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Preview: True Beauty Episode 3 (Spoilers)

Preview: True Beauty Episode 3 (Spoilers)

Episode two was adorable and well written to boot which provided lots of enjoyable scenes and climax moments! Our poor girl Ju-kyung has to work for this goddess life. And she is just one water splash away from it all going away.

Episode three has even more moments to stress her out when someone is invited to her home, and it might not be who you are thinking. Check it out below! ( We also want to thank our sponsor Hello Drama for sponsoring! See an adorable stuffy doll they have in stock, below!)

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English translation

JK – Does he really know me?

SH – At my school there is a girl that looks similar to you

JK – *scream*

SH – Why do you keep running away?

JK – Is that for me?

JK – I heard you can postpone studying but you shouldn’t potpone dating.

SJ – Hey Im Ju-kyung are you dating Lee Soo-ho?

JK – Why is he here?

SH – Hey focus ( or don’t look at other guys)

SJ – Are you happy?

SA – Our Joo-kyung, you are having a hard time because you are pretty.

JK – I love you

I found a cute behind the scenes photo of Cha Eun-woo. Scroll to the bottom to see it!


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Preview: True Beauty Episode 3 (Spoilers)
Cha Eun-woo on the set of True Beauty
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