their girl and they will evaluate on site. The team goes backstage to see their votes.
The votes come in to see who was the best in the teams.

The #1 and #2 are the last to go up. It is either Yuri or Go-eun.

Yuri ends up being #1 and Go-eun is #2. They all congratulate each other.

The next singing group comes out. Bora asks them how they feel. One of them says it is her first time to rap so it was difficult. The one on the far left next to Bora asks for everyone to vote for them. Bora tells everyone that it is showtime.

Rewind to their practice with the judges.

One girl laughs becaus she is nervous. Hong-gi tells Cheetah that her makeup is too strong today. Cheetah says it is weak today so they all have a little chuckle about that.

One of teh girls is terrified of Cheetah because she was yelled at her last time for having a weak voice. Cheetah wanted her to yell the lyrics but the girl basically whispered them. On top of that, Cheetah is the rapping coach and this shy girl is doing the rap.

The girl starts rapping and is pretty good but she looks so scared when she looks up at the judges. However, CHeetah tells her that she did a good job and it was a good choice. This girl is so relieved. Cheetah tells the camera that the judges were happy.

The rapper says that she thought she would not be good at it because it was her first time.

In the dorms, everyone tells her that she was good and it was unnexpected. They all cheer for her and also laugh as well. She thinks she has become confident, she is like an honest rapper from hell like Rambo (?).

Everyone likes her on stage, but she forgets her words during the performance, so it is a big problem. HG tells her not to forget her lyrics tomorrow. But Cheetah tells her that she is starting to actually say things so she is happy. The girl is so happy that Cheetah is seeing her improvements.

The judges also like Chowon’s singing ability. They think she sounds like the main and is a new finding.

In the interview Chowon says that she is a vocal specialist and goes to a music school. People think that she should rap and that she is unexpectedly good singer, but they actually just had the wrong first impression of her because she is a singer first and is not a rapper at all.
The performance starts.

Everyone looks angelically pretty as they sing on set. The set is mad to look like a street with phone booths flanking the sides and a bench in the middle.

The judges all think that Chowon is really unnexpected.

The first rapper starts and remembers her words.

The next rapper goes and also remembers all her words and is actually a lot better and very good. Her voice is very strong and her emotions are great.

The singers kick back in and the entire group closes it out.

Everyone thinks they did great.

The judges think that Chowon is the best of the group. It feels like she already debuted.

Chowon gives an interview afterwards and tells everyone that a lot of people are surprised that she is a vocalist. They say she is unexpected but you will see more unexpected things.

The other girls says, you will become my partner! And hits the ground with her fist.

Everyone votes right away, so the team goes backstage to receive their votes. They are shocked that they dont’ know the voting, only the grades.

The #1 and #2 are the last to go, it is up against Chowon and the other rapper. Chowon is #1 and Min-young is #2. They all hug.
Bora introduces the next group and says that the dance goes like this….she does a little dance. HG tells her not to do that back stage, but it looks like a joke. The next dance is Side to Side.

Rewind to practice. The Avengers dance team already made all their dance moves ahead of all the other groups and already memorized them.

They get up to show everyone.

The other groups comment that they expect a lot since that group is filled with all the high ranked people.

The Avenger team starts to show their dance.

All the other girls look mesmerized and scared.

But Yoon-jeong does not look impressed and asks why the center is the center. They explain it but YJ says that she does not see her, she should practice harder. The center tells the group that she was a bit timid that everyone would question if she is the center or not. She lost her confidence and also wonders if she should be the center. Her teammates are #1 #3 #8 #16 but she is #23. She lost all her confidence and feels small. But seh also hates that she feels that way.

The other girls think that maybe they expected too much from this group, they were not in harmony.

During the live practice, YJ reiterates that their team is not performing as well as they should. The center also looks heavy and should not be the center. One of the others should. (she literally names all the other girls individually).

