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Preview: Vincenzo Ep 6 (Spoilers)

It looks like the court case is happening in the next episode! Hopefully they can make it fun. Though with the many shenanigans that are going on in the preview, it looks like it should be.

The Text and video preview are below. Check out our Vincenzo Character Chart to better understand our shorthand nomenclature and to get an idea of all the main characters in Sisyphus.


Vincenzo and Cha-yong successfully take over the Babel Chemistry lawsuit case from Babel’s lawyer Seo. But they do not have enough evidence to defend the case so they need to screw up the court itself in order to buy some time.

Vincenzo and Cha-yong bring “that thing” up with the tenants help.


English Translation

VZ – There is a low possibility

VZ – We delayed the time

MH – Whatever you do, you are in my palm

VZ – We had to attack the enemies of the witness

VZ – Because the enemies enemy is our friend

JW – Maybe I should start to push more?

VZ – They will attack the witnesses in different ways

JW – If it is difficult to win, then why don’t you do it recklessly?

MH – [Yells something like “Do you think we will win with this?”]

CY – The lat witness we have is…

JW – Perfect

BZ – Perfect

HS – Please be the witness they can’t refuse

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  1. Marie Manog
    March 8, 2021 / 6:37 am

    Yes.. Looking forward again for the next episode. Hope it’s already Saturday again☺️

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