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Preview: True Beauty Episode 4 (Spoilers)

Preview: True Beauty Episode 4 (Spoilers)

The secret is out with Ju-kyung, but only with Soo-ho (and it was done in possible one of the cutest and spookiest ways?). Now with episode 4 it feels like we are going to delve deeper into Soo-ho’s secret pain. I don’t know if I am ready.

Our Text preview and Video preview are below. To understand our shorthand nomenclature then check out our character chart.


In the cafeteria, Soo-ho and Seo-joon cause a big altercation.

But they were arguing with Ju-kyung in the middle of it so there is a rumor that spreads in the school saying that they are in a triangle relationship.

Soo-ah wants to help Ju-kyung get out of this scandal so she arranges a blind date for her.

Soo-ho finds it out about it which strangely bothers him.

Seo-joon suspects Ju-kyung and Soo-ho’s relationship and asks, “Are you dating Lee Soo-ho?”


English Translation

JK – I don’t know what happened, but if you want to say it, tell me. I will listen to you.

SJ – Do you like Im Ju-kyung?

SH – I heard Soo-ho and Seo-joon both confessed to you. Whose your pick?

SH – Who are you going to pick?

SH – Don’t be distracted.

JK – Come this way.

JK – Maybe I should see before I suffer from rumors

SH – I have something to tell you.

JK – I am not ready yet.

Preview- True Beauty Episode 4 Spoilers


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