The #1 tells us that Shi-ahn was sorry to them, but she should not be sorry to them. Just because 100% people get together, it does not mean that they are 100% as a group. She should be a proud center, she is attractive and can do a good job. So they want to help her stand out.

They regroup and help each other during practice. They rely on each other and work hard. if they are not successful today, then they will go home, so they should work hard.

The performance starts.

Everyone loves Miru’s facial expression, they think it is no joke.

At the end. One of the judges exclaims, “That’s what I am talking about! Ga-euns neck line!”

The girls talk about how one of them showed her vocals last time so she wanted to show her dancing abilities this time. They all thank the voter and go backstage to get their votes.

#1 is Shiroma Miru, she has the 5000 benefit. Lee Ga-eun thinks she did not show her appeal well. Lee Shi-eun was #5. She says that she has some regrets, not in being the center though, but in other things.

Merry Christm- is next up. These are all the lowest numbered members.

The team practices backstage and is told that they give good eye contact with each other naturally. They are the ones that were kicked out, so they all connect with each other better.

They performance starts. The girls are all sitting in chairs and wearing all white amidst a very white snowy whimsical stage.

Yoon-jeong actually smiles at the performance which shows a lot. Everyone in the audience looks amazingly touched as well. Finally the lead vocalist stands to sing her solo. She does a great job. The rest of the group stands to finished up the song.

the girls behind the stage are all covering their mouths in shock at this performance. They must have expected them to crash and crumble or something and are amazed that they sound as good as they do. Some people even cried.

Cheetah thinks Hae-yoon was pretty good. HG says good job. One of the girls tells them all that they are in a critical position right now, she hopes that she can see the again in the next mission.

They go backstage and the votes come in.

The #1 and #2 are between Yoon Hae-sol and Park Hae-yoon. They are both sad because they have to face the reality that this could be their last performance. They hope that a lot of people are not kicked out from this team. Park Hae-yoon is #1 and Yoon Hae-sol is #2.

The Sorry Not Sorry group comes out. Bora asks if the crowd has a certain person they are supporting that has not come out yet? She has the next group come to the crowd, they receive a lot of applause.

Bora tells them that they also have a lot of high ranked trainees. One of the trainees says that they will dance hard until their bodies break.

Rewind to practice.

This group is also called an Avenger group because of all the high quality trainees that are dancing.

The group starts dancing, but they are not 100% together and make a few mistakes. The judges do not look impressed. One of the judges says that something was not focused. She expected a lot from them but what they did was not at all what she expected.

CYJ tells them that they need to have one image/picture of them on stage.

The group starts preparing backstage and rearranging what they do. They decide to design their own parts and rotate parts. Each person will learn each persons dance. They try to figure out why people were not focused on them and they think it was because there was so much to look at. So they are trying to simplify their dances so that they all match.

It looks like they really pull it all together because a lot of other trainees look at their performance in awe.

They do their live show and get a lot of exclamation points from peoples faces. The judges all say that they did great, it is much better, they all did good.

The performance starts

They start and look really good. They get a lot of hoots and hollars from backstage. Everyone is impressed.

The group gives their interviews afterwards thanking the crowd and saying that they want to show a different image of not just a sexy image.

They go backstage for the results.

The #1 and #2 are between Eun-bi and Yu-jin.

Eun-biI gets #1 and #2 is Yu-jin.

Eun-bi thanks them all and says that they all did well. They can all be 1-2-3-4-5.

Here is the live ranking for the top #1 spot:

Japan is Yabuki Nako and Korea is Jang Won-young

Remember to vote for your girl!


There are several teams left so the episode next week will be showing us those teams performances as well as showing us who the #1 people are in vocal and rap categories.

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      O and I are both SUPER impressed by that 14 or 15 year old. The one that is really tall? She can sing, dance, has a great personality, and has the height and the look. She is a Beyonce level triple threat in the making. Hopefully she has some great people behind her that can really put her career in the right direction.

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