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Preview: True Beauty Ep 5 Preview & Release Date (Spoilers)

Preview: True Beauty Episode 5 (Spoilers)

Welcome to episode 5 preview spoilers! Episode 4 dipped a little bit into the pain of our characters past, though it still stayed delightful. However, I am a bit hesitant as to how we will move forward from here. Just don’t fall off a cliff show because I am not up for that.

Our Text preview and Video preview for episode 5 are below. To understand our shorthand nomenclature then check out our character chart.

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Viki: Wednesday, December 23rd.


Seo-joon turns into a super kind person which is unlike himself, and approaches Joo-kyung. 

Soo-ho tries to put on a poker face, but Seo-joon bothers him.

That night, he calls Joo-kyung out.

Meanwhile, the Sae-bom high school festival starts.

Soo-ho and Seo-joon’s war reaches its max point with Ju-kyung. They have a basketball death match.


English Translation

SJ – If you have nowhere to sit then sit here.

Brother – You have the goddess mask on.

Brother – Lee Soo-ho and Han Seo-joon.

JK – I will kill you

SH – What?

Everyone – Oooooo

JK – *sighs*

JK – Don’t run away because it is scary

Bully – Hey you

SH – It is all my fault that everything went bad. But don’t play with Im Ju-kyung.

JK – What should I do?


Check out our video review of True Beauty!


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